Khushi aik Roag Episode 19 – 15 october 2012 on Ary Digital

Khushi aik Roag Episode 19 – 15 october 2012 on Ary Digital
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Shakirah

    awsum episode….

    • shix@

      gr8 drama..

  • Hichki

    This is not working on my ipad even on puffin browser only a flash player logo comes up i had been watching videos on puffin lately but dont know why its not working anymore

  • learner987

    awesome drama….heart soul touching…..showng the dirty minds and face of our society….Na jeenay dy ye dunia Na Marny dy..

  • fiza

    very nice specially shahood acting.i love this drama cuz great message for us .

  • Nyla

    Back ground Music of episode 19 was really bad, nothing but loud noise, drowning the dialogues, same problem with most of TV dramas.

  • ibrahim

    very nice drama

  • H M A


  • Lubnarashid

    after this drama im a very huge fan of shahood alvi, nice drama gr8 message ,but unfortunately our society is very mean……


    Awesome Drama it shows our mentality level is too much low and dirty which we have to improve

  • Talqeen Ahmad

    I like YUMNA ZAIDI's acting too.

  • ramsha

    i just love this drama…
    specially acting of khushi's father is terrific….! :)

  • aisha

    I really luv this drama,,,,
    every one has acted so well !!

  • aysham

    nice drama

  • annie

    I love this drama Sabeer,Ayaan,nd Khusi actng is goooooooood.

  • sarah

    why do people not see such a nice and loveable dramas aur aghar yahan mahira khan ka koe drama hota to aub tk 100 comments ho chuke hone the

    • sami

      i agree it is a very decent issue based drama.

  • javeria ali

    I love ayan

  • mirza

    videos are dragging why? especially this one

  • imsa

    exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent drama..superb..what a story….an imprtant issue…great dialogues….outstanding presentation.

  • Ali Khan

    Very Best Drama & Also Thanks To DramasOnline For Helping us To Watch The Dramas Anytime….

  • mano

    zafer needs more slap

  • ma_eng

    nice drama…………
    finally i found its videos………….
    very good acting

  • M.Ksshif jutt

    If you dramas play 3 days in every week then more people see this story. So iam kindly to .

  • munawar

    very nice

  • nadir khan

    khushi is goo0d actor i like khushi acting.main boht shok se dekhta tha ye darama thank u

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