Kabhi Kabhi Episode 4 by ARY digital 4th october 2013

Kabhi Kabhi Episode 4 by ARY digital 4th october 2013 Tune Full Dailymotion Parts
Pakistani Drama Reviews
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  • Bushra Hasan

    awsommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme ,love the lead. :) plz no separation:(

  • Ayesha Sadiq

    Great episode.anxiously waiting for next.

  • faisal malik

    awsommmm i lik so so much this luv story.

  • Buffalo from Lahore

    Akhir-kaar donon ne maan hi lya kay donon ko aik doosray say mohabbat hai :)

  • Hina Gul

    I love this drama

  • Jiya Chaudhary

    Aweeeessssssooooommmmmmeeeee <3

  • Syeda

    Dad is such a Schemer, I feel sorry for Rehbar now, although I hated him earlier!
    and WTH wrong with Araiz’s Sister, apnay bhai ko kush nahi dekh sakti :O

  • kashif

    guys, dn’t u think k there r 2 many hug scenes in our dramas now a days? it is nt our culture… our religeon prohibits it. no doubt it i happening in our society but it is propegated by Media. we should stop it and observe limits. love can be expressed without hugging. we all should think and work to save the sanctity our culture .

    • zincman

      why do u guys create ur own interpretation of religion…until they were not hugging everything was fine…now its wrong…just because u think hugging is wrong..as far as religion is concerned..all the rest of the things being shown are also equally wrong..

      • hassan

        agreed with kashif. zincman there must be some limits directors should avoid such kind of things. they should stop showing the acts which r n’t the part of our culture.

        • urwa

          i agree wih u all serious its not our culture

          • kashif

            This is cultural encroachment, western impressed Indian culture is prevailing through Media. our media is blindly following indians. this is desasterous.

          • urwa

            media is doing and our pakistanis r also following media they sholud stop this but they r following it

        • kashif

          thnks a lot

      • Alee

        i 100% agree

      • kashif

        ya. bt man ne mzhab ki bat to ki ni, man ne to culture ki bat ki ha. riligeon is smthnh els

        • ozma nawaz

          yes culture is different and religion is different ….culture main aesy log bhi hain ju yehi sab dekhna chaty hain…inhi logon k ly tu aisa dekhaty hain…other words ab in ko dramo main bhi masaly ki zarorat par gai hai…

        • zincman

          we have to bring in religion because..there is no definition of modesty without religion…what u consider culturally fine may be immodest for others…culture is the name we give to our own interpretations on how to live life…there are no rules, laws or textbooks..which u can use to say that a certain thing is right or wrong…it will be just your point of view which will have no weightage…

    • Alee

      yes its true…
      mera tou mu khula ka khula reh jata hay k ya khuda kia dekha rae hain :(

      • kashif


    • Sparkling Star

      Totally agreed…………..bohat behudgi lagti he………….hate such dramas……….:) If we just watch old dramas we can see that love can be expressed without hugging or even touching……..like “dhoop kinare” of Haseena Moin…..

      • kashif

        thnks. we shud say no to this

    • ozma nawaz

      yes u r right…n sad that ye log movies main aisa karin beshak wo family k bager dekhny ki opt bhi hai but …ye tu har time on hi…

  • lady

    i love its muzik,,

  • bye bye

    what a rubbish drama.n rubish story.n overacting of mehvish hayat

    • Alee

      yes true
      artificial lgti hay bht

  • bye bye

    materialism n dunya plus fake emotion masala.total waste

    • Saher

      lol true that

  • Muzna Anwer

    Wowww jxt awsum ehaan & mhwish luv that drama:-):-)

  • Haider Ali Akhtar

    nosheens acting,clothing is far better than mehwish.mehwish ki acting manjali mien kamaal ki thi..is mien boht over lag rahi hai.

    • pyari jesi

      is mai role he over hai toh acting b over he hu ge naah :D

      • Haider Ali Akhtar

        aik perhi likhi decent larki ka role ha jis ko over kr rahi hai..i like mehwish bt is drama mien disappoint kia hai..drama mien jo clothing pehn rahi ha wo bhi bilkul suit nai kr rahi us ko .

  • Bushra Hasan

    listen to its title song .sung by Iliciya dyaz ,AMAZING ,ITS AVAILABLE at sound cloud

  • Mahi Qureshi


  • Paras

    quite interesting!!!

  • Bashir Ahmed Wani

    Nice drama

  • imaanmalik

    nice drama tar uuuufffff

  • pyari jesi

    javed sheikh ne apna secret rahbar ko kiun bataya :/ yeh toh sahi bewakofi ki usne apna plan bata ker ! ab sahi badla le ga rahbar in sab se. .

  • Brown Eyes

    Hadd ho gai bhaiee, star plus k jansheen na hoo tou

  • Brown Eyes

    Very armantic

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