Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Main Episode 3 on Hum Tv – 16th September 2012

Watch Latest Episode Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Main Episode 3 on Hum Tv - 16th September 2012
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • London

    Really, last episode, how comes?

  • http://facebook mayaa

    is ka title song hi nai ha other wise i lv this drama….:)

  • Mumu

    Very nice acting by seven kids mom ( don't know her name) very natural acting.

    • Liberal Girl

      She has six kids..her name is Hina Dilpazeer..she's a wonderful actress.

    • Liberal Girl

      I'm sorry I take that back, she does have 7 kids..WOW!

    • fb

      her name is Hina Dilpazeer

  • tariq

    Pora mohalla shouqeen mazzaj loogon ka he…………….ajeeb drama he.

  • Oxford

    its not the last, it was about the last episode :)

    • Oxford

      its a terrible drama not worth watching but it do reflects some real characters otherwise just crap

  • Emaan

    ess dramy ki tara hamari hakomat jaya bhaar main //////kaaaash/ aur imran khan away hi away'ty laanat zardari ty

    • ppp

      lanat IMRANKhan tee

      • wajid

        lanat on ppp and pml n

        • LANATI ALTAF

          lanat MQM altaf pe abb dekhon kitne thumb up hote hain salee mujhaar kutte ke bache


          mqm per lanat ho hum sub ke .pori pakistan ke lanat ho .pakistan ko bachna wa mqm hai .

      • YuZ

        Laant PPP as they have ruined this country.

  • tasneem

    nice story.i enjoyed :)

  • seher

    lash pash drama n sajal ali is rocking…..

  • anoshia

    resham yukhhhh,,,baqi drama acha hai

    • Noor Mamu

      Poor Resham gets such a hard time. I think she's acting well.

      • humaira

        resham's acting is good.

  • mn

    imran aslam ko thapar khany ky liye rakha hua hi

    • sweet girl

      yA wo kabil h iske hai inke sath ase h hna chAYe:/

  • Uzma

    I dont find any reason of placing this drama on weekend …

    • sami

      i agree.

  • Fina

    This drama has barely moved from last week!

  • Noor Mamu

    Where is this drama going? There seems to be no definite story line. The characters are interesting and are acting well but what's the story? Just seems to be dragging on now. Great performances by Adnan, Hina and Neeli. After today's episode, I feel sorry for Resham. What a depressing and frustrated life she has. Mad mum and down syndrome brother. I really hope there is a good twist in this drama otherwise it's going to get boring.

    • kaun

      I like this drama, Mazhar and Fasih always do dark comedy. Resham is so good, Hina ofcourse rocks, Adnan is not so suitable for his role but maybe it will make some sense in the future. Imran is v handsome and I love how he flirts and Sajjal is just too good, bright future for her in tv.

  • Sara

    Lovely acting by hina ……. So entertaining

  • humaira

    story is good but hate those body scratching and head lice scenes.

  • brits

    plx lices mat dikhao yakh…..

  • biya

    ye drama kon si jaga bana he??

    • farah

      Kanjron k mohallay main lol

      • QQ

        hahaha well said..

      • lina

        aese word use krna buri bath nai hai kia? is drama ko bura to her koi khe raha hai but guys first look at the words and the way yu are saying.. this drama is a reality based script.. its one of the social issues



  • tani

    resham ab dadi ama ban chuki hai tu ab is ko chchori harqatein karne yaad aye hain.aur kisi bi lihaz se naye lagta ke ye musalmano ka drama hai.

    • Tanya

      resham is younger than saima, reema and meera… if all of them can still come as lead heroines in movies and dramas than why not Resham?

    • sweet girl

      first of all ap apne bat krne ka andaz dakhe or abi drame pe kah rai hai

  • Nida khan

    Kia masla hai yar. Ask mein hum drink ke scenes se aajiz aa chuke hain. And yahan lices. Yak. What they want to prove by showing such dirty scenes. That people will enjoy? Lice is sum thing humorous? I don't think so.

  • sami

    a total wastage of time. bilkul nakaara drama hai. sunday waste kar ke rakh diya. pakistani drama is 50% reality and 50% fantasy. if we start showing only reality then it will become a documentary nt drama. agar ye drama lagana hi tha to after 9pm laga lete.

    • UA

      Totally agreey!they should either move it to tuesday and bring back MDKJZM to weekends prime time I really miss that on the weekend

  • QQ

    Ye dramaaa bhaaaar meeein jaaaaaey!!!! ha ha ha

    • zahra

      so true :D

    • malaika

      well said :)

  • sweet girl

    its a nice drama i thnk its shows the reality of some Pakistani muashara well done never take it opposite site

    • sami

      har reality drama mein show karne ke liye nahi hoti. i think u never watched an indian drama. they show 20% reality and 80% fantacy. no one in their cities take "pallu" on their head and always doing pooja n all that. even in colleges girls wear skirts and jeans but they always show their old culture n traditions just to spread positivity. why cant we do that? 50% se ziada reality show ki jaey to wo documentary ban jati hai.

      • zahra

        agree wid u sami….reality may to bohot kuch hay kia woh sub kuch tv pay dikha dain….it really sucks

      • humaira

        what are you talking about? in almost every indian drama they show girls getting pregnany without getting married. where every second person is a backstabber. this serial is way better then those crappy self talking indan crap.

        • sami

          thora sa wait kar lein ye sab bhi jald hi pakistani drama mein show hoga. if u keep supporting such kind of subjects and dramas.

        • mano

          agree with u humaira, our pakistani drama's are 10000 times better then indian crap, but i m very sorry to say that people watch indian crap very happily and critised pakistani dramas……shame

      • sweet girl

        apko kch b bura lga to mari trf e soorry all of you:)

        • sami

          nahi its ok ham just ek baat discuss kar rahe hain larr nahi rahay. plz accept my apology as well.

        • sweet girl

          are nai mera mtlb ya nai tha apk thoughts bht valuable hai keep it up

    • sweet girl

      dakya sami mera maksd larna nai or ya b thk hai ke ase shows hmari further generation ke zahan pe bura tasur dain ge but ya t o aik realityhai 75% humara muashara in burio mai hai ankhe bnd krlen SE masail hal nai hote or na hi is trah krne se be happy mera maksd ap pe ya kisi pe b tankeed nai…..jst cool…

      • sami

        mera bhi maqsad just criticism nahi hai. i just wana say i will accept it but is mein koi issue to ho like poverty or their complications of life. reality zaroor dikhaein but kisi issue pe chahay wo kitni hi karwi ho. i give u example of ARY drama ROG. it was based on a very sensitive issue and that was "child abuse". they showed everything but within limits so that a family can also see it and prevent their children.

        • kkhan

          The first episode of the drama left me in shock and the second one left me bored. The episode today is better. Perhaps the "message" that is being portrayed in the drama is the "human values" – love, loyalty, family, etc. I suspect the moral of the story would be that we need to really reassess our value system because it has become very twisted. E.g. it is ok for Shagufta to love Imran and not Mubasshir. Why? They are both younger to her. Younger by how much shouldn't matter. What should matter is who has better values. E.g. Shagufta has a mentally challenges mom and brother and she still loves them so much and protects them dearly. Mubashir's mom and dad have a perfectly able family and they still don't give a damn. Shagufta is developing into a very complex character. At times she seems to have solid morals but then agains she is almost leading poor mubashir on.

          Any how, this is my opinion only. Lets see what unfolds. This is DEFINITELY NOT a family drama. However, it is very thought provoking…

        • sweet girl

          ya may be but hum ya bhi to nHI kah skte ke ya sb jo hai hmara mulak mai nai hai sami its also a reallity that shows ke her parents ko apne bcho pe cmpletely nazar rkhni chaye e.g neeli mubashir etc or ya ke parents ko personal batai bcho ke samne se guraiz krne chayae etc jst take it positive site plzz muashara ki reality hai

  • zahra

    fazool n ghattiya tareen drama….pata nahee dikhana kia cha rahay hain, poori family saath baithi hoti hay kia hum yeh sub kuch apnay baron ya choton k saath daihk saktay hain ???? lices , itching scenes vulgar dialogues wats this yar….plz stop this non sense…

  • Sadia ali

    I hate Neeli….. Wt MSG they want to give young girls k wo school k uniform Pehan k awaragardi karin achy maldar bandy dhondhen Jo un Pe paisy Kharch Karin ….. .I knw there is such type of girls in our society …bt media ny bera Utha lia hai har burai dekhany ka ….jaisy Makhi Saf jaga chor k gandagi par bethti hai hmary media ka bhi yahi Hal hai ….shame on that girl playing such cheap role …..They r destroying innocent minds of youngsters ……

    • mn

      jo horaha hi ajkal wo hi dikha rahy hain

      • mano

        agree with u mn, logon ko karty hue sharam nahin aati, per drama dekhty hue zaroor aati hi, lol

    • humaira

      neeli jaisi larkian har daur mei hoti hain, faraq sirf yeh hai ke pehle nahei dikhaya jata tha ajj kal dikhaya jata hai.

    • Nida

      we should take neeli"s character as an awareness for innocent guys as well as mothers who don know what there girls are doing now a days…1

    • zarfain

      Hate neeli's character not her. She is sweet girl.neeli jo character play kr rhe hy wo aj k time me b hy or past me b tha..just difference ye hy k pehly is chez ko itna khol kr nae dikhaya jata tha… lakin ab aik aik chez dikhai jati hy. . . Parents should keep an eye on such type of girls :)

  • Sanam Shahid

    gud drama hy bechary imran ko ak episod mien 3 thapar maray gy ye theek ni hy so cute and so inocent imran

  • Faiq

    I find this Drama based on reality and interesting… reminds me sum of my old memories…..ab sb daramay girls k lye tu nhi hote na…jaao girls jaa kr khana pakaao…:P

    • Komal

      kioun aap ke haath mein mehndi lagi hey??? khud pakao!!!

  • Aryaan

    Thanks Admin..

  • Fawaz

    Drama is great, all actors performing excellent but this Drama not a family Drama, must mentions for Adults.

    • Noor Mamu

      I agree but don't all families sit together and watch disgusting and vulgar Indian movies?

      • waleed

        this is not a justification

  • us

    the peoples who dont liked this drama, nobody force you to watch it, according to me its real portrait of lower middle class community………reailty base drama…nice

    • humaira

      well said

    • sami

      u cant say this to all lower middle class. abhi ye class itni baighairat nahi hoi. u can say it portrays some mohallas of pak not all or majority. n ya i wont watch it again specially wid my family.

      • mano

        ham logon ko indian movies aur indian gany dekhty hue koi proble nahin hoti, likin pakistani programe ko critise kery main agay agy hoty hain

        • MGA

          UFC pls get rid of ur inferiority complex ( ehsas-e-kamtarri) regarding India. This is bat a paki play so discuss it on is merits or demerits. Why drag India in this??

    • Noor Mamu

      I agree with US that it's portarying some, not all mohalas in run down areas of Pakistan. I mean come on, worse things we have seen in the news like that pervert Riaz who was raping dead bodies in graveyards for years, or the family who were cannibals. We watch worse worse on the news.

  • sam uk

    this is totally bull shit i know pakistan hmara mulk itna b bura ni hai ab ma kia kahu hamari society ka bht galat image dikha rhe hain bht gusa aya ye drama dekh k that is such a bull shit nothing else

    • Tanya

      sach humesha karwa hota hai

      • Noor Mamu

        This is exactly why people can not accept the truth because the truth always hurts. I'm sure each of us can identify and relate to the characters in this drama: we have all known someone like Neeli in school, or the cable guy, or Adnan. People shouldn't take it all to heart.

    • Ami

      This is what happening my dear, taste of truth is always bitter. By closing eyes from reality dont change it. Thanks to cable culture and so called cultural shows being aired across the border. Welcome to so called liberalism, enjoy after effects of it. As every one know that any thing we are going to adapt bear a price tag, some time we have to pay it before and some time after.

  • usman


  • saima

    is drama ko daikh ka you lagta hai thori bohat jo kaser rah gai thi nasal ki berbadi ma wo bhi pori kerdi….akhir phale bhi tou daram bante tha.. lakin aj kel ka darama app apni faimly ka sath watch hi nahi ker sakte…afsos sad afos pasand kerne waloo pa.

    • anum

      ya right intehai ghtya drama hy

    • s umran

      indian movies are thousand time more wrose then that, and 90% of people in pakistan have got the cable………….saima why dont you go and critised them instead shouts here

  • Sawraw

    If somebody could plzzzzzzzzzzzz find me that song played on radio while Imran writes a letter to neeli… damnnn it gives me goosebumps!!!! loveee it… plzzz find me its link :(

    • humaira

      i think this is the song you are looking for. here is the link:

    • Tanya

      Sawraw… I cannot post the link here because its not allowed o this website, no one can post any link in comments' section, but u can easily listen to it by doing the following.

      Just go to youtube and type on youtube search bar these exact words

      " Tum San Naina (The Perfumed Garden) Abhijit Pohankar ", and u will get this full song right away.

  • AA

    I started to watch this drama under the impression that its an extension of Burns road ki neelofer but no this looks like something from junjaal pura. Such vulgar and stupid characters. Burns Road Ki Neelofer was very close to reality and you start to love the characters especially neelofer at the end. But here I am disgusted by all of them. I wouldnt be watching this BS anymore

    • http://none Faizal

      Poverty is a crime…

      All the characters are behaving like the Black Americans…

      By the way all this drama actors and actress don't lead Islamic way of life…so why do we care…did you see how they dress up during the awards ceremony?

  • http://abidhussain abid hussain

    nice drama adnan super actor

  • MGA

    All the girls r behaving like prostitutes in this play. And Resham actually looks n talks like one as well! She is a pathetic actress with horrible dialogue delivery… Her cheap husky voice is right out of the red light area. And not just here but in every role she does her low cheap class shows. Even in geo drama Ashk, she is horrible!

  • Chilli Milli

    agr ghor sy dekha jae toh ye un mahaloon ki kahani hai jahan hmare mulk k 80% log rehty hain.. or taleem ki kami ki waja sy un mein ye sb adaat pae jati hain, magar is hakeekat ko manana hmare lye mushkil kaam hota hai!

    • Jannat

      yes i think u r right!!

  • tazeem

    very bad specailly last episode when neely was with her boy friend n cable boy beeted her boyfriend and neely told she car say to take QURAN that ho is her brother. its not a joke why no body notice this thing around them

    so sad

    • Emaan

      you are 101% right, that really shouldn't be in the serial.

  • Adidas

    Well guys ho to iss se bhi bura rahah hai,its reality,some people live in their disney world where everything is nice like humsafar drama and ends great too and this serial will not have happy ending we all know,so don't watch i if you dont like to accept reality,I doubt agar asal ki sachai dikha di yani agar asl ki normal girls dikha di jo shaadi se pehle sab kuch kar leti hain,ya e.d lesbian dikha di to app log to marr jao ge.

    And btw Pak porn movies dekhnay waley mulkon main no.1 tha,so plz dont say k ye sahcai nhi hai,sachai iss se bhi kahi agay hai.

  • http://g.mail kash

    resham aur hina ki acting bohat he zabardast hai bilkul real lagta hai.


    for god sake ab ye lices wale scenes khatem hone chahye;itne b lices nahen hoten hr wakt kise na kise k sur se nikalte rehte he hina; ghin aate h ab tau ye scene dakh k

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