Mann Ke Moti Episode 17 in High Quality 3rd october 2013

Mann Ke Moti Episode 17 in High Quality 3rd october 2013 Tune Full Dailymotion Parts
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Aysha

    These two identical twins are so cute. I think one of them was in drama behkawa and she acted really well

    • Saher

      yes they are beautiful but one of them acted in Kash main teri beti na hoti, as younger sister of the fatima effendi, not in behkawa

      • Aysha

        You are right it was not behkawa…i mixed up the names. I was referring to the drama “muhabbat jaay bhaar main” . In that drama adnan sidiqui and hina dilpazeer have 6 or 7 kids. Eldest daughter was sajal and one of these twins was the second daughter.

  • Aysha

    This mom is not doing right. She should not play victim and stop being mazloom. She needs to be strong. Kids dont have a father, if their mother neglects them, they will be scared/damaged for life. If her husband does not like her kids, she should give priorty to her kids, not to her husband. If husband had accepted her kids, it would have been ok, but in this situation, she should move back to her house with the kids , work some where and raise her kids with honor/respect and love.

  • hassan

    admin plz upload sari bhool hamari the and sher e yaran

  • NRatter

    Next episode–they show the husband slapping Gudu! Man, if someone ever slapped my kid, uskay tho haath thordhay thee! It hurt me just watching it…..this mom better speak up!

  • Hooriya

    Ishfaq bohat acha damaad hay apni saas ko maa samajh kar ghar may rehnay ki jaga day raha aesay damaad bohat mushkil say miltay mahaam aur ishfaq jaesay beti aur damaad kismat say he miltay

  • Hooriya

    Dil may jagah honi chahiyay agar dil may jagah ho to chotay say chotay ghar may bhi jagah ban jatii hay

  • Hooriya

    mama sab ki nafrat tolerate kar saktii hay par apnay bacho ki nahii kabhi bhi nahii

  • Hooriya

    Allah G kabhi kisi b bachay ko baba aur mama k bagair na karay ameen baba ki ya mama ki kami koi aur kuch bhi kar lay puri nahii kar sakta

  • tayyabghumman

    nice drama ggggggggggggggggg

  • Mrs Malik

    Ishfaq shifted his grown up sisters in his parents room saying that he couldn’t share the room with them because he is married . What about his parents ??? Aren’t they married??? He may be a very good son in law but not a very good son. He should have asked his saas to share the room with his sisters. His saas is very selfish as well. She should have offered to share the room with the girls rather than accepting the whole room to herself .

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