Review: Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay: Episode 1

Tanhaiyan is back with a bang after 27 years. I was looking forward to this play more than any other. Tanhaiyan sequel is almost like a dream come true and there are so many expectations attached to it. When Tanhaiyan originally went on air I was very young but those were the times when everyone whether they were 6 or 60 used to watch the 8 pm PTV plays, it was like a family get-together! Yes, the times when dramas used to make families come together….good old days. Nowadays we have too many dramas and too many televisions in one household and very little time. And yes the load shedding doesn’t help too, so basically times have changed! At that time I enjoyed Sania and Qabacha’s scenes the most, I thought they were hilarious and Sania was too cute for words. Few years back I decided to watch this legendary play again and it was then that I was completely able to understand the depth of the story and the characters.   The promos of TNS and the cast members in particular grabbed my attention. I was reading in the Express Tribune the other day that out of the total 16 cast members of Tanhaiyan six were living and the rest have passed away. All of these cast members except for Shehnaz Sheikh will be part of the sequel along with some great actors like Javed sheikh, Alishba Yousuf, Syra Yousuf, Shehroz Sabzwari and Shehryaar Munawar among others. The play has been written by Haseena Moin and Muhammad Ahmed and directed by Marina Khan. The interesting thing about this play is that it is being aired on PTV home and ARY digital at the same time. Without further ado let’s talk about today’s episode.   So, did this first episode meet my expectations? The answer most definitely is yes. It was great to see all the original characters on screen once again. All of these actors may have performed numerous roles after Tanhaiyaan but like many other people for me Marina Khan will always be Sania, Asif Raza Mir Zain and Badar Khalil Aani…I am sure all of you know what I mean. The first episode mainly introduced us to the original characters in particular and how they have changed. The person who has changed the most is Faran (Qazi Wajid), he has turned into an introvert and keeps himself occupied with his books as if he is looking for an escape in them. His dream where the judge declares him guilty suggested that he holds himself responsible for something that happened in the past. It maybe this sense of guilt that keeps him from socializing with others and has turned him into a bitter person. Aani (Badar Khalil) is trying very hard to cope with her troubled marriage but still manages to have a good time with Sania (Marina Khan), who is bubbly and vibrant just like she was so many years back. Sania never got married and is working in a youth centre. Zara is living abroad after getting married to Zain (Asif Raza Mir) and has two daughters. The entire episode focused on Zara in particular, maybe because she won’t really be part of the play but it seems like the story is going to revolve around Zara’s daughters. So indirectly the plays will be about our heroine Zara…I figured that from Zains’ dialogue when he says “ab yehi Zara hei”.   I thoroughly enjoyed Durdana Butt’s character; she definitely made me smile more than once. Overall, this episode gave me a chance to watch my favorite characters on-screen again and I am really glad that the Tanhayain team decided to join hands for this sequel. This first episode left me with a lot of questions and I am looking forward to finding the answers. I must add here that Zara (Shehnaz Sheikh) is going to be sorely missed. Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay is going to be a 13 episode serial, so I am guessing that they will keep it short and sweet.   Fatima Awan.
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  • Tanya

    Classic shahkaar dramay "Tanhaiyaan" ki khobsurat memories ka saara baira gharq kar deya is socalled sequel nay…a very substandard drama.
    Calling it a sequel to Tanhaiyan is an insult to the original, to be very honest.

    • MAHA

      dont even compare it with the original one. THAT WAS A CLASSIC AND OFCOURSE NAYE SILSILAY CAN NOT MATCH IT. Naye silsilay is a tribute to the original not an insult, It's a nice try. And i loved it due to SANIYA, BIBI, AANI, QAZI WAJID and ASIR RAZA MIR and im desperately waiting for QABACHA'S ENTRY

    • FatimaAwan

      Tanya it can never match up to the original Tanhaiyan and honestly speaking I never expected it to. Give it a chance , maybe it will grow on you or are you so dissapointed that you won't be watching the second episode?

      • Haseeb

        Fatima I wonder why you never expected it to match upto the original.They have retained the original name i.e. Tanhaiyan just to encash it,that being so why wouldn't and why shouldn't people expect a lot in terms of quality matching the original's? And you tell me would this drama generated the same hype, interest and viewership had it not been for the tanhaiyan brand name?

        • Sadaf

          Think positively, kitni negative soch hai aap logo ki.

          • Haseeb

            jo such hai woh such hai is mein kiya negative aur kya positive,kiya yeh tanhaiyan brand name encash karwanay kee koshish naheen hai?

  • MAHA

    fatima u have mentioned evrything, i was waiting for ur review :)
    saniya is my favourite character and i love dher scenes with Qabacha, I also enjoyed bibi's dialogues (shes the one who is totally the same :P )
    waiting for qabachas entry and i would love to see them once again as a fun loving family :)

    • FatimaAwan

      Ditto Maha I can't wait to see Qabacha again.. Behroze Sabzwari looked exactly the same in the promos…. Totally excited:)

      • MAHA

        And fatima that backgroud score is wow! I loved it before and im loving it now. Now that music has a bit modern touch. I also liked the title song, waiting for it's full version :)

  • Farrukh

    I recently watched Tanhaiyan again when I heard the news that they are making a sequel of it. Despite watching it for the second time I felt really attached to each and every scene. Sequel of such a hit series is a really difficult step especially when the weight of expectation is so heavy. With utmost sincerity, my view is that the first episode of the sequel is not living upto the image of the CLASSIC. The dept of the characters is missing(if only someone could understand what I am trying to say). I think sometime it is better not to touch a masterpiece rather than end up destroying it all together. So I ll disagree with you Fatima.

  • Nazia Ahmed

    Fatima ji – perfect review

  • rauf

    perfect review&perfect drama

  • Annie

    Same here Fatima thoroughly enjoyed the first episode! It brought back memories of T. and Dhoop Kinare :) It was GREAT to see Marina Khan on screen again with Badar Khalil, Durdana Butt, and Qazi Wajid and the way she said King Kong and hugged Zain was just ADORABLE! :) Aah the background music evoked so many memories :)
    Looking forward to the Naye Silsilay!


    Today's episode did'nt catup that much viewers infact over acting ingredients were high ,marina khan and badar khalil look almost same age ladies .may be second episode gona be little interesting,any idea about zara " what exactly happen to her ",

    • fatima

      marina ad badar khalil look same age because in real life after passing this much time we cant guess which sister is younger ad which one is elder….. same happens in ani ad sania

  • Mrs. Khan


    I liked reading your review and I totally agree with what you have written. I also felt the memories of old times return when there used to be one 8:00 pm drama and everyone watched it with great desire and attention. Tanhaiyan was the best of those times and Shehnaz sheikh was a special part of it. I was so looking forward to see her enter in, but I had a bad feeling that she may not arrive safe. I guess they had to make the story that way because of the unavailability of her.

  • Xul

    Loved the song ! <3

  • uneza

    i really enjoyed the first was entertaining!!
    as i havnt watched the original Tanhayian, b/c i was not at tht time…..
    but i have heard so mch abt it….i will surely watch it.

    • Attia

      Nneither was i at that time but watched it years later in repeat telecast and then in dvd form. u shud definitely watch it. available on utube… so glad to c the sequel

  • uneza

    durdana butt..and the lady , as maid..they were too hilariois!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! A nice review..Thumbs Up! Well actually I was not in this world in 1985 so never watched it in my childhood I guess. But some years back, I did watch the original one on a DVD with my family and realized the beauty of it then. I will make sure that I watch the sequel to the original one here.

    • Sadaf

      You should watch it anonymous.


    im 1000% agree with u fatima…….

  • Nadia

    I missed zara very much. Drama is not complete without her

    • Sadaf

      Shehnaz sheikh refused to work in the sequel. It is unfair to discredit the whole serial because one person chose not to work in it. I respect Marina Khan and other actors very much and also mohammad ahmed sahib and haseena moin.

  • Sadaf

    Excellent review Fatima. The first episode could not be better. I agree with every word of the review. Keep up the good work.

  • Zain

    One Correction. the 7 Characters of Tanhaiyan are still alive
    1. Qazi Wajid (Faran Uncle)
    2. Badar Khalil (AAni)
    3. Shahnaz Shaikh (Zara) {but not Acting due to personal reason}
    4. Marina Khan (Sania)
    5. Asif Raza Mir (Zain) { oh yes my name has been taken by this play : ) }
    6. Behroz Sabzwari (Qutbuddin URF Qabacha)
    7. Durdana Butt (Bibi)

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you for correcting me Zain…it is much appreciated:)

  • aasia

    i loveddddddddddd it.

  • FatimaAwan

    Thank you everyone for reading the review and for sharing your opinion about this first episode. It is only natural for some people to feel that Tanhaiyaan should “rest in peace” since it was perfect as it was and I completely get what you people mean. The reason why I never expected this sequel to be as good as the original series is that I have seen many sequels; the baraat series for instance, Mera Saeein and not to mention so many Hollywood ones too and I know for a fact that no matter how good the sequel is one always ends up thinking the first part was the best! It is because it is in the first part that we are gradually introduced to the main characters fall in love with them…the second sequel can never give that feeling to the audience.

  • Mrs Asim

    hmmm i can accept this drama as a tribute to original one,u right Fatima k sequal can never be good enough like original.i dont know why all the time i felt like it was 'being acted',jaisay when we watch it acted on stage,when u know it full well k all is being acted n not original,while in Tanhaiyan,all was too original,may be because i watched it as a child:)

    • hina

      i also felt that… may b it was over acting or dnt knw wt.. bt it was like acting ho rhi hai… ppl r pretending,acting,faking,i dnt knw how else to put it,it wasnt bad bt it wasnt impactful like a real thng..and usually when u watch good plays u dnt feel like dis

  • Mrs Asim

    ps:han i think i would have liked it better had Zara been there,i liked her best though i was only able to understand that character fully only few years back when i watched the play again.

  • nana

    where is the video?

  • Lubnarashid


  • Tanya

    u ppl didnt got me.. ofcourse it can not be matched to original…. I never said it should match… what I am saying they should have left us with that happy ending of the original instead of taking and carrying forward the characters and showing their miseries and troubles etc instead of leaving us with that classic happy end of the original master-piece.
    Is it tribute or not, does not matter, the fact is that IT IS the sequence to the original and taking original's characters forward that is souring the beauty of the original in our mind.

    Hope people can get me this time around and stop jumping to the conclusions shunning someone's point of view without giving it much thought.
    I firmly believe that this sequel SHOULD NOT be made whatever were the good intentions of tribute etc behind them or not.
    They tampered the memories of the classic to say the least.

    • Farrukh

      Totally agree with you Tanya

      • Haseeb

        I also agree with u Tanya

    • M.D.

      I couldnt agree with u more. The serial did not live up to the expectations at all. They should not have called it a sequel if the main protagonist, Zara was absent. They should've called it another name, but they r trying to cash in the success of the original, but spoiling our childhood memories.
      Anyways what do we expect from a Marina Khan directed play? She is not Shahzad Khalil. Who made her the director anyways?????

  • kashhaf

    well truly speaking mujhe itna impressive nahi laga. original tanhaayaan was much better. ab logon ki psand ka wo level nahi raha. aj kal itne ache well scripted and well directed dramas chal rahe hain ke ye drama ek aam sa drama laga. agar is drama ka link old tanhaayan se na hota to shayad boht hi kam log dekhte. thats my own opinion anyone can disagree.

    • FatimaAwan

      Kashhaf thank you for sharing your opinion, we are all here to express our personal opinions including me:) no one is an expert , we are all viewers who want to share how they feel about a certain play. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Naeem Peerzada

    orry to say that without shehnaz sheikh this drama is incomplete:((

  • daniya

    i also think that it wasnt that much impressive because in tanhayain 1 bibi character was cute but in this sequel it has grown loud .. i dont know i think that marina,
    bibi and aani they are not opening they're feelings according to the tanhayain character.

  • shamaali

    hi im new to express my opinion , bt i dont know why ppl taking it so negative… i am so happy that it started… what ever it is a sequal or what…m happy to c all of them again . even it reminds me my old relaxed days and so many memories… bt missing zara .. any ways i appricited … gud try

    • FatimaAwan

      Shamaali thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I agree with you:) I enjoyed this first episode and am really looking forward to how the story unfolds. Keep commenting.

  • Ambreen

    Really like episode 1 and still can feel the chemistry between all characters! All the best!

  • Tanya

    M.D. !
    totally a agree with u… its a cheap tactic to cash classic Tanhaiyan`s name… such a below average drama, and the glorified review did not justify with the actual drama at all…. a colossal disappointment.

    • FatimaAwan

      Tanya I shared how I truly felt about the episode and i do not expect everyone to agree but I am glad many people do because I am really looking forward to watching this show:)

  • Haseeb

    ajeeb bat hai k so many ppl ve said it's not a good first ep,yet almost every negative comment has recived lots of thumbs downs and every positive comment about the ep has received lots and lots of thumbs ups especially fatima's comments.I suspect something fishy here…….

    • FatimaAwan

      Lol this is funny! Haseeb I have a life, I suggest you get one too!

      • Haseeb

        i seriously wonder if u have a life and do look at what the other person is saying before passing rude comments,i can show equally rude behaviour but i don't feel any need to

  • Asim

    this sequel may not be up to the expectations that we have but at least they have made an effort which i think we should appreciate……….i have left seeing Pakistani dramas a long time ago….but this sequel has created interest in myself to see my favorite actors acting again…..thumbs up team Tanhayiaan

  • Muhamad Azhar Saleem

    Interesting to see this page for TNS. Since i came to know about this sequel I can't stop my self falling in the memories of the past. Now I am 35 means at the time when Tanhayian was on air originally I was just 8. No matter what people says about the dramatization, story or what ever This sequel has a connection with my childhood memories, it reminds me how i miss what I had earlier at that time but no more around me now. it made me cry and reminds me my Father who is no more between us. it reminds me how quickly life moves on and how busy we are in now a days life where we leave things behind and move on. I've lot to say but unable to collect the words like Fatima did already but i am sure about one thing that this has a connection to my soul. For me its not Just a drama but something which has left its marks on me and taught me a lot about life 27 years back, it taught me the Value of emotions when i was just a kid and i learned that how important its to have some loved one around you. from here i learnt to be the who cares but in the end left alone just like the sequel is telling now…………………………………

  • shireen saleem khan

    no doubt this drama becoming a family get together again. after somany years i felt the same pleasure……i remember when i was 8 years old and it was very difficult for us to wait till next week and our parents used to record that play through their v.c.r .and we kept on watching that play for many years…now i was sitting with my 11,9 and 7 years kids telling them with excitement that it was my favorite play .thank you tanhaya team for bringing smiles back

  • somi

    I have watched the original Tanhaiyaan atleast a dozen time if not more over the years. I was about 6 or 7 at the time and still love it to date. I am super excited for the new one and can't wait to watch every saturday

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