Durre Shahwar Episode 8 in High Quality – 28th April 2012

The plot revolves around Shandana and Hyder who have been married for eight years but are now having problems in their marriage. Shandana goes to Murree with her daughter to spend the holidays with her parents, Durreshehwar and Mansoor. She cannot help envying her mother who has a devoted husband and is very happy, and subconsciously keeps comparing her husband with her father – until she learns that life is never a bed of roses and her mother’s happiness didn’t come easy.
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • hina

    i simply love this drama… a true reality of our society..

  • qabi

    this story is same like my mother n it actually happens in pakistan n my mom she is still struggling wth my father n now her patience is end :/ people should treat girl like thier own nt like property …

    • ruby

      Kia ENGLISH hay mashAllah :)

      • Raheela Batool

        atleast she tried… one should not discourage ppl like that… this shows ur own complexes

      • SKhan

        Ruby, yehi to woh attitude hai jis ki wajah se loag bad-dil hotay hain aur apis mein ranjishain berrhteen hain! You'd never criticize a foreigner who'd attempt to speak Urdu, but when your own fellow would speak a foreign language incorrectly, you'd jump to criticize! Believe me, even English and Americans don't mind it! I'd even suggest that we use our own language to communicate among ourselves as nobody speaks a second or foreign language anywhere in the world among their own people, except for us and the Indians – perpetually enslaved by the West! And if I may correct you, you are not supposed to use words like MashAllah for negative talk! I hope you'll be mindful of it in the future! Have peace!

        • Rukh

          I agree with you, We appreciate when an american tries to speak a word of urdu but we have to critisize our own ppl. When i moved to States couple years ago, I didnt understand or speak english. It takes time. I worked in stores and went to community college Where i could only say hello,how r you n thats it. I remember one of my classfellow asked" Morning,Wassup?" and i was like"O GUDMORNING I AM FINE"LOL :)

        • Nazish

          oh gosh !!! I totally agree with you guyz. why is it always a big deal when it comes to ENGLISH !! living in USA we try every bit of it to have our kids speak to us or in general in URDU, tooti pooti he sahe. last thing to say pple just have this sort of complex among them selves… its just reallllly SAD !!!!

    • Kiran

      u probably won't believe my mother has exact same story…n now we don't live i pak n her situation is still same :(

      I hope my dad would become old mansoor as he is old too now


      keep me in ur prayers

  • hina habib khan

    very touching story sanam very perfect for this role she is doing well as always

  • filonila Ferns

    Well brought up daughters always suffer from ill-mannered an back-ward in-laws.

    She is too polite and genteel to challenge this state of affairs.
    This is why parents should be more be careful when arranging their daughters marraige, even if in the family.

  • nayab

    Great drama, There is no change in our society, this is not 70,80s serial. Mansoor is not going good job whereas he is well educated.
    Good job,Durr e shahwar is playing act v well, well done

    • Naveed Ahmed

      This serial is not now-a-days time depicting, it shows 70's 80's.

  • Aysha

    I have a question, In Islam or Pakistan, is an adult woman needs either father, brother or husband’s consent for everything she does??? Lets say a 40 years old woman wants to work, does she need father/husband’s permission for that??? is she considered an adult human being with brain who can make decisions??? does she have any control over her own life???

    • Naveed Ahmed

      If she is married, its compulsory for her to ask her husband regarding that matter.

    • Anum

      Zindagi aim nizam k tehat he chati hai Ayesha aur yeh wohi nizam hai is pe chal k he zindagi guzarti hai aap office main kisi na kisi se pooch Ker hi decision leti hain na , and it's a beautiful system of Allah ,Issas mai bhalai hai agar na hota toh aaj Europe mai relationships strong hotay yehan nahi hai issi lia families can not stay together .

  • Rana Jawad

    Original Life based great play…Many girls faced these type of problems especially when their marriages are in unknown families. May Allah give us strength for justice b/w wife and parents. Ameen! "Durr-e-Shehwar" team done very great Job. Perfect Acting and Direction…Thanks "Durre-e-Shehwar" all team!

    • Rukh

      You are so MEAN RUBY.

  • marvi

    awww poor shehwar…. feeling bad for her…n hating mansoor n his mother so much….but shehwar's father is more responsible for making shehwar life so difficult… afterall this mismatch marrige was arranged by him….

    • sajal

      absolutely agree with u . itna status tha father ka ghar mein mulazim kam karty thy kia parents ko shadi karty waqt nazar nahi aya k un ka status kia hai or ap ki beti kis mahol ki addi hai .. ab bus mein travel karny pe gussa aaraha hai shadi se pehly nahi diakha k gari nahi hai mansoor k pas to bus pe hi travel karway ga woh … larki low status se high status mein adjust kar leti hai but itni luxuries and high status se uth k low mein adjust nahi kar paati. or yeh sub dhong tha inlaws ka k shadi k bad konsa humary sath rehna hai mansoor k sath khaarian mein bunglow mein rahy gi or ab daikho naam bhi nahi lay rahy usy bhajny ka ….ghar k kam karna galat nahi hai lakin parents ko sochna chahye k beti ko brought up kaisy kia hai bagairkisii waja and majboori k aik aisi family mein larki ki sahdi kar di jo backward hai match hi nahi karti larki k dimagh se … eventually rehna or bardasht karna to larki ko parta hai na … parents sirf apni aik soch ko lay k shadi kar di very bad

      • mustimuskry

        i knw ke parent ko suchna chahy but reltive thy is lea ziyda c.i.d krny ko zarort nahe pare .. nd x mother ko kiya problem hai sb kuch tu diya hai shahwar ko ur kiya kre wo bs wese he na kuch logun ko ya problem hoti hai btain krny ki…

  • Naveed

    Very beautiful picturization of 70s n 80s mid-class family affairs. itnay khaofzada log keh hansna bhi bhool gaye thay..ya pta nahin apni zindgi ki mushklain onhain draa..ya shayed hansnay ko wo gunnah samjhay thay……bahot khoob … congrats to Director and team for such beautiful work..

  • Kala Bhoot

    Very nice story. Sanam Baloch performs much better in serious role as compared to comedy roles.

  • Sanam

    Very good drama. Good story line. I love the fact that this drama has portrayed exceptionally good the way everything happens after marriage . The feelings, emotions, loneliness every girl feels after marriage. Still today all this is possible but this drama is showing a new bride how to be ignorant and deal with patience and have faith in her God. Love it :) also love what her dad said: sab theek ho jaye gaa

  • Fatima

    This is not 70s 80s story , this is still happening in Pakistan and with educated girls like doctors , engineers … MY STORY TOO :(

  • sanum

    loh aajkal tho mah baap ko srf paisa nazar ata hai larkay se ziada paisa our status yh tho kch our hi dikha rhy the

  • vania

    where is promo of episode 9 ???????????

  • http://none rainbow

    excellent drama , reality is shown , its happening in all families now a days .da gal suffers , wen husband is not cooperative .

    Great Job by team .

  • fuck

    I love this drama =D

  • saba

    I really like the sensivity with which this drama has been made the dressing the music and most of all the reality which is beautifully potrayed.well done team!!!

  • http://pakistanrawalpindi syed kamran ali

    Very nice story. Sanam Baloch performs much better in serious role as compared to comedy roles.thori thori khani hamara gahr sy milti ha ,pa marri ammi ya drama nai dakhtin han ,

    • Kala Bhoot

      Meri line utha ker paste kerdi…..wah wah :)

  • irshad ahmad

    aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hy….if mother say to his son to care his wife..he will be encouraged…watch meri zaat zara e benishan..(same written by Humaira Ahmad) in that also mother got jealous of her daughter in law ( saba). Read Quran Surah Nisa(4th surah) in that Allah orders men to treat their wives well and with honourable way…its always our mothers who get jealous of son's love and treat so badly their bahu……but i dont have experience myself…enjoying single life

    plz coment if u agree or disagree

    • Naveed Ahmed

      I agree with you, but not always mothers do same as this, there are various circumstances, environment etc etc.

    • Rukh

      i kinda agree with you. I recently got married. but not living with my in laws plus my husband is so supportive n loving Masha'Allah. I am not going to watch this drama anymore. seriously it scares the hell out of me. Plus i am not in condition to get depressed and it makes me depressed.

      Great Drama, But i watch tv to enjoy my free time :p

      good luck, hope you 'll have nice decent n loving susral :p

  • Remsha

    I must watch for all those who unmarried… its a learning so that when they go to next house there expectations are not high..

    Wheather its love or arranged ..

    Thumbs to the script….an eye opening..

  • Aysha

    Fixing my grammer, I meant to say "does an adult woman need either father, brother or husband’s consent for everything she does???

    • Naveed Ahmed

      Un-understandable question,, can you make it easy/

      • Aysha

        And if not married then she needs father's permission….Correct? So I was right, an adult woman does need male consent/permission for anything she wants to do with her life. If male related to her, disagree with her decision about her life, she cant take it. Wow, is she considered an adult human being who has brain and able to take control over her life???

        • Naveed Ahmed

          I would confirm you regarding this matter by quranic ayah in a day or two. Can you explain in what grounds you said "decision about her life" what kind of decisions.?

        • Dua

          In Islam its a two way thing… because no one lives alone..in a family life people are attached to each other and so does their every decision..if a wife need to communicate and should do with which her husband is happy same goes for husband its a mutual thing and both are supposed to take care and do respect of the other person wish… male have one upper hand as head person of family or cause they are in leading role..as father or husband..Quran says their responsibilities are a bit more than females and so are their rights…supporting their family is their responsibility so to strengthen a family institute and to bind a family a leader or elder is must because Allah knows us better than us…so the family leading role is given to fathers or husbands… but they cant force their decisions…until any family member is doing something wrong according to Shriha like some sin…

          like if a father chooses some boy for his daughter..He is not allowed to force it..if girl is not okay with it..than he cant force…soo his power is not ultimate… he is a support to bind and hold the family but every individual is also allowed to think and decide on their own…as i said its a two way thing..

        • Dua

          but in Pakistan things are a bit different than this..cause our forefathers were hindus and later converted plus we lived with hindus for long… soo in some areas or families they think that female cant decide or is not allowed to have any opinion in anything…cause hindu culture treat women like this

  • Raheela Batool

    Well I am in a jiffy right now as I agree to mother in law in some instances too. e.g. the cooking, learning and adapting to the environment change and specially nimaz. On the other hand, not letting her talk to her husband and putting extra pressure on her is wrong. Mansoor has obviously an extremely dominating personality and its humiliating too. I dont know what does the future episodes hold but at the moment its mansoor's fault not his mother's.

    I should commend the crew of the drama of putting such a realistic play on air that every women can relate to.

    • FT

      even if she is right about somethings there is no need for her to be so insulting and taunting. she can say the same thing in a friendly nice manner too. and that is the problem with most mother-in-laws even if they are saying the right thing they would say it is such a taunting and insulting tone that frankly dil karta hai mo tor do!

  • Hashimalik

    khaaan pas gai bechari durre shawar ye koon sa backworld area hy pakistan may our capten sshab bi itney he pasmanda hain lol i pray for durre shawar jaldi se kharian aa jaoo

  • rabia

    my X mother in law had the same issue of me serving tea to guests in nice tea sets that too with cookies and shamis…she hated me for the waste of her precious shami kabab and i hate them all for messing up my life… glade im done with them ALL :)

  • sq

    So many women go through the same issues…really makes me sad


    yes the mainnnnnnnnnnnn point of this drama which i conclude is that alwaysssssss consider daugthers nature and her priorities parents shouldnt give their daugther a good life if they cant strive to give the same life after marriage bunchpan to guzar gata hay jaisay teesay but jub practical life shoro hoti hay to ahsassattttt bhi berh gatay hain

    • Fatima

      I agree , parents ki zyada ghalti hoti hai , they should know ke beti ko kaisay paala aur kia kia khuaab dikhaaye aur phir apnay se totally different mahol mein bhej dia …. Adjust to ho hi jati hain but at the cost of so many sleepless nights and tears

  • Ayesha bilal

    Superb ,v heart touching story,Samina peerzada and sanam both are looking one character which is big achievement and great performance ,there is so much similarity in young and old age of this character hats off to both ladies and same goes for Qavi khana and his adult age character .

  • mahe

    Mansoor and his family have a problem of inferiority complex, they should of marry with the people of their on own ranks and customs but one thing is a big blunder why Dureshawar let her daughter marry the same oppressing khandan, now what history is repeating once again, ub bhi kaya sub accha ho jaiyay ga?????

  • mahe


  • SKhan

    This drama highlights all the sensitivities of married life when both sides are not totally right or wrong, but need skills to handle the situation, and gradually change negative attitudes, which are rampant in our society. Kudos to the writer and the director and of course the actors! Brilliant team-work!

    I hope and request men to watch this drama and be sensitized to relationship-building issues! Though I am sure their huge ego will never let them admit to like this drama or speak in its favour from a woman's perspective! :) I wish after watching this drama, Pakistani families learn a thing or two! :) The reason we never change for the better is we are not ready to change ourselves! It's high time a mother learns to be a good mother-in-law and not repeat her mother-in-law's mistakes, and a boy tries to be a good husband unlike his own strict father, otherwise we'll keep seeing the history repeat itself!

    • Naveed Ahmed

      I agree with you Sir, and hope that you would be a good husband/are a good husband and an obedient son, a son who balances properly between mother and wife. Good Luck

  • Mahnoor

    In Islam, it is not a Fard to live with your in-laws, although you should be good and kind to them. Every woman should put in her Nikah contract having her own home as a condition of marriage to avoid these problems. That is the only way these harsh and dominating mother-in-laws will learn to be just.

    • Rm

      thank you for writing this…its true and muslims aren’t even aware of this..why would a man want to be in the middle of all this (building a relationship with his wife and dealing with his mom AT THE SAME TIME) when you can take care of your parents by visiting them regularly..sure its harder bc you’re not in the same home but is still possible. This way your relationship with both parties won’t be soured. If a guy can’t afford separate living arrangements then he can live on a separate floor and provide a kitchen and semi separate arrangements for himself and his wife and kids.

  • sherry

    excellent drama

  • leezy

    where is promo of epi 9 ???

  • Irfan

    What a superb acting by sanam baloch.I feel like this is happening in real and this is same story of our home.

  • http://www.connectture.com suraiya kasim

    i hate this mother in law! God! Parents should really be careful when givmg their daughters away.

  • Naveed Ahmed

    This drama is amazingly very hearty.Sanam is completely fit in Dur-e-Shehwar character and later Samina Pirzada, also same for Qavi Khan and his young role player for character of Mansoor. This drama depicts that how the feelings of a girl are being ruined in such a family which is very common in Pakistani society (even now also), it gives some important conclusions, these are : a daughter should be wedded in a family which is compatible in grounds of economic condition, thoughts, mind, thinking. Secondly, the leading male character is shown as RUDE GENTLEMAN, who does not show any feeling or any point of appreciation, so here the singles should learn that "everybody craves to be appreciated" especially I am narrating for husband-wife relation. Thirdly, it would be shown in coming episodes that how a girl need/should SACRIFICE not COMPROMISE, here it should be clear that there is a big difference b/w compromise and sacrifice; sacrifice is done for loved ones and compromise is for strangers. The character of Mother-in-law is not cruel by fact, actually the character has no sympathy, has made utter strict rules as per their economic condition which does not even care about feelings of new-wedded innocent girl, the harsh words of mother-in-law character also heart girl. And Mansoor husband of Shehwar is not balancing nature man, which is not good as seen in our societies. Overall the play, storyline, acting, dialogues and script is very good. Great job by Momina. Ok let’s see what further may happen.

  • irshad ahmad

    ladies and gentlmen….plz dont forget the end age of the couple..they r more caring and loving to each other…it may be initially…lets see what hapens in kharian…..

    but one thing woman is subordinate to the man….he has to look after her and correct her….wait and watch…they live happily at the end…

    • Aysha

      You are badly mistaken when you said the couple is more loving and caring at the end. Husband might become loving at the end, BUT belive me belive me, a woman can never ever truly love a man like mansoor. If she is living with her and tolrated everything, it does not mean she is in love with her. Jo mard aurat kee kuhaish, emotions, jazbaat, feelings ka khyal naheen kerta, aurat us say kbhi bhee true love naheen kerti, sirf samjhota karti hay :). And she never ever forgets those painful moments in her life, which dont let her love her husband madly.

      • Fatima

        Very true aysha ! A woman can never love him even if she cares and lives with him

      • irshad ahmad

        ok Ayesha i agree with u coz i dont have any experience being bachlor…it will be insane if i dont agree with u…u might have seen the world and experienced…but one thing ..thanx for telling me/us about the emotional aspect of the women….u r right

        • sq

          I love it when men admit that they can learn something from a women. I hope you can remember to think about your wives feelings once you get married

    • Aysha

      You are badly mistaken when you said the couple is more loving and caring at the end. Husband might become loving at the end, BUT belive me belive me, a woman can never ever truly love a man like mansoor. If she is living with him and tolrated everything, it does not mean she is in love with him. Jo mard aurat kee desires, emotions, jazbaat, feelings ka khyal naheen kerta, aurat us say kbhi bhee true love naheen kerti, SIRF SAMJHOTA KERTI HAY" . And she never ever forgets those painful moments in her life, which dont let her love her husband madly.

      • Naveed Ahmed

        @ Aysha, why a woman would do compromise rather tahn sacrifice.?

        • Naveed Ahmed

          Should DO SACRIFICE rather than COMPROMISE.

        • Sidrah

          a woman compromises, just because she wants to keep her home intact and to continue her relationship.

  • saba

    yeh sab har larki kay sath hota hai..even in saasoon ki apni betiyon k sath bhi , per phir bhi kisi ko samjh nahin aati , main bhi taqreeban asay hi alaat dakhy..aur yeh bhi k shaadi se pehle kaha jata hai jahab humara betha rahay ga wahin baho bhi per jaisay hii shaadi ho kr larki aati hy un k rang hee badal jatay hain….

    • saba

      sab keh rahay hain is dramay ko dakh ker k yeh REAL LIFE mein hota hai aur yahan buhat soon nay kaha humaray sath bhi asa hi hua…..tou main bas itna hi kahon gi(IRASHAD AHMAD) ap say k drama hai is ka end tha aur kya humain apni life ka pata hai kab end honi hai..kis nay dakha hai zindagi ka end….? lakeen jo waqt bura guzarta hai woh kabhi bhi nahin zehan say nikalta..even iis drama mein aap dakh rahay hain k husband k last age mein caring loving honay k bawujood durr-e-shahwar ko woh batain hurt kerti hain…..bat itni hai k larki say jo marzi kerwain aur jo marzi kahain per pehlay us ko thora life ko enjoy kernay ka mooqa tu dain……

  • waqar


  • Fatima

    Raheela ji mother in law might be right but her way of talking to a girl who is her daughter in law is very humiliating , like she cud say beta namaz parh li ?beta 5 waqt ki Namaz parha karo , etc instead of yeh kia kitaabein parhti rehti ho?namaz parha kero. Kitaab parha ghalat nai but namaz ka kahay sath ek taana maarnay ki kia zaroorat hai, aisi baatein dil kharab karti hain , faaslay paida kerti hain , aur cooking mein bhi araam se keh sakti thi cheeni thori aur daal do hum zyada tez pasand kertay hain, she said munh bana kar pheeeki hai … and trust me each and every dialogue i remember from my mother in law too , i can feel the pain , even zarda thing happened with me, bartan , tea , all , left my job as a doc to cook and keep the house …. But no qadar …. my husband is same like hers , ammi say ijaazat li? Ammi abbu k ghar janay ke liye bhi aisay hi minnatein … the only thing i m looking forward is how mansoor changed ? Cuz i am still at the next phase of life i,e. Living with my husband alone and my kids coz we shifted abroad but he still taunts …. Plz pray for me , its been 8 years :( dont know how long it wud take to change my fate

    • Anum

      Fatima I would say just one thing treat his parents as you would like your own parents to be treated and you'll be blessed with a beautiful married life before getting married I listened a dars in which I heard a line after shadi exchange your parents treat husband parents as your parents and husband should care about your parents like yours that would never happen in literal terms but u'll start ignoring little things coming from in laws even if your husband does not acknowledge your sacrifice we would know with in his heart and love you even more, it was just a suggestion thinking might help someones life but I know each situation is different and there is no formula for a perfect marriage

      • Naveed Ahmed

        I wish every female in our high class societes also think like this,,,,completely agree with You…

  • Rm

    thank you for writing this…its true and muslims aren't even aware of this..why would a man want to be in the middle of all this (building a relationship with his wife and dealing with his mom) when you can take care of your parents bY visiting them regularlY..sure its harder bc You're not in the same home but is still possible. This way your relationship with both parties won't be soured. If a guy can't afford separate living arrangements then he can live on a separate floor and provide a kitchen and semi separate arrangements.

    • Rm

      I meant the above comment as a reply to someone and have re-posted it above..

  • dr saadia

    islamic counselling of

  • sara

    allllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tareeeeeeeen darama

    match mismatch kuch nhe hota her koi apni apni kismat ki gudness badness face karta hai

    q k zindage musalsal azmaaish ka nam hai

    • Anum

      Double like :)

    • sidra shah

      agree with you sara…Allah tala sb larkiyon k naseeb achy kare aameen..alla drama hai zindagi ki buhat sari batien sikhny ko mili hain thumsup…

    • Naveed Ahmed

      Agree wid u Sara….

  • Humna

    Our culture is a sick culture…the basic motive is to give mental torture to the women and deprive them of anything that gives them happiness and joy…..this drama is so true to life…it is the complete story of my mother, and my aunts and many of those I know who have suffered entire life back in the 60s and even in this modern era……The picture of mother in law is so horrific, that I was convinced I would not marry anyone who has a mother……I do not have a mother in law and I thought that at the time of marriage that my life was to be bed of roses….but my husband has only one sister…..she has played the major major role in playing the part of mother in law..she has full control over my husband..my life is a complete hell….why don't these men try to understand that they have family..they have other responsibilities ,rather then being a brother and son all their lives……DurreShewar exists in every household in our society ..their is no solution to it..because the emotional bonding in our joint family system is so strong that no law can ever change our men

    • Kamran

      Remember, you will also be A MOTHER in future, i feel pity for you, you seem un educated women. You are lame.

    • Maria

      Men should be like this and other wise they are said to be naa-mard, or sterile.

  • huda

    meri saath bhi yah hi huwa the mera susral ma bhi nastah ma paratha hi bante hai rozz and i was sick to eat it every day…jab meri liye bhi bread aa the to mujh bhi apne saas yah hi alfaz sunane par the…parath khaiya karo is ma taqaat hote hai breaad ma kya hote haii….

  • Tabussam Ali

    Inferiority complex of a man due to his wife, can kill a woman emotions,……

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