Daagh Episode 14 – 18th January 2013

Daagh Episode 14 - 18th January 2013 Tune.pk Dailymotion
Daagh Episode 14 - 18th January 2013 by shozib
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  • areebaiqbal

    hating deeba!!!!!!!!!

    • barbie

      already i was hating lol

      • ALI

        barbie ap apne eglish tu thek karo hahahaha..

        • Tweety

          Eglish? Really?

          • noori

            lol :)

    • zain

      she,s good areebaiqbal!

  • noori

    Abhi sirf trailer shuru hua hai tu sasu maa ko umamah ki yaad agai puri picture dekhni abhi baqi hai !!!!!! ab tu Deeba unglyon pe nachaai ghi sasu maa ko aur murad ko…..ab dekhna yeh hai kai murad ki kitniiiiiiiiiiii muradain puri hoti hain!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :)

    • Badtameez

      4 more daughters out of deeba in one pregnancy would be awesome for sasso ma and Murad …lol

      • noori

        hahahaha that was so funny !!!!!!!!!! you always give us all a good laugh, your sense of humour is really good…..in fact your good at everything, and people like deeba, murad and the sasu maa deserve this and only this!!!!!!!

        • Badtameez

          awww….you are so sweet noori ….:)

      • Graceful


      • jawadaslam

        tum wakai badtamez ho

        • Badameez

          Told you so…;)

    • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

      Allah keray deeba chipkalli kehin ki infertile ho (maa na bansakti ho) aur tabhi ehsaas aur samajh ayegi murad aur uss ki maa ko

      • noori

        Nahin esa nahin hona chahye, kyunke Murad ne bete ke lye doosri shadi ki hai na tu Deeba se bhi usay 4/6 batyan hi milni chahye thab ja kar usay ehsaas ho gha kai maine bete ke lye shadi ki thi aur yeh bhi sirf betyan hi dey rahi hai……..aur yeh Murad parha likha jahil hai jo yeh bhi nahin janta ke beta/beti hona baap kai haath main hai na ke maa kai haath main!!!!!!!!!!!

        • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

          chalo yun hojaai in either case akal to thkane ajaaygi naa lol and ham sab kis terha say aik dramay ko serious ley rehay hain as if iss say hamara koi asal mein kuch lena dena ho hahaha thats totally amusing lol

          • noori

            Main aap ki baat se sehmat hun,yahan par discussion's esay hi ho rahi hain jese yeh hamari zindgi ka koi hisa ho!!!!!! lekin ek baat hai drama's dekhne se zyada yahan par comment's parhne/likhnay ka zyada interest letey hain hum sab .

          • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

            bilkul kuch yun hi hay kiunkay in discussions main part le ker yun mehsoos hota hay kay jo aap ki raay hay wo aap doosroun say share kersektay hain and saath hi saath doosroun ki ray kay baare main bhi agahi milti hay and iss terha ke tabsoroun main to sab hi ko maza ata hay…But I feel sad for some of them out there jo in light mood discussions kay bjay apni ray doosroun per impose kernay lag jate hain and laray per utar atay hain jese kuch pichlay forums may hota rha hay but so grateful kay yahan koi aesa masla nahi hay cause seriously such kind of things put you simply off and it is so heart warming kay aap jese log khush asloobi say respond kertai hain-honestly it feels so good

          • noori

            I used to watch indian crap before someone suggested me to watch Pakistani Dramas on dramasonline and believe me since that day i have not watched any indian crap and no words can describe how happy i am to see that so many people are watching and enjoying Pakistani dramas if it weren't for dramasonline i would have not known how many people appreciate Pakistani talent……..main bhi ek insan se larney laghi thi kyunke woh deen ke bare main ghalt byani kar rahi thi tho unhe sachi baat batana lazmi tha lekin woh koshish bhi bekar thi , ab laryen is leye nahin ho rahi kyunke woh mohtarama ab comments dene ke lye nahin ah rahi tu ab hum sab log khushi khush se apne comments dey aur le saktey hain :)

          • sceniglamorifableurhypnosa

            Sahi kaha pakistani serials ka meyaar phir say bhar gia hay and I am so glad to see our industry being back in limelight and seriously I hadn't had a clue kay kin batoun per larray hua kerti thee pichlay forums per bass itna maloom tha kay mahol kuch geram tha nonetheless yay bilkul sahi baat hay ager koi deen ki tazleel kerray to ghussa to aata hay and uss ko express kerna chahiay aur ussay zroor samjhanay ki koshish kerni chahiay… aesey insan ko bas Allah akal ata farmay aur uskay sath sath ham sab ko bhi hidayat de (ameen)

          • noori

            Ameen sum ameen

  • saira

    plz juldi upload krdainn

    • nazish

      deeba k 2 bete hon ge aur ummama ki beti hira se aik din is ka beta ghir jae ga to deeba hira k chanta mare ge aur ummama chilaee ge is per k tumhara beta ghira h mara nahi he is per muraad umama ko eik zor dar thaper mare ga.

  • abeera

    its much easy for some people to make ur life happier and then ruin it just because of some stupid wishes…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • axsa

      khala g ko ab maza chakhae gi deeba… ab ehsas ho raha hai na.. khala g ko..jo koi kisi doosre par zulm karta hai hamesha pachtata hai isse kehte hain makafat e amal… kisi ki qadar ka ehsaas waqt se pehle hojae to acha hai..

  • Lubna rashid

    Ab pata chale ga Sasu maa ko k Bahu hoti kia hai sharafat to sasu maan ko hazam nahi hue thi na,maza aajye agar Deeba k liye doctor kehden k woh maa nahi bansakti Aise hi saza milni chaiaye Muraad or uski maa ko

    • Rihab Umair

      deeba k twins betay hon gay

  • Jaweria

    Mard hamesha apni hi shadto pei kyu muhabbat karta hai? Balley aurtein bhi.

    Why dan't people define love as a feeling where you care about the other so much that you are willing to put your own needs down in favour of a 'loved one's needs/wants'.

    • Ayesha omer

      Ab saasuma ko Akal aye gi deeba Maza chakhaye gi khala Jaan ko

  • Ali

    First of all Ana I want to thank you for this wonderful site. I think you've done a great job. I hope you might have some helpful advice for my predicament as well. I had been battling depression for a while (last year and half or more) although it has gotten better recently. The reason for my depression was that I lost everything a while back. I have always been a believer in muslim polygyny even from a very young age as it is Sunnat and I believe that if done properly it prevents many ills in the society and protects both men and women. This was so even though in my country Pakistan culturally and even legally polygyny is taboo despite the fact that it is a "muslim" country. Unfortunately the ancient Hindu influence and now recently the new western influence is so strong that people here follow those cultural practices and consider something halal i.e polygyny to be worse than murder (effectively haram in a way). Despite my culture Polygyny has always called to me and I always knew that for better or worse I am the sort of man who would marry more than once. I always find the idea of loving only one person strange. After all we love more than one parent, we love all of our siblings and all of our children not just one. So why cannot a man sincerely love more than one wife? I am a big hearted person and I have always known that I have more than enough love to give. I did not try to hide my beliefs from my wife, if I remember correctly I even mentioned it before we got married. However it was some time after my first marriage that slowly my conviction became a certainty in my mind that I wished to practically go for a second marriage. I did not take the decision lightly as I was not naive enough to think that polygyny was an easy path. For this reason I had desperately wanted to be happy and satisfied with my first wife. Unfortunately some things are not in one's control, my first wife did not prove to be a good wife for me for a multitude of reasons and I was not satisfied with her. Once I had decided to go for a second marriage I told my wife and she did not take it at all well. We fought over it and I left the house for a few days, in Pakistan in order to legally marry a second time you need the written consent of your first wife and she refused initially. Unfortunately she is a jealous and extremely possessive person. After trying to talk it out with her I finally obtained her verbal approval on two separate occasions. After some time and some searching I found a nice wonderful woman who agreed to be my second wife and we performed a simple Nikah. A man could not ask for a better wife, I did not know her prior to our marriage but she was the best thing that ever happened to me. She loved me, obeyed me and took care of me while living in difficult conditions without complaint. She was gentle and calm and wonderful and I grew to love her very much. I had thought that I was ready for the complications of polygamy unfortunately I had severely underestimated them. My main mistake was that although I was well educated and had a good job I was young and was not completely financially independent. To make things worse I hit a bad patch in my job and things were looking bad at the time. I was working in my first wife's home city and therefore we were living with my inlaws temporarily. Considering the situation I did not announce my second marriage immediately which was a mistake and I now realize completely wrong of me. I should have announced the marriage to my and my first wife's family despite their guaranteed adverse reactions and dealt with the consequences. My second wife's family knew and participated in the Nikah.

    • Ali

      My first wife stabbed me in the back and taking advantage of my economic weakness and using our only son as leverage manipulated her family and my parents against me. Although my second wife was the best person I've ever known she came from a poor background and her family were greedy and uneducated. I was unable to take care of my second wife in the manner that she deserved. In the end a feud broke out between all three sides and I was stuck in the middle. My first wife lied and said that she had not given me permission to marry a second time. She lied and said I was wife beater (she had physically fought with me) she was rude and humiliated me by shouting all of our private problems and intimate relations in front of our combined families. Her family threatened me and my parents with legal action among other things. My parents had to endure a lot of humiliation and disrespect due to my actions. I can endure a lot of things but I could not and will not accept ANY rudeness against my parents. In the end my first wife and her family forced me to decide between my parents and my son on one side and my second wife on the other. May ALLAH forgive me against every fiber of my being and against my wishes with a very heavy heart I had to divorce my second wife. I still hate myself over that. If anything after all she had done I wanted to have nothing to do with my first wife, she is the one I had wanted to divorce at that point. I might have if it had not been for my son and my poor old parents.
      I lost everything, absolutely everything. I was depressed for a long time after that but I kept going through the motions for the sake of my family. I can't divorce my first wife because of many reasons primarily for the sake of my son, plus divorce is like a death sentence for the woman in my culture. Also I dont think marriage is a joke where you just divorce someone as soon as things become tough. Plus my parents are extremely close to their grandson and they refuse to let me consider that option since they would no longer be allowed to be with my son. If I did that I would lose my parents as well. Most of all my son is very young only 4 1/2 I dont want him to grow up without a father, and I cant stand the thought of him being mistreated by a stepfather or anyone just because Im not there to protect him. It came to the point where my frustration/feeling of helplessness became so strong that I was worried that I would either hurt myself or the woman that I now loathed, my first wife. Finally recently things have gotten a little better ever since I started ignoring her existence completely. After enduring the silent treatment for a while she finally got fed up and went back to her hometown to be with her family for a month. Ever since she went away Ive felt a LOT better. I'm just missing my son a lot though. Despite everything thats happened my beliefs about polygyny have not changed. After these two colossal marriage failures I don't think legal marriage is the way to go for me anymore though. People are not trustworthy especially the so called muslims in my country who couldnt be farther from the true spirit of Islam. Im honestly beginning to think that perhaps living in sin would be better instead of being married at all, at least that way I would only be hurting myself rather than others especially my loved ones. ALLAHhafiz, sincerely destroyed Ali.

      • Badtameez

        Mr.Ali I feel you need a good psychiatrist and some anti depressants to start with….and some psychotherapy if all that you described above is true..you not only sound depressed you sound as you have lost hope in life …..as far as the the whole story you wrote above i find many Holes in it but lets not discuss that here.
        If you think someone has wronged you then try to find Allah(swt) first ask for His help…take out your prayer rug and ask for help…..and His guidance is in Quran……read it ……no one in this world has the power to change anything only Allah (swt) has all the powers so go back to your creator and He Himself will come for your help…thats His promise to us all….just keep your faith..May Allah give you peace and happiness ….Ameen

        • kiwi

          mr ali ur situation is the perfect exmaple that polygamy isnt an easy pill to swallow.islam has kept conditions to remarry not remarry just for personal gains.

        • jawad aslam

          sorry yar tum batmiz nai ho

          • Badtameez

            Naam mien Kia rakha hai jawab aslam sahib badtameez hon ya nahi ….chose this screen name in case I needed to do some badtamizi it was justified…lol

      • DMDM

        My brother in islam,
        all women are not the same, i really feel sorry for your second wife who got divorced out of no reason.
        I know some families undergone similar situations, but those who succeded among them were those couples who had read and understood Quran and Ahadith. Understanding of religion gives you trust in Allah n one feels capable of handling any difficult sitaution. My sincere advice to all my brothers n sisters is to read and know the true essence of Quran, hadith and heartly accept the wisdom behind our religious values and polygamy.

      • shazi

        its ok Ali you can marry yet again and yet once again until you are satisfied :P sorry but listen to yourself if only men like you could empathize with women…put urself in your first wives shoes…she must have been humiliated…how does it feel when someone you love and devote yourself to rejects you and finds someone else to take or share your place…she must have been shattered…you should feel like crap for ruining hers and your son's life by extension…everyone always only has one justification, " Oh its allowed in Islam" but there are a billion other things that Islam asks of you…why do we always use religion to our advantage and ignore it when it doesnt suit our needs…im sorry but i have no sympathy for you…The same Islam that allows you to marry more than once also asks you to be patient and overcome your worldly desires!

    • umeed

      islam me ek se ziada shadiyan jaiz hen lekin lazmi hergiz b nahi hen…
      dosri baat yeh k mard hotay he intihai slfcentered hen ache se acha mard b ek had tak selfish he hota hai lihaza wo kabhi nahi smajh sakte k ek aurat k liye sotan kia hoti hai…isme indian ya westren influence ki koi baat nai hai…ye nature h…her aurat apne life partnr k liye posesive he hoti hai….
      wese b pakistani mashray me itni qurbaniyan de k b aurat apne shohar se kia chahti hai srf wafa?? to kia mard itna b nahi de sakta…pta nai kiu mardo ko her baat mamoli or chotti lagti hai lekin wohi baat agar un k sath ho to bohat serious or badi lagti hai
      doosri baat ye k ya to ap ka zehan itna chotta hai k ap ne itni lambi taqreer me srf apne he apne mutaliq socha or baat ki…ya ap ka koi nafsiyati masla hai

    • Graceful

      You buddies have made this site as debate on Islam.Plz be calm and keep eye on DRAMAS.

    • Yousafzai

      you are really a psycho biwi jealous thi possesive thi islia doosri shadi kr li ye justification ha ap k paas doosri shadi ki ap khud jo merzi krty rho apni pehli biwi ki insult kro us se bewafai kro us pe ye sabit kro k tm achi biwi nae ho islia doosri shadi ki or phr ye chaho k wo apki izzat kre or ap k faisly k agy sir jhuka dy ye kahan ka insaaf ha? agr us m koi buraiyan thin b to kya ap farishty hogy yhi kaam apki biwi ap k sath krti or apko chor k kisi or merd k chakar m per jati to ap to use katal kr dety usny to sirf ghr walon k samny oonchi awaz m bol k ap k kartoot sb ko btaye hn apko ye bat b buri lg gai ha or us se nafrat krny lgy hn apni biwi ka sochen k wo ap k sary kartooton k bawajood ap k sath rh to rae ha us k dil pe apko dekh k kya guzarti hogi? or apne doosri shadi to hr soorat krni hi thi chahy biwi hr lihaaz se ideal hi q na hoti q k ap to shadi se pehly hi apni pehli biwi se doosri shadi k hawaly se apne khyalaat discuss kr chuky thy bt wo hi pagal thi k ap k khyalaat jan k b apse shadi kr li. ap ne na sirf apni doosri biwi ki zindagi berbaad ki balky apna hansta basta ghar b apny haathon se khud barbaad krdia ap kisi kisam ki hamdardi k kabil nae hn.

  • neha

    deeba ko bhi umema ti tarah 4 beteyan hun to drame main thora twist hoga

    • waqas

      us ky twins bety hn gy

      • MeMyself

        thanks for spoiling it

      • ek larki

        twins nahin octuplets hon gai deeba ji ke :)

        • rabia

          ha sayad

          • rabia

            pata nai aglay episode mein kiya hoge.i am very exiting.

        • Graceful

          "JI" ki toheen to na karo please !

      • Sannia

        tumko kesa maloom?

        • eiba

          title song main dikhate hain …. twins boys

          • abc

            Yeh dream bhi tu hosakti hai na? murad ka rawyah deeba ke saath kuch acha nahin nazar ah raha yehi hona chahye deeba aur murad ke saath.

    • Graceful

      Deeba ko koi aulad na hoi to ?
      Bilkul chudel jaisi lagti hai, Saas ko saza degi yeh chudel.

      • Moto

        beta hoga deebq ko

    • armash kahloon

      us ka beta ho ga deeba ko

      • sanam shahid

        deeba k 2 batay hoty hain

  • Aziz

    Second marriage ko buri cheez tau nahi hai bhayyo

    • Haseeb

      Yeah we know. But you are an insensitive jerk to have the nerve to post such a statement up here.

      I don't think Umama's saas should become seedhi. She should taste Deeba in full first.

    • baby

      2nd marriage baitay ki khatir..baby ki sex ka zimmedar to mard hy..jahil log..

  • anam

    acha hua sasu maa k sath.muraad ko be ab qadar hogi . or sas ko yeh sochna chaye tha k un ki bei betieyan hain .or mjhy muraad jaise mardo se nafrat hai.

  • MeMyself

    shhadi kay baad khala saas nahin, balkay bhangi stereotypical bahu ban jati hai

  • baby

    Baby ki sex ka zimmedar to mard hy..phir 2nd marriage baitay k lie q..??jahil log..

  • kiwi

    guys issue here isnt second marriage ….issue is why he did second marriage despite having a good wife

  • rani

    yar log itne educated pose krte han khud ko but ye nhe accept krte k aulad beta ya beti hona mard pe depend krta he.or shadi se pehle hi puch lena chahye larki ko hone wale husband se k usko beta ki chahat ki psycho problem to nahin.

    • Badtameez

      Mera nahi Kheyal koi bhi kahay ga betay ki chahat nahi …iss tarah to koi shadi bhi nahi ho gee janab….betay ki chahat to aurat ko bhi hoti hai….Sirf Mard ko he nahi….

  • ayesha

    mard ki dosari shadi buri bat nhi hai per mard ager murad jaisa hai tu lanat hai us pa jis ko na apni maa ka khyal hai na betiyoun ka ,, bety ki wish thek hai per ya kiya bat hue k apni pheli bv ko her haq se nikal dy us ka kamra tak dy diya us churil ko ..phele bat tu shuker kerna chaye usy k aulad hai per jahil log ….

    • Mansoor Ahmed

      ;D ye Drama Banaya gaya Hy … Lesson Dene k liyE Aj kal k MaHol mein B Aisa hota hy. Tha k hum is Se kucH seekhen… ye Real livE story naHI chal raHi hy Aysha so calm Down poeples :)

  • fakeha

    umama ko chahye k surf exel use kre

    • Ms.

      ub koi daaagh bach k dikhaay :p

  • mosa

    deeba ka salook buht acha ha murad ke ami ka sath us ko patha chle k us ne ky kia ab murad ko 4 our dughter agr allah ne de tu buht acha hoga

    • maryam

      murad k twins boy hogy..:)

  • kashhaf

    ye episode kafi fast tha or acha bhi. pehli ki kadar tabhi hoti hai jab koi doosri aati hay chahay wo daivraani hi kyon na ho. ab saas sahiba ko pata chalay ga bahu or baiti jaisi bahu kay kia farak hay

  • fatimajamil

    abhi pata lagay ga sasu maa ko … :p

  • Aysha

    Umaima's sister is saying " apnay gher jao, wo tumhara gher hay".
    She is wrong. GHER SIRF US KA HOTA HAY JIS KAY NAAM PER REGISTERD HOTA HAY. House is neither umama's not deeba's, its only Murad's house. If house was on umaima's name, Murad and her mother would never have dared to bring deeba in the house becuase they would know if they did so, UMAIMA WILL KICK THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE

  • Aysha

    I hated umama's sister's role. why does she want umama to go back to Murad's house? Doesnt she know that umama will treated just like a servant there??? A servant of her saas, murad's and his wife deeba. Kia umama apnay father kay gher main reh ker job ker day izzat kee do waqt kee roti naheen kha sakti?

  • Dagh

    Next epsode

  • armash kahloon

    murad sirf is liye lane aya ke us ko aur us ke ma ko kam karne wali chahiye that is so not fair

  • shaista

    ab deeba sasu maan ko apna asli rang dikhay gi. ab yaad aaye gi umama. pata nhi sasu ammaon ko bety ki pasand ki larki itni buri Q lagti hai usy bahu k roop main apnana itna mushkil Q lagta hai. aisa Q hota hai????

  • Badtameez

    Sorry jawad …typo

  • Zoni

    Ali is se bara comment nai mila

  • Zoni

    Ali ap ko is se bara comment nai Mila aur ha ye drama ab bara dukhi hu Gaya ha

    • Zoni

      Ab khala ko Maza chekaie ge deeba I love drama online

    • Zoni

      What you say

  • cofe

    i love umama

  • Zzzzzzz

    khala jan………..

    Hun araaaaam aeeeeee…..???????????

  • girl

    allah karay deeba ki koi aulad hi na ho phir maza aye ga

  • Mer

    where is the new episode?

  • precious rim

    murad ki mohaBAt kahan gai bry dawy krta tha strt me

  • blossom queen

    plz upload the recent episode too.

  • noreen

    plz uplod the next episode plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • rabia

    plznext episode jlde lagay na

  • rabia

    uplod the next episode plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • aiza

    plz upload next episode

  • rana mohammad younas

    janb last episod kyun nehi upload kar rehe ho

  • rana mohammad younas

    upload karen jaldi next episode warna hum requste na kren

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