Darmiyan Episode 1 by ary Digital 14th august 2013

Darmiyan Episode 1 by ary Digital 14th august 2013 [start name='Dailymotion'] video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy [/start] [start name='Tune'] video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy [/start] [end]
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • sahar

    first episode is a disappointment.. im hoping the drama will have some more story next time..

  • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

    Sania Saeed is the most amazing actress i have ever seen (5 others in same genre) She is the queen of her acting… an actress who can act with expression… u can imagine than what type of acting she could do… hat’s off… u are most talented… wish that God may had bless u with the blessing of **Children**…

  • sammy

    very interessing:)

  • sama


  • Amir Butt


  • Brown eyes

    Hope it is going to be a good adition but not from 1st epi,watched for syra.

  • she jee

    Gud start. But I loved the background music and voice..

  • Jamal Shaukat Ali

    Nice start to this drama……the singer is outstanding,..he is Nabeel Shaukat Ali….outstanding talent of Pakistan….Happy Independence Day…

    • Iqra

      Yes his voice is very good…I love the title song just mindblowing

  • LubnaRashid

    after a long time , a good and different story Finally !!!!!!

  • Mrs. Anbreen Asif

    good drama…. but ek bat samajh my ni ai ya to farishty mohtarma dost ki balio k lie boht pareshan thi lekin phr ghar he otha lain

  • ali

    nice darama i loved da 1st episode itxx to romantic

  • Imama

    Read the novel Peer-e-Kamil (s.a.w) if you have not yet, you are gonna love it….and will be crazy for Salar Sikandar and Imama Hashim….!!

    • fatima

      yes very excellent novel of umera ahmad ,,,,,,,,.i think drama should be made on this novel

      • Imama

        nahi iska drama bilkul bhi nahi bnana chahiye kyun k un k characters koi aur actor ya actress nahi le skte…! woh hamaray zehan mein khud ek tasveer hain…

        • nab

          uska drama kabhi nahin ayega coz us m qadaiyaniat p behas hogi jo media kabhi nh dekhayega

          • SARAH

            yup u r rite lakin bnana chahye bez this is ISLAMIC country

          • anonymous

            Kiya ap unkay khilaf hain?

          • saba

            obviously any person who loves PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.A.W) is against qadayani fitna…..the fitna produced by british when they ruled indo pak

          • anonymous

            Like all Muslims you alyo must be waiting for an Imam Messiah and Mehdi to come. How can you still claim that you believe in the Holy Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) “absolute finality” of prophethood?

            We Ahmadi Muslims also believe that he was the last law-bearing prophet and the Promised Messiah and Mehdi, whom the whole Muslim Ummah has still been awaiting, has arrived. Before you abuse me or call me a Kafir let me quote you some verses and Ahadith;

            Allah says in the Holy Quran; “…and speak to men
            kindly…” (2:84)

            The Holy Prophet said;”The one dearest to me and the one nearest to me on the Day of Judgment, will be the one who is most well mannered….”

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            Yes, we believe in Imam Mahdi, but he is not our prophet!… we have a faith in him that he will be born and come as a Last Imam, but he is not our prophet…. the example from Quran u r giving is correct and true and from hadith also, but it has no any compulsory meaning with it!… Yes! a person who didn’t believe that Prophet Muhammad is not a Last prophet then u know better then me!

          • anonymous

            حضرت ابن مسود رضی بیان کرتے ہیں آنحضرت صلی الله علیه وسلم نے فرمایا کیا میں تم کو بتاوں کہ آگ کس پر حرام ہے؟ اس شخص پر جو لوگوں کہ قریب رہتا ہے یعنی نفرت نہیں کرتا، ان سے نرم سلوک کرتا ،ان کہ لیے آسانی مہیا کرتا ہے اور سہولت پسند ہے(بخاری کتاب الوضو )

          • anonymous

            حضرت ثوبان رضی بیان کرتے ہیں آنحضرت صلی الله علیه وسلم نے فرمایا خوش نصیب ہے وہ شخس جس کی زبان اُسکے قابو میں ہو اس کا مکان (مہمانوں کہ لیے) کشادہ ہواور وہ خدا کے حضور نادم ہو کر اپنی غلطییوں پر روتا ہو

          • anonymous

            “Allah forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, ans who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them; surely Allah loves those who are equitable.” ( 9;60)

          • anonymous

            حضرت اسماءبنت حضرت ابو بکر رضی کی (مشرک) والدہ اداس ہو کر انہیں لنے مدینہ آئیں ،حضرت اسماء رضی نبی کریم صلی الله علیه وسلم سے پوچها کہ کیا مجهے ان کی خدمت کرنے اور ان سے حسن سلوک کی اجازت ہے ؟ آپ نے فرمایا ہاں وہ تمہاری ماں ہیں

          • anonymous

            Thus Islam commands you to treat the people with respect and kindness irrespective of their religion. Why don’t you people follow it if you really believe in the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and if you are a true Muslim?

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            Anonymous jee, this is not a religious platform, and i am talking to you in a very humble and polite manner, do not misunderstood me. and please… this is not such a website on which we hold our thoughts. so please. a time will come when u will know…

            And i am also a sinner not a true Muslim perhaps u are saying right… i myself claiming that i didn’t follow completely the teaching so who i am telling u what the Islam is? but i am not pointing u i am pointing your FIQAH UR BELIEVE. but i know what at least i know completely true. so dear brother and sister if u think i am being rude… it is nothing like that. after that if u still think the answer i gave u above is full of anger then frankly telling u it’s not… never will be… i don’t know you? never want to? then y i waste my time on you?

            and till to UMERA… it not about her… i didn’t read that just because i hate Qadiniyat… i never hate… because this fiqah never exist for me…it is invented by u… y would i show my anger on such thing which is completely outcourse. I just believe There is One Allah, and His Last prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) after Muhammad… there will be no prophet / messenger…. and there is only one Prostraitable subsistence and that is Allah… in world(MANKIND) the most noble person is Muhammad and in Whole matter Allah is the Lord… and we have to return to Him…

            If u think i hate u and other people on base of religion… then i bed your pardon dear…. u didn’t know me… how can u evaluate my self?

            Dear a last, do not believe what others say, search yourself… search ur wisdom of light… think… why others are not accepting Qadiyaniat…

            Purpose of PK is not what u think,,,, that she wrote to create a pen war amongst us and Qadiyaniat or hate…. she wanted to make u and others clear choose the path which is right.. before it’s late… and Pier-e-Kamil is a worldly crap… get to know by fact and realities…. u are becoming easiest just being by reading this FICTION NOVEL…

            U r quoting hadith about manners and something else… i am fully aware of that dear…. that’s y i am going politely or otherwise i will also talk polite… my parents and my Islam teach me… and i expect u parent also do.

            My conversation led me with u in no way. I am fully aware of what i have said and i testify and mark my word for future if anything happens.

            Lastly i am replying u… u asked for something… and answered something… make yourself clear.

            Perhaps i am not a good Muslim or perhaps not a good human being… if i hurt u in any manner then it’s not my intention or never will be.


          • anonymous

            “a time will come when u will know…” No Mr. I will know nothing because I am not “Umama the great” of “dear” Miss Umera Ahmed. I read all sorts of books including
            the books of my community.

            “pointing u i am pointing your FIQAH UR BELIEVE” Since I am a part of this community, pointing at it means pointing at me.

            “..this fiqah never exist for me” Now, this statement of yours is very funny. It is as if you deny existence of sun.

            “why others are not accepting Qadiyaniat..” My community is the largest growing community of this world. I see it
            growing with my own eyes.

            “Purpose of PK is not what u think,,,, that she wrote to create a..” I am unable to understand this part of your comment. The reality is that writers like Umera
            Ahmed minipulate public opinion. This is the reason why people think that hatred against us is justified which it is obvously not.

            “U r quoting hadith about manners and something else.” I have quoted them because “Qadiyani” is derogatory term. Most of us are Ahmadi Muslims, Pakistanis and not “Qadiyanis”

            “Lastly i am replying u… u asked for something…” Yes, you are, however my comment to you referred to Umera Ahmed.

            Devoir????? You mean au revoir!

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            Devoir mean Regards.

            your community is largest… live with your community… accept what you want to accept… understand … What you want to…. Qadiyani… if it is derogative term for u, then i didn’t know that…

            “a time will come when u know” i didn’t coated it from her lines… it was just spontaneously written.

            “..this fiqah never exist for me” yes i mark my words… and still to the point… 4 me Islam is the only community…Religion…

            can u understand one thing…i am not inspired by the explanation of Umera in PK…. i know what i have to know… from the book… i just read it…i didn’t refer myself to understand your community from her this book…. this is just a fiction… to manipulate someone a book and who is also a fiction is not enough… Mr/Ms…

            so i want to know then from u rather then internet or e-source… tell me… truly…

            Who was a Ghulam Ahmed?
            What is your believe in?
            Why you are a community?
            why you differ Prophet and Messenger?
            why you considered Ghulam Ahmed as Imam Mahdi or Messiah?
            why you are Ahmadi muslims?
            why you are not Muhammadi muslims, as if u say that Prophet S.A.W is a last messenger and Prophet?

          • anonymous

            Good to know that „devoir“ also means „regards“. I have known two meanings of it “must” and “should”, but I know another one. Thank you

            I have answered these questions a lot of times in the internet. From those experiences I know
            that whenever the opponents go out of arguments they start abusing me and my community. Nobody can guarantee me whether you would not do the same. It is not
            that I am afraid of abuses; however I cannot put myself unnecessarily in danger. Besides, such discussions bring both parties no advantage. If you sincerely want to know whether it is true what you have heard or read about my community you can contact our Murabi in France if you are living in France.
            I only want all non-Ahmadi Muslims to tolerate us since this is what the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) preached and taught. I can give you thousands of examples for his nice and kind behaviour towards Muslims as well as towards non-Muslims and even towards Mushrekeen of Mecca.

          • amylee

            Lol, please don’t call qadiyanis and Muslims. They are NOT Muslims by definition, we have sunni muslim, shia muslims wahabi muslims etc but qadiyaniyat is not a sect of Muslims. Qadiyanis are Murtads and there are strict rulings about murtads. Go ahead and call yourself whatever you want but not a Muslim and follower of Islam becuase you have fabricated the core definition of Islam by denial of finalty of prophethood.

          • anonymous

            Wah ye bhi khub rahi! Nam tum isaiyon wala rakho or kam bhi isaiyon wale karo or phir bhi jurat karo yeh kehnay ki kay wo log jo Islam par har terha say amal kartay hain Musalman nahi. Tumhari akal-e-bakamal par matam karnay ko dil karta hai.

            Tumhare haq main yehi behtar hai ke tum apni is illusionary duniya main raho agar baher ayi to pathar ki ho jao gi. Ab mujeh ye Na’ara lagana chahiye; Sote rehna bhaiyo!☺

          • anonymous

            نبی کریم صلی الله علیه وسلم نے دیگر مذاهب کے پیروؤں کے احساسات کا بهی احترام سکهایا ہے خواه وہ حق پر نہ ہوں

            مدینہ میں ایک مسلمان اور یہودی کے مابین رسول اللہ صلی الله علیه وسلم اور حضرت موسی علیہ سلام کی فضیلت کا تنازعہ کهڑ ا ہوا تو آپ نے فرمایا کہ مجهے موسی پر فضیلت مت دو (بخاری کتاب التفسیرسورة الاعراف)

          • anonymous

            3.I think I should have numbered my comments. My first comment of today is in English and second in Urdu and this is the third one.

          • anonymous

            agar qadyani itne he sache hain tu y english supporting them and giving them visas of their countries…………and english people cnt be friends of MUSLIMS.its written in QURAN …..ye yahoodhi and christains cant be your friends

          • anonymous

            mirza hota agar Khudaka ka nabi,,,
            tu t—-i main doab kr marta na kbhe

          • Mariam

            I think you and Muhammad Faizan MuGhal are getting embroiled in a debate that should not happen. Muhammmad Faizan, you have your belief system as does anonymous..who are you to say your belief is the only belief that is right? if you say that it is the only right belief then Anonymous also has the right to claim that her belief system is the only right one!!! Keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t judge others for what they believe as others have the right to judge your belief systems too..I can never understand how sunnis can kill people because their idea of Islam is different from other Islamic sects.? Did Allah give you the right to kill people because their thinking of religious tenets are different from yours? Is the anguish of losing a loved one greater for a Sunni muslim then a Shia muslim or Ahmadiyya’s ? is the colour of your blood any different? is the pain of a mother or a child of a Ahmadiya at losing a child or a mother or father any different to yours? if Allah did not want people of other religions to exist then all would have been born muslims and that too Sunni muslims but people of other islamic sects do exists in plenty. Religion is intimately your personal relationship with God!! How you do it and what you call God or his messenger or messengers is your own personal business. You have no right to foist these beliefs on someone else as that someone else is THEN equally entitled to then foist their own beliefs on you!!!

            Bottom line is that you need to keep your religious beliefs personal to yourself!!

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            Oops here we got a maskeen….

          • fatima

            excuse me mariam tmhe kis ne kaha ke sunni killing others……tmhra damag kharab ha ,,,tmhre damag main india fit ha jo ye kara raha ha………….u r saying without proof and just shut ur mouth dnt say it again…. tm jaise loag pakistan main fasad dalte hain aur koi bhe nai aik dosre par ilzam laga kar peolpe like u want k pakistan ke 100 parts ho jain

          • Mariam

            Pakistan ke parts aap jase log kudh ke kar rahe hain..how pathetic that you cannot even look at things logically…I don’t need proof because I see and experience things around me..I can see hundreds and thousands of people leaving Pakistan with their families broken, killed and maimed..I see mothers crying for their children that they will never see..you are living a lie..go and get your head examined.. brainwashed will be the diagnosis…as far as I am concerned you and your lot can go to hell…people like you are the scum of pakistani society..eager to pass judgement with nothing but preconceived ideas..Pathetic!!

          • Sofia

            Mariam ne bilkul sahi kaha hai. Kabhi akhbar parnay ka takaluf bhi kar liya karo.
            Nam tum Fatima jaisa khubsoorat or kabel-e-ehteram istemal kar rahi ho or adab lehaz tumhain chu kar bhi nahi guzra. Kuch nahi to apnay nam ka hi thori laj rakh lo.
            Ye tumhari watan say mohabbat nahi balkay tumhara nationalism hai jo bol raha hai.

          • fatima

            and MUHAMMAD faizan is not imposing any thing on others….jalo sb hmre taraf se jahanam main hme kia,,,,,,,,,jao sb bahar main

          • anonymous

            The holy prophet (peace
            be upon him) said: “Three things are the roots of faith (1) To refrain from
            (killing) a person who says “La ILaha IL Allah” (2) Not to declare
            him unbeliever whatever sin he
            commits (3) and also not to declare him out of Islam due to any of
            his deed. [Sunnan Abu Dawud, Volume No. 2, Hadith # 2170
            Thus, Islam is the most tolerant and kind religion, but unfortunately the Mullahs have made a “terror” out of it. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) to Muslims as well as to non-Muslims. You as a Muslim need to follow his teachings.

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            Tell me, Unlike other Muslims, you (Ahmadiyya) believe that messengers and prophets are different individuals? you interpret the Qur’anic terms of – “warner” (nazir), “prophet”, and “messenger” – as referring to different roles that the same divinely appointed individuals perform. Ahmadiyya Muslims distinguish only between “law-bearing prophets” and “non-law bearing ones”. You are the only Muslim group who believe that although “law bearing prophethood” has ended with Muhammad(S.A.W), “non law bearing prophet-hood” continues. In this capacity, the Ahmadiyya Community recognizes “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” (1835–1908) as a prophet of God, and also believes him to be the promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi of the latter days.

            Please clear me didn’t: ***Mirza Ghulam Ahmad***, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement, declared that he was the “Promised One” of all religions, fulfilling the eschatological prophecies found in world religions?

            yes we believe in Imam MAhdi but he is not our prophet!!! he will be born and pay his duties as a last Imam. and there is no difference between “Prophet” and “Messenger” Individually. a prophet is a messenger and a messenger is a prophet.

            Tell me, if u believe that Quran is true… How someone claimed to be the Mujaddid (divine reformer) of the fourteenth Islamic century, the second messiah, the Mahdi, and Ahmadis view him as a Caliph how? when in Quran it’s clearly said there will be no prophet After Muhammad S.A.W.

            Why he built a White Minaret to the east of damishq himself in Qadian India, as he explains so dramatically in his book:

            On 28 May 1900, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to have received the revelation:

            “Step forth that your time has Arrived and the feet of the people of Muhammad have been firmly planted on a high tower.”
            — Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Tadhkirah, pg. 444

            He played a fantastic plot and laid a foundation of same minare describes in hadith:

            “Allah would send Christ, son of Mary, and he will descend with the white minaret, east of Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron and placing his hands on the wings of two Angels.”
            — Sahih Muslim Book 41, Hadith 7015

            ALLAH didn’t say to built a mosque, he just describe his characteristic… it is you who did that. If Ghulam was true why he didn’t survive… why he just go as it is, if he was a true Mujaddid then his teachings would ultimately prove him, but this wouldn’t happened, because he was a liar… Prophet (S.A.W.) claims prophecy at age of Nubuwwah… which prove him as a Prophet and the whole world had see that,,,, and will see till end….

            Why you don’t ever think that you are declared as a Non-Muslim. why ur “firqah” is not right… leave the ULAMA and MAULVIs…. a person… who didn’t believe in LAST PROPHET cannot be a Muslim… it’s is our condition of someone entering to Islam… the first pillar of Islam… to testify yourself that “(There is) none worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is Messenger of ALLAH.”

            without being offended (think it over), i didn’t hate or disguise any one or any fiqh without reason, but, Dear Brother or Sister… if u r saying u believe in prophet then mark ur words clearly… if u believe that Muhammad (S.A.W) is Allah’s final messenger then it means u r following each correct believe in Islam…. do not state such words which ultimates differs u.

            and one thing Imam Mehdi is Unknown, Ghulam was never be a noble Person or a person from Prophet Family. Allah Only reveal His Revelation to His Prophets, but, He stopped it’s revelation after his final messenger.. it is senseless to claim himself as a MASSIHA… if he was true then whole world would had praise him, but, he wasn’t he died in disguise and people had see what happened to him. Prophets are not like that… Prophets died in proud… with modesty… with humbleness… they are such creations who cannot do even a single mistake.

            Think it over brother, we are not same… u r saying that u believe in Muhammad as his last messenger, yes u r following, but in different ways by claiming ordinary creations to noble one.

            u have five khalifa till then none of them prove himself as a divinity community who at least claim that he has power to rule the Islam with the blessing of Allah the lord of worlds. and one thing

            “Prophets and noble ones didn’t embrace separate communities… if Ghulam was a Massiha he shouldn’t had to give birth to separate community “The Qadianiat”… he should had to follow Islam just Islam… not his own community.

          • anonymous

            This comment was not for you. Since YOU HAVE answered it, I will have to answer you; I have discussed with people like yourself a lot of times in the internet and I am sick of them. I have only one thing to say; If you are a true Muslim than you need to behave like one. Contradicting and violating Islam in every sense and still calling oneself a “Muslim” and pointing the finger at others that they ARE NOT, is simply ridiculous. You cannot make the mickey out of the people like this. Even if you and your Miss Umera Ahmed think that we are “non-Muslims”, it is your duty as Muslim to respect us and the head of our community. It seems as if you have not read or not understood the verses and Ahadith I have quoted;

            Allah says in the Holy Quran; “…and speak to men kindly…” (2:84)
            The Holy Prophet said;”The one dearest to me and the
            one nearest to me on the Day of Judgment, will be the one who is most well

            I will quote more verses and Ahadith. WHY DON’T YOU JUST FOLLOW THEM IF YOU ARE A TRUE

          • fatima

            my brother u r rite i fully support u

          • amylee

            Very well explained. You deserve appreciation!

          • anonymous

            In my comment above I have forgotten the word “kind”. Since I post my comments as a guest, I cannot correct typing mistakes.

      • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

        No, there will be never ever be the dramatization of Peir-e-Kamil and it’s sequel Ab-e-Hayat as it’s strictly dashed by writer, in an interview for a FB fans, on giving explanation of one of asked question she straight said:

        “Neither PK nor AH would ever be adapted for a tele serial or film as long as I am alive. These two books are my humblest dedication and tribute to the greatest human being who ever graced this world and I would not make a slightest change to the content of these two books for a visual presentation. I want these two books to be a source of guidance and reformation for the muslim youth and for our coming generations and I would not like these books to be embroiled into something that does stand in direct contrast to the teachings of Islam at times. I am referring to the controversial status of plays/music/films in the light of Islam.”

        so, forget about it’s dramatization.

        • aonymous

          I was a fan of Umera Ahmad, but today after reading her novel to page 74 I dislike her as humam being.
          “Her humblest dedication” simply means as follows; She has clearely polemized and distinguished herself at the cost of Ahmadi Muslims through her novel in question. Let me supplement her statement “I want these two books to be a source of guidance and reformation in form of intolerance and fanatism for the Muslim youth…..”

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            u didn’t understand her, u just read the book by keeping in ur mind that it’s kinda Islamic book, and there is something in it which urges you pull yourself out of Qadianiat.

            read her novel completely and understand… to accept reality is not easy dear!

          • anonymous

            You need social awareness to understand
            what I HAVE SAID.
            Besides, your behavior is totally unislamic, but still
            you have the courage to call yourself a Muslim.

      • Hamid Ali

        i think i dont agree about novel n i dont not y

    • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

      I didn’t understand, what’s the purpose of stilting this elucidation here?

    • Hamid Ali

      thats v great

  • abq

    I had high expectation from the play looking at the cast but to my disappointment it failed to leave an impact. Very slow tempo and unnecessary long scenes depicts poor direction. Or was the director thinking that he was making a movie! I hope it gets better. I would rate it as 3 or 4. Nothing amazing so far.

    • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

      It’s directed by Sania Saeed’s Husband, Shahid Shafaat (film, drama and theater director) so do not make your sight tight at first…

      • abq

        I’m well aware of the fact Muhammad faizaan.

        • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

          there is one solely A in my name…at the end :p

  • isha

    different story hai lets see next kya ho ga nice drama and i loved the episode 1

  • isha

    yar yeh living on he edge ka finale kab ho ga

    • Hamid Ali

      jb writer chay ga i think tb

  • sadiqian

    dukhii drama :(

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