Darmiyan Episode 11 in High Quality 3rd November 2013

Darmiyan Episode 11 in High Quality 3rd November 2013 Tune Full Dailymotion Parts
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • anny

    i m just sick of this starplus copied drama

    • easha khan

      this is true ….. thanks God anyone noticed ……….. anny just check AASMANO PE HAI KIKHA also its a copy of GUSTAKH DIL (indian drama) i don’t know what have happened to our directors they are just copying dramas nowadays ………. :(

      • anny

        dear i dont know about drama Gustakh dil,but i think directors should came up with new story lines,thats all matters

        • urwa

          i agree with all

      • Fatima

        yeah thats right….i do know about the drama GUSTAKSH DIL….have only seen it sometimes….it is really a copy of that drama….there is only one diffrence that pakistnai directors end dramas after 30 to 40 episodes….and indian directors keep the drama going on until 100 to 200 episodes…pakistani should start making more dramas like Humsafer, Zindagi gulzar hai and more hit dramas like that…..i am bored of seeing these revenge, saas bahu dramas :(

  • Aiman

    What was the director thinking? And what were the post production team doing? The editing sucks. The storyline is badly delivered. This could have been much better but its not integrated properly.

  • Reaam

    Promo aur cast se lag raha tha k drama acha ho ga magar story mai koi jaan nahi hai. Bilkul maza nahi aa raha.

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