Mera Yaqeen Episode 6 in high quality on Ary Digital – 8th September 2012

Mera Yaqeen Episode 6 in high quality on Ary Digital – 8th September 2012 [youtube]ajKTuMsaDp8[/youtube] [youtube]9LMp0DKhgxA[/youtube] [youtube]8AmLfuZTsFk[/youtube] [youtube]MjOYaMUfn_8[/youtube]
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Hammu

    Is it just me,or today's episode was short ?

    Anyway .. i was thinking that can't Maha even sit on a wheelchair ? I mean .. if Asfand wants her to go with him,he can use a wheelchair can't he ?

    • main

      if she can be use wheelchair why not doctor allow to go on wheel chair from hospital she came on stretcher

      • Sara

        Well as stated above the injury is to her backbone. Your backbone is the support system for your entire body's movement especially motion like sitting, walking etc. Since her motor nerves (that deals with movement) are damaged, she cannot be sitting. In certain cases, movement like even sitting or slightly shifting can cause further damage to the nerves and hence she was brought on stretcher instead of wheel chair

    • Fatima Awan

      Hammu her backbone is injured so she cannot sit down.

      • Hammu

        Oh,i missed that.

  • Safya

    cant she be on a wheel chair, come out of the room and be involved in everything?

    • nighat

      so true…wheelchair is an option even if shez paralysed she can be on it…same as shez sitting on her bed.

    • Huma

      I have been saying this since last episode ,,,,she needs to be on a wheel chair and go out n about, n the garden, silly khala will leave too

  • batul ali

    she has a backone prolem she cant sit —–i like the story its different

  • Noone

    Poor Nazish…….Gona get divorce again…Faiz is good but his sister is a witch………….

    • zara

      If faiz was "good", he would not allow his sister to treat his wife the way she is treating her. Aik insaan per , jo faiz kay rehmo karam per hay, zulm ho raha hay aur wo is zulm kay khilaf awaaz naheen utha sakta…how is he good?

  • HIbah

    Divorce would be better for Naazish. Cause Shanaz will kill her anyway so its better to get rid of that house and stupid nand . She'd marry Aasfand in next couple epiosde..

  • Syeda

    bohat khench rahey hain… repeated scenes. Bachey her scene main maa ko falan jaga kitni passan thi, mama ko falan color kitna passand tha. mamma ko falan khana kitna passand tha! UFFFFFFFFFF!! But I like this drama and Mehnaz is a Psychoooo. Even Faiz's mother like Nazish but Mehnaz doesnt want her brother and his wife to be happy together ever! Why she get him married then???

  • brits

    nice drama very close to reality

  • ume sulaiman

    wakai jin par guzarti hai woh he samagh saktey hai ha mey ALLAH ke di howi har nemat ka sukar ada karna chaheye

  • nighat

    but if the backbone is injured y we see her sitting on bed sumtime..her backbone is not injured its the lower motor nervous system is damaged n if that is the case she cant sit anywhere still we we see her in sitting position on her bed in past episodes.

  • Tanya

    I hate ambar khan (Shahnaz) and her tactics…. agar meri aisi nana hotee toh qasam say chutiya say pakar kar jootay lagati

    • Stylo

      true…i hate her tooo …bt dear aesi nand jiski ho or uska shohar kuch kehta hi na ho srf ehsan samjh samajh k jeeta ho even ye na samajhta ho k ehsan tha tou us pe tha uski nai naweli dulhan pe shehnaz ko bachpan se ghar sambhal k koi ehsan nahi kia us per tou bandi kuch bol hi nahi pati yar yeh chutiya se pakarne ka dil tou sach mein karega lekin aesa kar nahi sakti aurat bechara hojati hai …

    • fb

      hehehe kehna aasan hay Tanya karna mushkil…awal tou hamain kahan aati hay esi chalakiyaan aur akser ladies tou bechariyaan apnay husband tak k jotay khatii hain lakin khoud ka bacho tou mushkil woh ek lafz bhi nahi keh saktein…

  • http://Dramasonline Aliyan

    WAiting for next episode n Today episode was good

  • MS

    very nice drama…. deperately waiting 4 next episode…

  • Stylo

    :) thts true thr r so many sisters like shehnaz in real world tht has made the other girl's life hell…thr brothers dnt speak infrnt of them faiz atleast think abt tht its wrong in lonliness but those men dnt even think ..the real life faiz's thinks thr sisters had gven thr life to the home n thr looked after them fr so many years so thy shdnt be wrong in anyway if thr;s someone wrong thn its fr sure the grl who's come newly married to thr family :) thts really so sad…wt if thr own sisters get married to such kind of person n family? thy;ll be helpless tht time..ths drama is sooooooooooooooooo close to reality…

  • anoshia

    nice play

  • hhhh


  • Fauzia Asrar

    Nice play, now Faiz has to take some action for her wife.

  • Ch Asif

    Awesome Drama…Nice story…Superb acting by Sawera and her friend Nazish…

  • Aryaan

    Nice Play…

  • Ek Larki

    Wow …. desperately waiting for next episode

  • sami

    nice drama. different story.

  • Nabiha

    Very Nice Drama ! <3

  • batul ali

    now in next episode faiz will give divorce and then i guess she will get married with faisal

  • Sanam Shahid

    nice episode ab bs b krain jb sy drama start hoa sawara bed py hy ab us ko uthain b sahi dil krta hy nazish ki nand ko to mar dalun kash khuda me ko asi nand data to me kasy us ko sdaha krti

    • ffff

      tnx God I have no Nand

      apki kitni hain sanam g?

      • warda

        aise bat nhe h nand bh bht ache hte hain agr ap smjhan to unhn sister ki trh treat krn tb or y bh sochn k hm bhe ksi k nandn hnge thnk positive

  • midhat

    asfand khana pack karana tu bhool hi gaya

  • http://YAHOO.COM MOONA

    shehnaz jese oratain hmare muashre me bhot si he jo apni mehroomyon ka badla aese hi leti hen

  • dareesha

    this is based on novel "BaharaN hay" by seema Munaf

  • aqsa.adnan

    nice drama

  • Arju

    wot the hell play hi nahi hotay dramas….:@

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