Bilqees Kaur Episode 16 in High Quality – 29th July 2012 on Hum Tv

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Aamir Basharat Butt

    Amazing DRama Love Bushra Ansari & Syra Yousaf & Ahsan Khan

    • nayyab

      ahsan khan is a bore. rest is fine.

  • Aryaan

    Good One .. :)

  • sehrish

    superb drama..

  • Hammu

    Okay … if it was Fawad Khan instead of Ahsan and Mahira Khan instaed of Syra,this drama would have been a bigger hit than Humsafar.But Alas our industry is facing the same problems our politics is.This deserves more appreciation than SeZ or Ashk.This is called a drama.This is so closed to reality.Wish someone appreciates it they way it deserves.

    • Sani

      Ek to har koi Mahira Khan aur Fawad khan kai peehey haath dho kai par gai hain. Har dramay mein unhi dono ko cast nahi kia jasakta!!

    • Waqas

      Not agreed

    • Qurat

      mahira can never do such a fit acting n fawad is also misfit for it.THIS DRAMA IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER IN EVERY ASPECT,N0 MORE COMENTS N DEBATE ON IT! DATS IT!

      • Hammu

        That's what i am saying.Don't you people get it ?!

        • Dyashankarpanday

          I think and I'm sure I am the only person who understood your point quite well, I don't think anyone else could understand and I am totally agreed with you, Thanks for describing this situation. You are a great analyst.

    • Syeda

      They would have killed it!! This Drama need Talent and Acting Skills, Not just pretty faces to look at! Fawad and Mahira and good faces but not good actors! Ahsan Khan is a Very good actor and so does Syra Yusuf. Plz keep ur biases with ur self! This Cast is perfect fit for this Drama Like a Diamond in the Ring.

      • Hammu

        READ AGAIN.Why don't you people get it ?! What i am saying is .. IF it was Fawad or Mahira,it would have been a hit.But BK is average (this not what i am saying.I have seen the ratings.The dramas with Fawad and Mahira are always at the top 2)That means that i am describing the current situation Pakistani media is facing.If there is Fawad or Mahira in a show .. that means it's a hit.But if not .. it's an average.Currently they both are in Sez and Ashk,which at any point are not better than BK That is what i meant.I am not saying that Mahira or Fawad should have been in the drama DON'T GET ME WRONG ! Read carefully please and then comment.

    • kitty

      hate hate hate mahira khan,uff i dnt knoo y evrybdy praises her soo much humsafr main achi thi bt itni bhi nhi k pagal he hone jain…hud hai bhai….

      • Virender K Saksena

        Dear you just can't hate to any artist, it all depends on their rolls. Its not up to them, its up to the demand of the character and what kind of roll and situation they are going through in that particular circumstances. Thanks for understanding.

  • Bella

    awesome drama and full of emotions,agree or disagree?

  • Waqas

    Syra yousuf n ahsan khan have done a great job in dis dramn

  • aminah ahmad

    awesome episode….excellent drama ..too koool watching it ..

  • iqrasabeen

    outstanding drama


    maza a jata hai

    sb ki acting kashif mehmood nd bushra ansari kamal


  • Sohail Waqar

    Bari Kaminiiii ay bai ay…….. :)

  • umo

    exellent darma….syra yousaf is fit for this role….plus superb acting by bushra insari….

  • Tanya

    hahha, I just love whenever Bushra Ansari says "Shatungri Jai" to Soha… its soooo funny & cute :)

    • nayyab

      what does it mean?

  • komal

    i love this chulbula drama :)

  • Hammu

    With every growing episode .. this drama becomes more awesome.Every character is amazing.Love the way Faiza Iftikhar has written the story.And plus the amazing casting done by none other than Adnan Ahmed.If i get to chose the best drama you have ever seen,i would definitely vote for Bilkees kaur with out even thinking for a second.BK you truly rock.

  • Syeda

    Perfect Cast with Perfect Story, Executed Perfectly! This is currently my Fav Drama. Such Strong Story and very Unique. Hats off to the Director, Writer and Actors All of them. Bushra Ansari is a legend and Ahsan Khan, Syra Yusuf, Sadia Imam, Anjuman, Baley, Inayat, Pakistan wali sister, Sab Behtareen acting kar rahey hain!

    • Hammu

      Currently ?! This is my all time favorite drama now.And agreed to every word you have said.And yes

      Anjuman=Maheen Khalid.

      Inayat=Kashif Mehmood.

      Pakistan Wali Sister=Nadia Afghan :)

      • Gulnaz

        Thanks for naming them! :-)

        • Hammu

          Oh and Baley=Khalid Anum

          You're most welcome :)

  • Sohail Waqar

    Ab Zia ki khair nahi hay…………… :)

  • Sehar

    Fantastic drama! This is what true entertainment and talent is all about!

  • http://saddatahir sadda tahir

    syra yousaf ……wowwwwwwwwwww…what an actress….love her….nest drama

  • Dyashankarpanday

    Well loved drama. Its just getting better and better every time. Honestly in this epi I loved Soha's roll, she continues pissing Billo off, and just look at her cold face the way she leaves her every time. I have never seen any single Bharati drama of this standard. Its really worth watching it.

    • Hammu

      Thanks man(on behalf of the post below) i couldn't reply you there.Anyway i am much happy that someone got my point.You,my friend are a genius :)

      • Dyashankarpanday

        Thank you for calling me friend, its a big pride for me.

        Thanks any time.

  • kutia


  • http://dramaonline asiya

    i love this drama v.very much thos is the bestest drama i have ever seen…. can any one the real name of roshen one thing i just want to say i had understand your point quiet well….

    • http://dramaonline Noor rASHID

      you are right asiya

  • http://dramaonline asiya

    what did i do kutia

  • Virender K Saksena

    Wow, what a nice drama. Once you start you just can't leave, you just can't blink. Inayat Bhai is a nice character, he talks so innocently. Bushra is really Bushra, she is everything. And the last part of it was so funny. I think peoples will remain it for long time. And Soha Ji is so nice and cute character. Great writer and director.

    • nayyab

      soha Ji??? :D

  • Tahseen

    Billo is such a complex character. At the core, she is very sad and lonely yet she pushes everyone away.

  • Danish aussi

    I love cute girl Soha….

  • Asiya

    Why you guys are talking about hums afar?

  • Sehar

    Bilqees Kaur is truly fantabulous-number uno. Remarkable acting by Bushra, her husband (don't know his name), Sadia Imam and her husband (don't know his name either).Infact each one of the cast members deserve the highest accolades for their performances It seems as if they are real life couples actually living in New York. Just such superb acting and overall the drama is extremely entertaining-just inexplicably brilliant!

  • bilal baber

    i love soha type

  • bilal baber

    i love soha but she is cool and nice person

  • bilal baber

    soha i like that

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