Noor Episode 2 on Geo Tv – 18th December 2012

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • aamir khan

    i like this serial specially its title song

    • sana

      see I like it too…

      • aamir khan

        thanks and we both appeal to admin please carry on this serial don't block this because every one has own opinion if someone dislike this serial don't watch this serial there are so many other Pakistani channels so watch other Pakistani channels. i think it will good play because story is interesting and Istanbul city beauty, environment ,culture and natural beautiful location make play more interesting.

  • uneza

    PLZ..ADMIN…DNT POST THIS DRAMA HERE, u have written up that "we love pakistani dramas", then what is the purpose of this?

    • sana

      no please play these dramas they are very nice. Pakistani dramas are ruining our kids…they abuse. The stories are so shameless. I like these dramas. Helping me improve my urdu…

      • Katniss_Swan


        • sana

          thanks ya see no one here is thinking what our own dramas are doing…

      • aliya

        whattttt..i cant belive…..agr abi b ap ny kuch sekha ni …pak dramas baachy bigar ryhain to ap konsi thk hann misss..hd hai ..abi tk yei ni pata ap ko k kia aacha or kia ni…..drmy ki dressng to ap k bachun ko abaya pehna dy gi ..wahhhhhhh.
        thk hai drama apni jaga…drama ko drama e rakhu..apni zindgi na bnaoo.
        es dramy sy wasy ap k bachy kia acha leeson sekhien gy ….ap btien gi sana?
        simple story hai so story e dekhu tum

        • sana123message

          well u ppl are biased. I think these dramas should have same place as Pakistani dramas. Ager yeh achay nehi tou pakistani dramas bhi koe marka nehi mar rehe. Wel I think u ladies are happy when u see stupid love stories and crap.

  • sana

    thanks alot.. loving the drama. noor is cute. Admin please play Ishq-e-memnu again..i missed it.. I want a link of all the episodes…

  • sana

    Also play revenge in Urdu

    • HINA


      • 123message

        Ulu ki pathi tu .. Tu ne Pakistani dramay dekhne hote hai ta ke tu maa behn ki galian sekhay or tere bachay sekhain. Baghairat aurat sharam nehi ati

  • Uneza_j

    PLZ..ADMIN…DNT POST THIS DRAMA HERE, u have written up that "we love pakistani dramas", then what is the purpose of this?

    • irfan

      Geo is posting these dramas delibertaly. due to majority of people are being attracted towards HUMTV and ARY dramas i think Geo is trying to letting down other Channel,s shows. pakistani people started wathing dramas for ages now ,GEO never praise the way other channels are promoting family shows so GEO is being jealous but i bet,,,,, soon these dramas will wash out of all the channels just like as STAR plus style -ZOOM in and OUT had been rejected badly.

      • jeekoon

        WELL I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN FILMS LIKE JISM AND MURDER ARE IN CINEMA'S NO ONE CARES THAT HOW MUCH IT AFFECTING THE CULTURE OF PAKISTAN. and please if u believe that all pakistani audience cares to see is sibling rivalry and saas bahu tension… then i guess u r wrong.. there is no way out.. i think dramas of this sort should be there so that we learn that har drama saas bahu, behanoon ki larayee aur husbands ki maar kay barray mein nahii hunaa chahiyai. jab behooda indian films dekhtay wakt kissi ko sharam nahii aatii tu this is allot better than that..

  • batool

    nice story….hendsome and smart hero..concept is too old

  • Katniss_Swan

    i luv it…. i'm tired of pakistani dramas..ihey are all about marrige etc

    • sana


  • jawad__

    i hate geo t.v for promoting others culture .tukish dramas should be baned in pakistan

  • Lubnarashid

    PLZ Admin do not upload or promote these crap dramas on ur site,we luv our pakistan and pakistani dramas ,we have to support our drama industry


    rubbish , completely disappointed with GEO

  • afria

    nice dramas

  • mubashar


  • abc

    lanat hai Geo tv par

  • Ali

    Please do realize and understand your own culture don't act like copy cat…first Indian media and now Turkish… I don't know why we always learn the bad side of developed or developing countries..Although Turkey is a Muslim country but there is a hell of difference of Culture… Alcohol and having boy/girl friend is not considered as bad (haram). I also know that we are not Muslim in real sense as we should be..but at-least we can try to be a good Muslim

    Agr Zindo main to app apni Dunyia payda kar….

    Please please save your self and next generation… This is the start and slowly they will increase the vulgarity level…
    Its a very generous request to all Pakistani bros/sisters.

    • Fatima Mirza

      I totally agree with Ali's farsightedness,there is still time for damage control.People assume that since Turkey is a muslim country it is OK to watch their films,but they donot know that Turkey for decades have shifted towards modernization in order to be accepted by European Union and called a European country.The majority of Turkish especially youngsters donot follow Islamic laws and its traditions.
      Such films shown on Pakistani channels will give a wrong impression on our youth when they observe the lifestyle shown in Turkish films to be acceptable as they consider Turkey to be an Islamic country.

    • Farzand Ali

      i don't want to explain or criticise this drama because you already describe this very perfectly…. Sham on our media and as well our people………

  • jin

    pathetic administrators of this website. is this how they show love for ' pakistani dramas??

    • sana

      no pathetic is ur way of thinking.. Admin Keep up the good work!

  • kashhaf

    please admin geo pe jo indian dramas arahay hain wo bhi upload kar dein. actually koi or nahi ham apni tabahi ke khud zimmaydaar hain. jo ham kehte hain wo kerte nahi. itne lambay articals ke baad bhi ham in dramas ko promote kerne mein lagay hain. kal ko agar hamari movies ki terha hamara drama bhi crisis ka shikaar hoga to us ki tabahi hamaray hathon hogi.

  • aqsa

    ap log is dramy ko dekh ky apiy paun py kulhari mar rahy ho api drama industry khatm kr rahy ho

    • 123message

      haan na tou acha hai na.. Humari industry see he veena jaisa gandh barhta hai. U ppl are crazy

      • farza

        acha vina to gandi so gandi vina hi nazar ati hai jab us ka kaam hi wahi hai to us ny wahi krna hai na sab aisy hi us ko nashar krty hain wo b shamless hai to ap hi shaRminda ho jaO SHOW
        waly b usy aisy buulaty hain jaisy wo bari naik ho aur us ny pehli baar aisy kaam kiye hoon

  • Katniss_Swan

    if u don't want to watch these dramas then don't watch but let us watch

  • white heart

    we love our pkistani dramas plz ye drame yaha mat rakhen asa na ho ke inki wajha se hum pakistani drame bhi na dekhn plz…..

  • ishaq

    being pakistani wanna watch foreign dramas…………………..rediculs

  • sana

    Admin can't wait for today's episode … Never stop showing these dramas…(Y)

  • shah noor

    please please aap logo se guzarish ha k ese dramas na dikaen jo out of islamic culture hon is se nojawan nasal kia seekey gi is me tu kuch galat dikaya ja raha ha sub log is se bigar jaen ge islam hame kia sikata ha or log kia dika rahe han pehle hi nojawan itne bigar gae han ye sb dika k or bigar beda ho jae ga please poisitive chezen dikaya karen jis se log sudhar jaen na k bigre

    • 123message

      haan pakistani dramas main tu boht culture dekhate hain?

  • ayesha

    plz dnt post this drama here.. very dissappoint with geo tv

  • SID

    I dont see any differece between GEO and dramasonline, both are greedy. I thought it was my platform, i was wrong. Despite hundreds of protest comments, admin is posting a shameless post on facebook that we shouldnt watch if we dont like them. I'd rather use youtube now. Goodbye dramsonline

  • sana ayan


  • maha


  • jamayma

    Har buray kam ka thaika Geo nay utha liya hai…….Shyaitan kay chailay……

  • saliha

    geo is our favourite channel for dramas. but now we don't like this channel. kya behodi hai if we want to see indian dramas we see this dramas in indian channels not in our channel. we like pakistani dramas and our actor. if you don't have new dramas please GEO band kar de we are not interested in indian dramas and shows. please………………………………………………………….

  • saira

    we watch geo as pakistani channal not as indian and turkish channal. we r against this type of drama.this is not our culture ,it is a plan to destroy our dramas and channal.where is that slogan gone PAKISTAN KA MATLAB KIA u r also think as pakistani finish these dramas and shows

    • farza

      hy saira i asked a question that geo main jo drama chal raha hai mil k b jo ham na mil saky… yeh drama kya sikha raha hai???????k rat ko boyfriendzzzzz sy chup k milo aur us ka bhai jo kr raha hai tobaa alwayzzzz see positivity ok.its just a story itni choti soch na rakho yarrrrrrrrr chill

  • J Khan

    Its a nice drama and story

  • nekkochak

    i love noor drama and also love turkish dramas . i am from kohat. can i its last episode

  • zainab

    ooffffffffffff mehmeds eyes r soooooooooooooooo attractive

    • haseeb


  • sami

    koi btae ga k ye drama geo pe kb lgta?

  • Random

    2013 and this is the first time I’m gonna try and watch this drama is it interesting cuz I think I’m gonna get bored of it

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