Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah Episode 38 – 19 october 2012

Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah Episode 38 – 19 october 2012
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  • Faizan Mughal

    "It was by sheer luck that Hina landed the outstanding role of "Saeeda" in "Burnes Road ki Nilofer" written by "Fasih Bari Khan", after challenging the director "Mazhar Moin" to find someone better than her to give depth to the character." Hm well i already talked about her too much,,,, i also was a great chance she is just out of the world… Hina dilpazeer khan is only talented actress who is going to take the place of "Late Moin Akhtar(though not that place)" along with the combination of another legendary versatile persona "Anwar Maqsood"…. This was a sequal of telefilm "Ronaq Jahan ka Nafsiyati Gharana" and now it has been it's 38 episode and each episode was epic… writer credits abilities are too good "Fasih bari khan and director "Mazhir Moin" is too good….. I also was have a very good time with her… though now it's has been an year i didn't meet her. but again when i 'll be back in Pakistan i 'll meet her… she is very kind and gentle and in her real life she is quite and calm…. actually such people which creates magic in world or create smile on the faces of people though belongs to TV or Not… have same reason's… all of them are very sad in their real life… or they suffered alote… I'm just telling majority… means 96.99% such people have tragic life in their real reel. But Hina is just awesome i wish her very best of luck for future and may Allah bless her or her son. "Remember! people who creates laugh on faces infront of them, have tears in their corneal hiding from the audience"

    • kaun

      I think everyone goes thru tragedies, but one out of million are blessed by such kind of personality or talent, who deal with hardships with a smile on them, I am one of them and so does Hina. Watched her show here in USA last week on stage with Anwer Maqsood. She has such big fan club that she over shadowed everyone else. Now I really wanna meet her in person, also Fasih and Mazhar. They all make a great team. I really wanna know more about Hina, the kind of person she is, a bit about her life and background too.

  • KalaBhoot

    another good episode :)

    • saima

      i lke it drama……very much guyzzzzzzzz….;-]

  • fari

    this drama is fantastic but i really like badrika and also her voice

  • fari

    badrika is awesom and also her voice

  • fari

    badrika kidar hai []


    i love badrika

  • Handsome

    I love this drama
    especialy roh afza mother n also ro afza, badrika, nazir

  • rania

    wow rooh afza kamaal bndi hai yar i love her issi k liye me ne drama daiikhna start kia……:D

  • riaz nadeem

    i like roh afza and shakorran hina u are awsome u should get pride of performance

  • momo mano

    hahah love ths drma lolxx

  • husain nasir

    ' Jannat mey bolai bolai phir rahe thay ' wah kia dialogues aur adae gi . drama khob hy,, Hina D ka jawadb nai puri Pakistan ke adakaro mey . Kuch LUCY ce hein.. hollywood k The Lucy show wali.

  • Noor Mamu

    Unique drama. Fab fab fab love it! X


    ooho,apki gherat ki baasi kari mn b ubal ana shro hogea,hahaha level hai yr hina apka..

  • saleem nasir

    how do you manage this hina dilpazir…..you have to be the most naturally gifted….and hard working actress in the entire universe…..my fear is that you are too prolific and are going to burn out doing so much in such a small amount of time…..i hope that you can sustain this…..and i do hope that you are more selective once bulblay, quddusi sahib ki bewah, mohabbat jaye bhar mein and other current projects come to an end…..look you could be meryl streep ……and hopefully you don't become so commonplace that people forget or take you lightly…..wishing you the best of luck….and a project as good as your talent

    • nida khan

      wao bohat khub zabar dast hina dilparyz beautiful acting

      • NIDA KHAN


  • mano

    good drama

  • Syed

    "zahir hai is umar mein Humayun Saeed toh nahi mil sakta, albatta badbu ka safar shru hogaya hai…maloon gi!"

  • saima

    meri family ko yah drama bohat acha lagtha hai…i like it very much…..

  • Shona

    superb drama…chaa gy ho rooh afza.alaaa

  • hira


  • hira

    very nice daram…:D

  • Shahrukh

    Very Nice Awesome….I Love this Drama

  • Wadery Ka Beta

    kia baat ahi yr


    koi 6th baar ye episode dkh rha hn,,loving it


    koi pride ov peformance dy do yr hina g ko plzz,

  • sameer

    very nice episode

  • kaun

    Im just speechless, tooooo gooood!!!

  • rabia


  • kinza

    i like this drama vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvy much

  • subrang

    hahahaha ikhali noorani qaida.

  • nasir

    wadod ke mother b hina ha?

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