Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahin Episode 11 in High Quality – 31st December 2012

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    what the hell is this??????

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        caps lock kharab hain kya pc main?

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      maya bi tu ak larki (girlz makes us bad)

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    bakwas drama

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    drama ni chal raha?????????????????????

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    drama kb chalegaa

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    i love drama
    0312 8081559

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      tou iss main number phenknay ki kia zarorat thee???

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        hahaha right ismy :p

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          Lol @hina and ismy

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        bas chawal tarsay hue maskeen shoday larkay

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      very cheep

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      very cheeeeeeeeeppppppp uuuuuuu rrrrrrrrr mr

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    salow salow and very salow.

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      kiss ka swallow kar rahay ho

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        Aap ka comment par kar bahut hassi aye mujhe , jitni baar parta hun utni hi baar hassi ajati hai , zindagi itne hasne ke mauke nahin deti tu thanks bro for giving me a good laugh!!!!!!!aur yeh kia baat hui shaukat bhai salow salow salow?

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    Thank u so much for giving diffrnt link..:)

  • Numan Memon

    nice drama,
    i watched 1st time

  • batul

    in almost every episode maya and meerab having food,mehru having tea with saba ,bano apa complaining ,nuthing new

    • Hafeez

      aur kya naya chayeay, mehran hotel lay jayen kya…chudwanay kay liya haan batul bolo bolo

      • kashif

        hafeez behave yourself batul is your bhabhi

        • kashif

          batul janoo agar hafeez apse ab bad tameezi kare to mujhe bataiye ga men isk kan khenchoonga

      • Aysha

        Hafeex,Your comments are showing typical male mentality.

    • Tahira

      Agreed Batul… Its getting boring now!!! Story should take a new turn now

    • sehr

      trure lol

    • fana

      Agree. This drama is showing such boring scenes like having chai all the time!

  • annie

    nyc drama keep it up mehru ur doin well..

    • maaaaa

      i agree with there is nothing wrong with her working there are many families in this condition

  • Aysha

    This drama shows realities of life. It shows working womens' problems. In many cases women have to go out and work to fulfil the basic needs of the family becuae husband is very poor. e.g a fruit walas wife will be working as a maasi in somones house, but unfortunately, her hard work of all day of cleaning peoples houses is not considered work. She is not considered equal contributer in bread winning for the family. Even she is contributing financially and supporting her family, usually men say the same thing "kaam ker rahi ho to apnay liay ker rahi ho, meray liay naheen". They hate to hear that since she is sharing husaband's responisbility of providing for the family, hsuabd should also share her responsibility of taking care of children and house chores.

    • Sairah

      You are correct that any work a woman does outside the home is not considered work. Maybe some men help out a little with household chores, but it's never equal. It can't be because men have no patience. Allah has given patience and sabr only to women. A woman will work 40 hours and have to come home and cook & clean & take care of the children and their needs (i.e. homework, shopping, toys, books, etc). While the man also works 40 hours–but that's it! And, we all know that anytime any thing goes wrong in the house, it's the woman who is blamed!

      • Badtameez

        O yaar chore do becharay mardon ki Jan …..let them live a little as well.if a woman goes out and works she chooses to do it…..fruit walay ki biwi masi bun jati hai to improve her lifestyle for her kids and self yep she is doing double duty now but did her husband pushed her to do it in 90 percent of cases no her husband didn't tell her to do it she chose to do so…
        I am a working woman myself but I do it just to keep myself busy and keep my sanity ….my husband didn't ask me to do it as a matter of fact he told me if you want to work full time you can but i only work part time as it suits my family's lifestyle….but my original job as a mom and as a wife doesn't vanish in thin air as I go out for work…. I still need to take care of my home ,kids ,cook and clean yep we don't have masiz to dump work on as I live in States ….I don't expect my husband to come home and cook and clean because he didn't ask me to go and work…if I increase my responsibilities because I wanted to, I should not automatically increase his burden as well that's totally unfair ……let's analyze this situation here …..I do think if mehru didn't go out and showed greed and was content with what her husband was providing for her and her family she wouldn't be in this situation to start with….oh and I do feel no matter how clever ,mean and cunning that sister of meerab was ….meerab still needs to support them I know I know you all will start throwing stones at me but this mehru was tangdil khatoon ….as Quran clearly states that one should take care of their parents and close relatives….meerab taking care his sister wasn't bad no matter how bad her kids are or how nikhatthoo was her husband …..My husband still gives money to his parents and not all in a family are rich or can provide
        support to others if one can one should ….if she was more tolerable to the situation at that
        point and wasn't running after a "good life" she would have been far happier…and wouldn't lose her husband to Maya…..just my two cents….
        We as a qom are so selfish everyone only cares about ourself if we can share what we have no one will be jealous of what others have no one will murder to get few thousand more in hands ……we as a society are after the material things ONLy and have forgotten the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbu) where Ansaar shared everything with Mahajars and became strong….May Allah (swt) show us the right path….

        • anny

          Badtameez i could not have said it better…Mehroo went to work too better the life for her kids…but she knows her kids r misrable and are not happy..they are suffering mentaly and their education is sufering…so doent she see that a house that should have been heaven is turning into hell.
          when i got married my sister n law had a very srtong hold on my husband.. what ever she said went. life was not easy. but guess what i never put my husband in a situation where he had too choose. today things are soo different. i still listen to my sister in law but i do as i wish with my husband's full suport.
          a woman can do any thing with sabar and love… Our husbands are our Mazaji khuda but with love and our sabar we do become the queen of their heart. egos and pride neevr made homes!!! think about it
          Happy and blessed new year everyone!!

          • mariam

            Anny, ''…Our husbands are our Mazaji Khuda' are you kidding me..I cannot believe an educated woman would think like that…Phew..

        • sami

          A real truth no doubt. Aysha dont know abt ground realities she only watches dramas and google on net.

        • Aysha

          So are u saying a massi becomes a maasi because she WANTS TO??? Are you in your senses? U are saying maasi's husbands dont ask them to work, well they might not, BUT , WHAT DO U EXPECT FROM A MOTHER TO DO WHEN SHE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH FOOD TO FEED HER KIDS???
          And looks like u never had a maasi, else, u would have known that un kay husbands un kee saari tankhawa lay laitay hain, aur maartay bhee hain.

  • Aysha

    Dear readers, i have a question. If a guy is very poor and unable to fulfil the needs of the family (for instance a poor sabzi wala), if his wife has to go out and work (e.g as a cleanign lady) to help her husband so their children's basic needs are met, in that case, if wife is sharing husabnd's responsibility to provide for the family, should husband also share wife's responsibiites to take care of the children, do household chores like cleaning, cooking?

    • Sairah

      The real question is will girls/women make good choices when considering marriage? If a man cannot fulfill his responsibilities, he has no right to get married and ruin a girl's life by subjecting her to a life of subservience. Women educate yourselves and your daughters and find men that are responsible, caring, and kind.
      If a poor man forces his wife to work, then he should help out as much as he can. But these men will take their wives' earnings and still not take household responsibilities.

      • Aysha

        Well Sairah, the way economic conditions of the world are, in many households, both husband and wife have to earn money to meet the ends. Secondly, if girl is also from a poor family, she wont have that option to marry a rich guy who can fulfil his financial responsbilites. And then after having children, they dont even have enough to feed their kids. In that situation, mother has no choice but to go out and earn bread for her children. I think there is nothing wrong with working hard, BUT, what hurts me the most is, those womens' hard work is never appriciated. Men being bread winners expect alot of respect, but if a women is equally contributing financially, she does not get that respect. If she starts asking for help in the house or wants to be part of decision making when it comes to finances of the hosue, she is usually told "paisa kamanay lagi hay to zubaan chalanay lagi hay. is ka to dimagh kharab ho gaya hay". Shouldnt she be allowed to be part of decision making because she worked as much hard as her husband to earn money?

      • Aysha

        Sairah, in many middle class families, usually men dont force their wives to work. they say " jo rookhi sookhi daal roti mil rahi hay usy main guzara karo". Now if a mother has potential to earn money and she wants make her kids life better by sending them to good schools and living in a better environment, she herself goes out for her kids better future. In that case men usually say "main nay to naheen kaha kaam karo". They dont think for a second that she is doing all that for the family and for kids. They still want wife to act like a servant in the home and treat him like a king even she worked as many hours outside as husband did.

        • Badtameez

          uff aysha plz tum shadi mat karna i really feel sorry for your current husband or ur future husband to be ….LOL

          • Aysha

            Badtameez, main to bhori ho chuki huon :), meray bachay jawan ho chukay hain, me and my husband respect each other and love each other to death :). I have a happy family, but I am fighting for others who are abused

          • Badtameez

            Hahaha I am sure you guys are happy but I don't agree with this marrdam mar philosophy of urs to say the least…. No one can get more than what Allah has written for a person…yes, you work for it but you can't have everything in this world but just working HARD if that was the case then poor mazdur should lot more than a guy who sits in air-conditioned office for sure….because he barely touched file he needed to work on….money is not everything and money doesn't equal happiness this play actually depicts all that the little mehru was much happier with her struggles when she was home for her kids than she is now…

            Fighting for others .,,??? How can you fight for others by just pushing hatred among people? A man is as important as a woman and vice versa ….we hate it but God has given little more power to a man than a woman ….look where our western woman is right at the cross roads of humanity …she is a commodity now because she wanted freedom….I pity this western woman and still feel our poor masi has more importance as a wife of fruit wala in her family than this western cultured woman out here….
            How and why it's necessary to diss a man over a woman to
            fight for their rights? We just need more tolerance than fights for rights and all that western crap media pushes on us….finding faults and pointing fingers at others won't solve any problems….just my 2 cents….

          • Badtameez

            Umm sorry about the typos above you can make out what I wanted to say…

          • sami

            this comment is surely not written by a "badtameez". lolxx. i totally agree!!

          • Aysha

            What? your poor maasi has more importance as a woman than a western woman??? I think u never ha a maasi at your home? If u did, whe would have told u that her husband takes most of her salary, then beats her up and also does nasha :)

          • sarmad

            ya still our maasi is bettr dan ur western woman. She dont have to show her body to earn money wid da name of women rights

          • Badtameez

            you are so right sarmad i thank you for clearing up for aysha ji…. i didnt want to get into the filthy part of the price the western a woman pays to get these so called rights and freedom… yes aysha she is far better than western woman…who changes men more than clothes to find the soul mate …..and it is only the begining of such behavior go and see how many of them end up in mental asylums with psychological problems… i agree physical abuse is more prevalent in poor in pakistan but how can you say western woman has it better afterall?l

          • kashif

            Badtameez I agree with you and favor what ayesha opposed in her question " jo rookhi sookhi mil rahee hai usee men guzara karo… she thinks women are careful about their children's future while men are not. men say "jo rookhi sookhi mil rahee hai usi men guzara karo. because they love their wives. they know how difficult it is to earn money these days and want to bear this difficulty themselves and thus don't want to put their wives in trouble. by saying "jo rookhi sookhi……" they not only thank Allah for whatever they are provided by him but also give their wives a respectful life.

          • kim

            i bet ur bari aapa at home and your husband farman. kioun kay jitna aap maardon ke khilaf hain.

          • Aysha

            hahaha, Miss kim, there is no men like Mr. Farman in real life. I actually do respect my husband alot and its not just becasue he is my husband, its becuase he deserves it and he earned it. Respect does not come automaticaly, or just by signing a piece of paper. Both of us had to earn respect of each other. He is in medicine and I am in engineering…we know our strong and weak areas so I back my husabnd up in areas he is weak in and make decisions, and he backs me up in the areas he is strong in and make decisions. We trust each other and appriciate each others intelligence :)

        • sami


      • saba

        in islam,if women go out for work ,so every paisa she earns is sadqa jariya toward the family,she gets reward for this,how beautiful our islam is;)

        • Badtameez

          dear saba can you provide me with a refrence regarding this statement regarding sadaqe jariya towards family please ? thanks in advance

          • Tweety

            Actually I have heard this too but don't have a reference. Acc to a local sheikh here, the responsibility to provide for the woman is the husband's. however, if she decides to work and contributes to her household, then it is sadaqa on her part.

            Whatever the husband provides is also sadaqa, acc to the Hadith in which the prophet saw said that the best sadaqa is putting a morsel of food in your family's mouth.

            And as far as being poor and not being able to provide, we should remember that Allah swt is the razzaq, not us, so we should try to live within our means, work hard and have tawakkul in Allah swt.

          • Badtameez

            i will have to dig up on it …you may be right about sadaqa part but i was wondering about the sadaq e jariya …cuz that goes on even after your death…so if its that….i am may end up in heaven ..afetrall…….lol

          • Sannia


          • Tweety

            You never know, sadaqa jariya could be the education you are providing for your child, who could grow up and educate others like his or her offspring…
            I have heard that on the day of judgement a slave of Allah will be shown good deeds that he won't recall doing, and then he will be told that he had inspired or enabled others to do good and thus accumulated them as if he had himself done them. Wallahu alam.

          • Tweety

            And this I asked about my own earnings for. Sh alauddin al Bakri, very famous and well known in California. So I am pretty sure of the sadaqa part :) may Allah accept from us

          • Badtameez

            ooooooooo nice, you are in the other part of the country 3 hrs behind us ….lol thanks for replying back…

          • ABC

            Saba plz provide ref bcz according to my knowledge it is forbidden in Islam to go out for work bt in the case where ur survival is in danger thn u cn go out n work….

          • kashif

            abc i agree. women are permitted to do job only in case of compulsion

        • N.d

          Saba I think you right

      • Nyla

        I lived in Saudi Arabia attended many Muslim weddings. the husband provides all the expenses of the wedding with the Mehar after Nikah. It is obligatory. They 've to wait for Nikah until they can afford their financial obligations.Walima is the only Khana( like Sindhi Community In Pakistan). Even the girls' Parents, sisters and brothers receive gifts before wedding. There is no pressure on a wife to live with her husband's family and no claim to her money. Muslims in Sub-continent are following Hindu culture in weddings for centuries.

        • Mariam


          Have you ever been to a Hindu Home? Have you got Hindu Friend's, do you associate with Hindu's at all? So how can you say Muslims in subcontinent are following Hindu culture for centuries…all Muslims in the sub-continent come from the Hindu stock..Muslims did not descend from sky..they converted…This obsession with Hindu's amongst Pakistani muslims who have absolutely on idea of the Hindu culture or tradition is stupefying and reflects a brain washed mentality..

          • Nyla

            Thanks Mariam, You are right, most of all Muslims in the Sub- Continent are converted and in other countries too. following their own culture, customs and traditions including food and clothes. Please don't forget our family names, Bajwa, Randhawa, Sehgal which is common with non-Muslims. It is allowed in Islam to be known from your tribes and ancestors. Is it allowed in Islam to celebrate weddings you are watching in Pakistan??? Men and women mingling and dancing and spending millions? No limits to the demands of Grooms's parents to brides' Parents. Even the birth of a girl is considered unfortunate for the same reasons. Pakistanis are naming their kids Neha, Maya Neelima, from where is it coming? You are right again I've some very good Hindu friends. I'm always welcome in their homes and weddings but never forget my own identity, never talk to them about religion or politics.

          • Sehar

            Very well stated Nyla. Also there are also those people in Pakistan whose ancestors are "not converts' and were the ones who in fact brought "Islam" to the region/ For most Hindus this is a fact hard to swallow. And its shame that whenever someone tries to bring to light the better cultural aspects of other muslim countries, one is snubbed off like that.

    • Badtameez

      Yes if the husband asked the wife to go out and help in earning more money for the family but if it was woman's choice then NO he shouldn't :)

      • Aysha

        Badtameez, in lower middle class, when husband is poor but also clever, he will NOT ask his wife to work, because if he does, he will have to share her burden in the hosue. Instead of working hard, he will say, "jo daal roti hay usy main guzara karo" Now when the mother who has potential to earn, sees her kids deprived of good education and other facilitie, she decides to work to give decent life TO HER CHILDREN. A mother never earns for herself. What would u say in this situation?

        • kim

          Children need their mothers more then money!

          • sami

            The best comment. facilities of life are not precious than their mother's time.

          • Aysha

            Miss kim, children need food in their stomach, roof over their head and cloths on their body first before they need a mother. And a mother goes out for welfare of her kids, not for herself

          • nadia

            A father can provide basic necessities its not mother's responsibility

          • Aysha

            Nadia, in many cases, father can not provide basic necessaties. I gave the example of poor sabzi wala who sells sabzi on a cart and have10 children. In that case, mother has no choice but to go out and earn bread for her children

          • nadia

            thats compulsion. in of most of the cases women work at home like making food items, tailoring, etc but if u say every mother should go out and work then i dont agree. Mother's responsibility is her children and home.

          • noori

            Ayesha jee waqai aap ki mamta kabil-e-tareef hai jo bachon ko neglect kar ke unhe asyshen dene par foqiat samajhti hain, iss drama main se aap ko mehsoos nahin hua ke yeh bache kis aziat main hain? kia in ke baap ne inhen roti ,kapra aur makaan nahin diye thai? yeh sab unke paas hone ke bawajood mehreen ghar se bahir kaam ke lye nikli , uss ke esa karne se uss ke ghar par kitna bura asar par raha hai aur kia last episode main aap ne yeh nahin suna tha ke woh bacha kia keh raha tha apni maa ko uss ne kaha ke bachon ko maa aur baap dono ki ghar main zaroorat hai na ke saba ki……. tu yeh baat achi tarah se samajh leyen aap ke dunya main sab se zyada aulad ko unki maa ki zaroorat hoti hai na ke asyshoun ki!!!!!! aur yeh kia baat hui ayesha jee doosrey forum se aap esay bhagi jese chooha bili se bhagta hai…..jab aap ke paas koi jawab na rahe tu kia aap esay hi bhaag ati hain?

          • Aysha

            Miss noori I am not taking sepcifically about this drama. I am talking in general about poor families where mother also work jsut like father to provide for her kids (I gave example of a massi who cleans people's house). If she doesnt work, us kay bachay to bhookay mar jaain gay. And in most cases, since father cant provide, children are also forced to work as darzi, mochi, etc. And no one has guts to say a word against child labor.

          • noori

            Main achi tarah se janti hun Ayesha jee ke aap sirf iss drama ke bare main baat nahin kar rahi lekin yeh tu aap maan le ke jo mother's bahir kaam karne ke lye jati hain tu unke bache bahut buri tarah se neglect hote hain jese iss drama main bache neglect ho rahe hain…..agar baap kaam kar raha hai tu phir bache kaise bhooke maarein ghai ? aur majority of fathers do provide for they families chahe wo zyada ho ya phir kam. Insaan ko utna hi rizak milta hai jitna uss ke lye likha ghai ho na uss se kam na zyada, iss se pehle ke aap yeh kahen ke this is bull shit ja kar apne kisi alam-e deen se pooch leyen .

          • noori

            Aysha jee Aap apne ghar main bayat kar women's rights ka dindhora pheet rahi hain womens main awareness lana chah rahi hain tu mera mashwara hai aap se ke aap states ki luxurious lifestyle chor kar apne shohar aur bachoun ke saath Pakistan chali jayen wahan aap sahi maino main awareness la saken ghi aur women's rights ke lye achi tarha se lar payen ghi!!!!!!!bari bari baaten karne se kuch nahi hotha……" actions speak louder than words" !!!!!!!!!!!! jab aap Pakistan chali jeyen tab aap mujhe inform kar dena Aysha jee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • sami

            noori i totally agree. Aysha bibi ko ye baat samajh nahi aarahi ke jab ek baby is dunya mein ata hai to tabhi maa ke kadmon ke neechay jannat nahi ajati. jannat us soorat mein milti hai jab wo usko sahi tareeqay se paal ke bara karti hai us ke liye sacrifices karti hai. or ek mother jo apni aulad ke liye karti hai koi doosra nahi karsakta. is liye uske qadmo ke neechay jannat hai. agar ghar mein sab basic cheezein available hon phir bhi wo job karne bahir nikal jaey or bachon ko neglect karay aisi maa ko end pe us ke apne bachay nahi poochte jaise aj kal west mein ho raha hai

          • noori

            Thank you Sami jee, i have sent two more comments to Aysha hope you will agree with them too, if possible do let me know what you think about them.

          • Badtameez

            oh aysha ji you think its father who puts food in those little kids stomach!.? its only Allah he makes the father waseela to put food in their mouths ….every human thats born has its quota how much he is going to get in his life trust me its not in mommy or daddys hands to provide for their children its Allah (swt) ….knowing now that you are no teenager i strongly urge you refrain from such remarks which very easily can coinside with shirk…..God forbid….not that its your intention but we should be careful…

          • Aysha

            Badtameez, your comments reminded me of our chokeedar, he had two wives and will have kids for each every year. He had 11 kids. He would just take left over food from our house. Once I asked him why does he have so many kids? he said the exact same thing which you said" roozi dainay wala Allah hay, wo paal day ga". So u know what happend? When I left pakistan, 7 of his 11 kids were child labors. He would give his daughters (even 6-10) years old to work in people's hosues and live there. Us kay do bachay (7 and 8 years old) darzi kay paas mulazim thay. None of those innocent children went to school for more than 5th class. wo bacay apni mehnat mazdoori ker kay apna pait paal rahay thay. So what would u say about that? Also, do u know how many people die becasue of hunger/starvation in this world every day???

          • Badtameez

            You reminded me of that movie ka dialogue
            Jab khilaa nahi saktay ho to paida kiun kartay ho..,,,
            Madam heroin was yelling at the top her voice….
            Ahem ahem…..
            Answer to your question is yes rozi denay wala
            To abhi Bhi wohi hai jisnay unko paida Kia …. The inequality
            On the other hand is man made in our culture specifically to create this class system because it benefits the rich to keep the poor and needy as servants we think we are all advance since we started wearing sleeveless shirts and high boots and heels or started using the every new gadget that's out there but we as a Qom are doomed we have no system which by the way was given to us by Allah to help lower this huge difference in financial situations ….. How many of rich or upper class in Pakistan Pay zakat how many of zamindaar with jageerz pay Ushr to govt so it can strengthen the economy of the state probably a very small number . If we stop following our deen and it's teachings then we should look at ourselves and try to figure out a solution and mend out ways and not blame anyone …. Give me the numbers how many do die of starvation ..,… In this world (i got some idea , feel free to provide exact number)and most importantly in Pakistan as we were talking about that …. I am going to stop this discussion here and won't respond because I feel its going through your supratentorial area without making an impression what I am try to say.,,,,and it's not going anywhere …

          • Aysha

            yep, its not going to go anywhere becaue whatever u are saying not making sense to me.

          • noori

            Aysha jee, aap ne jo baat apne chokeedar ke lye likhi hai woh dialogue tu maine kahin an kahi main sunna tha, aap in drama's se dialogue nikal kar likhna shuru ho jati hain jab ke yeh baaten aap ki apni hai hi nahin!!!!! aap ka aqeedah bahut hi kamzor hai agar kamzor na hota tho aap yeh khargiz na likhti ke itne bache paida kyon karte ho? kyonke ALLAH SWT farmatey hain ke jo bhi iss dunya main ata hai ussey rizzaq main ata karta hun aur yeh baat soch kar bache paida na karna ke un ka rizzaq kahan se ayga tu yeh bahut bara gunah hai.aap ko Badtameez ne acha jawab dey dia hai tu main mazeed iss ke bare main aur kuch nahin kahungi……

          • sami

            noori, i agree all of urz and "badtameez" comments. its an Ayat of Quran. "tum apne bachon ko ghurbat ki waja se qatal na karo kyon ke tum unko rizq nahi dete Allah deta hai". But aysha ko ye baat samajh nahi ay gi she dont know anything abt islam. aysha ke sath masla hai ke ye unhi cheezon ke khilaaf bolti hain jo islam mein jayaz hain. or sirf bolti hi hain practically shes nothing. sirf ziada comments lene ke liye ye ulti seedhi batein karti hain.

          • sami

            1 more thing noori. if u want to check her mental and intellectual level u can check her comments under this week's Bari Apaa. how she deals with the person who disagree her.

          • noori

            Sahi kaha aap ne Sami, yeh ziada comments lene ke lye hi esa karti hain shaid inko esa karne se satisfaction, enjoyment milti ho ya phir yeh west se itni muttasir ho ghai hain ke Islam inho ne bhula hi dya hai…..aur main bahut arse se inke comments par rahi hun sab hi inki baaton se disagree karte hain tu phir yeh mohtarma naam badal kar aney lagti hain tab bhi commenter's inhen pehchan lete, mujhe kisi ko degrade kar ke koi khushi nahin milti lekin inko yeh bataana zaroori hai ke kye sahi hai aur kya ghalat ab dekhen na sab ke comment's ka inhon ne kuch na kuch reply kia hai lekin mere comment's ka koi reply hi nahin kia iss ley nahin kia ke ab inke paas koi jawab hi nahin raha, deep down yeh janti hain ke yeh ghalat hain……aur maidan chor kar bhagna inki purani adat hai, mera khuda janta hai ke meri intention inhen hurt ya degrade karne ki bilkul bhi nahin….. yeh baat main is lye likh rahi hun ke shayed mere comment's parh kar kisi ko yeh mehsoos ho ke main inhen degrade karna chah rahi hun tu esa bilkul bhi nahin hain main insanyeat ke takaaze achi rarah se janti hun,

          • Badtameez

            Lol noori ….Aysha sahiba may not be even Muslim yara that's why I stopped when I saw she or he for that matter was just bashing without substance or proper knowledge and picking random stuff on comments to start trolling pressing ignore button from now on …don't want to spend energy explaining something to someone who lives in one's own laaa laa land….

          • noori

            You might be right Badtameez , i never thought about that….no wonder he/she doesn't know anything about Islam from know on i'll be ignoring em too that's what he or she deserve and thanks for sharing this with us otherwise it might not have crossed our minds!!!!!!!!!! thanks again

          • sami

            i agree both of u but being a muslim we cannot let her propagate false info which she got from internet.

    • Ms.

      yup he must share her duties at home….

    • s. ally

      of course

    • sami

      women rights?? women rights!!! the women ur fighting for dont even know how to use computer and read ur comments. so stop this stupidity and do practically for those women who really need help.

      • khaz

        so what if they cant read the comments?? whats your point? your intellect level is displayed in your dumb comment!!

    • Noor

      yes he should..

    • fda

      they should and according to our religion there is nothing wrong with it

    • waqas

      ayeshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………plz chup

    • harrum

      ofcourse, as the family also belongs to that man. so wats that big deal in sharing work nd time for each other.

  • zahra

    i dont like the way maya speaks ,,, the way she moves her lips ,,, its irritating

  • Badtameez

    Waisey meerab is playing dumb or he is really dumb…lol he knows Maya wants him or no?

    • anny

      he knows :)

    • zaina

      I think he knows…he's just not ready to admit it to himself because he's not ready to live the old lifestyle…and also because I think he's really enjoying her company. Hate him for turning a blind eye to Maya.

  • Fana

    Drama is a dragggggg….please stop showing chai and coffee scnees – is that how people live daily? All Meerab and Maya are doing is talking in a restuarant. Dont they have a job to attend to? Like seriously, this drama needs to do some research on realistic scenes.

    Also, the fact that Meraab and his wife keep arguing – are they going to show any action. Same discussions!

    Please get to the point of the drama now!

    • Ms.

      agreeeeed…..aaj tu hadd hi ho gaeee….itnay khatay hain yeh log k basss :p

  • Nisha

    Koe mard is qadr bewaqoof ho jo ahsan leta jaye to sb kashtiyan ulty he chlen gi na..ahsan khan ka to image hi khrab ho gya hai is trha k character se Jese mere qatil mere dildar mai tha…actually my husband is same like that,really life bohtt tough ho gae hai same like mahru

    • Ms.

      bohet hi bay ghayrat mard nahi dikhaya meerab ko??? biwi ka maya k ex husband k paas job kerna pasand nahi…but khud ju maya k paysay khaay ja reha hay us ka kia!??? koi ghayratmund insaan kisi say itna ehsaan nahi layta ju utaar na sakay….meerab sahab beray mazay say apnay khaandaan bher k liay us say ehsaan liay ja rehay hain..and biwi k baar baar alert kernay k bawajood aik baar bhi yeh khayal nahi aata k aakhir maaya itna BAYHISAAB luta kion rehi hay!??? ahmaq insaan

      • Ayra

        Nisha hang in there or do something about your situatution take a stand for yourself.

        Ms. World is full of ahsaan lainey waley bayghairat mard

    • Mehwish

      Oh very bad aj kal k mard hi esy Han

  • zara ahmed3

    good drama guys

  • s. ally

    why u r not posting on…its the best!

  • Emi

    Mardon ki Aqal pe aise hi parde par jate Hain ,j

  • Emi

    Jis se koi rishtadari nahin hoti uski hamdardian achi lagti Hain ,wife ki batein achi nahin lagtein

    • fda


  • anny

    Women in pakistan are sooooo spoiled. almost every middle class to upper class woman have servents…everyother household has tutors.the qari aur mahale ki aunty teaches the kids quran… so i dont get it whats the fuss is about.
    we woman abroad do each and everything on our own. and you will not hear us Bit*h about it. i take pride in what i kids, my house is a reflection of who i am. i have worked 85 hours a week and have been a house wife together. i dont wait around to see who will help. i do what is needed…and its not only me its all my friends around me.. what i dont understand why these forums have become a place of war between men and women.

    • Badtameez

      I know Right? LoL
      Pakistan mien reh kar bechariyan miskin ho jati hain ….10 nokar honay k bawajud thakk jati hain :)

    • Aysha

      Anny u live in a city. 70% pakistani women live in rural areas. Do u think they have servants? they work in farms all day and then beaten by their husband regularly. U know waht happens with women in interior sindh, punjab, sarhad and baluchistan's villages?

    • Zaina

      I completely agree with you here. I live abroad and went back home and largely discussions amongst womens' circles there were how the maids lacked punctuality or only did the work when told and how bad/good each of their maids were. It made me laugh inwardly. Abroad, a normal lifestyle does not include maids at all. My family, my mother me and my sister cook, clean, sweep, dust, do the laundry, do the dishes, put out the trash, do the grocery shopping, 2 of us work full time, 1 goes to school…all this to say that virtually everyone abroad does all this and we are considered to have the "easy" lifestyle by people in Pakistan. I just don't get it sometimes…

      • Aysha

        zaina, I am not talking about rich people of pakistan who can afford maids. I am talking about maids themselved. 70% of paiskistani population lives in rural areas, do u think they have maids? do u know what women in interior sindh, punjab, KP and baluchistan go thru?

      • Nyla

        Zaina, you are forgetting people living in pakistan asking money all the time like Bano Aapa from us, don't understand our problems at all.

    • ummeafnanamal

      thats really true

  • mohd ibrahim

    actually meerab ka tarika galat tha i think wohi kasoorwar hy q k na wo itna paisa apni behan pai lutata na mehreen job karnay ka soochte app k oper apnay bv bachun ka haq pehlay hai bad ma dosray jab tak shadi na hujai q k app is k lia allah ko jawab dey hain jab k meerab dekh bhi raha hay k banu appa na kuch jor rahi hain na unka miya kama raha hay na beta kuch kar raha hay aisay ma un k family ko support ka meray hisab se na jaiz hi tha do hatay katay admiyun ki moujudge ma meab un ka ghar chala raha hay its not fair is surat ma mahreen ko ghar se nikalna hi tha ..other thing in today episode jab merreb mehreen ko bolta hay job karnay ki kia zaroorat hay arsalan k pass k ghar ignore hu raha hay ghar tu us waqt bhi ignore hu raha tha jab wo maya k pass job kar rahi thi apni bari anay pai us nai asani se kh dia mera kam kamana hay baki tumhara tu last few episodes ma wo q force kar raha tha k wo maya ki job dubara join karay

  • kashhaf

    meerab sahab kuch ziada hi bholay nahi ban rahay ke un ko pata nahi chal raha kay maya kyon itni mehbaan hai us pe or us ki aapa pe?. and maya jaisi aurtein sirf apni zaroorat poori kerti hain unka care+love sirf temporary hota hai…. mehreen ne sahi kaha YE ANAA KI JANG HAI. Anaa ki jung mein faida kisi ka nahi hota sirf nuqsaan hota hai wo hi bachon ka. reh gai baat job karne ki insan agar apni chaadar se ziada paon phaila le to mehru jaisi aurton ko job karni hi parti hai. khawahish jitni berhao berhti jati hai

    • nadia

      true now meerab is financialy better than before

    • rimsha

      thats true .. Ana ki jang .. bohat buri hoti hai .. aur Aurat na chatay huay bhi akhir mein har man layti hai kyunke us ko mard ki tarah sang dil hona nahi ata .. woh bachon ki khatir akhir mein kudh hatiyaar dal de gi ..

  • naila

    i love this drama…………ahsan and saba r the best actorz

  • Humera

    Ayesha agar aap meri aik baat pe dheyan do tu aap i hope so women rights pe baat nahi kero gi …. i.e A muslim woman who knows islam better will not fight for her rights…. and a woman who doesn't knw the Islam will always fight for her rights.

    • Abad

      What a foolish comment to make! Islam is all about rights; human rights including women rights.

  • Mjthegr8

    I beleve what ever Mehreen is doing right what if in place of Maya araslaan shah was helping Meerab out and giving away all the money then what would he think….As always same old mentality whatever does is right and justified and what ever women does../…

  • Nyla

    Mariam. For your kind information. I insisted to keep my weddding simple for the same reasons, without any Jahez or Baree, no Gana-Bajaana. No Shadi ka Jora or, attended only by our families. I was wearing my used Eid ka jora and my tall and handsome husband his white Shalwar suit on deman his average looking bride and like her conditions. It was an 100% arranged match. The menu was Samosa, Banana and cake with tea. You can imagine the reaction of everyone who heard about it :)) Alas! no one followed my tradition so far!

    • Badtameez

      nice mashallah ….Nyla way to go…i am sure you are much happier than most who went for a typical show off wedding….

      • Nyla

        Thanks a lot. You can't imagine how much I was critisized for it . We get along very well Masha-Allah. My husband picked me only for these conditions over other beautiful girls, when other men ran away.

  • qurat

    koi btaye dramay ka end kya hoga???

    • Badtameez

      i hope exchanging husbands in not what writer's brain leaning towards …..:)

      • AnAm

        lol :D

  • amna

    aik to yeh samjh nai ata k sub actors ultay hath say kiyu khaty peetay hain …………..shetani kaam

  • babbly

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    i thnk meerab ll get merriage in next episode to maya,sadddd

  • Aamnah

    i thnk saba qamar is ri8 she is doing wat that should be done earlier to ahsan..

  • imran ahmed
  • Churrell

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  • sania


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  • zaidbinzafar

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    Lovely drama. U Saba she is too good
    A real life drama

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  • Aryaan

    Thanks for the single links Admin..

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