Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah Episode 39 – 26 october 2012

Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah Episode 39 – 26 october 2012      
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    khajista ka dialogue maaaalooooongi………hahahahaha
    i love badrika

    • zem

      yep, i love that, and also the nani poni, accent, mmmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh

  • seemi

    lovely drama

  • Faizan Mughal

    I can't believe, that Is was "Sajal Khan singing" superb, i am also off the record singer…. i know about music (till where i know), she is superb at Beginning, first "SUR "was just awesome, and then her vibrato is 2.6 F' C with odd scale… which is very unusual for a person who is non-singer… today's episode have the most surprising SCENE was when FARZANA (sajal) sings "Abhi Na jao Chort Kr" amazing…. rest of actor are just "Chummaishvari supentofantabulous" i always praise Hina for her such evergreen and everlasting characters in one drama i think for a half century, may be someone compete but the stamp of Hina, MOin and Bushra will hardly meet by someone…. Go bless other's team specially… saba(farzana mom's and in real Bushra ansari Sister.) she completes the cast in this drama, as of in it "Roonak JAhan Ka Nafsiyati Gharana"(QSKB sequal to this telefilm)…
    hat's off for "Mazhar moin" and "Faseeh bari khan" for wonderful direction and in every episode for such a fresh and mesmerizing script….. keep going it's 40 hope it will second Comedy drama 'll reached and cross hundred after PTV very epic and long comedy serial in history of PTV "Family Front".

    • Naveed Zaidi

      I really like your comments. No doubt Mazhar Moin doing unforgettable job. in other hand are you sure FARZANA (sajal) singing was real? it may lip singing.

      Hina dilpazir is also awesome but after getting more than 10 roles in single play, her character still not meets MOMO character in Bulbulay.

  • fariha ashraf

    exotic foriegin drama


    uooee allaha

    • hasan

      areee oo kuttama

  • tania

    i love rohafza becouse ise dekh k mujhe apni cousin ki biwi yaad aati hai mutlab meri bhabhi seme dress pahenti hai aur us ki shakil bhe isi ki tarah hai keep it up bohat bohat bohat bohat bohat acha serial hai meri puri family dakhti hai best of luck and lov all characters

    • Salman

      or tumhari shakal kaisi hai

  • kaun


  • Zohaib


  • arsalan

    hina dilpazer baji u r the Best of Best

  • Henna

    Awsome drama ! Just love it :)

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