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    • Arslan

      Life is not Bed of Roses.

      • bansuri

        need u to rescue ms sadaf ? dramasonline na ho gya mission.com ho gaya

      • sufi

        sans hy to chance hy. so, respect your lovers

    • Mr unknown

      wese intezaar tou mai bhi kisi chez ka keraha tha kahin tum tou ussi chez ka nahi karahi thin??

    • usman

      Same here

  • :)))

    First one to coment

    • DeeP

      first1 to comment..?
      kuch aur nahi keh saktye thaye:P

  • rija


  • the one

    goood one….!!!!!!!!!!

  • yamla pagla

    i m the 1st yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • http://www.facebook.com/mohsin.a.nizamani Mohsin Nizamani TheOptimistic

    more parts plzzzzzzz………

  • Raniee khan

    love this drama….

  • :))))

    love this eiosde

  • f4o3

    I hate how sarwat gilani cam ein, you can tell she is the fasadan of the drama. #bitchiness.

    • hina

      bra acha play hai :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/Ayatzah Syeda Ayat Zahra

      hahahahaha exactly

    • Badtameez

      lol fasadan fitna dalney wali koi psycho type personality lag rahi hai …bechari Sila….tujhay kia Mila ?:-)

      • Noori

        Hahahaha…..yeh bahut funny tha ‘bechari Sila tujhe kia mila’….;-)

    • mailalee

      yes u r right

    • aina

      exactly, i mean the way she stared at adeel n ask such stupid questions
      from sila, she is so
      ………………………………………………… aaho,

    • http://www.facebook.com/ashir.malik.73 Ashir Malik

      they should probably end this serial with a nice ending… :P

  • tweety

    very very good drama……

  • sami

    goooooooooooooooood drama



    • riz khan




  • Roxs

    more parts plz………… thanx 4 upload

    • jexi

      realy very owsum drama is drame ko dekh kr apni future planing hojati hai lv one thx soooooooooo owsummmm………i’ll cant control 4 next episod….!!!

  • sobi

    love ds darma,,,,,,

  • Raniee khan

    3rd part plzzzzz

  • http://www.facebook.com/fareeha.malik.52 Fareeha Kaleem

    last part jaldi dy dein plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • SAM
  • rameez

    kya serial hy yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Pari

    Owsum drama

  • DM

    Life is not a bed of roses, sometimes it is blue, some times greem and sometimes even yellow :p
    Nice romantic story, Sila is a soft spoken good natured girl but Adeel seems very arrogant and egoistic. Didnot like his attitude at all not even after repentance. How could he give so much mental torture that led her to hospital. Doctor was right, educated but dont know the rights of such a nice wife.

    • Hira

      Well educated necessarily doesn’t mean he was a psychology major or “EDUCATED” and such, I know a lot of arogant people with degrees and so forth lakin hum onay educated nahee kai saktay, we could just say they were schooled!!

      • DM

        Yes, u r right :) Schooled ….

      • sufi

        superb yarr annntt darma he my fvrt

    • Hiba

      …….Life is not a matter of places things or comfort, rather it concerns the basic human rights of family ,human dignity……life is not a contest of who is better than who.When you drop the ego,you will see that we are all on the same side…..marriage is like life- it is a field of battle,not a bed of roses….. i agree with you i did’t like his attitude, lets see how long his love is going to last ….. but i adore Sila!!!!!

  • Arslan

    Please upload full episode of this episode.

  • sweetstar

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooood :P:)

  • OedipusTyrannus

    he is a poor man and now brings his wife to a big hospital and gets a private room!!!

    • Hira

      and also it seems as if he brought a second pair of shoes, coz he changes his shoes when he goes in the room to see his wife.

      • abeer

        uffffff itni ghourrrrr sey dehkka drama shoes bhi miss nahi hoye,,,,,good yr

        • mr khan


        • Julia

          Hahahahhaah :D

      • atif

        uffffffff ……

      • 3amfer

        Because he was in slippers and can not go office like this, so he has to change shoes..

      • Bisma

        wah yrrrrr hira bare tezz nazar hy ap ki…………bechri shoes b ap ki ankho se nae bach paye


        [agal ho hira drmaam dekhti ho yaa shoess? STUPID!

    • http://www.facebook.com/farwa.khan.906638 Farwa Khan

      not so poor…:p

    • hina

      company ki taraf saay medical insurance ho gi na samhja karoo.:)))

      • Waseem

        Mein To samjh gya Lakin yeh pata nhi ku samjate

    • Pisces

      hahaha……yehe baat mere mom ne b ke the…

      • kool103

        ahaha tell the meaning of maztar plz

        • aleeza

          maztar means baychain

          • Xeba Zeb

            derived from the word “muztarib”

        • Areesha

          Muztar means, chulbula, bechain,

          • kool103

            thankyou very very much.. then the title name of this drama means.. woh dil joh bechain hai :) thankkxx..

          • naina khan

            it means ………..majboor

          • http://www.facebook.com/ishaq.ahmad.31 Íśháq Âhmãd


    • nudz

      most probably medical insurance from company he works – ha ha ah

    • 3amfer

      He is not a poor man but not as rich as Sila’s parents. He is doing job, u can say middle class man

    • rabiah

      yes, it was a blunder

  • by the way

    is this drama promoting and fantasizing luv marraige by disobeying ur parents?????

    • http://www.facebook.com/areeba.ys Areeba Yousuf

      just wait N watch.. They ill faces so many problems Later…

  • stella

    gud job writer n an awsome drama

  • stella

    i hte the way sarwat’s questioning sila like whoze she???????/


    lovely drama♥♥♥

  • momi

    super drama

  • momi

    superb and heart touching drama.



  • bisma


  • Ameer ul hasan

    love dis darama …

  • faizi

    nice drama bt yr achi khasi life start huie inki pyar bhari to ye nai phulantro paroson kha se r q……..drama he bhai ……….too gd :)

  • ALI

    ITS REALLY A GOOD ONE SERIAL OF HUM TV,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Amina

    I don’t like this new girl, Zoya. She’s going to ruin Adeel and Silla. And I love their relationship right now.

    • Hiba

      Me too i noticed that she was like getting jealous of Sila and Adeel when Sila was seeing Adeel out for work did you notice that to?

      • Amina

        Yeah I did. I think Silla’s step mom probably sent her here. That’s just a guess.

        • bansuri

          she is her step mom? saba hameed ?

          • Amina

            Yes. Step mom. She said in this episode her mom died when she was young and the father remarried.
            I just hope that silla and adeel are still together when this drama ends.

        • abeer

          yr me also think soooo her nother send her…..she is a professional fasadan i think sooooooo

        • Hiba

          She might have after all she is the step mom.In the last weeks episode did you see how she reacted when Sila’s father said to her that i don’t want to see your sister in this house ever again and the way she instigated her husband against Sila that was the reason why he took that harsh decision and now the step mom just wants to take revenge.

    • usman


    • sufi

      ya, u r absolutly ri8

  • kool103

    can some one tell me wats the meaning of dil-e-Muztar.??
    i mean the meaning of muztar :) thanx..

    • Kiran

      Muztar means ” Be chain ” , “be taab ببے چین، بے تاب ‘ن

  • hayya ali

    dil e muztar mean bechain dil.

  • shani

    zbrdast kia couple hy yar aur specially silla ky ankho mey ju pyar hy ooopppp…….

    • 345

      tm ne jhanka hai kia??

  • ishrat

    its awesome yar….I can’t w8 for next episode
    its a good one…

  • Kiran

    I love the way Silla loves… After a long tym found as much facsinating show…. <3

    • sundasfatima

      adeel jaisa shohar ho to Sila jaisa pyaar hee ho :p

      • sitara


  • Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah

    bhud alla drama……we love u Imran bhai………………. Waisai aap ar Silla real mai shadi kr lo tu aap dono ki jori kaamal rahi gi……………

  • Hamza doga


  • http://twitter.com/naghmakhan14 naghmakhan

    very nice

  • Ali HAssan

    I Realy Like This Serial V Nice………………

  • Asasd

    Beautiful g

  • Asad


  • aqsa nisar

    very very nice drama i like it very much adi and sila couple is very best very cute couple.

  • sidra rizwan

    nice story

  • ali


    • aleeza

      control beta control

  • ali


  • ali

    aa ha

  • una

    alla drama….bt zoya khan se a gae…..?????abi to drama maze ka hwa tha…bichari sila

    • http://www.facebook.com/waqar.ashraf.3994 Waqar Ashraf


  • http://www.facebook.com/ramsha.nadeem.39 Ramsha NJ

    love this episode!! <3

  • zeeshan


  • wajahat

    love it …!!

  • syeda fatima masud

    beautiful drama


    silllllllllllllla,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,very very cute baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i like her,,,,,,,,,,i some one have a contact of sillla the plllllllllllz give me……………..i will marrry her

  • Pisces

    awesome………..no words….
    desperately waiting for next saturday :)

  • aneed

    ye to bara jaldi jLDI ker dia ha………asi b regularly kia karen plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hina Khan

    in love wid this drama

  • alOne gUrl…!!

    ImrAan abbAs & sAnam jUngg bestttt cOuple…:)

  • mailalee

    very very nice drama and cute couple silla and adeel and their deeply feelings for each other so lovely

  • ummara

    utune videos arent working :(

  • hiba

    love dis drama

  • irfan

    amaizing cast sila is very beatiful girl

  • smart mom

    sila belongs to a good family ,must be well educated…then why is she leading a life of a maasee…she must pursue her carrier,help her hubby financially and after all when they will become financially stable…. life will become much pleasant

  • annu

    woooow …. lovley episode:)

  • sonia

    seriously boring wohi purani story

  • Rizwan

    Really a special one………………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/bilal.muhammed.336 Yushwa Khan

    attractive couple

  • jia

    i love this drama

  • Rabi

    Aws0mee dramA <3

  • mahi khan

    kuch b ho drama buhat nice hai aur donon ka pair b i loooooooooooooooove this drama

  • mahi khan

    very very nice pair adeel and sila. and i cant wait for next episode.

  • sheru

    i m still hoping sarwat is not doing a negative role–i dont want her to be the bitch–i just love her—she seemed so cute in this episode!

  • http://twitter.com/aaylaas ayla.s

    awesome drama love u adeel &sila :-) aur sarwat gilani bohat buddhi lag rahe hai

  • Annie

    Good drama, sila is a very cute girl like her name and character, aur wo dosri muft khori sarwat gilaani, bhuki kahein ki khana kha k b bichari sila ko cheat kr deti ha.. Too cheap aurat.. Muft ka Khana aur chaey thoons k bichari sila ko hi dhoka de dya.. Mean kahein ki..!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Naraz.Amjad AmJad NarAz

    hahaha wts ths how nd where he change hS shoeS…i think ths part of ths epesOd hs shoOt after alot of time may b after mOnths tht they fOget those shoes which Adil hd on hs foOt whin he was talking with dOcter…:P

  • raheel

    i love both off u fantastic serial imran

  • gul

    haye allah itni OMG awesomessssssss episode cant get enough of it <3

  • Mahreen Ali

    Just super drama..:)…

  • sharjeel

    i hate the girl name zoya & her mum

  • Wafa jaan

    i like imran abbas .,,,, plzzzzzzzzzz agr ksi k pass imran abbas ka cell num ho tou plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mujy dedo ,,,,,, mujy bht skht zaroorat hai,,, aapki bari meherbani hogiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ……………….

  • pari

    Nice love story, ab zoya ka drama shuru ho ga ……

  • mariam

    it was amazing

  • nadia

    now adeel will have an affair with parosan and his wife will get so pissed off that she will be angry and have an affair with the old guy

  • wafa jaan

    i like imran abbas ,,,,, agr ksi k pass imran abbas ka cell num ho tou plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mujhy dedo ,,,,,,,, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ye meri aap logon say request hai ,,,,, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,, aap logon ki bari meherbani hogiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ,,,,,,,,

  • ggsgfkihge


  • maha


  • Kashish

    very very very very nice episode

  • ummara

    oh G od Sila :'( kbhi kbhi parents kitni zeyatii karr jatay hain yaar :'(

  • precious pearl

    superb epis0de…

  • Hammu

    Okay people.I think it’s enough cursing Sarwat.I am actually very happy to see her in a different role(Doesn’t matter Villan or hero).If actors do the same role again and again,it gets boring like Meekal,Ahsan,Sami,Aiza,Mavra and Urwa.So please move on with the fact that an actor is someone who absorbs the role given to him.Not someone who just sticks to a single role!

  • Huzaifa

    Sila = every man’s dream wife haha

  • sidra jaffar

    it an owsum ,adeel your acting is nice

  • Ish..q

    It is a very good effort by Hum. Atleast insan ka dil karta daikne ko…

  • Ish..q

    aur itne ghor dekhne ka matlab …..u also like it..

  • suleman

    is dramay ka mazkazi khayal ye hy k jab aik aurat apni imanat(husband or fiance) ko palette par saja kar apni saheli ksi b female relative ya ksi b ksiam ki auarat k samny pesh kar deti hy tu phr uska anjam wohi nikalta hy jo agay ja k is dramay main nikalta hy…………so it’s my advice to all those women who thinks that they are educated thatz why they won’t behave like ignorant(pendo) women rather they would show that they are not conservative and let their men get decoy by other female and then just like a typical women they commment that….All men are alike……..Please don’t do that don’t……..

  • hamza khurram

    vry vry nice tv drama .i will give 10/10.

  • asad khan durani

    u r too gud ”sila nd adeel”i luv dis show

  • zainy

    dashing yr!!!

  • Bablie

    Nice drama:)

  • kashmala ali

    kya serial hy yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • blogger

    guys plz realize this is a drama it should have a problem to prod on help the the story unfold!!! chill!

  • plp


  • rmz

    drama dekhny ky elawa koi kam nahi hai kiya?

  • xami khan

    wao sanam jung u r really a sweet girl em watching this drama only for u, even i dont have a time here to breath ,life is like a race here but still we miss u & i love my sweet country and sweet people very very much,

  • Mustafa

    awsome drama

  • jiya

    phle ese itni akr dekhane ki zarort kya thi :(

  • soha

    jhakaaaas yar….!

  • emaanali

    dli e muzter is very nice drama and sanam is so cute

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004511342468 Abdul Basit

    amaizing story i m very …………

  • naz

    a very nice drama bt sarwat g will be a villan in b/w the couple, thats bad. well gud going.

    • preetyasi

      bkwas darama



  • lahori1

    no story,no acting,no direction,very boring and slow drama.

    • razzaq

      I think you should watch only indian dramas they are BIG DRAMAS yeh pakistani tv tumare leye nahi hai

  • affy

    ohb God heree comes a trouble maker zoyaaa stupid cow

  • http://www.facebook.com/Faiq.Farooq Faiq Farooq

    Teri tu…SAudia ki job…pata lag jayega ise yahan aanay k baad.:P

  • Boo!

    Never confuse education with knowledge! Two very different things.

  • kashif

    bhai ya drama hain

  • http://www.facebook.com/bilal.shah.1690671 Bilal Shah

    nice viewers its shows thal people like that serial jo log itne ghor se aik aik scene daikhte hain hira good to know k log pakistani drame itne shok se daikhte hain’

  • mojojojo


  • zarwa faiz

    owsmmmmm serial!!!!!!!!!

  • naina

    i love this serial …… these days my most favourite

  • minahil

    awesome!!! <3

  • anya ali

    2 nd 3 part is nt working.

    • minahil

      then watch full on dailymotion!!! <3

  • snazzy satan

    Luv this show…….i think after humsafar this is the serial i am really looking forward to.another great great work by hum tv after a long time coz its almost a year since humsafar ended….

  • bad girl

    i jus love this i hate those ppl who hate this DRAMA.!!!!!!! :-p

  • xami khan

    thank”s sanam jung em watching this dramas only for u, u r very sweet girl, we dont have a time to breath here , like a turning wheel , but every moment,s we miss our great country pakistan and love u friend,s here ,a lot of love to big hearted pakistani,s and their poeple,

  • sanam

    bphet hi bore drama hai :(

  • Savo

    Aisi biwian sirf dramon/filmon ma hi hoti hain -_-

    • Salman

      nhi janab real may b hotee hay

  • MeMyself

    haasad karny walay ki nazar lagti hai yani zoya ka kala saya sila/aadi ki muhabbat ko nazar lagae gai. Sila should be careful to express her thought in front of strangers and say mashaAllah.

  • anum

    awesome drama

  • http://www.facebook.com/hiba.fatima.5454 Hiba Fatima

    hmmm silaa???tjhe kya mila..???:P

    • Salman

      Sila Ko Husband Mela

  • maham

    yar kiya gazab ka drama ha ending to zaroor achi ho gi………!

  • Iram

    Great drama,great cast and great background music .. :)

  • Rose


  • nomi

    Anything can be Done for beloved ones,..

  • Asim

    i,ts a good drama not a excellent.

  • Sparkling Star

    I hate Zoya’s entry………………………………Abey yar abhi to drama thora interesting aur romantic hua tha ke ye fasadan tapak pari…………………
    I think that she likes Adeel and she will create misunderstandings between Adeel and Sila so she can marry Adeel or have a relationship with him……………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!

    • Sparkling Star

      What do you think guys and girls…………………???

  • caty

    zoya ki entry abhi nahi honi chahiye thi….abhi to silla aur adi ki life start hoi hai…..

  • kiran

    i love dis drama sooooo mch….n short m n love wd sila and adi <3

  • JAMI


  • JAMI

    main dramas nahi dkhta tha pr yay dkhny lga

  • cute caty

    zoya ko abhi nahi ana chahiye the…abhi to silla aur aadi ki life start hoi thi…..

  • sitara haq

    filhal to kch ni kaha ja skta………. k kon kis se jealous ho ra…………is ka end b doosre dramas ki trha hi ho ga………..behar hal jo b ho ga ho gi to happy ending……..

  • Nisha Nania

    dono bht cute a <3

  • jonyjaxman

    this is best

  • jonyjaxman

    drama koi sa bhi ho usme mohabbat krney waloo k beach jb tk dooriyan nai ati ..maza nai ata …..

  • yasir

    nice drma

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shahnawazii Yasir Khan

    what a smile yaaarrr :)

  • Zaveeri

    Heart Touching Drama

  • Asi


  • khadija

    gr8 darama….sila’s acting z alllaaaaa :)

  • aliraza

    kya pyar ha yar abi to story shuru hui ha…hahaha

  • annie

    not so poor but great

  • annie

    oye chapal change hai is mein stupid waly kia baat hai

  • http://www.facebook.com/mohsin.t.khan.5 Mohsin Tariq Khan

    I enjoy every moment of the eternal love and romance.

  • zara

    quite dramatic

  • pinky

    it is toooooooooooo much nice

  • azher bashir

    very attracted story

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahsantcssag Ahsan Raza

    real picture abi baqi hai mere dost

  • Wali Naseh

    muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak i love it sila

  • AyeshaZoraizManik39

    Jab sila ro rahi thi kitni bori lag rahi thi:(

  • AyeshaZoraizManik39

    aur hastai hoa bohoth achi

  • AyeshaZoraizManik39

    is baar sila kai sath adeel nau acha kiya

  • Asad khan

    or jab ayesha ro rahi ti to kitni achi lag rahi ti

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