Mirat ul Uroos Episode 18 on Geo Tv – 14 march 2013

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  • hamna

    lro ab sare

    • nouman


  • abc

    Hamna k saath acha howa, shayad ab unko aima k saath apney ghalat rawayey ka ehsas ho jaey.

  • zaini

    nice drama

    • amir

      g you r wrte
      so nice drama

  • http://www.facebook.com/hira.yusufie Hira Khalid

    shadi shadi and shadi!!!!!!!!!!!! aik hi ghar mai aik behan itni sukhi aur dusri itni dukhi…. beyond reality

    • khan.Okara

      beyond reality kiu,aisa aksar hota ha…

    • fareena

      madam what u r saying is beyond reality….sab ki apni qismat hoti hy

    • misha

      jiska shoher kumai usi baho ke izat hoti hai..jo beta job say uter jae uski biwi to dor beta b sotela ho jata hay….this is reality..aur meri ankho dekhi…

      • http://www.facebook.com/zohaib.irshad.90 Zohaib Irshad


      • fatemah malik

        very true

  • Aamir Butt

    alla drama i dnt know why its not geting trp and why reviewers are not giving it good review

    • Oraashi

      Shadi, Gadi, shadi, gadi, another shadi and ……. You guessed it another issue about THE CAR. And you wonder why nobody likes it.

    • ramla

      review k liye 2 he dramas han hamsafar and zindgi gulzar h

      • Muddi

        spot on… u just read my mind!!!

      • nadia

        yeah for fixed minds like yours

  • Hk

    Awesome script once again by umera ahmed, so close to the reality of our society, especially depicting the behaviours of most of the families when it comes to do justice and give space, love n respect to bahus n every member of the family… People have dual standards ,different for their bahu and different for daughter!!!
    Love this drama a lot!!!

  • ismy

    yeh koi aaaaaaaaaaaaa baand keraye beech main, so annoying….

  • Oraashi

    This drama should be called shadi aur gadi. HUD ho gai, Zara sa aagey barhta hey or phir gadi ka raag. Ub tuk yehi dekhaya hey key ghalat logon ki wah wah or sahih ki no izzat. It’s episode 18 Ms Ahmed, come on get the ball rolling. The dialogues and themes are very repetitive. One shadi then problems, another shadi more problems. One more and everybody is crying and whining about THE CAR. I don’t like this drama at all any more

  • Maha

    I hate dual minded saas “like Hamna’s mother” Manhoos

    • Maheen

      Hamna k sath buht acha hua

    • MEEE

      hehehe soo true shes really manhooos uf

  • Saleem Asghar

    I think this is bakwaas tareen drama i ve ever seen with no sense. I think Umera should take a break with two flops in a row.

    • 3amfer

      Theme of this drama is to tell ppl that fazool rosoomat of shadi and after shadi are ruining lives. it has meaningfull sense and these things are very common in our society, you might not experienced it yet.

    • nadia

      which was the other one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1251092259 Sajal Parsa

    truely dramatize the bitter reality of our society ….. how to taunt the girl whoz husband is not financially strong

  • beefa4

    I agree with the story and behaviours depicted but it’s scaring me in wrong direction, if I have less money i will lose my family’s love? or all daughters should torture their parents for cars n dowry? those who don’t, have no respect? Parents provide only to those daughters who ask n ask?

  • ramla

    hmna k sath bht acha howa bari over ho k apne miaaan shaib ko sub btadiya apnae gar ki batain ab use maza ayae ga!!!!!! aur dadi b theak kh ri the k ayma k sth galt rawiya ha sub ka,,,wase aaj kal yehi hota ha jis ristaedar k pass paisae ni uski koi aizaat ni na koi dta ha… :-((((((((

  • sobia haseeb

    nice drama & wonderful scripit

  • Saba

    This drama is depicting part of the truth not the whole truth, which is that the son who earns less, he and his family are treated like dogs esp. in urdu speaking families. Happens all the time, I have lived it and sadly still living it. The only part that is not true is that although in the drama people who are biased, mean, discriminatory, selfish and rude get punished and start realizing their flaws but in real life this never happens.

  • razaq

    please drama kata na karo aur hamesha aakhr me editing kharab ho jati hai. site pe ads se pasay itnay banatay ho phr bhi quality nahi dee jati?

  • kiran

    real drama

  • sana

    wednesday ko nahi air hua ye kia ? it used to come 2 din na.

  • Zainab

    really liked the conversation between Aima and Dadi, it made me cry a bit too to see her so helpless and especially when she is treated so by even her nand and her mother in law doesn’t even see it or say anything against it. Hamna ko laana tha tho sab ke liye laati, chahe choti see cheez hi kyun na ho, she should have gotten something for Aima too. Aima got her a few gifts at her wedding, uss ka favour hi samajhke vapes kardeti.

  • nadia

    aila did wrong she shud had kept her job if her husband needed for a while, what kind of argument is this that i wont work whatever,she can leave after when he gets one.

    • Aysha sheikh

      A man always loves comfort and once he starts getting taste of a leisure life he would never understand his responsibilty because he knoelws even if he wont do nething there is a stupid jackass out there who’ll keep working for him and he’ll know always how to spend but not how to earn! Trust me i have living examples of this in my own susral… And i became a victom myself… Hashim should not have left his job but just because he is not stable and immature he’ll keep dreaming of easy money from his wife and susral… So aima’s decision is very right now!

  • Aysha sheikh

    The truth atlast for most of the ppl… But esp. Me :(… I m more like living aima’z life and my husband he is crushed… I hate joint family system esp. Where ur sas has been a working women and wants u to suffer ur entire life more than she once did and wants u to give birth to a baby and leave him to her disposal and do a job for the living… Its miserable that u cant get out of vicious trap… The others residing else where r safe and get all their good wishes and me i just get fucked to b in pakistan! Sometimes i really wana kill myself and them too :'(

  • mehak

    i like this drama

  • ishrat

    zabardast drama hai :)

  • sabahat

    beautiful drama:

  • sabahat

    hamary mashry main aisa hi hota hai her koi chahta hai ky 1 sy barh kr 1 chiz krain per yeh drama end pe koi na koi sabak zaroor dy ga jeet aaima hi ki hogi.

  • vennie

    uffff this drama is irritating me big time, every time I promise myself to quit and stop watching it but I than again I go and hope maybe it’s getting better or a new issue will be on….I wonder how everyone else stand this drama….
    It was Hamad – Ayeza shaddi ….wohi jahez kapra shopping, money, speding, car etc
    It was Hashem – Aima shaddi ….again wohi kapra shopping, money, spending, car etc
    It was Hamza – Amina shaddi …..again wohi kapra shopping, money, spending, car etc
    Now it Juhi – Aima’s brother Shaddi ….ufff per se wohi kharcha, shopping, ayeza’s bakwas dialogues, their mother’s grand mothers’ disagreements etc etc
    This drama’s name should be Shaddi shaddi shaddi, jehez, jehaz, car’s car’s not mirat ul uroos…..since this name does not suit the story (i mean which story) and the cast, uffff Amna Sheikh drives me nuts, her looks does not suit her role at all, sorry to say!!!

    • muhammad omar


  • imran

    amazing work…….i cant belive that this type of daram’s are in pakistan….

  • imran

    Acting by Mehvish (aima is superb) expression is extra ordinary….

  • Mrs.Tahir

    Ya Drama Kahil aur bekar Mardon pe hy jo Susral sy liya gay jahz pe Zindagi guzarna Pasand katry hain Aur jb na mily tu Biwi ko force krty hain job k liya ……. :)

  • nainaa

    aiza ka dimagh hamesha saatvain aasmaan pe hota hai and aima kuch ziada hee bongiiiii hai and hamna bohat badtmizzzz hai……… overallllll dramay ki story alaaaaaaaaa hai….. /

  • fatima

    nice drama

  • hina

    tihrd class quality

  • jan

    shadi shadi shadi… lol

  • mary

    ayeza jamadarni lag rahi hai, aima k aagy. .

  • zara

    wonderful acting by everyone leads drama to its peak.. awsome dialogues by umera .. she highlight the really important issue ,, very common in our society,, dhoom dhaam se shadi… sirf aik larki ki zid ki wajah s itne saray khandan suffer karahy hn.. ISLAM n he in baton s mana kia hay,.

  • hony

    it is a great msg for the gredy people! tit fof tat nd it,s reality

  • mubashir hero

    app logo ki kist ek hi jaga rukh jati to hum ap ka kesay dekhay computer par aur hamare ghar ki light 3:00 bajey se 4:00 nahi aati aur ap hame repeat time and day batate

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