Good Morning Pakistan – 19th March 2013 (Sadia Imam and Adnan)

Good Morning Pakistan - 19th March 2013 (Sadia Imam and Adnan) Dailymotion
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • bheegi billi

    bhao !

  • hafsa

    sadia kuch zada over ho rahi hai as if zindagi mai pehli dafa koi banda dekha ho jo bahar sai aya ho…relax sadia n take it easy

  • saba

    i like this couple maSHAALLAH

  • Anonymous

    kadduu !!!

  • nosheen

    only guests in ARY r good ….welldone

  • nosheen

    sadia is awesome n v happy n Allah kush rakhy AMEEN

  • faiza mir

    Masha Allah they r happy good wishes for both of them :)

  • Payal

    Good couple I don’t thing ky she react over yar yhi to Dayaks Hoyt ky
    Yadgar I think good but nida much batter as compare to other shows nice i advice u plz yai cheep games mat khaila Karo kya show main koi reasonable activety Nahi hai I think nida react over

  • Yushwa Khan

    sadia too aged budhi kahi ki

  • abc

    Adnan Haider is very handsome and seems like a nice guy. It is a perfect match because they look very good as a couple. Wishing Sadia and Adnan all the best.

  • Shumaila Laeeq


  • human muslim

    nice couple

  • xyz

    did she ever had lips done? or something wrong with her eyebrows? I remember she was not like that. something is not right

    The guy lives in Germany for 19 years by himself.. strange…

    anyway good luck to them..

    • smart mom

      hmmm…toh sadia kii konsee 1st marriage hay?

  • huda

    she sounds like she has a cold!

  • Yushwa Khan

    is that clear their is no understanding with each other

  • amna

    very nice couple wow best wishes he is handsome and well spoken like sadia

  • Urwa

    Ye Jo nida hay she is so fake.

  • Samsam

    Jab daree se shadi ho to ase he ithalateehe yea larkeea

  • maira chaudhry

    sadia and adnan soooooooooooo nice couple g

  • dany

    She has had so much botox and collagen injection fillers in her lips and cheeks, she looks like a duck. I wish she would stop now otherwise she’ll turn into a monster and not attractive at all.

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