Humnasheen Episode 1 in High Quality – 24th February 2013

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Qaiser Rizvi

    waoooo great drama…

  • umme


  • rao

    not good

  • noor

    bari dulhan ka role negative ho jay ga,,,,,,i think

  • pakistan

    Bari appa drama sa milta jolta ha….bt its nt nice like bari appa drama…bari appa mai tou sacra nadeem na kia kamal acting ke the….laqin asa mai jo bari dulhan ha na is nt so imprsive…I donot like her style hum ya kahata hum ya chayta ha……

    • shah bano naz


      • sara

        in fact it is savera nadeem who performed the role of bari apa :o)


    good nice fun drama


    nice drama


    hi. fun nice good cool drama

  • abc

    Very boring drama. 3rd class indian singers se title song gawanay ka kiya maqasad hai?

    • shah bano naz


  • fangirl

    i would never in a million years get my husband married just for the sake of children…i bet this ismat aara will get them divorced too once they have woman can bardaasht her hubby with another woman

    • Hina

      Absolutely and Why in the world after the advent of the funduoos is this such a celebrated phenomena on dramas these day.

      • nayyab

        second marriage is not a crime if the first wife is not neglected and i am a girl myself. anything that is islamic shouldnt be frowned upon.

        • Esha Qazi

          well said.good.

  • Aryaan

    Will try it.. Thanks Admin..

  • brits

    very depresive

  • shazi

    if they are so rich…why dont they try IVF or surrogate or adopt…why make ur life miserable…

    • Adeel Zaib

      I think u don’t know the value of own blood for these rich class people.

      • nayyab

        oh comeon the value of blood is the same for every class you are such a biased person

        • Adeel Zaib

          i was focusing on rich class, no doubt its same. Calm down

      • coco

        IVF and surrogate is your own blood.

  • xaini

    bride lehanga iz owesuM :)

  • roman

    door knock nahi ker sakti thi

    • shah bano naz


    • Syeda

      I know. Itnay iklaq or tehzeeb waley log hain! or itni stupid herkat. lolz Mari begam ko etiquettes sekhaney parein gay

  • shine

    an other star plus :-(

  • wisechap

    What happened to Mohabbat Bhar Main Jaiy?

  • haseena

    ni dulhan achi hai purane ache ni hai

    • shah bano naz


  • iqra

    OH!.. WOW…awsum drama…waiting fo next episodeeeee…..

  • Sabz

    Sorry this is too…this drama still does seem interesting….

  • sara

    favorite subject of female writers :) , drama focuses the impacts of nikah on a behavior of a girl that converts to a faithful wife from a beloved of someone

  • hina

    super drama gr8 acting by faiza hassan she looks like a real queen i love her every character last time i see her in a comedy in EXTRAS she have the ability doing seroius character az wll az comedy…………………….

  • hina

    overall after BARI APAA and ZINDAGI GULZAR…it iz one the best drama of hum tv

  • sarwat

    well its a good start. I believe its going to be more interesting with the future episodes. Good ploting as well

  • Khurram

    No doubt …. no women can bare to share her husband with any other women … but on the other hand no men can bare to live in such a society as child less … did a women ever tried to feel the level of inferiority complex a child less husband faces from all around him…

  • Zahra Sheikh

    ufff hell heart touchng..
    hats off to u ismat arra..

  • mumu

    Who is this Kamla (maid) why in Pakistan maid is Indian?

    • TIYBA

      YUP WHY

  • anmol


  • SãImã Abbasi

    Who is the writer for this foolish Drama? First no man ll run away from a young bride, even if he is 99 years old. second Hassan Munir saying Hum with first wife and main with second, please write better dialogue.

  • saima

    s k to pehly episode may he larki dulhan bani hove hy lkn drama acha hai

  • mandy

    has nobody heard of surrogacy in Pakistan!!!!

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