Humnasheen Episode 7 in High Quality 7th April 2013

Humnasheen Episode 7 in High Quality 7th April 2013 Dailymotion
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • lubnarashid

    Adana Siddiui ka buhat positive role hai ,warna aksar dramas main yehi dikhate hain k ziyadti rishto main mard bechara hi karraha hotahai,

    • zkhan

      lubna sahiba… Aap ilzam laga rahi hein mardo per…
      Mard bechara nahi hota….
      mard ke pas bhai chara hota hein … Kia samjhi aap? Lol:)

      • ham

        hahahaha very funny…

  • nida

    good one

  • Sim Khan

    wow main yahi predict kar rahi thi. “Allah ki lathi beawaz hoti hai”
    usskey saath burah karney chali thi toh Allah Ta’ala ney insaaf kar dia.

  • sara

    admin home page kun updat nahi ho raha

  • Shanzil Raza

    yeh to hona hi tha

    • misha

      mehrum nisa k baal bht chotay hain length ma,notice it when she do vomit in basin.aur aam tor pur kamur tuk lambay baalo ke vig lgae hoti hay lol

      • disqus_nisKB8vnM2


        Plz pray for me because to day is my exam

        • Guest

          yeh phone number pray karne k liyeh hotline hai

        • EUKHAN

          yeh phone number pai call kar kai pray karni hai???

      • Shanzil Raza

        is poori episode main iske baal short hain

  • Syeda

    Bechari Mehru! Kath-putli bana ker rakh diya usko :/

    • pari

      Ghareebi insaan ko kath putli kia, aur bohat kuch bana deti hai,

  • pari

    Ismat ara bohat zidi aur dramatic hay, ye chachi ko khabar kaisey mili,

  • Saimeez Here

    Mehr un Nis ais not too young ..they showed..they must have cast a young girl for this role

  • noor

    ,, iss tarhan kon poora poora naam le krr aik dosry ko bulata ha? no special story.. gareb larkiu k mou main b bohht zaban hotee,, itnaa b koi husband neechy nai lgta..fazool story

  • Mehrunisa

    Asalamulaykum. kaise he sab? mene bohut saare comments pare pichle episode k bhi and thankyou so much for liking and appreciating the drama. Aik bath zaroor mein kahoongi.. kuch logo ne comment kia va tha k gareeb larkio ki zada zaban chalte he.. i don’t agree with this approach. Zaroore nahe hai k gareeb hai to batameez bhi ho. Zada tar families me to yehee sekhaya jata he shadi se phele k kuch b karke rishta nibhana he. Agar family background strong nahe hota to zada tak khawateen susral jakar dab kar rehte he aur underconfident he hote he. I really liked playing this character because it is the total opposite of me in real life. For the first time i realized how it feels to be dependent on other people.. Secondly one other comment i came across was of someone saying that they should not have showed a hindu woman cooking for muslims. I don’t agree with this at all. Allah writes one’s risks and we should be proud that in such a situation a person is earning money and rozi roti through a muslim’s house :) Anyways.. thankyou so much for all the support and love. I’m quite new to all of this. Just incase people don’t know urdu is my second language i come from an Iranian/pakistani mixed family and i grew up abroad too. I’m sorry for any fumbles and words that i didn’t pronounce right throughout the play. Take care.


  • mariah

    is moti pe he episode bnaya ha pora..boring one

  • khan

    gont touch me tu aisa bola k ghuraii hui billi hy :P

  • ASMAT AARA (Faiza Hasan)

    Your comments are so precious 2 me.I really enjoyed them,love u all.

    • komal

      Aoa,nice to hear from u..u really are a very good actress..still remember ur “burns road ki nilofer”..very innocent looks u hv ..u cn very well play a young girl role bcz of ur face looks

  • misbee

    janab sab comments aik traf but meri pridiction ye hai k mehru nissa ko jab property main hissa milay ga aur olaad bhi ho gi to is larki ka role nagitive ho jay ga she ll be wrost .aur ismat aara pichari ho jaye gi …lets c

  • graceful

    Why these stupids are playing back ground music so loudly ? I think that Pakistani Music Composer will ruin Drama Industry in near future.They do not know ABCD of back ground music . There must be silence during dialogue delivery and they are going with DISCO Music.

  • angel

    ye moti apne aap ko kia smjhti hai……….

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