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Adhoori Aurat Episode 1 By GEO entertainment 16th April 2013

Adhoori Aurat Episode 1 By GEO entertainment 16th April 2013
Sponsored by www.DramasLive.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/bilal.muhammed.336 Yushwa Khan

    very very nice drama ufffffffffff i love it

  • http://www.facebook.com/bilal.muhammed.336 Yushwa Khan

    ooooooooooooomy GoD

  • Sana

    What is a married life for a woman??? Living with a guy (and sometimes with his family) and do his khidmat day and night. What she gets in response? two times food and a roof over her head. She has to loose her self respect her dignity and looses control over her life. A husband has rights to make decisions for her what is she going to do with her life. Whether she can pursue a career or should she stay home…its all upto husband to decide. Actually a men get a very good deal by getting married. A full-time servant (ghulam) and a girl to fulfill his physical needs as well, JUST for do waqt kee roti

    • Sulaiman Sherazi

      ap shadi na krna…simple solution

    • Sulaiman Sherazi

      ap shadi na krna simple….lol

    • Gentle Wind

      aysa he hai :/

    • wareesha

      i totaly agree with u sana

      • Sajjad Ali

        oho q

    • rabia

      bilkul sahi kah rahi ho

    • Mehru

      dear sana…i think its a duty of a Muslim girl to do khidmat of her husband.. after marriage, a girl MUST HAVE TO sacrifice her will for initial 2 to 3 years… these initial years are very important..u can get respect, love, care and everything u want, if u get successful in these years…its not about “full time servant”…its about loving to do ur husband’s any sort of work with pleasure..for me marriage meaning for a girl is to get a permanent life partner, cute kids, and respect from susral as well at a cost of some patience and sacrifice…..

      • nadia

        mehru bibi,islam ney kahan kaha hey keh aurat ka farz hey husband ki khidmet kerna? zara aap kindlyrefrence dien
        2ndly its a myth keh pehley 2-3 saal important hien, pehley 2-3 saal tu honeymoon he samjh lien life tu bachoun key baad 5 saal key baad shuru hoti hey,sana is right khwab ki life se baher aien aur ankhien khool lien.

        • mehru

          dear nadia…agar ap married ni to plz shadi kejiye ga b mat.. or jub karain to market se shohar k haqooq ki book purchase kr k parhye ga.. mujhe ap k hubby pe abi se tars a raha hai… and what i gave comment above, reflects my life…now im blessed with a baby boy (turned 1)..

          • XYZ

            Sare farz aurat k aur sare huqooq mard k. ye islam ka nahi sub-continent ka mindset hai. islam ne aurat ko mard ka ghulam nahi banaya. in fact kisi shakhs ko kisi ka bhi ghulam nai banaya. jis shakhs ki koi personality, koi soch nahi hoti wo hi kabhi apne liye stand nahi leta or dusro ko bhi taleem deta phirta hai k ap bhi nainsafi bardasht karo.

        • asma

          Sana and nadia u r sooo right!

      • Fasoo

        you have smart n wise thoughts

      • bird

        marriage is blessing . . i agree mehru !! its all about love n respect with bit of patience and sacrifice . .

      • Mrs Mehmood

        100%Agree with mehru

    • ALTAF

      if you ask different people to describe a picture, you ‘ll get horrible and beautiful comments depends upon the state of mind, a horrible mind shows the horrified aspect as a beautiful mind depicts itself,
      so miss sana can you not see a single good thing about marriage? if not, then i am afraid to say how horrible mind could you have.

      • nadia

        aik mard aur kya reason dey gais baat ki jo tum ney dya, larki hamesha aik khobsorat khawab ley kar shadi kerti hey isko horrible mard hi banatey hien. horrible mind sahib

        • Mahak

          Well I agree wid nadia n sana y Alwaz a woman compromise n show patience y men can’t use their brains n make her life heaven all men r v narrow minded when it comes to wife

    • tweety

      sorry to say but i disagree with you sana life for a girl after marriage is not about for 2 times feed and a roof on head, a girl from her attitude and intelligence can change her life in heaven no one will give our right to you its are duty to realize other people around us that what are our rights. its on the girl that from her behavior she proves herself a servant or the queen of her little palace its true that the husband has to decide about your career but you can convince him from your arguments, behavior, attitude etc life is yours its on you how you live it .the relation of husband and wife is a very strong relation if you think and also a very weak one if you think on other hand its upto your thinking and the way you take to your life….hope you understand it…

      • nadia

        lagta hey aap ki shadi nahien hoi aur aap digest bohat parhti hien aur drama bhi bohat dekhti hien

      • mehru

        u r right.

      • FaisalArain

        in simple word ek aurat ka sahara ek mard he aurat chahe kch b karle per bina shadi k adhuri he ok guysss thats the truth

    • nadia

      sahi kaha Sana, agar confident hogi tu uthey gi aur akeli ho jaye gi , agar darpook hogi tu daab jaye gi aur sari omer zaleel ho gi.

    • http://twitter.com/SoniaSuleman Dr Sonia ShahZur

      hummm ! true , sometime i wish i would have been man , would have my dinner ready on table when come back from work, cloths washes , ironed and house clean , hum lurkiya beecharia

    • zkhan

      aap to bahot hi confused lag rahi hein … shaadi to dor ki bat hein pehlay aap likna seek ley… Urdu aur English ko ghalat malat karahi ho… ager English nahi ati
      To na likho… Urdu mein sahi tara likho…
      dosri baat… positive soocha karo, aur Allah Pak se achay ki umeed aur dua karo…tab hi acha hoga…
      aur ye drama ghek tum frustration ka shikar horahi ho…

  • aqsa

    drama is quiite good but faisal is not looking cool………larki bht piari hay….

  • aqsa

    song is awsome…….great job production unit,u did a graet job …!!!!!!!

    • zee

      sana ap ki mentelity theek ni mehru ki trha ki soch bnao ok
      samia — zabardast!! nanhi’s acting…zaman’s style..every one is simply superb!!!and a very sensitive issue..well done team!!

  • Maasi Barkathey

    Are there only 2 parts? This is weird. Where is the second and third parts?

    • Maasi Barkathey

      A little help…….please?

  • penelepie

    I don’t understand this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey,but why???????????????????

  • saba

    i also totally agree with sana . now a days girls are very confident and threre is no need of marriage according to me “SHAADI EK AISI GALTI HAI JO KABHI BHI SUDHARI NAHI JA SAKTI”

  • http://www.facebook.com/tahira.waqas.58 Tahira Quddas

    We couldn’t say any thing about marriage properly cos everybody is saying about it after getting her/his own experience.marriage to me is a beautiful experience,I got a loving caring hubby.he treats me like a Patel of flower-like eyelash….whenever my condition is not good he is making food,he is cleaning,he is washing clothes.everything I get on bed.he loves me apparel to my mother.yes Ofcourse there r ppl mostly Inlaws,very cruel,they considered other s daughter there servant,they can do everything with—how much bad they r if ur husband really loves u he will not let u down if u r innocent.i really love u waqas.u r the best husband in the world ever.

  • mod

    Sana ,mehru n others pehlay shadi to kar loo , phir kuch kehna. exp k baad hii to pata chalta hai k right hai k wrong.

    doosri baat female always feel insecure, so she need a shade for her security .
    phir kia khyial hai?

    • mehru

      dear mod..meri shadi ko 3 saal ho gay hain…and i have a baby boy…i told u my experience…agar larki susral jaty hi expect kary k wo sub ko badal day gi to ye uski bhol ha…larki ko adjust hona parta ha..

  • human muslim

    I do not agree with either of the girls (Sana and Mehru). IMO shadi ka matlub na tau husband ki gulami aur na hi us ki khidmat main din raat aik karna hae.. It is to find happiness together. na yea attiude hona chye kha app husband k liae kuch karain to apny app ko gulam samjain or na yea attidute hona chyae kha sartaj sahab ko pani ka glass piny kae bhi qabil na chorain.
    Hamaray Rasool (P.B.U.H) apnay sub kam khud kia karty thay or aisa karny main koi aar mehsoos nai karty thay. Hum luag in sari baton ko bus kahani ki taranh laty hain and do not understand their essence.
    Hamari society kae most men bohat lazy ho gaye hain. I have seen women who go to work and do all the house chores all by themselves. Un k husbands kae dimagoon main job sae a k bivi ki help karay karany ka koi concept hi nai hota. I really pity these losers jo ke waqai bivi ko gulam hi smajtay hain aisa kur k.
    Allah ka shukar hae i m really lucky to have a husband who does not have this complex that if he helps me out whenever he can – and I am only sharing it here to avoid people suggestng me ke u should not get married at all or they have sympathy with him. ( I actually found it offending to suggest someone to get married or not).
    Everyone has a right to diagree with someone’s opinion and we should have courage to listen to the different opinions.

    • Amna

      such a big reply

    • Yashal Imama

      absolutely right…

    • sandi

      i completely agreed with you..we should share these to other people

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