Junaid Jamshed Explains Meeting of Maulana Tariq Jameel With Amir Khan

A video has become viral on social networking websites in which Junaid Jamshed is telling people about the meeting of Tableeghi Jamaat’s Maulana Tariq Jameel and Indian film actor Aamir Khan. Junaid Jamshed said that we (Junaid, Shahid Afridi and Maulana Tariq) met with Aamir Khan twice, once in Makkah and second meeting was in Madinah Munawara.   Junaid Jamshed said Aamir and ours meeting was scheduled for half an hour but when Maulana Tariq Jameel started talking we stayed there for three and half hours. Junaid further said that in second meeting the time scheduled was 4 to 6 but we had a talk of six hours.   Recently Aamir Khan has also said that Hajj was the most amazing experience of his life and it is difficult to describe in word. For Aamir Khan video interview regarding Hajj.   Regards,   Ahsan Ejaz
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  • Fatima Malik

    I pray Amir khan also become a role model for youngsters like Junaid Jamshaid. Aameen

    • Mahmood

      Ayesha plz read out some islamin history……

    • saifuddin

      Aamir is very down to earth person. During Haj i was in his group, he completed all his arkans on afzal times, even in muzdalifah picked his own kankari, went to jamaarat with his mother, never bothered for rush, did tawafs etc, helped his mother with the wheel chair and throughout the journey never showed that he is larger than other people around him, also mixed with local people, and never exhibited that he is the star. And it is true that maulana tarik jamil and shahid afridi had long meetings with Aamir, in Makkah and then in Madina. may Allah give him hidayat.


    Its goo dto see such strong Muslims emerging thez days..ALLAH MIAN hum sab ko achi taufeeq dain aur hum apnay deen to apni achi examples kay thru portray kerain rather then criticizng other non-muslims who draw carricatures of our dear Prophet SAW..for we ourselves are walking carricatures..really…we are not good Muslims in any way…we are a shame to our religion…ALLAH hum sab ko sahi raastay per chalnay ki taufeeq ata fermaiye…takay we get out of the desires of this worldy life soo enough and start getting worring abt the life thats eternal..!!Ameen Summa Ameen!!

    • humaira

      haq ye hai k ache baat suno aur us ko phelao aik dosray py buhtan lagany sy ya gali sy sirf apna nuqsan hota hai

  • Love Pakistan

    Tariq jameel sahib ke batein bht asar rkhti hen.ALLAH hum muslmano ko hidayt den baki to bad me ate hen phle hum muslmano ko khud thek hona pare ga.

    • guest

      Very true, we need to correct ourselves individually. And please stop criticizing people who are atleast trying. We are going thru very tough time so try to help each other in spreading good words. To become a successfull nation we have to be united. Please try to be positive toward others.

    • jaani

      beshumar lanat on tariq jameel, agar woh itna acha hota tho aaj muslims in pakistan would love each other and preach the real islam, he is a hate monger and fitnah creator. today everywhere in pak ppl are killing each other in the name of islam and calling other muslims kafir whereas these ppl are kafir who bomb and persecute humanity. If he was good leader then he would educate ppl to the right way and there wouldnt be hate in pakistan. there are many ppl who follow him but only more hate is spreading.

      • Amer


        By sect, I am Sunni Barelvi. Over the years, minds/heart regarding Islam/practicing Islam got a revolutionary change and there are concerned people (May Allah shower HIS blessings on them. Ameen) who are working on bringing the hearts closer as Allah Subhanuhu Wa Taalah is one and Nabi Kareem SAW is the last Messenger of Allah, is what, that cannot be denied by any sect. Conflict of ideology will go on and on but the question is "is this the need of time?" We, being Muslims, though maximum in numbers all around the world, are still being occupied mentally, socially, financially and morally by the non-muslims. No one in this discussion thread has shed even a single ray of light on this matter (I don't want to take credit) but please, we need to correct ourselves. We should strongly act upon (Amr Bil Ma'aroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar). Nabi Kareem SAW through HIS life did only what could please Almight Allah aur Nabi Kareem SAW is asal taqleed yehi ha k hum bhi wohi karayn jo Allah ko pasand ha. Wallahu A,alamu was Rasulu A'alamu. Allah Subhanuhu Wa Ta'Alah ham sub ka hami-o-nasir ho. Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

  • Aysha

    Islam saadgi ka lesson daita hay aur fazool kharch ko shaitaan ka bhai hay….ab jo addmi (junaid jamshed) 50,000 ka aik shalwar kameez baichay ga, wo islam say nazdeek hay??? its all banawat

    • waqas

      dont talk abt any person w/o having any knowledge…..he is selling as ppl can afford n can buy…..in Islam u can wear good dresses n can buy watever u want n thn apny Allah ko yad karain in such expensive dresses these dresses r not 4 non muslims only….
      Junaid Jamshed is a role model 4 all…how he left fame n money n songs 4 Allah n prove this dat he can earn money 4m Halal ways n can be a good muslim n a good example 4 all….

      • Zeshan

        I agree what aysha said, even anyone says the same I would agree. Bcoz islam allows you do business and get profit, but there must be a limit of that profit. It is not justifiable that if some people are able to purchase your stuff so should demand price whatever you want. in this way you keeping majority from buying your stuff , just bcoz they cant afford.
        Infact that stuff does not worth that much. haram sirf ye nahi k aap chori , daaka martay hain, najayez nafa laina bhi haraam hay, jabkay uss par cost aap ki may be 3000-4000 ayee ho, magar u junaid jumshed asking 3-4times more than that.

        plz refer what Our Prophet did when he did TIJARAT.

        • Mrs Asim

          how can u so sure k real cost is 4000? if u start ur own such business on such a level obly than u come to know k what it really is.he is doing work on a hogher level,n costs r really really high for manufacturere too specially when he has to deal with electricity n tax problems n we dont know what not,we msut not judg people so harshly i think.

        • waqas

          i thnk u jus heard 4m ppl n now saying this ….i do shopping 4m JJ n my sis in Uk also does shopping 4m JJ ….his dresses r much cheaper n good stuff thn chen1 n Next n Sana safinaz ……..
          n normal ppl can afford even we buy kids dresses 4m dat shop…..who told u dat they r so exp?????????????
          u should go n try urself i cant say abt some specific dresses but my sis says they r quite cheap n noram in UK n i thnk in Pak also……
          his stuff is so good dat i was in washing machine….

          • Pakistani

            true, JJ dresses are cheaper and good, his prices are justified as material used and stitching is aalaaa and also he offers big duppatas dresses for ladies which most of the brands dont

      • Mohammad Aslam

        Bro earning money trough singing is not halal way..
        Allah says:
        "And of men is he who purchases idle talks (ie, music,singing,etc.) to mislead (men) from the path of Allah without knowledge and takes it (the path of Allah or the verses of the Quran ) by mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the hell-fire)"

        [Noble Qura'n:-31:6]

        Narrated Abu 'Amir that he heard the Prophet (May Allah's peace be upon him) saying:
        "From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks, and use of musical instruments as lawful. And (from them) there will be someone who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with sheep and ask them for something but they will say to him 'return us tomorrow'. Allah will destroy them during the night will let the mountain fall on them and HE will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigss nd they will remain so till the day of resurrection"

        [Sahih Al Bukhri, Vol. 7, Hadith No: 494B]

    • Mahnoor

      I also agree with Ayesha .. us k dress 40,000 k hote hain .. k naam banda afford nahi kar sakhta

      • Mrs Asim

        he is doing buisiness not social work!!! for God sake yar,ab bnda trade b na karay,Islam doesnt ask him to sell only cheep cloth!!

        • farrah

          karay … trade kab mana hai … magr uss k b usool hein. agr waqai aik suit ki laagat, apna jaiz profit add ker k 40,000 banti hai, to sou BISMILLAH. magr jis tarha pakistan mein "fashion" industry nay loot machai hui, Allah he poochay in sab se … itni loot to West mein nahi machi hui.

    • nasir

      janab shaid aapko pata nahi k humare nab pak ne1 suit aisa bhi pehna tha agarche thori der k liye pr oski qeemat 7 oont k barabar thee.
      2nd yeh k pehlay poori tehqeeq kar len k yeh kameez shalwar wali sari kahani hai kya? bagher tehkeeq kiye baat phaylana bhi islam mein pasand nahi kiya giya.

    • sami

      so??soo??whats the point??jxt coz he sold such a dress he is non muslim??ur revoulting



    • aziz

      50000 ka shalwar junaid jamshaid nahi pahenta wu tumhari jaisi koti ki bachi pahanti hay .islam ka mani samajti hay aur namaaz parni ati hay tum ku ju is ki batain karti hay koti. junaid jamshaid par Allah ka karam hay . fazool ki tanqeed mat karo agar junaid saray boteek band karday tu kiya karay ga os ki koi kharchay nahi hay.

      • farhan

        i like ur comment
        kis ne kaha hai k junaid ke botiqe se kharido

      • waqas

        good but plz mind ur language….dnt abuse…aisha is like sis….if she doesnt knw or understand we should tell her not abuse her…..
        otherwise ur answer is awesome

      • zahra

        oh god yeh tameez sekhai hy tume islam ne Idiot junaid ke liyeh gali detay ho
        molana ke Chachay tume bari fikr hy kharchay ki Stupid do naaten gaane se koi Muslim nae ban jata pehle insan ki respect krna sekho mulk ke log bukhay marr rahy hyn or yeh50000ke dress bechta hy…

        • .saliha shah

          ap ko nagetiveity kyn nazar ati hai har cheez mean ye ham pakistaniyon ka sab sy bara masla hai hozoor e akram saw ny mehanga kapra b pehna hai ijazat di hai insano ko k apni hesiyat k mutabiq pehan sakty hai or rahi bat 2 naten parh kar muslman hony ki to sorry to say ayesha ap apny girybaan mean jhankiye agar allah pak kisi ko hidayat dyta hai to us ky mukhalifeen b barh jaty hain ye to allah ki deean hai k jj ko hidayat di or allah sy dua hi kar sakty hain k ap ko b dy

          • shayan khan

            nice answer

          • dua

            yup.good ans..kuch sahaba ese b thy jinko ALlah ne bht dia tha..hazrat Usman ki example sb se agay h.ek sahabi jo khushbu lgaty thy wo itni mehngi the k jis gali se wo guzarty kai roz tak wahan se khushbu ati..nabi s.a.w. ne nae roka unko is se.Allah ksi ko bht dyta h ksi ko kam…iska ye mtlb nae k tanqeed shuru kr di jae ksi k maal pe…apne amaal pe nzr rkhni chaiye

        • khanzada

          zahraaa randiiii ki buchiii , kutaay ki bachii , haraman bharwiii

        • bilquieees

          abeey tu mat khareeb na haramzadii , tuje kisnay dawat di hai.tu apna kitna khana deti hai ghareeboo ko ,, iderr maaa chuda rahi hai

          • Obaid

            Limits rao sub.
            KYA ho gya ha??
            Ayesha na ghlalt baat key but is ka yeh matlab nh k tum gaaliyan bakko :(
            Tableegh yehi sikhati ha kya??

          • Irfan

            Obaid bhai tableeg sabr sikhati he… tableeg jamat walo me kitna sabr he wo wohi jaane ga jo un k sath jae ga… baqi yh jo yaha pr bethe comments kr rhay hain… wo sirf baato k sher hain.. krna inho ne kch nh he…. To all male n female… Junaid Jamshed me aib tb nikalna jb tm sb log khud namaz k paband ho… chahre me Sunnat-e-Rasool ho (for Male) n nigah or seerat me haya or parda ho(for female).

          • dua

            ofcourse..i like ur ans…

          • Irfan Mansuri

            Great brother.

        • dua

          how u can say wo bus 2 naatain parh k muslim bun gya h???ap ne usko ibadat krte dekha h kya??apko kis ne ak k btaya k wo muslim nae h ya Allah ko pasand nae h???ap sab personal q ho jaty hn .religion islam personal nae h..isko generaly discus kro..islam tow kafir ko b bura nae kehta ap ek mazhabi scholar ko bura keh ry ho??jis k dil m islam k scholar ki izat nae us k dil m islam ki kya izzat ho ge???

      • dua

        this type of language should be avoided…it shows very bad impact on readers… specialy in maters of islam we should control our personals and tawk generally. islam is not a religion of criticism… Junaid;s islam is different mater and his boutique is his business.. these are totaly difrnt . how one can criticise the prices of his botique…u can take clothes from some cheap shops if u cant afford J.j. ..but plz dun use such words and such thinkings for others. and islam abuse ko b bura kehta h also avoid it.

    • wasi

      i agreed with u ayesha u say nice talk

    • Pakistani

      to Aysha tum mat lo 50,000 wala dress aur bhi low range may hotay han :-p

    • Pakistani

      Agar her insan apni hesiyat k according kapro ko dekhay ga to wo dusray ko kosay ga nahi :-p

    • Asif

      sorry Aysha ……u r not a rt person to decide who is near to God …….Allah buhat ache trah janta he kon us k kreeb he kon dur……na libass se na sadge se kise k aiman ko janchaa jaa sakta he …aur hum kon hote he kise k aiman ko janch pertal kerne ke ….hum anpne aunder jo pehly islam le aain ……..

    • kausar

      you are right ayesha j.j kay ordinary dresses 6 thousand say kam nhi hotey jo agar ghar pei silawai jaye tou easily 1500 ka ban jaye ga..tou business mai islam kahn chala jata hai…

    • libra

      jab pisay nahi hian to q sochtyay ho 50,hazar waly suit k bary main ,,, apni auqat main rah kar suit kharedooo

    • Khan

      so sad aysha aisa nai kehna chaie, hum aik insan me aib kuin dundtay hai achai kuin nai

    • arif saeed


    • faddies1

      ayesha bohat dukh huwa ap ki bat sun k… ap mujhy aik bat batao.. ap wahan laynay e kia gai thin?? i tell you… just dikhawa k liay.. yeh bohat karwa sach hai k ap k pass thoray paysay hotay woh suit laynay k liay to ap nay e baray aker k baray fakhar say apni frds ko batana tha k yeh JJ say lia hai 50k ka .. so you tell dikhawa JJ nay kia hai ya ap nay kerna tha wahan sy suit lay k .. come on.. ap jeasay logo ki bato ki wajha sy e yeh dunnia tabahi ki taraf ja rahi hai.. pehlay khud ko sahi karo badh main kisi ki taraf ungli uthana ..

    • Ahmad

      Do u know the rates ho Hoggo Boss? Ballyes? Crishtian Danial? Versachi? Rado? what are you talking about? Just check out these brands. Do you know the brand value of Coca Cola? Its Brand Name value about an year ago was 67 Billion Dollars. And who said Islam restrict to puirchase high value items? Islam said if you have engouh that should be expressed by you cloths, by house by your personality. we should try to improve ourselevs instead of critising others. You are just trying to interveen in the matter of Abbd (Insan) and Allah.

  • Alamgir khan

    mery hayal me islam tejarat k ijazat deta ha aur nafey kamany se kesy ko nai rokta aur dosry p tanqeed karny se pehly admi hud sochey k me letne muslim ho

  • khizar hayat

    asalamualikum to all my gud friend luk behan bhiayoo ap lgo ko pata hai kai junaid jamshed ki apni buissness nai hai jo skhsh aisay chala raha hai wo junaid jamshed ka name used kr raha hai ab is mai js ki kya qasoor be positive brother and sisters hum hamesha criticze hi krtai hai kbe kaise kai achai to bayan nai krtay hamesha khamayian batatay hai so i requst all of u plz dont mind

    • waqas

      i thnk u dnt knw junaid jamshed khud run karta ha ye business us k partnership ha kisi ky sath….in manchester Uk wo khud bethta ha apni shop main n bht log wahan jaty hain wahan….but he is doing good business n nice stuff n mateial n achi cheez exp hti ha ab agar wo 3rd class stuff use kary n sell dress in 2,000 thn? is it halal? nahi na……..

  • alsfa

    before i like junad jamshad but not any more. tum hajj kernhe gie the ka amire sa milnhe. amir to ajha insan ho sakhta ha but tum nhi . after us vido ka after . same on u , kia khnha jhte the ka tum amir khan ko milhe hajj ma.

    • SADU

      alsfa haj k sath tableegh e islam bhi bohat zarori hai wo kon sa us say autograph leny gye thy Allah ki bat he ki thi na us say ap ko pata hai k quran main likha hai k wo log zyda gunahgar hain jo khud to ibaadat krty hain or dosry log jo un k as pas burai main mubtala hoon un ko nahi rokty wo haj k arkan chor k to nahi gye na us say bat krny jab farig hoon gy tab he bat ki ho gi hainA islam ka aham rukun hai khud burai sy bachna or dosron ko us say rokna

  • SADU

    hamari qaum main yeh bara problem h koi acha kam kr raha ho us py nagitive comments dena shuru kr dety hain matlab kya junaid gun point py kapry bechta hai sasty bhi hain us ki dukan py kapry jo mehngy nai ly sakta wo sasty ly jo bhi itny mehngy kapry ly ga us k y k pas haram ki kamai he ho gi wo ghareebon ko loot k pesy kamaty hain yeh un sy wapis ly k achy kamoon main lagata hai jo nahi afford kr sakta wo kahin or sy ly ly kon sa dunia main aakhri dukan junaid ki hai ya vo jannat k libaas bechta hai jis pr ghareebon ka haq bhi hai pr wo nai khareed sakty khudara apny girybaan main jhankain k ham kya kya krty hainn jo Allah pak ko nai pasand or agr yeh nai kr sakty to dosron py ilzamat lagana chor dain

  • syed arsalan

    Masha Allah

  • bint.e.adam

    plz aap sub se request hai k kapre bechna tejarat hai or kya tajir nekokar ho to wo banawat krta hai? aisi baat hai to plz sb apne ander jhanko or dekho k hum log kitne logoun se acha khate, pehnete or ache ghar mein rehte hain bht se log bht acha busns krte hain . to aise log agr naiki b sath sath karein to kya wo banawat hai? junaid 1 aisa insan hai js mein itni hemmat hai k wo khud acha kaam kare or 2sro ko b naseehat kare, na k fazool ki tanqeed. wo log jo un k khilaf baat kr rahe hain wo kon hote hain kisi ko judge krne wale? ALLAH her kisi ki neyat janta hai.

  • zahra

    Laanat hy is Moulanay pe or Junaid or iske manane walon pe…

    • Guest

      Behan aap zara alfazon ka sahi istemaal karen. Koi agar acha kaam kar raha hai tou uski achi nigah se dekhain, Us ki niyat hum main se koi nahin jaan sakta tou plz kuch assume na karen. Baaqi ghalat niyat hogi ya sahi us ka hisaab kitaab sirf Allah karney wala hai.

    • areebaiqbal

      apne name ka hi kch pa'as rakh lo pyari behna. Allah k pyare nabi s.a.w.w. ki beti ka name he aur un k tareqon p chalne walon p hi lanat kr rai ho. aurten isi lye jahannum m ziada hngi k wo lanat bht krti hn

    • jaani

      you are right beshumar lanat on this fake junaid jamshed and his leader the hate mongering and fitnah creating tariq jameel. Ppl are brainwashed by these so called muslims no wonder the muslim ummah is going no where because they dont have good muslim role models. Thanks sister zahra for speaking the truth!

    • Irfan

      Tumhare allfazo se barelviyat ki boo aa rahi

  • ObT

    excuse me Ayesha.
    First, aap kon hoti ho jo insaan ko judge karey.
    Secondm Junaid bhai agar 50k ka shalwar kameez sale kartey bhi hain tou Allah Pak ne un ka rizq iss kaam mein muqarar kiya hai, Allah bht kareem hai. Pehle JJ songs sing kar k kamatey they, aab Allah Pak k tareeqey sey. Woh koi unfair nai kar rahy kisi k saath, Halaal ki kamai hai woh, abb jis ka jitna rate ho ga us hisaab sey sale karey ga na woh.
    Btw jj ki shop pey kou shalwar kameez 50k ka nai hai, ussey Sherwani kaha jata hai Dhakkaan.
    And aap nai lo 50k ka, mein tou ln ga.
    Aur ainda kisi ko aisy judge na karna plxx.
    Aap log bhi tou beauty parlour ja k 50k kharch karti ho, woh bhi tou fuzool kharch hai, jis ki Islaam ijazat nai deta. Islam is the religion of pleace, unity, brotherhood and simplicity. Spread this message not post these foolish comments.

  • QAA

    According to my knowledge in Islam there is no limit for profit but for doing business shopekeeper has to keep in mind that he doesn't hide the fault of the product second thing hoardig is not allowed in Islam. Market is open for every one, every body has liberty to buy a product of his choice according to his pocket. JJ brand shalwal kameez etc are not life saving drug meaning hereby these are not necessary for everyone to buy it, so why criticism????
    In Hong Kong non-branded jeans are avilable @ HK$ 70 but at the sametime branded jean goes @ HK$ 3000. It depend on everyone that he can buy his utility according to his pocket limit when market is open.

    • Zeshan

      islam kehta hay , muavza aap ki mehnat ka milna aap ka haq hay. yeh kahan likha hay k aap apnay naam ka bhi muavza(payment)lain gay. hamara musla yeh hay k hum har cheez ko bari shiddat say lay tay hain. aur jisko pasand kartay hain uskay khilaf jayez baat bhi bardasht nahi kar saktay.
      secondly jo cheez hamain pasand ho tee hay tou uskay liye kasoti ya example nonmuslims k actions ko bana layta hain, and very next second treat those nonmuslims like animals or call them KAFIR so harshly. kia yeh munfiqat nahi??
      jahan tak QAA sahib nay kaha jiski pocket allow karay ya liberty hay jo chahay khareed lay. so whats the difference between civilized society and rule of jungle where might is right. in old USSR main yehi tha , jiskay paas taqat hay wo doosray say cheen lay.

  • Mahnoor

    dress of 50,000?people are very rich who buy so expensive dresses but they should
    also look at those who do not have ordinary suite to wear and cover their body.Hazrat Muhammad(pbu) and all caliph and still anyone who is a true Muslim, they never collect and safe money and never do so much expensive shopping.Usually,they have few dresses,shoes and thats it. I know a person who dies few years ago.He was a lawyer basically but he always worked for poor people and free of charge.When he died, only two dresses,one pair of shoes and one pair of sleeper and few Islamic books were his belongings.He was a very religious person and spend whole life in ibadat,serving her old mother,did not marry and helped people.While has been dead but his heart was beating in a way like busy in zikr.Someone noticed his chest movement and doctor was called but dr again confirmed that he has died.These are people called ALLAH K Bunday/true Muslims.
    It is not appropriate for any Muslim to wear so expensive dress.

  • wildlily

    why is it that every muslim has to to wake up after watching such videos….????i mean u can be a good muslim without getting impressed from people like junaid jamshed and amir khan.seriously Allah bless every one if you look up to him if u pray to him with your heart He don't need you to get impress from these people.

  • jawad

    allah molana ki mehnat qabool frmay or amir khan ko daee bnay

  • Saadi

    Hidayat ALLAH ke haath main hai. Poori dunia ke insaano ke dil ALLAH ke qabzay main aur jismain Hidayat ki talab hoti hai aur wo uske liye koshish karta hai ALLAH PAAK usko zaroor Hidayat daitay hain. Hamara kaam mehnat karna hai aur apni fikar karte hue dosro ko ISLAM seekhne aur uspar amal karne ki dawat daini hai baqi Hidayat daina ALLAH ka kaam hai.

    ALLAH behtar jantay hain niyato ke haal. Jitna main J.J. ko janta hon he is a nice person aur wo apni Islah ki koshish main ALLAH ko razi karne ki koshish main laga hua hai aur saath saath Dawat ki mehnat bhi karaha hai.

    ISLAM main profit ka ratio muqarrar nahi laiken munasib munafa laina chahiye aur J.J. ki shop par har tarha ke suits hain agar meri range main nahi arahe to main usko kyon ghalat kahon. Ab koi banda acha suit aur sherwani pehenna chahta hai expensive to JJ se bhi laisakta aur Amir Adnan se bhi. Baqi is baat ko bunyad banakar kisi ke Jannati aur Jahannumi honay ka faisal kardaina yeh ghalat hai. Hamara yahi masla hai sari dunia apne ilawa kafir nazar aati hai.

  • durrani

    can u post the video you referred to about aamir khan talking about his hajj experience?


    ALLAH hum sabb koo Bhee HiDaYat Naseeb farmawein…. Aamin

  • Faisal

    Maulana tariq jameel,junaid bhai,shahid bhai ap ko or jo daawat ki mehnat ma lagy hue han un sab ki Allah jan ki maal ki or izzat ki hifazat kary or Allah ap ko or logon ki hidaayat ka zaria banaee,ameen

  • http://www.facebook.com/muhammad.hasnain.944 Muhammad Hasnain Awan

    mashala ALLAh amir khan ko apny rsty my qabol kry ameen

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