Fareb Episode 2 in High quality by Express entertainment 26th march 2013

Fareb Episode 2 in High quality by Express entertainment 26th march 2013 Dailymotion Facebook videos
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • hawlk

    niceeeeeeeee…..munaza is amazing but asi is 22222222 cute……she is not more than asi……

    • mailalee

      u r wronggggggggggggggg munza is too beautifulllllllllllllllll and so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooooooo

      • farah

        and what if i say you are wrong….asi is much pretty and has her own charm and elegance :)

        • mailalee

          u said asi is pretty it is your choice understand iam not wrong

  • bansuri


  • yumna

    nice dramaa but assi is v beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,,munza nt,,asi has natural beauty

    • Maliha

      who is asi ?

      • bansuri

        asi is another turk drama

        • Maliha

          Ok I have watched Asi. I must say I prefere Munaza. She is cute and has something. Asi seems to look average to me.

          • maliha

            ya I watched asi and mujhy kehna he pary ga k asi asi ha natural beauty……

      • aneed

        hey u watch asi and decide lets see kinat now

  • kainat

    Ooooooo how r u to decide tht how is more beautiful n how is less beautifull


    • halwlk

      we are not deciding here its the way I and yumna think…asi is more beautiful that’s y we have 2 say munaza is cute but asi is asi…………….

      • kainat

        Halwlk who u r to decide????????????????

        • stella

          ahhhh plz if cant speak eng then u better not try to speak it;p

          • stella

            i mean if u cant speak eng then u better not try to speak it

          • rameesha

            Madam with apology but every one has the right to express their opinion in the way they want and think..so it would be better if you stop judging others. Hope you would not mind.

          • stella

            hahahaha jealous pakistanisssss

          • beauty queen

            hhahahahaha ur name is steela ,,,,,, u made in steel ?

          • stella

            hahahahaha whatever u thnk nuisance;p

        • stella

          plzzzzzzz for God’s sakes be proud ov your languageeee duah idiot

          • areej

            hey stella mind your language…dont be agressive lols…

          • stella

            buahahahaha whts da use ov sayi’n lolz ovaaa here;p

        • halwlk

          we are not deciding ok we are just sharing our thoughts you were the one who oppose my comment and said you are wrongggggg….ok so remember first than comment kindly

    • stella

      hahahaha english check kroooo dumb kainat

      • nimra

        stella you are not supposed to examine the english of people…so better stop being judge. let people comment freely please :)

      • kuss,kuna

        stai dera koni drama na do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • http://www.facebook.com/farwa.khan.906638 Farwa Khan

        stella, ap ko kya problem hy agr koe ghalat eng bolay ya theek….???

  • kainat

    N asi, manahil,munaza,fatimahgul,nehal,n every1 is so beautifull

    • mailalee

      yes u r right

  • stella

    omg saaaaaad’z reallly cuteee

  • stella

    lve uuuu saad(Mehmetcan Mincinozlu)

  • adeel ahmad


  • inocent doll

    Manahil and Khalil is the bst

  • mohammad

    wonderful episode

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