Meray Qatil Meray Dildar Last Episode 26 – 8th April 2012

Meray Qatil Meray Dildar Last Episode 26 - 8th April 2012
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Murtaza Ali

    This drama strengthens our believe that whatever u do in this world it will be repaid onto u. Wake up all those people who don’t treat their wives well.

    • Badbu

      Teri biwi hai nahi warna yeh hargiz na kehta tu…


  • Farwa Mahmud

    There should be a happy ending..!! :(

    • um e fatima

      it was a perfect ending!!! omer did nt trust her when it was needed..maham did everything when she was omer s wife for him ….much better ending than humsafar even….

      love is about trust n respect well said by maham!!!

      • Kala Bhoot

        Bilkul BAKWAAS ending. :( Itnay achay dramay ka end bhi acha hona chahiye tha. Dono ko end mein mila dena chahiye tha…Fuzool, fuzool, fuzool, fuzooooooool end!

        • ateeb

          ithink its a perfect endng coz its nt an indian drama every1 paid 4 there deeds wo kehty hen na kuch aamaal ka badla duniya men he mil jata hy gud gud v gud

      • umair

        um e fatima, ager aap k sath bura ho to aap bhi dosro k sath berh cherh ker bura kero, that's wut u talking about and so this drama.

        • um e fatima

          nahi m talking about trust n respect…..phir se nikah kr lena usi insaan se jis ne apko characterless keh dia,adhi raat ko gar se nkal dia n ek dafa pocha b nhi hoa kia tha….ap pe trust nhi kia…ek larki k liye ye sabse important ota hai…nfct har relation mai…

          n jab trust na o tou relationships mai kuch b nhi rehta chahay husband wife ka ho k koi b aur o…

        • ateeb

          fatima is absolutely right. phr sy dono mil he nai skty thy na 4m any angle islam men to jaiz he nai hy istara sharait hen nd wo boht strik hen or phr aisy insan sy dobara shadi ka kiya faida nd jb mohbbat had sy ziyada ho to nafrat us sy b ziyada hoti hy nd waisy b doodh ka jala to chajh b phonk phonk k peta hy han agr ap as an indian drama len to everythng is posible log mar k b wapas askty hen

      • Saba

        i m totally agree with u Fatima….u r 100 % right…its a really realistic End….TRUST is most important in every relation…even when we need them thay never care and thay left…but one day thay realize what thay did…but unfortunately time over…..its called Life cycle of what u did….we shud respact feelings….emotions …??

      • Hashmat Khan

        I m agree with u

    • Kiran

      Life doesn't always have happy ending… n this drama is to show how time never comes back once gone…bas pchtwa reh jata hai

      n if maham came back wat wud happen to her self respects… very realistic ending veryyy

      • http://facebook mahera imran

        ye, sb log nahi samajh sakty coz zindagi ko samajhne k liye practical hona zarori he or comment karny wale ziada tar bache or bachian hote hn,Allah aap sb ka wasta haqeeqi zindagi me qadardano se dale.drama baharhaal bohat acha tha or end bhi

    • mahuM

      where iz d part 6 ??? can u help me guyz :/

  • fairy

    really gud webiste

  • Syed Ali Jan

    hahaha.. Durdana tou gaieee!! Yess!! Bas yehi dekhna tha aaj k episode m.. :p

  • aakdar

    now smart stupid, educated maham is happy. God forbid this was the most insulting drama of society.

    • sarah

      yes true ..most insulting drama of soiety

      • faisal


        • Saba

          i think there is nothing to insult…izat-e-naaf sirf or sirf maar ki nhi hoti aurat ki bhi hoti hain….maard k leye sab ryt hai…aor jab aurat apna badla lay to this is insulting…but why…. kahtay hain k kabhi bhi azmaye howay shaksh ko again nhi azmana chahye…beshak umer ko apni ghalti ka ahsaas ho gaya tha lakin….us wakt karna chahye tha ahsaas jab maham ko uski zarorat thi….bilkul sahi aor true end tha he deserve it.

  • Moni

    Laikin Afsos… Maham nay Iphone pani main phaik dia :(((((

    • Sajid

      hahaha aur iphone pe nokia tone set ki hui thi, is liye

      • Saba

        hahhahah iska afsoos tumujhay bhi bht howa tha…main nai socha tha k oye mujhay hi day deti yaar. :P

  • Moni

    btw… Maham… ka kai hwa hoga :P

    • tania

      point to be noted…………..

    • sadaf

      maham apnai bhai aur ammi k pass gaye hai ………. :p

  • zara

    wat theeee….

    the people making fun of the drama shd b ashamed of it…coz husbands do give divorce to their innocent wives….why???

    if they cant trust em they dont deserve them…


    • Hassan

      drama khatam ho gya chalen ab rotian pkayen

      • Nazim

        Bohat aallaa

  • Sana Ali

    very good ending !!! well done

  • yasmin

    besst drama ever!kash yeh drama hamesha k liye chalta!i miss this drama!

    • MaCK

      Agar hamesha ke liye chalta to phir yeh ek Indian Drama ban jata jis mein shayed Bhakhtiyar sahab dusra janam letey aur shayed Omer ki jaga bhi koi aur hota :P

      • sadaf

        surgery bhe must hote …….. lol

  • erum

    its quite strange. At the end of every drama one person got mad.

  • aakdar

    Now when people talked about the right of women and that maham stood up for her right how about the other women the one they suffered. Now somebody will argue that they were bad kind but in what way maham was a good kind. What an insulting drama.

    The question is (IS our society is full of such a crapy people ????) what was the need to show such kind of drama in the name of fun. This was totally insulting, embarising and inhumane. Allah is not that tyrant. IF maham had the right to love what was shafa fault. This was not a lesson for society , this was a the negative creation of the writer. Why she killed baktiar , that means his first wife was happy to get money she even did not care to loose her husband.

    Please don,t show this kind of stupid drama which does not make sense in any direction.

    • aysha

      What the hell are you talking about??? Why would bakhtyars first wife care about bakhtyar??? He was a cruel man, used to physically and mentaly abuse his wife,he never loved his wife. Why would she care about him??? Bakhtysr ki bivi ko aik zalim shakhs say nijaat mili, wo kyuon nay kush hoooo??? Husband bivi ko marta peeta rahay, zulum karay aur bivi muhabbat kerti rahay??? yey kis kisam kee mentality hay? Kia bivi insaan naheen???

      And about shifa, she deserved it beucause she was involved in all the creul planning her mom did to get rid of maham…

      • Qurat

        chillllllllllllllll plz

      • aakdar

        Man has the right to marry four women if the person and drama was representing the muslim family. Women is the symbol of love and mercy. That mean the first wife was not a good women at all as well (like others) . She could have returned that money to who ever was the partner. But why would she greedy women would care. how come she deserve that money if shafa and her mother were alive. I don,t think court will give her all this money. The question is this drama make sense. In well aware modern society where people are aware of their rights , and muslim values this drama did not made any sense. It was made to make people stupid and dum to believe on such a crap.

      • http://facebook mahera imran

        Allah taala insaan ko dunya me kiye gae bure aamaal ka badla dunya me bhi dete hn or kabhi rassi dheeli bhi chor dete hn or aksar maan baap k aamaal ka natija aulaad ko bhi uthana parta he.shifa k sath bhi ye hi hoa he or bakhtiaar ko bhi us k kiye ki saza dard naak maut ki shakal me mil gai he.dramy k tamaam pehlu beshak hamari society ki nishandehi karty hn.shayad aap

        • http://facebook mahera imran

          shayad aap ne kabhi apny atraaf k masail pr tawajja nahi di ,is tarha k masail aaj kl k samaj me aam hn

  • m.irfan

    excellent acting by durdana phoppo

  • yasmin

    end khrab kita jay tusi bary parray o

  • http://[email protected] ismail shah

    BAD ENDING >>>….<<<<

  • Rao luqman Ali

    Kitna bakwas end tha. best drama but ending intahai fazool tareen

  • AaMiR

    I was astonished 2 see the end, but the full drama was exceptional but end was worst!!!!!

    A saDdY EnD!!!!

  • Sadia

    dumb ending….they should have shown maham took divorce from big brother and gets married to younger brother …. but maybe society isn't ready for that!!!

    • khushboo

      it is not dat the society is not ready for such an ending but its not wat has been written in our shariyyat…maham had to maintain a husband -wife relation with bakhtiyar which she was nvr ready to do,n evn if she did it,she cud not hv forced bakhtiyar to give talaaq to her just cuz she wanted to go back to umar,in dat case if n only if it was bakhtiyaar's wish to give tallaq,maham cud hv gone back to umar….

      we all shud noe wat our shariyyat has to say before making any of our opinion in public….

      • Badbu

        Yup Bakhtyar was never able to f**k Maham. Dumbass! And hence whatever mambo jumbo you just said is correct.

      • Sdf

        Very true… @ Raza stop advising to give divorces.. Allah SWT dislikes it.. It is allowed just in very very worst cases…

        Drama was perfect.. Omar was a guy who cudnt defend hid wife even from the things which were wrong.. He was always under pressure of his family members so it is a lesson for guys who don't have the will power to say wrong to what wrong is.. That they spoil their own life..

    • aakdar

      Its not a society problem if society can accept the first divorce and marriage to a big brother and both brothers can still live togather !!!!!why would society mind. If they should have lived seperate this would not have had happened. The question was if the writer was in favour of love in the story He or she could have made into a different direction. BUT here looked like writer was confused as well how to justify all this??? Omar was victim but how a common mature and well educated man in modern times could that be stupid. Far from reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tera Baap

        AAKDAR ,,,, wtf r u doing here fighting with ladies over the end of drama ,,, be real man ,, go and see some IPL match rather than female stuff …. who the hell are you to comment on society's moral values …. this is not real life and thats y it is called "DRAMA" … don't forget to get some english languge and grammer lessons as well from your 4 wives !!! i'm sure they all can together scare the shit out of u ;))) best of luck

        • aakdar

          well here is the question that if you think this is not even close to reality and its just a dram well how about dastan why they showed dastan to the nation. I think all our drama are showing now a days to teach a nation some thing . if you are unaware of modern times thats your fault. And to tell you that if I am fighting with ladies that means only ladies are watching drama. Men watch sports. As for as my english and grammer our soft ware is not as advanced as other countries to recognize our language urdu !!!!!

    • Er.Pervez

      I could watch this excellent drama from Episode-20 onwards only because of some infringement problem of rights as the caption of U-Tube says.However, i managed to put the probable context together and somehow understood the story.Believe me the drama has been nice to watch & i loved it.No doubt the story is having some unusual twist but then how a drama in life would take birth.I am happy that eventual defeat of falsehood & victory of truth has been shown.No glorification of evil has been shown like our Indian dramas follow this bad tendency and that is the reason i have stopped watching most of these.The actors & the director deserve praise.About the ending,i would say that some intentionally left loose ends could be easily guessed,like Umer is now free to marry Maham as permitted under Islam. At the end -good to see-. THANKS.

    • yasmin

      alll the people who said stupid drama and those people are also stupid forever because this drama is the best drama ever ok stupid people

      • faryal

        yes of couse

  • http://yahoo sayeda

    i luv this dramea

  • tania

    maham kahan gai ye tu bata dooooooooooooooooo…………durdana phopho ki galtion ki saza shifa ko mili…………….

    • aysha

      shifa apni maan kee sari planning main us kee saath thee…shifa nay maham ko talaq dilwanay main koi kasar naheen chori thee…bhool gaay kia rawaya tha us ka maham kay saath???

  • http://Facebook Saima marwat

    Fazol ending:(

  • khushboo

    Well dis was a sensible drama,which was a lesson for the society nd taught quite a no.of things to every viewer…

    1stly-wen a man gets married to a woman,he must trust his wife,cuz she is d 1who comes 2 a man's place leaving her parent's home n by trusting her husband.Her husband is the nly 1 whom she can trust,whom she can luk upto,n whom she can depend on…

    2ndly-this drama is an awesome presentation of wat our sharriyat has to say about such a delicate relationship of husband n wife,n about a very critical nd an awful word TALAAQ…-a word whose right although has been given to a man,but a sufferer is always a woman…

    Use of this single word by a man does not signify his power dat has been gvn 2him by ALLAH,infact a man shud b v.sure of using dis word after knowing all d facts…and in dis drama dis single word spoiled d lives of every single person…umar,maham,rubab,bakhtiyar,shifa,n her mother….

    well in d end if every man takes a lesson 4m dis drama,n if every shrewd woman like phuphho in drama…learns dat wat dey do comes back to them in duniya as well as aakhirat….


    • Nadeem Sheri

      Agreed, but unfortunately the way TALAAQ has been expressed in this drama is all wrong, if you talk about Shariyya, we have a clear definition & time for divorce. We should read and portray it as is. One the other hand the most abhorrence act on earth for Allah (The Apostil) is “TALAAQ” “DIVORCE”, must seek His guidance…

      • aakdar

        Phupoo could have been molded to a positive direction with love and affection. We have the energy and wisdom according to our values. Phupoo was not a problem at all.

  • Amir Bashir

    It was a well written thought provoking social serial and very nice directed by the director but the end was not so good.

  • Syed Ali Jan

    Maham mere pass agaie.. :p

    Kisi ko chaiay ho tou batana.. xD

    • Yasmin

      Stupid person how can you get maham

  • Nadeem Sheri

    Read comments about this wonderful drama & about Durdana's & Shifa's tragic end, but if you guys take it a bit seriously about such kind of people who make believe that money can buy everything & they can be lords and also forget that there can be a MOMENT which could be very cruel. Always seek Allah's mercy & try not to hurt a human heart, because when it gets hurt, it could destroy you like what has been showed. Allah please forgive us all (Ameen).

  • Salman

    Maham end main kiun ro rahi thee ???

    iphone kai liay aur Bukhtayar nay iphone pani main girnay ki waja say khudkoshi kar li very BAD aur umer ko tu iphone ka itna dukh howa kay wo mulk chor kar hi chala gaya

    Its quite Ridiculous………………………………………………………………………………..

  • sarah

    i hate mahamm…itna bara badla lene ki kia zaroorat thi …ke sub kuch hi khatum ho gaya

  • biya

    shit ending maham kahan chali gae? and bakhtiyar ko kyn mara? maham or bakhtiyar ko milna cahye tha end me.

  • rania

    no yaarr maham aur umer ko eik hojana chaye tha#1 wth !!! maham ka pata nahi kahan gayein umer ka pata nahi khan jaa raha hai happy ending to hojati yaar hadh hai! yeh kiya baat howi!!!!! i should u all should agree with this!!!!! maham ki toh zindagi barbaad ho gai pehele shohar ne use dumb kiya aur doosra jo mila tha woh bhi namoona tha!! :( khair over all acha tha lekin ending thodi buri! :( :p

  • Raza

    Rania just a couple of points: Maham and Umar can't get back together until they consummate new marriages( well not Maham as her husband is dead) and then divorce their new spouses and then remarry.

    Technically Maham should not have left Bakhtiar as he is still the husband. She should have sought khula first and then left and did the transfer of capital and business in Rubab's name.

    Allah knows best.

  • nomi

    go to bed and sleep man

    its a drama don't take it serious :P

  • Raza

    One last thing so that it's clear: Maham would have to still marry a new man after Bakhtiars death, consummate the marriage and then get divorced or seek Khula and then get back with Umar.

    This is because Umar gave her divorce thrice. If he did it twice then remarrying is easier rather than the above conditions!

    Always advisable to give divorce Twice rather than Thrice!

  • Ali

    Drama mukkya te matti pao …. na larro loko :)

  • naqvi

    Kum uz kum Bakhtiyar ko Maham mazay wazay tu kir wa dai ti takay Bakhtiyar kai lullay ko bhee sakoon ajaa ta. ma ki ankh yeh kaisi ending howi

    • Kala Bhoot


  • Aamir Majeed (0332-6

    Fantastic creation of drama …with super ending

    Excellent team work,the whole desrve highly regards..

    Maham u rocks …………@

  • umair

    maham k sath accha nahi hua lekin apni anaa ka bedla us ney bhi kisi se kem nahi lia … ! anyways good serial

  • sadia ad

    vry sad ending :(

    ek bar maham ka umar se samna hona chaye tha !

  • Mudaser javaid

    maham nay theek kiya. aisa haal hona chaiye jo log apni ulad ko prefer karty hain aur bhool jatay hain k maham jasi larki be kise ki ulad ho sakti hay yah nahe…. that was fablous serial.. great one..

  • Kiran

    Life doesn't always have happy ending… n this drama is to show how time never comes back once gone…bas pchtwa reh jata hai

    n if maham came back wat wud happen to her self respects… very realistic ending

  • MS

    Shifa did a mindblowing acting.

  • Muhammad Imran

    Bottom line is "Jo aadmi aurat ka ehtram nahi kerna chahta wo aurat se payar kerne ka bhi haq nahi rakhta" isn't?

  • Ilyas Khaled

    Excellantttttttttttttttttttttttt END

  •;sk=info syed salman bin huss

    very nice daram n very nice end..

  • urwa

    oWsOmE EndIng……

  • shoaib

    ghatiya ending jaldi mei khata kar diya drama

  • Tanya

    People wanted a happy ending but I think this was a perfect ending because Omer never trusted Mahaam,he believed in his brother and his phuppo so why would Mahaam go back to him!I really felt happy for Rubab.I loved the drama and I think that is what they all deserved and the moral of the drama is if you do anything evil or bad it will come in front of you again and that is what has happened to Bakhtiar,Durdana and her daughter.

  • adiba

    mere qatil mere dildar bht he farigh drama tha aur bilcul be reality based nahe tha, asal mein aesa kch be nahe hota, maham ko shuru din se bakhtayar tang karta tha lakin maham ne 1 dafa be na tu apne ghar walun ko btaya aur na he umer ko btaya, woh shadhe se phele umer ko bta skte the, phr shadhe krne k baad be nahe btaya k mjhe bukhtayar tang krta haiaur end be incomplete tha, dikhana tu chahiye tha k maham ke bhabhe ka kya bana, maham ke bahi aur bhabhi ka patch up hua ka nahe aur yeh be nae btaya k maham kahan gae aur agle zindage uss ke kese guzre………..bht he fazoalll tha drama…. shukar hai khatam hua…

  • aliya nawaz

    it was a nice end……………..

  • sani

    maham did well and durdana deserve it well ending

  • Hashmat Khan

    Mera b point of view um-e-fatima wala h ha q k umer n maham k qadar ni ki.Jb Sab maham k against thy to umer n stand b ni lia blky chup kr k sunta raha. Agar pyar karta tha to ghalat batoun p apni family ko rok skta tha

  • Saba

    i m tottally agree…its was a great superb and realistic ending….jo jesa deserve karta hai us ka anjaam asa hi hona chahye…aor Hazrat ali nay bhi farmaya hai k insan ko utni hi ahmiyat do jitni wo tumhain deta hai zada do gay tu us ki nazar main gir jao gay aor kum do gay tu maghroor kahlao gay…to jesa maham nay suffer kia wesa ab umer sari life suffer karay ga….jab Allah nay talaak ko napasand farmaya hai tu mard is cheez ko q nahin samajhtay q har baat ko ana ka masla bana letayhain apnay ghar walon k pechay.

    • Hashmat Khan

      Good Thinking

  • aisha

    waqai ending achi nahi thi bahtiyar ko zinda rakhna chahye tha ta ke wo sabaq sekhta aur mahum ka koi pta nahi where she is

  • Usman

    Umer and Maham couldn't get back together again due to Religous reasons. She had to get "completely" remarried again before she could marry Umer again. She did not meet "all" the requirements in her marriage with Bakhtiar. Thats why it was impossible for them to get back together and if they showed that on TV, big outcry from the mullahs would have followed. Google "Halala" and you will know why. I don't agree with the rule but on TV, they cannot offord to offend anyone. Under these circumstances, ending was still CRAPPY, It is presumed that Bakhtiar died, but why did rubab never invited Umer back into the house and never asked him to help out in business? What happened to Maham? Why not introduce a new Hero for Maham at the end? Lots of unanswered questions. Drama was very good, but ending screwed it.

    • biya

      exactly me bhi sab se yehi keh rahi hn k wo dono mil hi nh sakte the.

  • Ana yousuf

    very nice darama but end is not interested. maham k kuch dakhna chahya tha k us k sath kiya hota wo kahan chali gae wo apna bhai k pass gae ya nhi? or umar ko maham sa maafi magni chahyai the khar darama k end acha nhi tha?

  • hadie

    Many thing still remained partial. end was very confusing,

  • hadie


    i am laughing over all this stupid discussion. wat stupid u peoples are..

    some became mufti some bacame stupid rubbish.


  • soniya khan

    its very nice end but es ka part 2 bhi aay ga je terhaan khatam howa hai just W n w okkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Erum

    very sad ending per reality hain sb assa hota hai sb bhiker jaty hain:(

  • Ahmar Rafiq

    Very fantastic and realistic ending.. :)

    it was so superb serial…

  • tanveer

    is dramay ki sirf aik baat sachi he…..MARD ko talaq ka haq is liye dia gaya he k wo samaj se ziada kaam leta he….aurat jazbati n jalbaz ziada hoti hn

    is dramay ka sirf aik motive k mard TALAQ ka haq soch kar istamal karay…agar koi aik mard b sari zindgi k liye ye apnay dil mn bitha le to ye drama aik sadqae jaria b ban sakta he..

    acting ,script,ending ye sab batain bht choti rah jati hn,,,

  • tanveer

    i mean k agar aik mard b apnay dimag mn ye bat bitha le to ye drama kamyab he…ye haq bht bari zimaydari he..

  • sanam

    it was nice drama since bigning but aik tu badla bht lenghty hogaya dusra ending ko like suddenly wind up karny waly style main bs kuch bhi ending kar di kisi ko mar diya kisi ko pagal kardiya or jisny sab kia usko dikhaya he nahi k uska kia bana. i suggest achy dramas ka end bhi soch samajh k karna chahiye

  • sana

    mujhy end boht sahi laga… maham ne bilkul sahi kya.. kisi shakhs ko aik baar aazma kr baar baar nahi aazmaya jata..well written ..

  • dr.rabia

    bohot e achi ending hai

  • Dr.umar saleem

    jab umar ko aehsas ho gaya hai to ab dono ko zaror milna chahiye tha end maze ka nahi howa kuch adhora reh gaya

  • Dr.umar saleem

    Love does not win?

  • sumaira waqar

    it was a perfect ending!!! omer did nt trust her when it was needed..maham did everything when she was omer s wife for him ….much better ending than humsafar even….

    love is about trust n respect well said by maham!!!


  • http://bushra.aries h.bushra yaseen

    yaa.. it ws hapy endng:)) sucha az mahm ws said to umr 'jb tmhy hkekhakekat ka pta chly ga to ilfaz khtm ho jain gn' it was realy vry wndr 4 me:) lv z the nam ov rspct and trst thn the stag ov extrm lv aperd…. well in my prsnl openion it was suitabl endng:) i lik it:))

    the actng of actrz r also vry welll:) bst ov lck and thnx alt ths whol mry qatil mtr dildar team:") i rly vry apresat :)

  • Rizwan Saleem

    its not happy ending! mane kaha tha na happy ending nahi hai……………

  • fizza

    omer did not dserve maham

  • raza

    its not hapyy ending omer end maham talking with face to face its a important dailog but the were talking on phon its not gud

  • Shahzaib

    Beautiful Ending!

  • Muaz

    Satyaanaaaas.. sara maza kharab kar dia itni fazool ending kar k..

    Omer ko wapas Business mil jana chahiay tha and os ki shadi Rubab sy ho jani chahiay thi and Bakhttiar ki shadi Shifa sy ho jani chahiay thi and Maham ki shadi os lawyer sy ho jati tou aala ending hoti.. hehehehhe.. :D:D:D:D:D:D..

  • Saba Nadeem

    a vry good drama i must say vry well shown….iam really happy 2 c whtevr happnd in the end….thanx for sharing.



  • shabir

    drama nhi chal rha there is no video player kya problem hai?

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