Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan Last Episode 23 – 11th March 2012

Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan Last Episode 23 - 11th March 2012 [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXjzxs_U8U8[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFP10dNVRF0[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVfKs4bq8kc[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt-vyc66eBc[/youtube]
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Sidra

    beautiful story….. lekin yahan 2 parts missing hain….. :)

    • prince rehan

      to hoi he ni

  • Waji Shah

    its was very nice play. i like it very much. n i congrats to Kuch pyar ka pagal pan whole team for make this wonderful play.

  • kashif

    good work.

  • Shehzadi Neelofer

    Jesi bekaar story thi, wesa bekaar end.

    Full of over acting by Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan.

    Kuch Haissam Hussain (director) Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha.

    • Shehzadi Neelofer

      Very bad direction by Haissam Hussain. Bohot saray scenes aisay thay jin main aik admi cameray k samnay mu kerkay khara hai aur baqi uss k pichay kharay hain jin ki shaklen bhi sahi naza nahi aarhen. Pooray kay pooray scenes aik hi angle se camaera samany rakhk lapait diye.

      • maroof

        Madam Shahzadi

        Camera k spelling tu seekh lo pehle phir direction main galtian nikalna.

        It was really a nice work by all of them. It was too good. we spent good time with it. thats it. direction or camera work jo b ha laikin acha time guzra and thats it

  • ali raza

    i like this very………… much.i dnt mis it even during my exams.

  • nomi

    such a boringggggggggggggggg end

  • http://dramasonline.com Anna Butt

    Boring End

  • Azka Qaiser

    zabardast……………….when i watch it it make me laugh all the time its really a pagalpan ……….luv it.

  • hina

    plz, koi site jahan yeh episode complete ho, because yahan yeh complete nahee hai alteast eik part tu missing hai

    • raza

      koi part nahi missing miss ji .best drama after hamsafar.great work love it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ranamkh Sherry

    Kuch b missing nahi hy janz

    even uploading time maybe somthing got wrong our

    is se acha end kiya hoga? ?

    Ye koi star plus ka drama tu hy nahi jo mar k b wapis ajata hy

    pakistani dramaz has world famous so i love it soooooooo much coz end tu hogiya na

    Ayesha n sanam and fawad greatest acting yaar yahan makkah myn sara din office myn gozar jata hy tu raat myn galaxy tab pe hmmm drama dekhne ka bht maza ata hy

    ac on blanket k andar soooooo sweeet love u allz

  • anaya

    end bakwas tha

  • http://123 raoshahid

    so good

  • hina


  • Masood Baloch

    lovely enddddddddd………….

  • munaza

    very boring n bkwaaaaaaaaaaas ending


    superbb drama nd d end was owesome…<3 <3

  • Khan Zada

    False ending and a faulty ending drama and even more sounds like an indian drama!!!!!!!! What u reckon guys??????

  • bilal khan

    very good play i like it so much last episode is so beautiful and good end

  • http://deleted faryal

    i luv this drama good end and fawad u rocks……….;) miss it alot

  • Sumbal

    what a poor story!!


    fzool drama

  • hirra

    fzul bkws drama

  • BubloO

    shukar hy khatam hua. fazool tha lolz

  • nimBA

    bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas end……….. time barbaad krwaya………..

  • Sadia

    Drama was good up until the point Shamrez and Kiran start stalking Denise and Mushtaba. From then onwards it just lost the plot. The Drama wasn't entirely shot in US parts of it looked like some Middle Eastern Country. Shamrez spent the entire drama wearing suits when in fact Americans are quite casual in their daily life, jeans t shirts etc so he looked like a complete misfit American Desi. He wasn't at the office most of the time as he was too busy following a married couple. They also showed Denise driving a limo with the drivers seat on the right side when US is left. Kiran's character was amusing in parts but most of the time she was really pushy and irritating, her clothes make up and hairstyle were just awful. Mushtaba wanted to fast track his career his career and residency she too advantage of that and manipulated him into getting engaged to her for the sake of a green card. This only happened once she knew who his chacha

  • Sadia

    contd ….. This only happened once she knew how wealthy his chacha was. Later on she developed feelings but Mushtaba didn't feel the same. He should have been honest with her but he kept her hanging in the hopes that she'll get fed up and break it off herself which most men do. When he dumped her I found it hard to sympathize with her because of her strategy behind getting engaged to him in the first place. Then comes along Shamrez again they both have the same motivation do break up Denise and Mushtaba. All that goes on between them is a bunch of childish conversations on how they are going to plot and plan their next move. How the hell do they end up falling in love with each other ? Where was the chemistry? The producer / director did this for the sake of creating a typical happy ending but it makes no sense. Fawad Khan was fantastic in his role as Mushtaba and I liked Denise's acting a lot her transition from mean and selfish to humble and caring was handled well. She convinced me to hate her in the beginning and like her at the end. The only annoying part was nearly every thing she said started with ' You know what ' but it became part of her ' a Denise thing ' There were some really funny comical moments and dialogues that I enjoyed thoroughly but they were all in the first 15 Episodes of the drama. Drama was good in parts but the poor representation of US and the weak script was a let down. Fantastic Start Disappointing End !

    • threem

      yeah , i agree the 1st 15 episodes were good rather fantastic and i enjoyed them even more than humsafar esp. the 7th episode in which Mujtaba narrating the story of his friends death says"Qsur mera nhin tha bal k meri buzdili or khudgharzi ka qsur tha" but later the drama lost its plot and became BORING to me and perhaps to many others.

      OVERALLL, A GOOD DRAMA but the director should have worked more over the last 8 episodes

  • http://yahoo zeni

    lovely drama i loveit………………………



  • Zainab Naeem

    this no good

  • Arsalan

    OMG its very poor direction never ever seen poor dialogues fawad came from Lahore and in whole drama he wz asking "agar main karachi main hona tou " :D

  • http://nothing Nabeel

    great drama great effort all actor i like very much this drama

  • abdul wahab ali


    fawad bahi kai bat hai

  • Afzaal

    name was Mujtaba NOT Mushtaba(means doubtful), what a long n silly comment from one who cant even know the meanings of names?

  • Nusrat

    they re supposed to be in US but their not..they filmed the drama in Istanbul, Turkey since you can see the blue mosque in background..when their driving in a car the steeringwheel is on the right..the house doesnt look American architecture at all..americans use woods mostly not too much bricks at all.. the clothing doesnt make ay sense..americans are very casual..mostly wear tshirt and jeans…whenever they are outside you see dark haired people no blondes or what so ever clearly Turkish people en in factory you see Turkish style hijabi ladies.. so disturbing…instead they should hav just said they are in turkey or whichever country they are really shooting.
    I just started to watch drama but this is disturbing…the story might be ok but saying they are in US which they are clearly not is really dumb. just gotta get is out of my mind..

  • neenu

    fawad nice in dis play 2…. :)

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