Mera Pehla Pyar Episode 5 in High Quality – 2nd December 2012

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • pbz

    yeah 6th episode hey

    • SARA


  • UAg

    Superb drama great acting of all

    • izu baltistani


  • Syeda Saan

    superb drama love it:)

  • fda

    court should see who is more caring then decides whats good for the child

  • taiba

    a very wrong decision of ayesha as a mother……..a time will come when she will repent on her act……….but when a person uses his free will then repentance is always useless…………

  • Fana

    The little girl is acting really good!! As for the story – it's really sad for the dad and daughter!

    • rafia

      no u r wrong

  • Saima

    Why can't I watch it?? It's not working

  • white heart

    ayesha bohat pachtaegi..

    • mehreen ch


  • nida

    supurbbbbb acting of a daughter…faisal q. is always as excellent.. rulaa dia

  • sandy

    faisal lost weight..he looks younger n cute!!!

  • sandy

    huh! yar ayesha kitni ugly lag rhi wid black lens and messy hair ewww hadd hy yar actress banaya wa hai ( ' _ ' )
    end mein ja k baal banaliye bamushkil

  • Haya Abbas

    maa aise b ho skti hai i cant believe this.. I hate ayesha..

  • suman

    awsome drama

  • madiha

    amazing acting! VERY TOUCHING and HEART BREAKING>>>

  • princess

    Really heart touching drama



  • Wonderwoman

    faisal qureshi should not loose more weight he looks older

  • Safe

    superbbb… Drama

  • Australian

    This is the exactly same, why showbiz belong ladies dont have long lasting ralations in married life…
    they need fame instead of happy family.

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