Kaash Aisa ho Episode 6 in High quality on Ary Digital – 2nd march 2013

Kaash Aisa ho Episode 6 in High quality on Ary Digital - 2nd march 2013 Playwire
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Hina

    Shayaan needs a new pair of pants STAT

  • SAB


  • SAb


  • hiba noor

    v nyccc drama ………

  • hina

    saba qamar u rocked again

  • hina

    i realy like saba choosed characterz

  • Nazu

    admin plz do something. dramas r nt working.

  • Irfaa

    Shayan is not that poor that he cant change his this stupid pant :D

    • mahoon

      HAHAHA..Thats what i do think :D

      • Delta force

        Man seriously it looks so gay on him and his some **** part is half visible in those weirdo trousers. hahaga lol

        • alzebit

          u r such a stupied gay

      • alzebit

        u r loozer give same comments

    • arshiaa

      haahaahaahaa right right :P

    • Amber

      Those pants look like pyjamas .. i dont know why he dont change them when he is out of house

    • http://www.facebook.com/aliya.malik.1441 Aliya Malik

      He is just playing his part. Artists are never concerned of their dressing. This is usually how you see them.

  • Ek larki

    Yeh “murghi ki tang” bahut famous hai aaj kal kai dramas main……lol aur Shayan kai kaprey wah wah lagta tha kai PJ pehan rakhe hain

  • Mahak

    Shayan and Irfa, They are first time together on screen and i must say that their chemistry together is magical. They absolutely look like a heaven made pair.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002647409240 Farrukh Aqil

    Saba Qamar is far more beautiful than that milli! Who the hell they have brought in her comparison!

  • Shanzey

    press kerney chali blue shirt aur dusrey din use kiya white shirt

  • mohiba

    irfa itni sari shirts le ai ek pant b le ati yar :P

    • Seemi Khan

      Bechari ney soch hee nahi lol

  • danish khawaja

    shayan sahab mili kai ishq mai giriftar ho jaingai kia kahty hain aap log

    • mohiba

      han yehi lag rha hai.. pehle mili start le gi then shayan phans jai ga.

    • Seemi Khan

      Muje nahi lagta lol

  • An Artist

    I don’t think we should be disrespecting the clothing of the characters, in this case Shayan’s pants. In fact, jab maine pehli baar Shayan ka outfit dekha in this drama serial I was amazed. They are unique, different and show him as a true artist. What fun would there be if it was not for his unique pants. Hamein apni soch ko broad minded rakhna chahiye, and appreciate people if they dress differently. Artist is wajah se hota hai, is liye uska andaaz hi aur hai!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamal.daud.71 Jamal Daud

    saba u look so sexy i want u 1 night plz i give 2 lack pak rupees if u need more contact me

    • Seemi Khan

      Isska result pata hai. Jahannum ki Aag.

    • sani

      cheap loog

  • Maliha

    Hmmm since when is Maliha an old fashioned name ? I love my name !

  • Seemi Khan

    Kia baat hai “Meri Jaan”

  • malik

    jamal daud, disgusting comments how can these b published, awful. u sick minded doofus!

    • Seemi Khan


  • rusmalai123

    Agree bad comments.
    shayan will marry milli and leave irfa, men r such loosers, im an artist but i wouldn’t do this.

  • dua

    Owsume Drama
    Wonderfull Acing By Saba

  • Ahmed dxb

    maliha new love of shayaan :D

  • Qaisrani


  • Anam hameed

    i also agree with u guys his trouser make me tired off but overall his personality is too good

  • Ub

    Lagta ha shop ha jeans ki jo sab ko prob ho rahi ha..designer tu dekho ..look tum jaise larko ki dekhai ha

  • irfa

    jamal daud ne to sari limit hi cross kr di kuch shrum kro

  • kmal

    jamal daud tm ne to limit hi cross krdi shrum kro kuch………………………

    • fahad

      u r right mam komal

  • khalid

    loosi or mahjabeen ki jori achi ha

  • Ashfaq ahmed butt

    Turning out to be same triangular story “hero” wife & rich babe……….writers create some thing new fad up with all these stupid stories there is a lot we should focus other then this.

  • imran

    good work ( both saba+mohib)

  • Amber

    shayan might marry Maliha for wealth …. so predictable

  • syeda arishayali

    this daram is realy nice and beautifull

  • maha

    gud ha

  • umar

    nice drama

  • http://www.facebook.com/raza.hazara.54 Raza Azra

    Nice drama

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