Rehaai Episode 12 in High Quality 3rd June 2013

Rehaai Episode 12 in High Quality 3rd June 2013 Playwire Dailymotion
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  • inam

    first to comment

    • FATIMA


      • rickshawlover

        betaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! control kijiye

        • Ziddii Bachii

          rehai is very nice drama is ma reality hy mgr akmal ku jitna sinsere aj kal boys itny sinsere nhi hoty ju 3 babies ki mother sy muhabbat kry …….

  • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

    Kab say Intezaar kr raha tha!!! too slow yaar!!!

  • roma

    this is the only gd drama going on right now. any others to recommend?? rest are too boring. kankar dekha that seems promising

    • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

      u should see “Ullo Braye Farookht nae” one of the most splendid drama of 2013. consistently rated 3.5/5, 4.5/5 highest ratings. Written by “Amna Mufti” and one of first Mystery and thriller drama, completely awesome, flawless and tremendous, awesome song composition, the famous song “Aj Rung Ha Re maa” recomposed and sung by “Sahir ali bagga” a goose bums one singing, Sohail Ahmad awesome acting. I must say that completely different pot and story and more over dramatized in Lahore.

      for me best dramas of 2013 are

      1. Rehaii- Farhat Ishtiyaq

      2. Ullo Braye Farookht nae-Amna Mufti

      3. Kankar-Umera Ahmad

      • roma

        ive watched it till ep 3. still so confused about the story.

        • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

          Only at the end u came to know, y the title is like that, too strong plot.

        • Anum

          yes ullu barae faarokht is outstanding and deep drama .every character is marvelous . specially sajida is like a witch.
          Rahai is also best drama with strong story both dramas belongs to noman aijaz. i have no words for his acting

      • Samira

        Ullu barae frokht nahee is outstanding

      • Brown Eyes

        haven’t watched yet, but I have to ;)

        • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

          Yeah, u should!!!

          • Brown Eyes

            and i’m gonna start now

    • Brown Eyes

      Yup, kankar will be a good adition

    • Ali

      I know of a great drama on hum tv which is dastaan great drama must watch

  • sara

    I love how the little girls say “Kulsoom ammi”. It’s so cute

  • alena

    outstanding drama

  • Anum

    kat kat k dia hai drama kitnay sare scene skip kie hue hain

  • Samira

    Mil ge Dukh se rahai this song is very touching
    Nice Episode

  • Syeda

    Die Wasseem Die. Kulsoom Marry Akmal! Kulsoom Marry Akmal!

    • asma

      waseem pehle kaha tha pichli kuch episodes me ? i havent seen those lately

      • Syeda

        He left them actually Shameem kicked him out coz he was being an A**. :D He started working with his old friend who make fake medicine and involved in many illegal activities.

  • hamza

    akmal ki sister GURIYA :D :D fit besti hui :D dil khush hua :D

    • Syeda

      sahi bola, she was irritating :D and poor girl cant act. she talks as if she is reading Urdu book loudly.

      • hamza

        hahahahaha :D :D akmal ki behn to lgti hi ni ha :|

  • funny guy

    khul gai chaddi ki silai kese

    • reema

      cheap guy :P

      • funny guy

        It is not guy its gul. Whats wrong in it as they are sewing and i just match title song accordingly don’t worry just enjoy

        • G thang

          ^ original !!!

  • Moon fasi

    rehai is such a clasic drama… i like it very much

  • Moon fasi

    acting of akmal is soooooo cute..

    • Omer

      No akmal is itself so good

  • alena

    v v v nice drmaa…superb

  • tiger

    kulsom k mou aisa hai jisay mou mai dono side niwala rakh ker bethi hoo hahahahah

    • alena

      ksi m nuqs ni nikalty,,,,,ALLAH n bnaya h sb ko

    • Fatima

      That is not funny humdinger kiwi ka aise mazaak nhi Oorana chahiye

  • sadaf

    yeh og puraney ghar mein kaisey apis aa gaey hein inn ko to mlik maan nein nikal diya tha

    • LubnaRashid

      aap is se pehlay wali epi dekhen jawab mil jyega :)

  • ijaz khan

    it’s Drama a lesson for love and poor people

  • arosha
  • pink

    har new episode k sath mai is dramay ki aur is k actors ki fans ban jati hon … supppppppppppppperb drama…and nauman ijaz and samina peerzada are great actors..heart touching story… 100likes

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