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Durr e Shahwar Episode 5 in High Quality – 7th April 2012

Durr e Shahwar Episode 5 in High Quality - 7th April 2012 [youtube]foNuUKWi_8A[/youtube]
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  • rafia

    part one is not from durr e shahwar… plz correct

    • Nadia

      Part 1 is incorrect. remove and update please.

      • admin


  • midhat

    excellent acting by every one.

  • Sidra

    uff kitni class ki larai krty hain dono….. :D

    • koko

      yap and so real…;)

    • ARG

      ur comments show ur class…. litlle school gal of 9th….?

  • Fawad

    superb drama…dono ki larai dekh kar aisa laga jaise biggboss 6 dekh rahy hain…

  • Saira K.

    Best drama on tv right now. Thanks for the Writer, Director & Cast.

  • Tahir Abbas

    Reality of Real life.

  • Kala Bhoot

    hahaha Itni zabardast larai hai… ab mera bhi larnay ka dil chah raha hai…koi hai jo mujh se larai karay? :)

    • Maida

      Kale bhoot kahen k

      • Maida

        shakal deikhi apni kalay bhoot

  • Kala Bhoot

    wesay zyada qusoor shandana ka hai…boht hi fuzool kharch, phooher, aur nak-charhi hai.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ranamkh ur janz ( 0096655124

    Shandana is a foolish daffer non sense complex n complicated girl of kind thoo

    thoo aysi larki pe isi liye mene aaj tak koi grlfrnd nahi banai

    bht stuped kind hoti hyn kuriyan majority like this hhuffffff toba hy yaar

    Allah bachaye aysi chhorion say mean girls like ds not knifes plz dnt mind. . . . .

  • http://www.facebook.com/ranamkh ur janz ( 0096655124

    Whom i wrote realy thts super dooper trueth

  • http://facebook.com sadia ad

    really larai bht out class hay dono ki….


  • MS

    One of the most heart touching play… Love it…..

  • MAK



    hahahahha..baraa mazaa ayaa thaa…their fight was soo real!! This is reality!!

  • http://dramasonline.com sara

    zahir lagti hai mjhe nadia jameel… samina is great & sanam also….

  • MS

    yes the fight was funtastic. & its like the real one

  • Munazza

    awesome drama…loving it…one of my best serials :)

  • adiba

    shandana ke harkatein blcul bachun wale hein, zayada galte shandana ke hai

    • Maida

      us k man bap ka kasor he na us ko batate pehle se k susral main ye sab kahan chalta he.

  • adiba javed

    jab se 2no ke shadhe hue hai, tb se bechare 2no lar rahe hein

  • adiba

    shandana neeehayt he kam aqaal aurat hai

  • ummmaaa

    nice story , umera has touched this time an untouched aspect of family-interrelations

  • ummmaaa

    2 no khirad chaa gai yaar,, thumbs up if you know what i mean

  • Rana Jawad

    Awesome Play. @Admin it's 5 episode not 6…plz correct this

  • rz

    yaar bilkul bekar drama hay … afsana nigaroo type drama … shayad aged aunties ko pasand araha ho .. sorry but .. bilkul thirdclass

  • adiba

    bechari shandana mentally sick lgte ha, hr waqt cheekhte rehte hai, apne job se b fed up hai

  • adiba javed

    bechari shandana mentally sick lgte ha, hr waqt cheekhte rehte hai, apne job se b fed up hai

  • http://www.zziapex.comtimehewastehoga zziapex

    bilkul faigh drma hy..koe mat dekhy

  • Asma

    kyon matt dekhay? it is the most realistic drama ever. love it love it love it

  • Anna

    Its an awesome drama… especially this episode …& the writer director and the actors did wonderful job….. i loved this episode… but we have to keep this in mind they were trying to show 8 years in 8 mins so thats why it was all big and bad fights… which is very very true….. and i think married people will understand this a lot more better… Writer touched a very deep and real life topic… this does happen in everyone's life on some scale and at some point.

    And its 2 early to conclude who is right and who is wrong…. BTW its always both sides fault…..

    WEll good job guys… very nice drama do watch … and ppl if you dont get it .. then probably you are 2 young or not stepped in real life yet… so wait n watch…..


    • Maida

      :-D I haven't but still I am taking lessons from it

  • urooj

    there is a both side fault both of them are mis understanding each

  • Nawaz

    blockbuster role and acting by every 1

    especially by samina peer zada

  • sarah

    amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg acting by every one

    fighting was really luking soo true …

    best drama going on

  • khadijah

    kitna shoq hai in dono ko larne ka dono hi normal nae lagtay

    • RA


  • angelarose

    woww…superb writer and superb story.sanam baloch is doing best.love it

  • sasa

    mansoor speaks like a dog

  • Saima maRwat

    Sanam baloch,sarwat, n saba qamar acting r superb on tv dramas

  • http://khanbhai@yahoo.com jawed

    ghatia drama foxi thoxi itna ganda itna ganda itna danda because i hate this drama

  • isha

    true but is larki ki zabbaan bout he lambe he yakeen he nae ahta maa ite sabar wale aur bete ite badtameez he

  • Uzma

    A tru picture of pure Rawayati families

    And they perform very stupendously

  • Maida

    Hahahaha.I wish to fight like that.May Allah bring that time ;-)

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