Karz episode 1 by ARY digital 29th june 2013

Karz episode 1 by ARY digital 29th june 2013 Tune.pk Dailymotion
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • sofia

    Did anone read that report in DAWN Newspaper yesterday:

    KARACHI, June 27: Pakistan ranks the second with the most out-of-school children in the world with only Nigeria ahead of it.
    About one fourth of the 19.75 million children in Pakistan aged five to nine were out of school .

    What is going to happen? What are those children going to become? what is the future of Pakistan?

    • Redbull

      really that was written in dawn newspaper. I read it in Times Magazine a week ago. india ranks number 3 with 1.5 million children out of school and Philippine ranks number 4. dawn newspaper plagiarized the text from Times magazine. nothing is going to happen except a miracle. the situation will continue to worse…

  • Roshni Rose

    Jo maa ka khayal ni rakhta uska bura anjam hoga dunia or akhrat ma or asi
    Babu ko na apna burapa yad hy na Akhrat

    • sss

      obvsly yeh humy seekhane ki liye he bnaya gya hai

  • sss

    anyone agree??

    • Shameem

      These days young educated people don’t get jobs. Who would want to hire old men and women? And at that age most of them have health problems. If an elderly mother is unqualified ( most of them are) should she go and wash dishes and clean floors in people’s home, with arthritis in her joints and high blood pressure, just to preserve her khuddari, and just so her son can enjoy a peaceful life with his wife?
      What is required is that if sons are not manly enough to take care of their elderly parents or parents who depend on them, they should put them in some shelter like Edhi, or find some other place for them where they can spend the rest of their days in dignity.
      In India homes have been built for parents whose children put them there because they don’t want them living with them. Most of them are those who live abroad and can afford to pay for their apartment! Such homes have high rents!

  • ABCD

    Parent’s should not expect anything from their children. They should save something for their old age so that they live independently. If children do something for their parents then it’s really good but parent’s shouldn’t be dependent on their children at all.

    • Hal

      Exactly I agree totally no expectation from anyone only from Allahtallah

    • Sehar

      Exactly..this old Hindu mentality has destroyed Pakistan. Noone should put “beriyaan” in their children’s feet. I believe in “Khuddi” and Khuddari”.. Shame on parents who become soo dependent. This only happens in Pakistan. Even in our neighboring countries old people have started working hard and are not dependent on anyone. I just feel everyone in Pakistan is trying to emotionally black mail or control some one somehow or the other..

      • A leezay

        Kon si Hindu mentality ….according to Islamic sharah maa ka haq betay pay sab say zayada hota hay walid say bhi teen guna zayada ….aur ager aisa hi hay to biwi bachon ko bhi khudi aur khuddari say jeena chahiyay na kuon becharay mian kay paon ki barian banay hoay ho apna kamao apna khao our progressed counties ki terhan dogs say dil lagao mager maa baap ko na pochna ….and be prepared for the result in dunya and akhrat both….

      • Shameem

        And what if the parents did their best and could not save enough for their retired age? Used all that money to give their children a good life. And better education? Even then it is not the son’s responsibility to make his parents or parent’s life a little comfortable in their old age? Or would a better option for them would be to go and live in Edhi’s shelter or beg at street corners? Would that be considered ‘khuddari’ ? The problem is that our thinking has become westernized but we should keep in mind that the West takes care of it’s senior citizens whereas our government or our rich have done nothing to address this issue. So as our religion says it is the son’s responsibility to take care of his parents and if the wife has any problem with that she should go home and take care of HER OWN PARENTS UNTIL OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT DOES SOMETHING FOR IT’S SENIOR CITIZENS!

    • Shameem

      I suggest that parents should not send their children to expensive schools. Let them go to public schools, eat simple food and wear simple clothes. Sons should be married as late as possible and the nikah should be held in mosques. Perhaps they will be treated better by them then?

  • B Khan Hira

    100%agree with all as shouldn’t expect anything from anyone let alone parents, i want to do something for my kid so he doesn’t have to work hard and carry on with his dreams unlike me who always worked hard and only got duas from parents

    • kasssh

      apni “mother in law” k baray main kya khayal hay app ka?

      • B Khan Hira

        mashAllah my mother in law Allah unko meri zyndagi bhi day dey, got a big house , rented houses income and we pampered her all the time

        • Sehar

          What about your own mother?? Do you do this for her too??

          • B Khan Hira

            she is not in this world any more but she was my saheli too , I used to say Allah amee please behn suniye na , so my mum was very cool person and before getting married and coming abroad , I was very close to my mum

  • B Khan Hira

    Maa Paap kay liye apni jaan maal aur sub kuch day do , jisnay maa baap ki respect ki , mohabbat ki unki karwi baat ko hans kar sunna wo janaat mein jain gay , maa kay qadmo kay neechay jannat hay tu baap uss janat ka darwaza ,

  • B Khan Hira

    teen Gunah Kabira aur inki maafi nahi hogi , Allah kay sath shirk, maa baap say bura salook aur Lying under oath and false witness

    • Sehar

      Well really.. the entire Pakistan does all of these regularly so why not this one as well.

  • fark

    My family story :( this how my elder brothers and their cunning wives deal with my old age parents in sickness while they suffer to even have decent food in their plates. and they are living a luxurious life in US with 7 bedroom house, and parents are back in home and begging for money to buy medicines. my father spent all his saving and money, mother sold all her jewelry on their weddings and for their career,studies at the end she does not even a single penny to go the doctor :(((( ……………………as a daugher i have seen them in pain and it is so hard to see all that and im trying my best that i can earn something for them inshallah. plz pray for my parents and for me that i help them and take care of them……….

    • sadi

      Ap befikr rhen, kal un ky bachy bhe apny parents k sath yehi kren gy, Allah ki lathi beawaz hy.. bs meri tu dua hy Allah hm sb k parents ko hamesha khush rkhy, Ameen

      • fark

        shukriya behen, laikin hum us din ko dekhne se bhi darr khaatay hain k woh din na aye k unki aulad unkay saath esa karay. Allah karay ussay pehle hi unko hosh aa jaye or woh maa baap se unkay is duniya se jaanay se pehle hi maafi maang le inshallah. Acha hai k yehi par full stop lag jaye or yeh kahani agay baar baar repeat na ho. kyo k agar unkay bacho ne yeh kiya tu unkay bhi agay bachay yehi kareingay na…….bus hamay aapki duao ki zaroorat hai. or haan mei bhi kisi bhabi ban chuki hoon kaye saalo pehle. is liye alhamdulilah meri aik nand hai or baree hai mujhse jo mujhe apni choti baby sister ki tarha chaahti hain. har bhabi ya nand buree nahee hoti hain. or dosro ko blame karne se pehle hamara apna hi sikka khota nikla tu kya karein………

    • ainy

      in sha Allah apki madad Allah kary ga…Ameen

    • B Khan Hira

      where do u live ? i can imagine but u are right about brothers and their bitches wives ( feel like killing them) , my mother died as my bitch sister in law fed my mother uncooked food caused food poisoning and after three days her heart was so weak that she died after cardiac arrest

      • B Khan Hira

        she was so happy when my mum died , she wants to change the house before her 40th day

        • ruby

          jo larki apni bhabi to social media pay bitch keh rahi hay and she also want to kill her,, my god i feel sorry for that bhabi ,and “un cooked food” yar tum loogoon ko bhabiyoon ki koi baat achi b lagti hay your mother (R.I.P) died un ki mugfirat k liye duaa karoo,kiun un ki rooh koi takleef day rahi hoo , apni bhabi ko qatil kah k,tum social media pay ye bool rahi ho samnay tu tum nay us ka jina hi haram ker dia hoga,yad rakhoo merna sab nay ek din hay,,jab wo uncooked food serve ker rahi thi tu tum kahhan thi ??samnay thi ????tu cook kerdati ager samnay nai thi tu how do you know that food was uncooked , meri bhi naand hay meray moun pay mujay bitch kehti hay or meri mother in law help less hain iss saray maslay main,,,cuz wo un ki ek hi beti hay sooo,,,i have to face all this.

          • B Khan Hira

            i was abroad and cooking for my husband,mother in law n kids unlike my bhabhi used to stay half day in parlour

          • ruby

            tu yar tu apni bhabi ko maa ya beti ya behan samaj k maaf ker do simple ,ek kami reh gai tumhari taleem main kisi ko bitch nahi ketay mind it ,story bohat achi likh lati ho lol cunning nand

          • B Khan Hira

            meri maa kabhi nahi wapus aasakti hay , aur na hi bhabhi ki gai hoi izzat

          • B Khan Hira

            believe me not all girls r same , meri maa bhi unko nahi pasand karti thi-problem hi social hay aur media per hi dikhai jaa rahi hay tu kehna hi paray ga

          • ruby

            meri beti kisi ko meray samnay bitch kahay tu sahi, main sab say pehlay us k moun taper maroon gi ,kisi inssan ko bitch kehna meri terbiyat nahi hoga mind you!!!!!!! acha tu , tum ye chati hoo k tum bhabi ko bitch kahoo wo tum ko laad karay shame on you ,,achi cooking kerti ho net pay dramoon say time mil jata hay?????? ,daway tu main b ker sakti hoon,,likhnay main kia herj hay ,ab agar tum nay answer kia tu tum say ziyada farig koi nai hay lolzzz

          • Mahrukh

            yes har bhabhi buri nai hoti na hi har nund buri hoti hai

            but bat ya hai with the passage of time hum rishtoon ( relations ) Ka taqadus bhool gai hain, ALLAH hum sub ko naik hidayat day AMEEN!!

    • gull

      Allah aysay baytay kisi ko na day thankx God meray bachay he nahi hain 13 year say shadi shuda hoon olad ke tarap hote hai lakin app ke batain sun kay taraam jasay kahen kho gae hai kay ager meray olad ho jate or ase hote tooo us dukh say ye dukh kafe bhala hai

    • Mahrukh
  • raziiiii

    last part is not workinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • AtiQa khan

    is dramey ko humare liye hi banaya gya hai take hum apne maa baap behan bhai ki respect karen nd unko unka haaq bhi den yeh nhi k agr khud kama rahy hain tou khud apne ko baap samaj len…..wohi bat ajati hai k 2 maa baap 10 bachy paal lete hain lekin 10 bachy 2 maa baap ko nhi so sad ..:(((((((((((

    • Sehar

      Goodness…this is all due to everyone living together.. That is why everyone should love seprately..this entire Pakistan needs a change. everyone should work-women and men like a progressed nation..atleast this crap will be avoided..Tauba.. all the time–how can one progress when all day and night there are issues of joint family and everyone wants to be dependent on one another. Emotional blackmailing all the time..

  • gustavo

    beatiful direction, story and cast …wonderful drama

  • shahzad


  • Sehar

    All these people learn in Pakistan is “emotional blackmailing” , controlling each other anyway possible even though relations, and honestly some relations like parents are made not to expect. Otherwise they will not be called “parents’. And yeah kids don’t come by themselves–its parents who bring them in this world hence they have to take their responsibility. Parents bring “aulaad’ for their own khushi and selfishness as well. So they should take care of children–Isn’t it a selfless rishta.
    Also why do they expect everything from the eldest son. Why from someone who already has sooo much responsibility?? Why. I think the responsibility should be more on the single children-since they have no other responsibility like wives/husbands or children..

  • Sehar

    I think the responsibility should be more on single children since they have the least responsibolity and the responsibility should be on daughters and sons both and not materially. Money wise parents should take care of themselves. I hate this drama full of emotional blackmailing and pity pity..hated its beginning.. This idiot mother needs to let go of her son. he is a father and husband.. He is not a baby anymore..stop expecting soo much and take care of your other . being old does not mean that children become your parents. Its amazing how they think that children become their parents in old age…Tauba..let children be children and be parents yoirself..

    • Shiza

      All crap written by you all over the page. Bakwaas. Seems Bari chott khayii hey. Tabhi yahan bharaas nikaall Rahi ho. Khair Be Hisssii ki bhi hadd hoti hay. Relationsships are based on love and care at every point of life not be hissi. Khair ultay dimag ke log bhi hotay hein aapki tarah jo values ko iss tarah pamaaal kernay ko freedom ka naam detay hein, parhay likhay jahil log, dimag ka khalllall kehtay hein issy that can never be treated.

  • Sehar

    Thats right..this drama teaching good stuff. Don’t let your children succeed..don’t let them be what they want to be—especially once they are married. Before marriage ask them to do this do that..but once married tell them to give up on jobs, on houses and other stuff..

  • Sehar

    The entire society is built upon hypocrisy, lies, exploitation and emotional blackmailing..Time ti rebuild the society in this aspect too. Time to change dependency on sons and more dependency on oneself..Time for Khuddari and khuddi..

  • Shameem

    Great drama! A lesson for women! They should get as much education as possible so that they don’t have to depend even on their husbands or parents or brothers!
    God bless United States and Europe for building old people’s homes and taking care of their senior citizens! God bless guys like Edhi as well! Pakistan needs more philanthropists like him. Rich people should donate generously to Edhi foundation!
    This drama is not emotional blackmailing! It is an eye opener for women! Get higher education! Don’t depend on anybody!

  • Mia

    toh phir maaein aisa kyu nahi karti kai baito ki shaadiya hi na karwaa ay…..puri zindagi apni gaud mai bithaayay….seriously it’s ridiculous… so tired of dramas with evil daughter in laws and evil mother in laws.

  • Gosho0o

    Ajeeb Baighairat Bhai Hai Chota Wala Bhai To Itna Bara Hai Bahar Nikal Kar Koi Kam Kar Or Ammi Or Behan Ka Bojh Utha Le Ohh Sorry Drama Hai Un Real Situation

  • nadan

    insaniyat k naty bahu ka farz hey jis had tak uski istatat ho kry….strange….. koi nahin samjhta k islam kia hey….. islam ney olad ko maa bap ki khidmat ka hukam dia hey…. bahu ko nahin…. wo chahy to kry warna uski zimedari nahin hey shohar k maa bap na he khuda ney susral k sath reh kr jutian seedhi krny ka hukam dia hey…. ye bety ka farz hey k maa bap ki zimedari ka khayal rakhy or ye bhi k behn bhaion se sila rehmi kary…. han behn bhai bhi apni zimedari khud uthaen….
    miyana rawi akhtayar ki jae to kaheen masla nahin hota
    maa bap ko unki zindagi guzarny do apni zimedari puri kro
    bivi k sath apni zindagi guzaro apni zimedari puri kro
    dono se mohabat se paish ao
    bs life set hey

    • rubby

      or ager behan ya maa bewi k sath hewanoo wala salook karin galiyaan dain tu kia sohar bewi ko protect na karay ,agar protect karay tu wo nafermaan beta hay???or maa k hukaam per bewi ko talaak day day ??in sab k bawajood wo behan say or maa say muhabbat karay??
      i m not arguing with you i just want to know wat a person can do???/

  • shameem

    This drama has affected me deeply! It has painted a true picture of our society!
    They average salary a man gets is not enough to keep body and soul together. Saving is out of the question. Not all men allow their wives to work. So they try to give their sons the best education possible by denying themselves so many things.
    They hope their future will be better after their sons get good jobs, little knowing that they will be treated like trash and thrown out, after their sons get married!

  • Saira

    LANAT hai aisi bahu per

  • Saira

    Bahu ki sorat main aik kutta bhonk rha hai

  • Anam

    bahu to bahu betay ko sharam nahi k maa k leay stand lay…Agar beta chahay to aisi BV ko control ker sakta hai laikin asal be sharam to wo khud hai jo usnay Biwi ko shay di hui hai :/

  • Amber Naveed

    not interasted serial i dnt like this serial

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