Noor Episode 1 on Geo Tv – 17th December 2012

Watch Noor on Geo Tv Turkish Drama Dubbed in Urdu - 17th December 2012
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • nida malik

    lovely drama

    • zbarea

      shrm kro muslmano……………….

  • m0na

    laanat hoo Geo Tv pr jo aisay dramay on Air kr rayii hy.en ka ek heii maqsad paisaa paisaa jaisay bi aye….indian channel hy ye geo news geo tv

    • dua

      i agree with u in foriegn dramas ka boycott hona chaye

      • asma

        aik media bacha tha jis k log taraqi kr rhy thy pakistan mei ….or apna culture kuch baqi tha…or aj kuch bygairtoon ny wo b khatam kr log ye drama daykh rhy hen wo b bygairat he hen

  • jawad__

    i am totally against of geo tv for showing such a cheap turkish drama.jab hamaray apnay dramas itnay achay ban rahay hain to hum doosaroun kai culchar ko kuon promate kar rahay hain.its not fair.shame on u geo…..

  • maryam

    shame on geo tv….. baysharmi ki haad hai

  • B.shah

    Stupid crap !

  • mumu

    Admin please don't show these dramas. As you can see in all the comment no one is interested in these Turkish dramas. Please remove. Shame on Geo.

    • sana

      No Admin please upload such dramas for ppl who like it…
      Geo even play indian movies why dont u ban that?

      • sami

        complexed ppl.

  • butter

    so sad geo tv

  • Sanam

    WHAT TRASH IS THIS. Please all of you protest with pemra and geo over this.

  • brit


  • Anna

    You should change your slogan to "we love vulgar dramas"

  • Prince

    Please stop posting this nonsense……….

  • minahil

    if u have uploaded noor and ishq e mamoon den why dnt u upload express tv dramas too……..i want u to upload minahil and khalil as well … will b fr ur viewers….thnx

  • CFF

    what the ….

  • Amber


  • m.sikndr

    ye keya badtameezi hai…geo (jews) ne apna rang dekhna shoro ker deya…. BAND KARO

  • KalaBhoot

    Ye bakwaas dikhaee ja rahi hai prime time mein paki dramon ko bund ker kay….hairat hai…Wo kaun log hain jo in 3rd class dramon ko pasand kertay hain?

    • Anum_Emran

      pasand karte nahi hain pasand karwane ki koshish ki jari hai

  • hassan

    bakwas drama

  • irum

    hum tv pe "utaran" drama dikhaya jata hai,that is indian to phr muslims hain,,stop spreading negativity..


    • Tahira

      turkish k sath india ko b nikal dain gaye aap sath ao phir dekhna

  • Uneza_j

    PLZ..ADMIN…DNT POST THIS DRAMA HERE, u have written up that "we love pakistani dramas", then what is the purpose of this?

    • Anum_Emran

      agree v all request u do not promote these atleast on this website.

  • kashhaf

    i mean what is this? Geo shud be banned. i mean last night 7.30 to 8 indian drama, 8 to 8.30 indian drama, 8.30 to 9.30 turkish drama, 9.30 se 10 pakistani drama, 10 to 10.30 again indian drama, 10.30 se 11.30 again repeat of turkish drama. pathetic channel. i will not watch any of these craps.

    • zubi

      i agree and i condemn geo and ppl who decided to upload turkish drama on this site. pakistani dramas should be promoted here.

    • Fatima Mirza

      Geo is either being funded by Indian and Turkish entertainment media to promote their industry or there are some unpatriotic hierarchy working in GEO.What is in store next?Italian dramas?which are as crappy as Turkish dramas.

  • Sani

    LoL, hypocrites!!!!! First write up a lengthy article against telecasting Turkish dramas on local channels and then upload all of them or your site for the sake of viewership. You are doing the same thing as the local channels. This is the height of hypocrisy!

    • umme kalsoom


  • Esha

    I even requested on ur site plzzz not to promote any non Pakistani content … But koi sunta hi nai …. 1 yahi website sahara lag rai thi hmaari industry ko bachaane wali but all you guys are same … Har koi apne baare hi mai sochta hai

  • toufiqtt

    geo thu tujh par

  • zubi

    Laakh dafa laanat…. sirf Geo parrrr. sirf Geooo par

  • Elena

    agar tum logoun ko yeh drama itna he bura lagta hai tau iss page per ataay he kiu ho :P

    • Tahira

      tum jaiso ko samjhne love own drama

  • shah noor

    ye kis qism ke muslman inhe tu shirm b nahi aati kafro badtar han tori si tu shirm karen

    • vvvvv

      aur jo elite pakistani hain unka kya haal hai?? politicians, some actors, actresses????

  • kashif


  • Aysha

    Plz sto this rubbish….. Boycot GEO

  • Anum_Emran

    these drama's should b ban indian n turkish. hamare apne Pakistani drame khatm hogae hain jo inko promote kia jara hai.
    kam az kam in website p to upload na karen

  • Fayzee

    I did not watch it….

    Stupid !!! both Geo and Dramasonline…
    Shame on you…

  • sana

    I am watching it.. its nice.. our dramas suck

  • sana

    kitni achi acting kerta hai yeh neemat

  • yaruq

    very bad, not per Muslim norms

  • sana

    Its very good to improve ur urdu.. our dramas are ruining urdu

  • sana

    Bade Ache Lagte hain WOw more amazing dramas to COme yahoooooooooo….

  • asia

    kam az kam yeh to soch lia jaiy k hum pakistani hein jasy bhi hein
    love our country plzzzzzzz
    proud to b pakistani

  • aamir khan

    i like this drama title song it too good

  • Lubnarashid

    Plz people protest as much as u can through these websites to stop telecasting this rubbish dramas ,and Admin plz do not upload turkish or indian dramas

    • rameen

      protest krne ka faida ?? jis ne dekhna hoga wo dekhe ga. afterall its entertainment industry, jis ko jo acha lgy ga wo vahi dekhe ga na mohtarma !!

  • kkl;sjjk

    indian dramas b tu dekhtay ho

  • Abbas

    After a long time our drama industry doing well, most incredible thing is our viewers switching channels from indian to pakistani channels. New jobs creating because of this success, young people studying media and they feel good future in this industry and so many good things are on the way, at this point we should support our drama industry specially, what so ever. If people like foreign plays a lot then these plays should allow after 10 or 11pm, our local plays deserve prime time because we want to see our every day social issues and their solutions in our dramas in a interesting way. And what i believe pakistani people in pakistan and in foreign want to see these plays. If tv channels flooded foreign plays our drama industry will die(God forbid) very soon.

    • aliya

      gud ….prime tymm pak ka hu b hai ….

  • marium

    geo ki marzi wo jo bhi dekhae ye to dekhne wale par depand karta hai itni hi ghairat hai tum sab logoo mai to apne gharo se tv ka bycot karo

    • Fatima Mirza

      It is a pity that people who are in favour of Turkish dramas has such tunnel vision.They dont see the big picture.I dont want to explain the reason why it should not be aired as Abbas has said it all in his comments.In the Holy Quran it is mentioned several times "why dont you think,why dont you use your aql,why dont you understand"
      It is poor judgement on the part of the channel who has decided to run such shows.

  • Sabi186

    Such a vulgar drama these people are Muslim, shame on Turkish people who are promoting living relationship I think these people don't read Quran. Allah SWT how much angry with zani people in the start of drama Bf/Gf talking about their relationship without married What our Channels are trying to taught us & especially our new generation, Follow these Muslim.

    • Fatima Mirza

      Our youngsters should know that Turkish call themselves as progressive Muslims who are following the European culture.By the way,the majority of them hate Pakistanis as they say that Pakistan is a backword country and here our channels are promoting their lifestyles and their culture.

  • Amber

    Geo sab sa bura channel ha har burai ki baat ko ya phailata ha,,,,,,,, shame shame shame geo tmy to mar jana chahia

  • Sunny

    I like this story, and watch this drama as lesson. There are no mistakes only lessons in life.
    Sunny from Japan.

  • guest

    Noor (Gümüş in original) is the only extraordinary successfull Turkish series everywhere it was on air; in the Middle East, in Balkans, in France. It's called as the most beautiful love story ever told in the world; the true love story of Gümüş&Mehmet (in original) or Noor&Mohanned in Arabic countries.Also a Cinderlla story.

    But I can't believe how a Pakistani channel broadcasted such a disgusting series as aşk-ı memnu which failed in every country it was on air and which was removed from broadcasting in Croatia and which had reactions and was protested in Türkiye (Turkey).It was just a project of bad minded origins in Türkiye producted to deprave Turkish youth and just supported by that origin's medya or anything else belonged them.But it (aşk-ı memnu) is not a series that can be watched by a normal human being.

    • eesha

      than i guess only 1/4 th of Pakistan consists of normal ppl

  • aad

    turkish people are like European people. They are just nominal Muslim. Naam k muslim hain. Mein nei 10 din Istanbul mei guzara aur unko qareeb se dekha hai. England aur France ki tarah ka culture hai, 99 percent. (I am Pakistani, lived in the West for last 20 years)


    i like the play :)

  • maya

    noor should change her hair style ,mehmat should change the behavior,sherif should not be greedy and lair .wese itna acha bhi nahi hai jitna tv wale bol rahe tha,and one more thing this is the site of pakistani dramas only but this is a turkish drama stop it :(

  • Sedef Avci

    what’s the repeat timings of Noor?

  • Sedef Avci

    plz tell me now ….im really in urgent

  • Sedef Avci

    helllloooooooo………..somebody know this Noor repeat timings at geo ?

    • Sedef Avci

      im fan of this drama plz tell me ……….

    • Sedef Avci

      i thing 11:00am to 12 noon

  • Sedef Avci


  • dimple girl


  • ayesha

    yes its time is 11 to 12 pm

  • Random

    This is the first episode right?

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