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  • Hami


  • aniqa

    finalyy somthing is working here

    thanks admin

  • Sandy

    its blocked here in bahrain :(

    • Bazinga

      thats gud…its totally crap….

  • Bazinga

    i watched glimpses of this show on tv…n after watching thm..ma ye sochnay pe majbor ho gae where v r going…how blindly v r following indian n western cultures….almost naked actresses over here….ye modernism k chakar mai kapray he otarti ja rahi hain….wat thy r trying to show….:@:@…where is islamic republic of pakistan…???:S

    YA ALLAH hum sb ko hidayat dy….ghalat aur sahi ki tameez kerny ki tofeeq ata ferma….

    • Hina

      Ameen. Well said Bazinga.

    • nosheen

      aameen,absolutely rite

    • laiba

      itni tameez indian actresses ko bhi hoti he ager un ka is tarha ka koi show ho to wo bhi apne culture ke mutabiq kapre panti hain lekin hamari actresses ko kuch ziada hi hawa lag gi he

    • MuslimWithOpenMind

      Aap koun hotein hain kissi pe tanz karnay walein.
      har koi apnay gunahoon ka kudh hisaab dega, so Live and Let Live.

  • fb

    Admin G bechani se intezar tha laikn kuch nazar nahi aaraha please kuch karain k manay dekhna hay…thanks in advance

  • baacha

    no pic no voice no video………….

  • Husain Nasir

    what a change !! our stars wearing western dresses with such confidence and without shame. Sad …whats wrong with our dress ? or something wrong with them? and all want to play roles of Pakistani girls.!

    • Badtameez

      My thoughts exactly…. was disappointed to see them all dressed up in night gowns …urghhhh

      Wo Kehtay hain " kawwa chala Hans ki chaal apni bhi bhool Gia "

      • Husain Nasir

        well said — very apropiate quote.

  • faiza muazam

    kuch b tou nae arhaaaa kiaa upload kia hai aaap ogon nai

  • ahmed

    guys ap log luxstyle.pk pay b dekh skty hn LSA 2012 unho ny upload ke dia ha :)

  • sal

    best tv drama writer ALL CHANNELS

    quaid e tanhai ki writer SARWAT NAZEER nahi balkay UMERA AHMED thin.

    lux style awards itni bari ghalty ker gaye or sorry bhi nahi kia. very bad.

    i'm veryyyyyy happy for faisal qureshi and sarmad khosat.

    well deserved.

    congratulations to both of them.

  • Mrs. Sikandar

    Haram k bare main jiss tarh ki taleem di jati hai uss ka nazara LUX STYLE AWARD me dekh rahae hain,,, haram khane k bad insan k andar sharm baqi nahi rehti…

    • Badtameez

      So true …..

    • kaun

      mrs. sikander, kabhi apne shauhar ki kamai pe bhi nazar dalen, kia woh poori halal ki hai?? u have no right to judge them that they earn haram ki kamai, just because they choose to wear such outfits. Mat dekho aise show aur ab pakistani dramas bhi na dekhna,wapas Aamir Liaqat ke dramay dekho, he deserves audience like u!!

  • aleena butt

    LSA song :P

    n commedy :D

  • aamir

    wese show mene pora dekha hai and enjoy bh kia….

    but seriously BEGHERTI KI INTEHA KARDI HAI…..

    kasmay dar lagraha tha chat wat na girjaye

    • Husain Nasir

      sahee kaha Aamir … besharmee, niqab utar gae — kapro k sath !! chatt giray na giray– dil se ye funkar utar gae — such mey .

      • kaun

        wese show dekh ke tum dono ko maza to bahut aya hoga, chatt bhi to aakhir tumhare ghr ki hai, beghairat!!! Show dekha bhi, aur bura bhi laga, u guys sound like those maulvis who watch veena malik's song and said the fatwaa about how bad she is, magar dekhna bhi zaroori hai, chalo koi baat nahin, dil se utar gaeen, vidya balan aur bipasha ko pehle se betthi hi hain dil me!!

  • Fatima Mirza

    It appears that it has become a norm with our stars trying their utmost to impersonate hollywood stars and creating an "oscar" like style and enviroment.Sure they can expose their half naked bodied but they also need to work out on their flabby muscles and in co-ordinated gait to look like them.Living in USA it embaresses us to watch these so called muslim females gravitating towards such shallowness and pits.I wonder whats happenening to the sencorship in Pakistan,is it dormant or a sell out.

    I shudder to think what kind of dressing we will see down the road in the award ceremonies.Something to ponder….Is it happening in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan( The home of paak people)

    • A Person

      I have not watched the show yet…I will.
      But here is the problem “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan” all the issues and problems in Pakistan started when we deiced to name it “islamic” yes sure it was a movement to give Muslims a separate state but after Pakistan was made Quaid explicitly said that this is a nation of all people…so by saying “islamic” we are neglecting all of our minorities, that is one issue. Another, everything we do now a days is seen and judged through the lens of Islam…how Muslim are we, are we good Muslims or bad….when actually this is nobody and I mean absolutely nobody’s business.
      And, You and I are no one to say how “paak” someone is!!!!! That is an issue between the individual and Allah alone.
      So, please everybody calm down and let everybody else live.
      Another thing there is nothing You can do to change these people…they are not going to start dressing different because you said so…and in situation like these you leave everything to Allah, He fixes it for you, and you go on to live your life.

      • jasmine

        i dont know why their clothes are so "shocking"…you know whats more shocking…the fact that more than half of pakistan lives below poverty level…and the lack of food and clean water…and justice and so on…seriously all of you who claim to be living outside and following "islamic values" and lying to you kids about "oh they are indian or hindu", should be ashamed of yourselves…first of channel you concerns and shock for the things that really matter…and second dont lie to your kids and instill discriminatory value in them…what one wears shouldnt be the sole criteria of judging them…i am shocked at how shallow all the so called "shocked" pakistanis on this forum are!

        • A Person

          I totally agree with you! This is the point I wanted to get across too "what one wears shouldnt be the sole criteria of judging them"

        • Bilal

          Sorry, This reply is for Miss Person, for whom i write Mr in my earlier reply. You are right for us (men) we are ordered to keep our eyes safe from seeing the forbade things and for sure we should not see a Na-Mehram, But Ma'am there is a Satar in Islam we just care abt that First either you waer Shalwar Kameez or Jeans Shirt. If a man is hsowing is body below Naaf then he is also doing same that most of our male model and actor do to show his abs

          And one more thing your body figure should not be exposed (for both Men and Women) in a way that it attracts the other one excpet the Husband Wife relation.

          Anyways, I don't wanna more comment here. If anyone need a healthy discussion we can use some other medium like Skype, MSN or Face book.

          Thanx for reading and having patience

          May Allah Bless all of us with right Path and all his blessings! Aamin

        • kaun

          I cant beleive there r ppl here with brains too, lol!!! I am so happy , and impress to read ur and 'A Person"s comments. Warna to mera sarr dard se phatne hi wala ttha in jahilaana soch to dekh ke, ke kiunke hum musalmaan hain, to jhoot bolke aur hindus ko besharmi ka label laga k apne bachon ko acha insaan bananary ki jhooti nakaam koshish me kamiaab ho rahe hai!!! uuffff, what a releif to see u and ' a person ' here. Now I can sleep!

      • Bilal

        Mr. Person, I don’t wanna comment on this show because of dresses because people only discussing them because they are public figure…but they don’t know or they just ignoring that now-a-days not only our rich families but also middle level families also wear such clothes in their normal life which are not according to Islam.

        Second, you are right that good or bad, Naik or Bad, this is decision of Allah, but society is name of collection ofpeople and each individual effect the other one and Its in our islam and as a Muslim its our duty of Amar Bil Maroof wa Nahi anil MUnkar. So you cannot only just sit quite or even you can sit quiet but accept that this thing is bad in your heart and avoid yourself.

        And last if some body is not following himself a thing but saying others to follow it then his word will have no effect on others because he is not a true man. So change yourself first and then said the same to othr to get proper effect and same is the reason of good dramas and stories that character ar ejust playing a role as their job and they did not really mean it.

        • A Person

          Let me begin by saying thank you for such a calm comment (and its Miss btw)

          your last point is good…but here is my view if an actor plays a role of a criminal and dies at the end…than does the actor have to be a criminal in real life and die to get their message across…I don't think so. Anyway what I am trying to say is that what someone does in their life is their "personal" matter…be it an actor or no. We all have freedom to live the way we want.

          And, I think this is a good point to end the conversation because now we just playing 'my view your view'.

          I strongly believe that whatever we say and do is in an effort to make the world a better place from our end. So, no hard feeling to anyone.

          And on that note, Live, Smile, and Stay Blessed All. :)

      • Fatima Mirza

        To those who responded: plz get your facts straight about the creation of Pakistan and religion Islam.As per Holy Quran" God does not change the condition of people untill they change it themselves"The ayat says it all!

        • A Person

          Yes the ayat does say all…but the ayat also does not say that you have any right to judge anyone by their looks…a good Muslims are not those who cover themselves from head to toe in piece of cloth but with their good deeds and strong faith.

          Also, I don't get why the pressure is only on the ladies…agar Islam hi follow karna hai tou males ko bhi target kareny…the men should were shalwar kameez…have topi on their heads…and have their shalwar above their ankles…because jeans and a shirt or a tux is the dressing of the Western and "non-Muslim" people.

          As far as facts about Pakistan and religion… I have mine straight please enlighten me with yours

      • kaun

        Thank You A Person, finally someboy is talking sense. Bheja Frying ppl here!!

    • sham


      • Fatima Mirza

        FYI.A good muslim is the one who follow God’s command as mentioned in the Holy Quran in sura Noor and sura Nisa regarding hihab and jilbab for women and the hijab for men is to lower their gaze and not look at namahram intently.Shalwar kameez for men is not an Islamic dress but a pakistani cultural outfit.Amr bil maroof(promote / enjoin good) and nahi un munkar(forbid/ condemn evil) is a fundamental right of every muslim which is also mention in the Holy Quran.
        We are not judging a person’s faith as they themselves have made it obvious to the society at large by their attire.

    • Badtameez

      Oh Fatima you took the words out of my mouth…very well said, I was sitting with my daughter chatting about her school and opened it on iPad. ( …my bad never again) watching this show embarrassed me so much in front of her, I lied to her they are not Muslims they r indians……(Hindus) we try to protect our kids in US saying this is not our culture and when we show them our tv / media we are ashamed of ourselves"……

      • SID

        Oh dear o dear, so you think its ok for children to watch hindus doing all this???

      • kaun

        oh my dear BADTAEEZ, wesenaam bahut acha hai tumhara, sahi ja rahi ho, bacho ko jhoot sikhao!!! Bacho ke dil me doosre religion ko disrespect karna sikhao, bachon ko aik jhoot ki duniyaa me paalo, ke ye pakistan nahin hai beta, pakistan to woh hai jahan aurat tezab se jalai jati hai, taaliban ke haathon beech majmay me goli se uraa di jaati hai, a be qasoor teenager boys sab ke saamne police ke haathon mar diye jate hain!! Shame on u all for calling urself muslims and lyeing to ur kids, and bing judgemental about other religions like hindus. Learn to respect and to know the real islam!!

    • shazzy

      if it bothers you so much then dont watch it…stop judging people for what they wear…and how fat or skinny they are and teach ur kids to look beyond that…the whole idea of being free is to be able to do whatever you want and as "badtameez" said qaid e azam wanted a secular state where people would be free to practice religion as they chose…not everyone has to practice religion to ur set standards…

      • shazzy

        sorry i meant to quote "a person" not "batmeez" :(

    • kaun

      there shold be a button on ur tv remote….. "POWER OFF" PLZ USE IT! And stop bragging about urself living in USA, watch PBS, AND THOSE PAID CHANNELS about online shopping, that will give u peace!!Why do u even watch osars? Islam doesnt accept hypocracy, do u know that??

  • Khadija SN

    Abay ye red carpet ki host ki dictionary mai 'STUNNING' k ilwawa koi or word nahi tha!!Qasmay it's mad annoying!!

  • Zhu

    Sooooooo funny opening song by main host mr butt!! He is awesome host!

  • Aysha

    Mahira looking really pretty in this show

    • Badtameez

      Sorry but all night gown ladies were looking like sluts no tamiz of wearing one or how to carry one… Loved savera Nadeem , sania saeed and Bushra Ansari though….

    • http://pak pak

      Mahria her lux style award mai humha red lip stick pr he zoor dati… vo light coliu use kra than she will look more cute and stylish

  • Paarsa

    thanks u sooo much

  • fatima waqas

    toubah seems like i m watching oscars awards in pk style ….yeh models actresses shayed bhool gaye hai in ko shayed marna hai Allah ko moo deekana hai…Allah hedayat deeh

    • kaun

      au marna to tumko aur hum ko bh hai, kia hum sab ke qirehbaan saaf hain?? Kia libas se hi judgement hogi, kartooton ka ia??


    it wa s a good show except female clothing

  • http://pak pak

    Belive me I shoked…is dis our culture….is dis pakistan….y v r blaming zardari…jasi hmra acts vasa humra leader….belive me v shamfullll…wher v r going…….aga he pakistan mai thora azab ha uper sa ya sub….allah gve us hadat…..

  • vannie

    My pc crashed three times, i had to update security updated along with it, this video link have some sorts of virus….anyways….

    It's wonderful to see real actors i.e humayoun sayeed, faisal qureshi, asif reza mir sahab, sawera nadeem, bushra ansari, sania saeed…but sad to see drama industry mixed up with fashion industry, non actors from fashion industry affected so badly the drama industry……anything to everything happen in fashion industry but now they are getting a clean cut & a place through drama industry……Anyone disagree with me….Does Islam allows skin show, tight revealing clothes ????

  • Saira Ali

    ufffff…you don't have to show your naked body to look beautiful or modern…jo khubsurti sadgi mai hai kisi cheex mai nahi…sawera nadeem and sania saeed were wearing gowns as well but they both were not half naked yet looking goregous..but still if they would have been wearing shalwar kameez n dopatta they would have been look more gorgeous…and that mathira ka dance…is sickkkkkkk argh the way she moves and show n reveal her body..sicknesssss…

  • Mumu

    I like the presentation of the show but if ladies wears Pakistani clothes it would have been better and nice. We have a best designer, how come no one wears decent clothes. My daughter is asking me Are these ladies Pakistani? And I am lying here by saying no because we are currently living in Canada and we follow islamic dress code. Shame on you celebrities.

    • SID

      Just for your information mumu, all those dresses were designed by Pakistani designers!

      • Angel

        haan to issi baat ka to Afoos hai, ke hamare Pakistani dress designer ko bhi iss Fashion ki race me bhagne ka hauk hai…its so sad….dont forget ur culture…

  • sonia


  • sonia


  • [email protected]


    • jasmine

      why are there clothes such a big issue…singing…that u have claimed to like is also haram…so just that doesnt bother you maybe wearing sleevless outfits doesnt bother them…

    • kaun

      Ru a celebrity?? Dont compare them to ursef plz, go visit pakistan, there is a world outside USA.

  • iqra

    shocked to see the dressings of celebrities :(

    • kaun

      tum iqra parho bas!

  • tayybah

    cud not download it….

  • loving jiya

    come on guys u should appriciate our industry

    i hv word 4 this its owsammmmmmm i lv this nd thnxx so much 4 uploading this

    • reda

      i tnk al r hre appreciating our industry btt ofcourse in diffrent wayss.. i trulyy believe that ths is the real industry in othr wrds simply vulgr n cheap. thnx LSA to depict the real picture of ths pakistan industryy… poor soul v r indeed ….huh SHAME ON THS INDUSTRY…….

  • ARYA fazal

    saveera nadeem looks gorgeous cause of her simplicity

    • too

      and she is more confident than any other

      • kaun

        she is 40 plus, she better be! Its like Amitab Bachan, nominated among the youngsters and getting away with the award. us ko to ab lifetime milna chahiye.

  • javeria

    yr m bhttt dis apointed hue hu saba qamar ko koi award ni mila us n waqai bhttttttttt mehnat ki h

    • Zahra Mirza

      Mehnat? Kiss mai?


  • javeria

    jo hmari old actress hn un ki dresing achi the like sania saeed and sawera nadeem or jitni b new hn sb ko akhir ai hue h but humaima ki ali zafar k sth prfrmnc psnd ai mjy last m or ye jo antia hn meera and sana etc in s request h k ab dance chor dain plzz

  • aysha

    O my GOd these are Pakistani girls…..i hate there dresses….Pleas remamber this is not our culture….

  • aysha

    pleas viewers you coment on this vulgarity…..

    • Fatima Mirza

      Those who are revealing their half naked bodies are neither following their religion nor their culture,as they seem to be in denial According to Islamic legislature and mentioned in the Holy Book that eating haram makes you lose your modesty.When they travel to non muslim countries I wonder if they stick to halal food.Seriously, we being Muslims living abroad all their life has lost respect of these people whom we thought had integrity and common sesnse.We have decided not to watch their dramas.May God keep us guided as we are accountable to Him on the day of judgement.

      • kaun

        why r u living in a country surrounded by ppl who r not muslim if thats the criteria?? No matter if they are good ppl, but u dont respect humanity, all u care about is howmuslims are. Why r u teaching ur kds something else and showing somethinf else?? Living room ka tv bandd karne se kia bachay apne rooms me ja ke jo laptops apne unko dilaaey hue hain,unpe baitth ke youtube pe nahin dekhenge?? I know a family, who dont even have a tv in their ouse but their daughters hv laptops and they watch everything and r updated with whats going on, ppl wear hijabs and abaya, which shud represent respect nd simplicity, but they were bought from those extreme expensive designers from dubai, decorated with swowroskies, labeled by calvin klien, gucci, fendi. If those women really claim to be muslims, why cannot they give the movey to the poors and wear a simple covering??? Ye sab baatien bahut baad ki hain, pehle aik acha insaan bano, apni zaat se agar kis ko faeda nahin pohncha sakte to kam as kam takleef na do, zaroorat mand ki madad karo,uuufff bas dresses ke peeche paray hain, isi me khush raho ke doosra kitna bura hai kiunke uski taange nazar a rahi hain, aur khud kitna acha hai, ke tv mute kar detehain. Jab kis par aik ungli utthate ho, to ye matbhoolo ke baqi ungliaan tumhari khud ki taraf hain!!

  • SID

    To all the so called islamists here, why did you ever watch the show??? I think you should have stopped it the moment you caught glimpse of indecent clothes. Maybe you dont know that wathcing such things is equally un-islamic.

    • Fatima Mirza

      I dont think it is wrong to watch these shows except music and dance which we mute it anyway.Yes ,watching this particular award show which was so shocking and nauseating that we had to turn our TV off.Living abroad we have encouraged our youth to watch Pakistani dramas as they have been instrumental in portraying moral stories, family and social issues of Pakistan combined with the hard work of the entire team especially the stars therefore we like to see them being appreciated and awarded, unfortunatly the unexpected exposure of nudity has turned us off from watching "them" in dramas in future.

      • star

        I think people living abroad should also each their kids that watching dramas na mehram men and women is wrong atleast they can teach them that people on tv,actors and actresses are not actually good people,they are just showpieces.That will be a better lesson than teaching moral values thorugh tv programmes,it like teaching friendhsip to children by letting them watch "friends"!

        • kaun

          Abroad me rehne walon ke alag dramay hain, ye woh shutar murgh hain jo zameen ke ander apna sar rakhte hain aur kehte hain ke humne kuch nahin dekha, kuch nahin suna!!! Aur apne apko duniyaa ka sab se naik insaan samajhte hain!!

      • kaun

        I hope u dont watch indian movies then, warna to heart attack ho jae!! why do u " mute" the music and watch the rest??? How confused r u?? Sounds like eating the pizza and kepp taking the pepperoni out from the top!! Or selling beer at the store u own and come home and pray!! Decide karo ya han ya nahin, ye shaaed kiun??

    • a.choudhary

      its not about the show; its the shock that all the show biz people have lost the shame in there dressing they think that by following there culture and dressing according to there culture is "not in fashion" or you will feel less beautiful and unattractive;

      and by wearing these "western cloths" and following this "western culture" there are only gaining shame not respect or popularity …

  • Akkhan

    apnay cultural dress main yah log is say ziada achi lagti……

  • Nusrat

    3rd class dressing. Wrong is always wrong.

  • ZARA

    very nice intertainment. shokked whn i saw mahra. itne ache drama (hehr-e-zaat) ka agar us par asar nahi hoa to i dont know

    • coolashez

      us becahri ki dressing ko kiya tha… ?

      • star

        er legs were bare,

        uski tangain nangi thi!

        • lulu

          apni English drust kr lain.meharbani

        • star

          LULu it was a typo,use a little brain and you can actually see everything else is correct,my "h" key needs to be pressed hard thats the reason I wrote "er" instead of "her"

          now whats wrong with

          her legs were bare


        • anu

          uo mahira,s legs were also bare

          shehr zaat ma acting kr k b itna sa b asar nae hva hairat ha

          sharm ani chiay no 1 cn sit with their parents to see this pai award function

    • Rizwan

      lol in logope dramas ka asar nahi hota..they just act in them….asar lene lag jate to actress koi hoti hi na :P :P

      • kaun

        is tarhan se to jo prostitute ki acting kar rahi ho, to kia uska asar le le??? agar koi qaatil ki acting kar raha ho to woh usa asar le le, ya pagal??

  • Ali

    hamari modles Actoress ka to kawe jasa haal hae k kewa chala henss ki chaal to apni chaal bi bhool gea Kasi lant bars rahi thi inn orton ke oper inn main sae kitni orton kae sath toonn kae hubi bi thae wo bi bagert ben k aea thae eger wo chahte to apni orton ko sahi dresses main la sakte thae lakin eger wo aesa karain gae to onn ki kamai kase khain gae aek taf se to good hoa k inn sub ki asal haqiqt samne aa jati hae iss tara ka show main bus aap sub muslim bahen bai duaa kia karain k Allah hum sub ko and hamri iss trah ki muslim bahen baion ko Nabi (PBUH)k sadke se hadet dae and hain roze Aakher sharminda honea se Allah haim bacha le Ameen

    • kaun

      ye kaunsi language hai???? what language is this??? " kewa" " lakin" "begart"

  • ARYA fazal

    kya abb bhi pakistan par azab nahi ayega???? jis dreesses mein hamari actresses baiti hai im completly shocked saba qamar is completly mentally sick new models r really mental i hate there dresses…

  • coolashez

    cmo'n guys! y can't we just ignore dresses and this stuff and focus on awards…… y r v the one's discussing people. well obviously in every media all actresses have to dress like that and because we r so called Pakistani's/Muslims(though there is no such thing as humanity in us and m not talking about everybody just focusing on wats happening) we talk about people's dresses. GROW UP. It's their problem and their God's problem… y should v waste our time. bollywood dekhtay ho na? bat khatam

  • Mrs Irfan

    OK guys i cant see the pic but only hear the voice i dnt know wots the problem. and i was reading the comments .. har kisi nay kaproon p comment kiye huay hain k being a muslim these type of clothes are shameful…. i totally agreed with all of u guyzz..

    but think about this k ALLAH pak nay kaha hai k ap ko shaytan barkata hai aur jab insan ALLAH k qareeb hi na ho to us ko kaya farak paray ga … in logon ka agar high society main uthna bethna hai ya media say taluq hai to wo usi rah main chalayn gay aur wasay hi apnay ap ko dhaal layn gay…

    i feel also very shame …k asay muslims say achay wo muslims hain who converted into ISLAM…. "THE GREAT RELIGION"

    is p muje ek bat yad aye hai k in France there was a European girl who converted into islam n she started doing niqab.. she went to supermarket for shopping meanwhile there was a other ARABIC girl who work there… when she saw that girl she just started what the hell , what r u doing here in Europ if u cant stop the wearing hijab n naqan… because of you we have trouble in this country jus go back to your country ….. wen she stoped

    the white girl who converted into Islam and wearing niqab ..she take of her naqab n said This is my Country and i am very happy the way i live with my great religion ISLAM… shame on you who said we are muslims…. i am not in PAKISTAN but easilly can say here are muslims better then in pak …. i ve so many friends who are white people but converted into islam …. and i am so happy when they say the best religion in whole world…. and it makes me proud ..

    bas itna hi kehna tha muje …..

  • Mary

    suuperb…..very very entertaining show…. love this <3

  • star

    Please all those people commenting here that these are muslim women; should not dress like that??wt*? This is showbiz since when is showbiz ever “islamic”???
    How come they wearing sleeveless is unislamic and you watvhing na mehram men and women islamic?
    talk about contradicitng yourself,you are commenting about an entertainment show,watching it youself and then judging others that this is unislamic.my dear watching dramas is also unislamic.
    grow up or think before you make a fool out of yourslef.

    • anonymous

      I do agree with you that we shouldnt even watch this haram thing eaither.but there are some limits and boundries.we are a group of fans of dramas like main abdul qadir hoon,humsafar , shehr e zaat ,Dastaan etc.we do not want to watch this .i just accidently oppened it and closed it within a minute or two.but i have my right to speak against what i don't like on public media.

      • kaun

        oh how nice, u " accidentally" oppened and "closed" it within a minute!!! maza aya us aik minute me??!!! Stupid hypocracy!! Why r u even here reading n commenting?? I guess snother "accident?"

  • zbarea

    Allaha maff kry aur neqi ki hdyt dey hm sb muslims ko,qff toba kyse dress the,Allaha meri toba, Astgfarulla

  • http://Facebook Pari

    We cant ignore their dresses bcoz we are muslims…. Aur woh log aqal k andhe hain jo yh khte hain dress ko ignore kr do un k talent dkho…..

  • a critic

    I have been reading lots of view of different people. In my opinion,we cannot interfere anyone's personal life BUT when it comes to actually portraying a religion or country over media, I think there should be some strict bounderies.I am living abroad and i always thought I am an ambassador of my religion and my country and for that reason, I have been trying my best to show the people what real Islam is,Alhamdulillah. I don't know why shaitan has put this thinking in people's minds that being naked is part of beauty!!!!

    In west, we have got this option to just switch the tv off and not let our children watch this vulgarity but i am thinking about those mum's sufferings who have to go through this every single day in Islamic Republic of Pakistan when their children are flicking through different channels and watching unsuitable scenes and programmes.Oh ALLAH ,give hidayah to these people and guide them towards the right path, ameen.

    • AA

      Couldn't have said better my self. And for the record I did not watch this show even here. And Alhumdulillah that me and my kids are not living in Pakistan. At least here I can tell my son if an inappropriately dressed lady goes by that she is not muslim. And for those who think that whats the "fuss" about as its showbiz well they love to see the naked body as the stone age man and doesn't know anything about Islam or Pakistan AND THE IDEOLOGY WHICH BROUGHT PAKISTAN INTO BEING. PAKISTAN KA MUTLUB KIA LAILAHAILLULLAH.In USA we are ashamed in front of other Muslims from other muslim countries because of our society and media. Even Indian muslims just say astaghfirullah and laugh that these shows are from Pakistan which was created on the name of religion Islam.

      • star

        I am not ashamed of anyone for Pakistan ,what other countries are you talking about ,people all around the world are same ,just wearing hijab doesnt make you a muslim,have you seen arab entertainment???we are still 1000% sober than them.I am not ashamed of Pakistan ,I think the gay arab guy who lives

        • star

          next door should be ashamed to be called an arab.??hmm?

          I don't get people here,I met some people who are ashamed to speak urdu to their kids infront of whites??you should first learn to be proud of your heritage then teach anything.99% of dramas show exclty what happens in Pakistan,if you include everyone that is,this 1 show doesnt bother me like you.

        • AS

          I guess wearing hijab touches your nerve, does it. How do you know if I wear hijab or not or if I speak english or urdu. You are being ridiculous. Jao bhai jao tum yeh show dus dafa dekho or sawaab kamao.

        • AS

          And also dear STAR (I hope this is the star which doesn't show up on my horizon ever):

          There is a difference between individual behavior and how you behave on media. there is a responsibility when ever you are in spotlight . You are not only representing yourself but also the country, the family you are coming from and the people around you. And thats the whole point dear STAR. Our Pakistan does not comprise of only prostitutes and trash because saying that also includes you in the same category as you and me are also part of that community. Our country has beautiful sensible people who are educated and want to live their life according to their Deen. Yes we do have the diseases of our society but rather then helping them to see the light and become better, we are exposing other innocent people to this pessimist belief that nothing can be done about it. Too many factors are against you and you don't have a choice other then follow shaitaan. Go read the history of China and how Mao Zetong got rid of prostitution and made them live a simple life and well people who couldnt get straight left China and went to other places.

        • AS

          For the record by the way I DID NOT watch the show just read the review and saw the pictures as it came on the Facebook page. Secondly I think that's exactly what happened as I choose not to follow the dramas or these shows that I was so shocked when I see the pictures. that's whats going on. You being following everything and watching all this has become immune and cant understand the impact of something like this on somebody who never watches the dancing and revealing clothes. And that's why I prefer to raise my voice. When you let your eyes wander around and let them watch whatever come to their ways the levels of indecency start to grow shorter and shorter. You choose to watch and I don't. But there are so many Neelofers on Burns Road who don't know any better. Who don't even know that there is a choice to switch off TV. Who think that this is the way of life for the elite, educated and successful which is leading to the culture shown in Mohobbat jai bhaar mein. We have television in Pakistan since 50's and I never saw an actress doing hijab at that time either and still we were able to provide the entertainment to a regular person with morals to make their lives better, something they can relate to. Always positive note at the end. Last year I was in Pakistan and heard somebody saying that its better if USA comes and invade Pakistan we will be so much more free. Is that how we are raising our generation. Well we can see how our mothers have done such a good job raising terrorists and people who as soon as the name of Islam comes squeal like rodents and blame every downfall on Islam. And this KAUN I prefer not to comment on you at all as we have totally different frequencies and BTW alhumdulillah my kids are proud to be muslims here in America they are not ashamed to show this off in Schools, even FOOTBALL Games and still get treated Like a star and doing very well. We pray when we have to where ever we want and no body gets paranoid about that. People respect you for your choices nobody harrasses you for wearing hijabs and praying and following your religion. But yes they do get confused that if this is the real Islam what is happening in Pakistan and that's all

        • AS

          So at the end STAR, this culture not only this stupid show but everything from morning shows to dramas is being reciprocated in all the evils now the part of our society. I repeat when you have a virus especially air borne like this you contain it not let it loose to spread far and wide. I don't get this mentality, to get rid of evil you try to subdue it not bring it to foregrounds. And even if you are doing it do it in front of people who can do something about it not our little kids. Our 3-4 year olds are watching Bulbulay and learning all these bad words, budtameezee and trying to trick people. Well done Pakistani media. and yes I will blame media as our nation is the one to follow them blindly and their ideals are also coming out of this shaitaani dubba

        • AS

          Bye Bye dramas online. It has been a heck of a drive

      • star

        No AA ,its not hijab which is the problem its the saying that people are ashamed of Pakistan.

        And the second thing is hypocracy,people watching dramas 24/7 are not islamic and should not judge anyone and should not teach people islam,they were wearing dresses I accept but I am not stupid enough to expect showbiz to follow islam,they may have to show culture but if they were such good muslims they should not be acting,I have been watching Pakistani modelling shows for long that is why I am not as shokced as some other people are. I know exactly who ggets angry watching that,people who watch all bollywood item songs with thier family ,whose kids watch I cant even say that word here but people watch "G" word films with their families,this is what I witnessed in Paksitan,so these people should not complain about our showbiz stars wearing skimpy clothes they are exactly showing what Pakistani awam wanna watch,don't believ me just go to Pakistan and saty there for 3 months.

        Again I abide by my rule ,I am not ashamed of Pakistan,if there are some bad things in us there are more good in us too.

        And yes arab entertainment is worse than ours,they have all veena maliks there.

        • star

          and AA MY earlier reply was not to you but to "A critic".

        • star

          I mean AS not AA

        • star

          And AS it was you who was ashamed of Pakistan not me so don't tell me that Pakistan "has good tings too' I know them thats why I am proud not ashamed,and this was your only line in the comment where i reacted becoz i have seen that alot,people being ashamed of urdu,of being asain of you name it and everything,it bugs me.

          and the rest hijab thing was meant for showbiz people,they will not do hijab,and its not the only thing that will determine your iman,I am not against hijab I am very much for it,but tell me how many Pakistanis do hijab??certainly not everyone,certainly not everyone commenting here,and oh boy do you want me to tell yous stories or stigma attached to hijab these days,what have Pakistani awam made of it.you can read my other comments,I am only saying against people saying this is not islamic,this is isnt but so arent people watching it who know exactly who wore what,and whoo watch all na mehram people all the time,they should first get their definition of islam correct.Islam is not Pakistani culture,where showing hair is no big deal,islam is not dance on wedding functions,and thousand on make up,islam is not theft of electricity which is theft by any definition,islam is not dishonesty,if only not wearing full clothes was such a big deal then all the world and i mean all,icluding many muslim countries should be in trials and tribulations,but they are not we are,why???because we should first take care of our hypocracy,we should first know we are not following islam becasue of Allah,actually we are following a culture,which is lets say has some elemnts of islam,but its not islamic.meaning islam has only one law shariah and according to that tell me how many of people could have got nerve to comment here?

          And may be you got me wrong,I love my propet and my religion very much but I do not have the nerve to call anyone else ghair islami because I think I am guilty of wathing the show and as guilty of following all dramas.

        • kaun

          ABSOLUTELY!! All arabs belly dances are the most seductive ones, its human nature, every culture, religion, country, race hav the same human nature!

      • anonymous

        so true ,so true so true, so true. I always wanted to return to Pakistan,but now i am thinking its not a very good idea.atleast i can teach my kids Islam in America more independently than in Pakistan.jahan khandan walay hi 10 qudghun lagatay hain . aai haai itni si bachi ko hijaab kiun pehna diya frock pehnao abhi to waqt hai.ye nahin pata k itni si bachi ko bhi log kaisay kaisay dekhtay hain .

        Allah's system is the deen e fitrut yeni insaan ko banany walay ko maloom hai insaan ki ature ka.

        meri 9 saal ki beti mashallah yahan k PUblic school main 22 christian bachon aur christian teacher k samnay class main namaz per leti hai mashallah us k zehen main koi question nahin aata.k wo different kiun hai lekin jub Pakistan se aati hai to 10 sawal poochti hai k wo bhi to muslim hain wo aisey kiun hain .

        aaphi bataiye k kiya jawab doon??

        • kaun


        • m.nadeem

          ye wo pakistan nahi jiskeley qurbania de

        • syym

          sahe farmaya ap ny….yeh haal muslim country ka hy jo k bne he ALLAH k nam or us pak zat k kalma par the mager aj is ke halt kably rehm hy….

      • star

        AS if you don't watch shows then what do you know abotu media to curse it?

        certainly you have seen that neelofer drama and etc so dont say you didnt watch them,you know about dramas thats what i got from your last comment,they were on your fb page so you liked entertainment page on fb,now to show you are so superior you are saying you never watched anything,hard to believe,but whatever you say.

        Its upto you to watch them or dont and people can be very good muslims even if they live in scandinevia.Pakistani people in america still try to steal the tax,and im speaking from my expereince I live in USA too,and I am shocked at that.And to top if off they wear the label of islam on their faces,beard.

        • star

          and AS i doubt everything you say not that you need to worry but just that once you say you are ashamed of being Paksitani,then you tell me how great Pakistan is in the next comment and then in the next comment you again say how bad/low Pakistani society is,its difficult to keep track of what you mean, and on which side are you exactly, while replying to you.

    • kaun

      what r u doing here???? ur religious personality is so reflecting thru your name…."CRITIC!" You belong to the country u choose to live ur life in, dont talk about pakistan if u cannot do any good to it, except CRITISISE!

  • Blue Apple

    President Musharaf nay to sirf dupatta policy may chhot/narmi di thi, yahan to ab karpron may kami honay lagi hay boss :)

    west must be proud to see today's east specially muslim woman of Pakistan with no dupatta and less cloths.

    • kaun

      neelay saib, i mean so called blue apple, why maulvis show their hairy ankles, why the shalwar is short, maybe our actresses r inspired by them??!!! Chalo ab to islami tthappa lag gaya, ab to muaaf kardo in sab ko!! Wese show acha ttha na??!! lol

  • Iman

    I think after film industry soon the tv industry of Pakistan will see its downfall. I wish we could make movies like Iran and show our identity more decently & by covering our sisters and daughters. Its a Shame to even think of such shows, dramas etc in the name of entertainment.

    • star

      yes and do temporary marriages like people in iran.:p

      • Sam

        Its not funny to make fun of any cast..whtever is happening is a sign of kayamat…muslims blaming each other..I guess we all have just forgotten wht our prophets have taught us…

  • star

    love amina shaikh,amazing modelling,truly international

  • star

    yay sawera nadeem!!!

    why wasn't humsafar nominated in any category?I hated that show but atleast admit that it was quite a hit.

    • http://facebook Sareena Khan

      actually…..their limit is that 75 percent show must air on previous year but hum safar was aired only 50 percent….it will be nominated next year…..and why did u hate that it was AWESOME………

      • star

        ok so thats the reason,hmmm I hated that show because after I wacthed the episode where atiqa odho tells sarah that she is not on khirad's side ,I knew the whole story ahead,I knew what would happen and even told my friends so that they keeep it in mind,and I thought most peopel would know what will happen because so many shows have been like it,even many people on youtube videos commented exactly what will happen,so I don't get what the hype was about,its the hype that I hated ,it was ok but not great.

  • tahreem

    well jub itna hogaya hai to i dont know aage kiya hoga ,,i think the government should take sum action ..lyk there has to b sum boundry na..what r v portraying to d ppl living abraod?hum aise to nai hain…sirf high class show nahi karna chiyeh balke not even the high class,,i knw many who used to wear abaya in high class as well.i dont knw why r they following west?what r their thinking?just look at iran…i really feel proud when i see their movies n dramas translated in urdu.phrr yeh bolte hain k pata nai humare yaha har saal earthquake aur floods kyu arahe hain…kuch logo ki ghalat harkaton ki waja se kitne sare log azab main arahe hain plzzzz 4 god sake think abt it

    • kaun

      acha to earthquakes sirf Lux awards ki wajah se hain??? Apne jo itna acha sadar chuna hai, mulk ko chalaane ke liye, aur baqi politicians, dehshat gard jese namoone jo roz qtl o ghaarat machaa ke rakhe hue hain, ya Dr. Aamir liaqat jesa admi jo islam ke danke tv par baith ke peet raha hai or off screen, indian films ke villians ke raping scenes discuss karta hai, be sahara laachaar aurat ki live call pe tthattay maar ke has raha hai, woh sab earthquake jese azaabji wajah bilkul nahi?????????? Dont forget, it was these same ppl who went to help the earthquake victims!!! Did u help?????

  • another critic

    Nex category is " Best female with least clothes and the award goes to…………….lol,(tough to decide!)

    I suppose after celebrating "HIJAB DAY", media is celebrating a "Vulgarity day".

    • Iman

      Unfortunately its happening!! the whole show was on shameless dressing, dancing etc. complete copy of some third class programmes. After the first part i could not proceed further. Allah ko jawab bhi tu dena hay. better watch some islamic program:)

      • kaun

        wese maza to bahut aya hoga?? are u sure, apne apni poori zindagi me aisa koi kaam nahin kia jiski wajah se ap Allah ko jawab dene ke qabil hain??

    • kaun

      best actress was Savera, and she was wearing v descent clotes, lagta hai us bechari n tumne note nahi kia, i understand, tumne time waste nahin kia, baqi saron se nazar jo nai hati hogi!!

      • Nazu

        uuuuuuuuffff Bibi ap ny to apni sari energy bhhayaae or byhodgi ka difa'a krny main laga di.

  • naheed

    toba behayee ki intha iselyee pakistan pe Allah ka azaab nazil ho raha hai in jaise logon ki wajah se Allah hum sab muslis ko naki ki hidayat de Aameen

    • kaun

      acha???? to maulvion aur talibans aur politicians ki wajah se bilkul azaab nahin aya??? dehshat darg kia aakhirat me apko jannat me jagah dilwaaenge???

  • naheed


    • kaun

      pakistanis, zaroori nahin sab muslims hon, kiapakistan me rehne ke liye muslim hona shart hai??

  • waqar

    still need to get mature more… things irritated ine the whole show was the Worst Camera work & editing .. Sopecially in the performances..

  • waqar

    & Hatts off to Ahmad butt ..the only man in the show who made it entertaining..

  • zunaira

    this is exactly what i felt strongly when i watched LSA. Whom r ther representating seriously? Maria wasti, Humaima, Mahira, Amina Sheikh, Maira khan n others totally westernised. Sania Saeed n Sawera Nadeem were so graceful n so was Nida.

    Ahmed butt was good but most of others, rather all other came up with lame jokes (thanday jokes). Music, lighting n stage was good. Performances were ok. Over all they were good, atleast every year this is the only award function we have got to appreciate our showbizz industry.

    and to conclude, I dont think we can do anything for our extra liberal actresses n models when it comes to dressing, unless they realise it themselves. Only thing that tells u that they r from us, is when they said “assalam o alaikum”. Even often i’ve felt that most of them are even shy of speaking urdu n they will feel more comfortable to talk in english. And many dont know how to say “assalam o alaikum” in the right manner even.

    Allah hi hafiz hai

    • kaun

      very well written, u make total sense. i atleast agree with ur practical point of view. I do understand that all our actrsses r representating diferent roles and a our viewer sseriously idealize them, thats why they r really shocked n hurt to see a totally diferent side. Im just more disgusted at the way everyone is reacting here,even though what they r trying to ay is not said in a sensle way, they r just being judgemental in a wrong way.

  • Nusrat

    These were the real faces of our so called ROLE MODELS or IDEALS.

    We need to understand that thy hav nothing inside.Thy r just actors or singers. Our IDEAL or ROLE MODELS r people like Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Abdul Sattar Edhi or Dr. Abdul Qadeer. Plz don’t follow these pepl blindly. Pakistan zinda baad.

    • kaun

      maza to aya hoga magar show dekh ke??!!

  • zbarea

    fitye mouh,lakh di lant ,adhi nangi paki actress pr

    • zbarea

      actress ke bapp , bahi ,shohr sb pesa dekh kr hmosh ho gaye hain shayad?

      • kaun

        apne ghar ki khabar lo, maza to zaroor aya hoga show dekh ke??!!!

  • waqar alam


    • sonia

      good effort by lux…if u r talented then take the steps and come forward and arrange entertainment…if not then keep silence…it easy to criticise then to b practical…

      • INAM BHAI


  • Suman

    Very boring.It seems Lux's standard is going down.

    • kaun

      dont forget, LUX is an international company!!

  • Suman

    There is nothing to be entertained.Very boring.It seems Lux Awards' standard is going down.

  • zoya

    i am really shocked 2 see our muslim girls..i have no idea that pak has progressed very much in this field lolz…i am living in uk & wear hajab..most of the muslim girlz wear hijab here..in short i can say that i saw islamic values in uk but in pak that is a muslim country i saw musalman without islamic values..all the women look pathetic except nida yasir bushra ansari,sawera nadeem sania.

    • Angel

      very well said…. pakistanion ko kuch ziada hi Aag laggi huee hai,besharam hone me race laggi hai…

    • star

      the problem with peole abroad is they think Pakistan is still where they left it,yes Pakistan is not that islamized anymore,there is a group which is forcing islam on everyone's face and there is this other group which is reacting to it,which you see in fashion industry,and you see both faces if you'd rather watch news & not dramas.

      Pakistan is becoming this polarized country where one group is fanatical muslims and the other group is very westernized,the middle is disappearng.

      Girls do wear shalwar kameez but its upto the individual to either do hijab or not or wear pants.As for me I don't see much difference between wearing shalwar kameez without doing hijab or wearing pants,either way you are not islmic,those people here commenting this is not islamic are actually wrong they should say its not cultural to do so.becoz neither shlawar kameez with dupatta in gala and neither dresses that show arms are islamic but one is culturally right and other is wrong

      • sonia

        wel said…agree with u,,,

        • Sehar

          Thats exactly what it is. But the entertainment industry in any country in the world is never a true representative of its people's morals.Its funny some people actually believe this. I am just glad they are copying something other than India!

      • anu

        i live in USA..I AM also shocked watching every model actress sleveless…and MAHIRA KHAN had all her leg nacked…i cant believe dont knw girls want to look like bollywood or hollywood actress,s….wel we are a muslim country…showing off all in awards is not goood at all…well the performance in awards…was better than before

        • kaun

          frst of all, do not call urself pakistani, u choose not to live in pakistan, u shud be faithful to the country ulive in. Pakistan has such bg variety of lifestyle, media works so hard to show all kinds of aspect regarding culture, religion, progressive impact on induviduals as well as educated nation. The country reflects everything as nation which believes inmoving on with the world. Atomic bomb bana liya, itni bari achienvement nahin nazar ati, apne ap ko turkey jesi country se kiun nahin compare kar sakte, leg nzar agai, sleeveless pehen liya, kia yehi sab se bari museebat nazar a rahi hai?? If hijab is a personal prefrence, why canot be sleeveless be accepte as a personal prefrence.Be happy in ur country, u hv no right to blame whats hapenning in pakistan, u hve lost the right to critisise, the day u surrendered the green passport over the blue one!

  • noshin

    hey you guys really stupid … whatever Pakistanis are doing its their own life y u ppl are talking abt them … now we are the nation who are getting Oscars tu yeh bhi tum logo se hasam naii hoo rahaaaa they were looking awesome and miss Zoya i tell u one thing that all the corrupts are those who are in hijab or in sharai parda or in darhii … be a good human thats all …. religion is everybodys personal …. duffers..ABHI YAHA INDIANS HOTE TUU U CHEAP PPL WILL ……


    • aliza

      yess i totaly agree wid u dear hr kisi n apni apni qabar m jana h ap sb log apni fikar kro ye koi ni janta ALLAH ki nazro m kn bura h r kn acha…………………

      • sadia

        yahe to masla hai.. hm sochtay hain k srf apni apni fikr krnay sy hm kamyab ho jain gy?? dear sister dean ko phailana or sahe ko sahe kehna, galat ko galat kehna b farz hai.. is ka b sawal kiya jay ga hm sy.. :(

        ALLAH rehm kray hm pr… hm srf khud pr azab ko dawat day rahay hain :(

        • Annu

          agreed wid u sadia ..

  • sani

    ye halaat hain musalmanon kay tab he to hum par azab ata hay in ki harkatoun ki wajah say.allah muafff karay.dubatta lanay ki to zehmat hi nahi karteen models.

    • nabia

      dubata to bht door ki bat ye pura jism e cover kr lain yehe bht bri bt hge

  • Annu

    aoa .. aftr watcng dis .. em feeling realy shame on our media . wht dey r shwing off ? how dey r representing islam? whr dey r leading oll muslim ummah? dey r using dere body 2 get fame money name in world? ALLAH HELP US.. DIS is da real azaab ? no one had seen da azaab ov akhirah…evry one predict it.. & if a person act in drama ov a parsa lady lyk mahira khan did it in shehre zaat can she expose her body yk dis on a side she is representing islam meanwhile on da other phase she is showing her real face,, did she hav a zameer? not jus she oll da actress who act in dramas lyk her ? can dey think ov doing lyk dis.. in dat drama she is realy working on good theme.. but not actng , learning anythng … dese awards shud nt b shown 2 our children bcaz dese r horible.. ALLAH Y CHAHY HADAYAT DETA HA AUR HAMY DUA KRNI CHAHIYE AYE ALLAH HMY HADAYT DY SB MUSLIMSKO HADAYT DY.. HMY MAAF FRMA DY.. AMEEN ..

    • http://[email protected] unsa saleem


    • kaun

      Annu ab tum Allah ke agay gawahi deke qasam kha lo ke TV nahin dekho gi, kamaskam tm khud hi apne bachon ke liye misaal ban jao phir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anoshia

    uffffff besharmo had kr di hai sab ne besharmi mein. or jo log is k haq me comments kr rhy ha wo khud b aise hi hogy

    • kaun

      is me besharmi ki ki baat hai baji ji??? why do u even atch such shows then??? Get a life!

  • Sweety

    Come on people … what is wrong with u all? WHY are u guys blaming them? What have they done? look at the world log kaha se kaha pohnch gay or hum abi tuk dressing ki waja se azab ata hai isii masly mai phasy huy haiiinn??? this is showbiz.. agar yahi sochna hai tu WHy the hell your even watching these awards ? Go sit in your home and pray…. mai ya nahi kehti k namaz mat perhoo but kisi ko yaha beth kar lanat dena kia islam k mutabik haii? agar kharab dressing se or bury kaamoo se azab ana hota tu sab se pehly azab america or baki europeon coutries mai ataa… waha tu koi azab nahi ataa… sara azab kia pakistan k liee hii hai? Muslims are the nation of slaves by these GORA people or wo hamesha rahain gay because humarain logo ki soch hi nahi badltii … kaproo ki waja see azab ata hai ..isi soch see bahar akar kuch soch hi nahi sakty…dunya kaha pochnch gai or hum ko dekh lo…

    And know I now k mera comment sab ko bura hi lagyga… SACH kisi ko acha nahi lagta hai…

    • anonymous

      Haan waqai you are absolutely right.dunya bohat aagay pohanch gai hain . i live in America aur ye log bhi baray conservative hain kambakht canda ki tarah aagay hi nahin berh rahay.jaisay k canada main maadur zaad nanga honay ki ijazat hai waisya ye zaleel Americans ijazat hi nahin detey .topless ghoomnay per kamina cop pakar leta hai .bus aaj aap mujhay itni achi soch wali nazar aa gai hain to please aap aisa kerien k aap sub se ziada tarraqqi yafta b un ker kal se kapray pehennay se inkaar ker dein haan bus.thats it .in narrow minded logon k saath ye hi hona chahiye .dunay itni aagay berh gai hain log yahan America aur europe main gali gali main zina ker rahay hain ye bewaqoof Pakistani ijazat hi nahin detey phir kaisa taraqqi kerein ge agar nangay nahin honay dein ge to .ghaleez soch k ghaleez log.bus aaj se aap jaisay saray log tarraqqi keriein aur kapray pehanna chor dein.LEKIN EIK BAAT…..aisa na ho k logon ko cavemen yaad aa jain .oho phir to bohat hi buri baat ho gi .hum to tarraqqi k liye nangay ho rahay thay ye to pathar ka zamana wapis aata hua lagay ga.

      • anonymous

        by the way qayamut ki very important nishanion main se ye nishani pai jati hai k log serkon per haram kaam kerien ge aur koi unko roknay wala nahin ho ga.

      • SWEETY

        app ki bataon se andazaa hota hai kitny JAHIL insaan hain ap… America se itniii hi takleef hai tu rehty kiu hain app yaha par…. app aye hi kiu hain yahaa par? chaly jain wapiss …
        OPPORTUNIST !!!

        • Anonymous

          hehehe i am laughing cuz you didn't get it .i was all sarcasm.aapne merey baqi comments nahin perhay shaid? i was being sarcastic k canada main pooray bhi nangay ghoom saktay hain to kiya am America main allow nahin hai to kiya ab America walay bhi tung nazar hain?? ye sub un per tanz tha jin k liye ye reply hai.Mashallah America is more conservative than european countries.i love America , Its my country you naive person.very cute though.

    • kaun

      Dont worry, I support ur comment. Log itne hypocrat hain, aik to show bhi dekhenge, pura maza lenge aur phir bhura bhala kahenge. Hamare mulk me mazhab ke naam pe aurat ke muh pe tehzaab phenka jata hai, aai din rapes hote hai, Eidhi,Ansar Burney jese idaare besahara logon, aurton bachon se bhar rahe hain, log bila wajah youtube me dekhaane wali stupid cheezon ke ehtijaaj me apne hi mulk ke logon ko maar rahe hain, tabahi phela rahe hain,is baat me besharmi nahin nazar aati, aise log aakhir laptop ke aagay betth ke awards hi kiun dekh rahe hain, jakay koi dhang ka kaam karen, magar agar kisi ko bura keh ke khana na hazam hua to zindagi ka maqsad adhoora reh jaega!!

      • sweety

        Thanks Mr. Kaun… I think ik ap hi educated hain yaha pee…

    • Nazu

      Agr ye sub kuch krna tha to ISLAMIC REPUBLIC PAKISTAN bna he kew ? Hum entertainment k naam py ye byhodgi brdashat nei kr skty. Apny leay or apni new generation ky leay. Haya IMAAN ka juz hy. Kia sirf nangy ho kr he dunya main progress ho sakti hy ? Main Europe main reh kr b dopata lainy main proud feel krti hun…….ALHAMDULILAH a proud muslim frm Pakistan.

    • zoya

      america aur europeian countries me log apni munafkat me sache hain……wo jo bhi hain samne hain

    • mrs adnan

      madam musalman ho k kisi musalman ko buraie kartay daikh k usko bura na kehna b gunah hay…. azab america par b aaega magar musalman ho k b aesi behuda harkatay karna aur us ko ye keh k sahi samjna k sub hi to ye kar rahay hain mukkammal JAHANNAMI honay ki nishani hay.. Allah say tuba kary aur apna qibla durust karlain iss say pehlay k Allah ka azab aap par nazil ho…

  • anonymous

    Everyone boycott lux soap from now on please.


  • kaun


    • gull

      waow kaun v goood rply to all these stupids i love ur all coments :)

  • kaun

    Oh bhaii, baqi sab ko cchoro, what the hell was BINDIYAA smoking??? What was she thinking while picking on hr sari, her drag quen makeup, her WIG, ( borrowed from th movie " GRUDGE") and the KHAUFNAAT set of jewelry, specially what was with that TIKKAH???!!! Kis ki shai tthi wahan pe? Or was she comming from shadi or a hallowen party?? Uffff!

  • fiza

    what r they doing even no one take dupatta only sania saeed n sawera nadeemm wore full clothes bt witout duppatta n all others are naked with half cloths….ths is nt our culture

    • khansa

      lux style award naam hi bayhayai ka hai

    • MuslimWithOpenMind

      cultures do change, get over it!

  • Arish

    Ganda hay … par dhaanda hay yeee… app log naked actress ki baat karahay … Butt Sb ky comments nahi sunay app nay … My dear…Media wo cheez hay … kay jooo dikhta hay woo bikhtaaa hay …so all the actress become naked to sale her self ….

    Thats it …. Ganda hay par dhanda hay ye

    • Anonymous

      well said .very well said.

    • MuslimWithOpenMind

      dude, one can carry a short skirt with much more elegance than shalwaar kameez.
      olely depends on a person wearing it!!!

  • alina

    guys¡¡ calm down . we know kay showbiz is an un islamic thing .magar inti hi sharam a rahi hay to chor do na dakhana
    kaun dekh rahay ho.
    when u guys living aboard say kay pakistan tho asa hi han tu u forget kay pakiktan ma lower aur middle claass bhi hay o religion ko ahmiat deti han.showbiz represents nothing aur in actress aur actors ko apna ideal banana galat han .plz stop pointing fingers to pakistan. half of these actress and actors are studied and lived in aboard tu hum ya kay sakaty hain kay aboard ma hijab aur pakistan ma naked .stop picking on pakistani musllims .showbiz is not the only way to kown what a real pakistani muslim is. ma aboard ma hon magar i wish i wasnot . cause this is nothing like my country.

    • iqra

      u r right alina .

  • fatima

    ye available ku ne haaaaaaaaaaaa :/

  • ami

    what about humsaffar?????

  • saba


  • soha

    r these people muslim???????? where do they belong? wat religion? Islam???? or secular ! The biggest n alarming question!!!!

    • soha

      kahan ptv awards hua krty thay hosted by moin akhter n muhazab respected behave krty thay sab..

      • john

        why are u watching them u taliban……u hate freedom u hate modrenity stop using internet coz its westren invention…its not its people like u who make muslims look stupid we are only 27 percent of thisworld we need to interact other 73 percent not in veils…..bitch….please

      • Baap

        tight answer larky

      • sobi

        u r rite soha aaj kal behai modrenity ho gai hai

      • angry

        vulgarity in the name of modernism its people like u who dont deserve to be born muslims…..communication wid others dont require u to be like thm….. wearing clothes is modesty if it was not y u dont try to be naked…. well i am sorry bt u r naked…… this region islam has limits devised by ALLAH and told to us by HOLY PROPHET (SAW)….. IF u dont agree dont give others a lecture u dont hav any rite….

        • shaleen

          very right…God bless you :)

    • Meh

      Soo agree with you Soha, it’s sad and unforunate. And what’s even more sad that they call themselves moderate muslims!!! I dont understand what they mean by moderate????

    • Farah

      i totally agree with u

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayesha.saleem.52438 Ayesha Saleem

    star plus ki copy karty karty hamari industry apni values bholti ja ri hai

    • Baap


  • J

    This is appalling. This is has nothing to do with going overboard or getting too religious, but come on does this look like a show full of Muslims? This is not graceful.

  • hira


    • Kiki

      Go call ur mom and wife bitches, u fucking filthy sob.

    • nandi

      u r a big baster u have no manners to talk wid ladys. ur way of talking expose ur personality



    • Khan

      Mr. John is simply a mother………, as…….., I think mr. John u came to know that v people can speak English as well m I rite motherf…..,piece of a white s……, hope u enjoyed it. And remember never ever abused any Muslim.

  • Syeda

    I think is site ko operate krny walon ko Mr.John k comments ka notice laina chahye as He is Abusing girlz.
    dosron ko abuse krny sy pehly insan ko sochna chaheye wo khud kia hy agr in shb ko ye freedom itni e pasnd aa rhi hy tu q abuse kr rhy ye in girlz ko jb wo apni freedom ko use krty huy comments kr rhi hn openly ..agr is trhan sy 73% sy interact krna hy tu its better k ap jaisy log chilu bhr pani mn ja k doob marn.. kia pehly log intract nhi krty thy aj jo ye zawal nzr aa rha na 23% ka ye ap jaisy logon ki wja sy aor unki is naam nehad freedom ki wja sy hy agr ap jaisy open minded log khtm ho jaen na tu ye Muslman 23% nahi phr sy 100% ho skty jaisy k wo thy PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH k zamny mn aor KHULFA E RASHDEEN k zamany mn …. Taliban or whatever u say them ..cheap mind peoplz!! apna qasoor nhi man’na aor dosron py charh dorna..

  • zaineb

    Ive seen these before.

    • Baap

      sapne mein ?

  • nida

    this john is not muslim we can understand by his name so he can say anything to show his mentality

    • Baap

      jo akal ki baat karay wo mental hy, aap log thek hain ulty sidhay kaam bhi karnain hain aur nakhray bhi dekhanain hain, itne hi naik hain to na dekhain na tv, islam mein tv dekhna mana hy i think so ?

      • Dada

        Aur Kudh kitny choohy kha cuky ho..

        • Baap

          tum sy 2 char kam :D bwhahahahah

  • dflasjdlkj

    in the last part did you notice whn ali zafar was singing the mic wasnt even near his mouth LOOL…but the song was still amazing

    • fdsfsdf

      last was the best part..amazing performance by both

  • nauas

    Just scrolling down this page i saw a comment by a stupid guy name John..huh how well mannered u r you have shown it through your comments and by the way first u tell me what do u know about Taliban and what do u mean by “too religious”.

    There is no extremism in Islam .. There are certain boundaries and restrictions in our beloved Deen Islam and we have to respect them and obey the teachings of ISLAM. You have shown already what u have learned from your religion.

    Internet is the creation of western world we have to learn i agree but vulgarity is the not the medium of learning u idiot .

    Shaitaan ko kitna kush kertey hein is tarhan k programs mai kitna dil lugata hai shaitaan yahan kiun bomb nahi phatay aisee jagahon perr yahn jahan ALLAH PAK ka naam lainay wala koi nahi

  • komal

    pakistanio ko koi dance to sikha de

  • Sannia

    Agreed that modernism can not be separated from the entertainment industry, but what they need to learn is that STOP copying Bollywood! Be ORIGINAL! Viewers have the satellite TV at home, the only thing that would make them tune into a Pakistani award show is being able to relate with it.
    These awards mostly failed to deliver that.
    Kudos to the old legends, like the amazing songs of Ahmad Rushdi, that I have heard mostly for the first time. I am part of the new young generation of Pakistan and want to be exposed to OUR songs and OUR culture, Something I can own and be proud of.
    Starting the show with “smack that” tune, and “antakshiri” with Bollywood songs is SO not what I would want to watch on Pakistan TV, I can simply tune into any Indian channel and watch the original!
    It’s disappointing that such shows lack the Pakistani flavor, however, thanks to our Drama Industry that there is something still to look forward to.
    As a foreign residing Pakistani, I really miss Pakistani shows, products, food and a lot more, and with visual media being my MOST important connection with home, its just DISAPPOINTING.
    And short skimpy dressing of our actors on the red carpet, which most of them fail to pull off in an elegant way, are pretty much a disaster. As it goes in Urdu, ‘kawa chala hanns ki chaal, appni chaal bhee bhool gia”. If you wanto wear gowns, learn how to carry them in style.

  • Atif Khan

    great effort and absolute beauty

  • javeria

    great show,

  • tanhawazir

    ab to zardari ko galyan milti hi nhe hai
    jb se misbah nai tuk tuk shuru ki hai



  • johnkiller

    u r nothing more than a reatrd mister u r a stupid bitch commenting where he shouldnt come in front of us and we cut your balls mr stupid

  • Aqib Raja

    awesome song

  • Muhammmad kayani from Pakistan


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