Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 in High Quality – 31st august 2012

Shehr e Zaat - Episode 10 - 31st august 2012
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Mumu

    I am tired of this dialogue” you how salman is”.
    Yeh pink shirt ka kya ullta fashion hai, kabhi shirt sedhi kabhi ullti… Heeehee
    Dress that falak wearing on her anniversary has a such a deep back neck… And wow mom wearing same style……. Yak na suth do
    Pakistan is getting so fashionably serious ! But where is Islamic republic Pakistan.

    • amina

      mumu actually they have tried to show the interest of new generation of pakistan that is vry far from islam .falak and her family are the representative .so just watch the story .well done all.

  • Saima

    Dramy m boring aur ghar zaruri seen na daly huty tu acha tha

  • Raheela

    Kuch khas episode nhi thy aaj

  • Bilal Ahmad

    hmmm niec ,,

    • Ana

      Never judge book by its cover. That's the lesson from the drama, that's the lesson from life.

  • Aena

    Hnnnnnnnn…. Burri ho rahi hai Falak k sath. Insan ko jub duniya se thokren lagti hain tabhi tu woh Allah ko yad kerta hai, Uss ki taraf jata hai. Nahe tu Rub ko kaun yad kare…..

    Very Well written Umera Ahmad. There is no comparison… :)

    • nayyab

      mujhy pehle hi pata tha aakhir mai ye umera ahmd iss lrki ko naik parveen bana degi apne most novels ki stories ki so cliche'..

  • Tinkoo

    This episode was all about Salman forgetting their wedding anniversary. Next one looks like it will be about missing jewellery and so on. They are really dragging this one out.

    It's obvious Salman & Falak are heading towards a divorce. He will shout three words at her one of these episodes and that will be it. After that, she will become cuckoo….

    • vania


      wow ''tinkoo'' ur comment really made me laugh lol….

    • vannie

      hahahahahahah…….."cockoo" ………..u made me laugh :)

    • Nyla

      Tinkoo, many viewers predicted this 'Anjaam' when Falak was stalking him. Salman was not interested,isulted her. She propsed,( actually imposed herself) aaccepting all his conditions before marriage. It was so obvious that he loves his freedom more than a clinging wife. " Kabhi khudsar kabhi khafaa dekha- Yaar ko 'Hum' ney jis tarah dekha" :)

      • Nyla

        Sorry, about double 'aa' just typing mistake. I know viewrs are very observant.

    • Saima butt

      That sucks! If thts what happened in the novel then they shud change the ending , i mean if this drama is about the spiritual awakening of falak then the ending shud b like she transforms into something better not a mental case




    • nayyab

      wow wow someone just mirrored my feelings such realistically!! i totally agree such a dumb person selctd for such a powerful role in this drama which is why i couldnt keep up with this play in the frst place and so right about that aabi role too.. i mean guyz really…that dwnryt freak playd aabi…for lov of god use some sense directors….

    • Tahseen

      They should have selected Saba Qamar for Falak's role. She is an amazing actress and so pretty!

    • Tahseen

      They should've selected Saba Qamar for the role of Falak. She is an amazing actress and so pretty. It was probably the "Humsafar Hangover" that resulted in the selection of Mahira.

    • sam

      falak was plastic and materialistic and there was an air of arrogance about her. mahira on the other hand appears to be friendly and humble. some one rude like aiman ali could have done a better job

    • Hammu

      1-Do not use Caps-lock.

      2-Adeel Hussain was perfect as Aabi.Who else would could have done it ? His acting was beyond awesome.

      3-You have to deal with this drama now because it already has been made and our mourning would not change it.

    • huma

      yes u r right ,umera ahmed iz my favrt writer…………. .,is say to acha tha falak hamza say shadi kr lyti

  • sam

    finally drama gets a bit interesting

  • Noor Fatima

    Salman ka role "Hamayun Saeed" se acha koi nhe ker skta tha :( … he is missing here

    • nayyab

      bakhsh do ab humayun saeed ko pleazzz…

      • aliya

        haha sahi bola nayab apny, humayun bardhast ne hota ab…

        • Tahseen

          He should do more mature roles. He is still handsome. Just like Mahnoor Baloch should give up on the roles wherein she is a young larki waiting to get married…grow up people!

    • sitara

      maaf krdo humayun saeed ko abbb

    • Tahseen

      Seriously, Humayun ko retirement de dain from these types of roles. He should graduate to more mature ones now. If they wanted to cash in on the "Humsafar" magic, they could have cast Mahira and Fawad in these roles.

    • Hammu

      Humayun Saeed is an aged actor now.While Mekaal is still young.

    • angel

      ewwwww this is the best cast a their are not much good new actors all seasoned actors and actresses are of certaina age i hate humaiyon numan ajaz is a gud actor and this role suits him best <3 but mekkal is doing gud the innocence mirah has brought to this role i dont think any other actress could hav achieved it offcourse their are som lop hole in her acting but she blends well in the role

    • Nyla

      God!!! the story is about an extremely attractive young man. Humayun Saeed is not even close.

  • sitara

    novels main hota hi kya h siwae iske k wo hd se ziada khubsoorat hain ya phir heroine ki age itni km dikhai hoti h…ab itni hoor pari ka wo khan se intizam kren+maira is not that bad choice if she's doing her work effectively…atleast m good to see her in falak's role..novel itna khas nhi tha bt dramatize bht acha kia…well done sarmad khoosat.

    • sami

      mam novel mein hoor pari ko kuch nahi karna parta jo karta hai writer karta hai. drama mein hoor pari ko acting ana zaroori hai.

      • sitara

        to kia mahira khan ko acting nhi ati?u want to say this?

  • aliya

    jst luv ds drama nd topic as well

  • Meh

    Salaman is right, Falak needs to grow up and wake up

    • saba

      she is just live in fatasy and love world…..needs grow up….see the reality.

  • saad

    Not bad…

  • dija

    gooshhhhh…!! she luks horrible while crying..i mean is horrible bndi ko cast krty wqt ksi ne socha q nai..:/

  • Amna Saeed

    another meaningful episode…the lesson of the day is "people change faster than time, so never trust anyone just trust ALLAH" and always be humble and thankful to HIM

    • Ana

      Well said. May Allah accept our thanks and forgives us.

  • xenab

    lol did someone noticed ?? falak weared a pink shirt when she was with her friend .. bt in next scene when she recieve flowers she wear the same shirt bt front is on back and back is on front :P how cheap lol

    • Tayyaba Malick

      LOL I noticed this too :D

      Whattay cheap thing they showed :P

    • farah

      Its a fashion dear

    • Fiz

      lol…OMG how did point it out…kamal observation…but that's not cheap yaar!

    • jero

      hahhah yes u are rite…how can directr like sarmad can do these kind of mistakes????

    • angel

      lol drama sa zyada yeh koi designer cloths ka ad lagta hy every other minute she is in new dress its hard to keep track of if its the same day or other sirf wedding anniversry waly issue me ek din me 4-5 dress change kea hain wah kia lut pari hoi hy

      • saba

        cloths advertisement….

      • Nazli

        That's what they are trying to show that all she does is wear designer clothes & go to parties. Somehow you guys can't be happy with one thing or the other. In Yahan pyar nahi hei sab log yeh shikayat kertay hain key heroine aik hi kapray pahni rehti hei aur Yahan yeh problem hei.

      • Saima butt

        kakan bechari aik he shirt ulti phir sedhi kar k pehan rahi hai , u knw that pink one salman ne tau bichari ki matt hi mar di hai ab kaprey pehnana bhi bhool gaye hain, LMAO!!!

    • saba

      yes i noticed…..:)

    • sitara

      yeah i noticed when i watchd it…n wht so cheap in it…its a fashion dude..u can wear it as u want to n its cool…get a life

  • imran

    agaaaiiiiiiiin where is mohib !! really miss mohib scene with fifi its highlight of shehr e zaat = falak is over act & over confident overall drama is superbb n interesting with learning lesson also !!!

  • http://newepsiode nazia

    Most marriages end up this way !!! love tu woh jo milta he nahi hain …

  • summia

    nice drama

  • mujahid akram

    FULL Time BAKAWAS drama ha ya…..AJ sy 10 year past ma is tara k dramas PTV par second head k tor par chalty thy……our aj dekho….Drama ki store choice karty wakat kisi sayane sy mashwara kar liya karen please…

    • Rubina

      Haha ksy syany sa mashwara hahaha

    • Momo


  • yousaf

    hummm…… Falak is doing a great role and this is a very good drama.

  • yousaf

    nice one

  • Sadaf

    Ktny zyada khncha tani kary gy ab yeh is dramy main

  • Saira

    Is choty sa novel pr itna bada drama ban h nahi sakta tha

    • khan

      magar bun gaya dekha ;) aur achha bhe hai

      • Raheela

        Kya yh acha hy….

  • Nadia

    Humsafar ku chahy 5 bar dakh ly phr b boriat nhi huty lkin is dramy n abhy sa hy buht zyada bore kr dya hy

    • wajid abrar italy

      itna bara moral hai is drame main thats really touchy and awsome work by every one to make this drama

      • madiya

        and i like that dialogue to much…..

        zat ki talash kar wajood ki talash na kar…….

        wajod to hatm ho jae ga bt zat tuje tare hakekee rab sy milae ge…..

  • Rubina

    Yah loug bhy ab star plus k nakl m dramy ku khanchny lag gay hy

  • maham

    for all the humsafar fanss…" u people are very fool if u are comparing this dram with humsafar coz it has a definite story and lesson where humsafar was a comercial common story.. pleaseee… stop getting jelous… mahira is way toooo beautiful n a good actor…. n dressing sense … wat a dressing sense she has got… direction screen play n song selection is awesome…

  • Amy C0ol :)

    Mahira doesnt suit the role actually .. Nd same prblm vid salman's role .. Makers really hav to do casting wisely as it greatly affects the drama's ratings !! :)

  • saizzle

    Alhamdullilah , i didnt seen hamsafar .. coz i am Umera's writings fan so i am enjoy reading and watching ..

    • msk

      didnt seen???aray wah,, ye kaun si grammar hai??

  • jero

    most powerfull line of the drama….`apny ALLAH ko ye mat btao k tumhari mushkil kitni bari ha …balky apni mushkil ko btao k tumhara ALLAH kitna bara ha` ……sooo true.v.well writen….

  • Sameera

    Falk ruty huy ktny buri lgty hy

  • Hammu

    So .. I also cried for the first time when i heard Mahira will be portraying Falak.Then the drama started and till 4-5 episodes,i wasn't enjoying it.But then i thought .. whatever i do .. will it change the cast ? The drama has been made and nothing could be done now.So i started watching it again and i started to like it.It's all about what you feel in your heart for someone.If you are already negative then you won't enjoy it.But if you give that person a chance,you'll start falling for him too.When Falak will realise everything and she'll pay attention to Islam and when she will change herself,how awesome would it be to see the same Mahira Khan we always wanted to.Anyway if Mahira Khan was not suitable for the role of Falak then i don't think anyone else could have done it better.

  • Naz

    Sulman and falk both are cute, lkin un k acting ku sameena pirzada k acting sa compare kary tu un k samny dunu useless hy

  • fifi

    My husband is exactly like Salman even a lil bit more weird than him, to me this drama is my own story the only thing which is different is it was an arrange marriage, so i didnt know about his weirdness and also her inlaws are nice they understand, my inlaws take their sons side all the time so double trouble.But even before this drama i realized the mistake of making majazi khudaa the actual khuda. Also i wasnt like falak means i wasnt very medern/liberal ,i was religious , mujhe najane kis gunnah ki saza milli hai. Even the scene of their wedding ,my husband and his family says that to everyone that i m lucky to be married to him… :D.Dont know why they say becuase looks wise we both are pretty compatible, also eduactaion wise, yup the only difference is i m from a middle class family and he is towards richer side, thats it.Please guys i request you to pray for me i have been in this hell for last 8 yrs , each day i live worrying he is gonna make fuss of some small things. Keep me in your prayers never know kis ki dua lag jaye.

    May Allah bless every one and specially our daughters.Ameen.

    • msk

      Allah unhay hidayat day,,ameen

      • maheen

        May God bless you…..

        my husband is same

        but it is quite normal….jb mard ka dil chahta hai apko asmaan ki bulandiyun pe pohancha deta hai…aur jb dil chahta hai pataal me phenk deta hai…. i wanna suggest that live for yourself!!

        dnt show him that you happiness depends upon him only :)

        • Tanya

          Do jootay lagaao iss ko khud hee saari majazi khadaiyat baahar aa jaye gee…lolzz.. seriously aisay logon ko unki aukaat mar rekhana hee theik haui coz they will never appreciate u so dont try be a doormat for him. let him taste his own medicine… life is too short to tolerate such scumbags

        • shazzy

          You are so right Maheen its so true…once you are married it doesnt matter if it was love or arranged married…men change…i guess they make promises before marriage that they cant keep and us girls count on those empty promises…my now husband always said that he would die if i didnt marry him…but now if he is in a good mood he will be nice…if he is in a bad mood he will be just like salman…as someone else on the forum said live for urself…and try to do things that make u happy instead of relying on someone else to make you happy!

        • Bcool

          oo guyzzz ….

          app logo ne to shaadi se bht dra dia hai :P

        • Saima butt

          I think marriage shud b a relationship based on mutual respect and mutual love if you dnt hav that then whts the point of it all, you shud rather b alone than with someone who makes you feel alone, sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same . Remove people like salman from your lufe becoze untill you do your situation wid never change

    • summyya

      ALLah kabhi kisiii kaa sabar rayegan nai janay dytaaa , Allah saabar krnay waloun ky sath hy.ALLAH bhtar karay gaa aap ky leye ameen.

      • nayyab

        yea sure. keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep w8innnnnnnnng and keeeeeeeeeeeeep gettn humiliated ull get awards fo dat sure

    • Bcool

      awwwww…. ll pray for u dear …. dont lose hope …keep faith in ALLAH …. thingz ll turn better one day INSHALLAH …dont worry :)

    • Marriyum

      Allah Apko Khushia de or apke husband ko Allah Hidayat dein..Ameen

    • angel

      awww dear sorry to hear abt ur situation may ALLAH give u strength.

      i think every married and un married lady should learn their lesson from this drama dont make ur men ur god dont consider him ur pal or saheli treat em with respect and all but every healty relation should have some boundaries …. i read som where "mard deryaft ka parinda hy " when he know all ur cons and flaws their is nothing left to interest him so he will fly away in search of somthing tht is new interesting be mysterious :D love and all but dont give ur self up totally keep a part of u to ur self with some dignity :D

      • nayyab

        oh u read it from qudsia bano of course

      • Ramsha

        Sorry i am being lil personal to you angel, but are you married?

    • rafia

      ALLAH bless u fifi,

      but i think k ye saza nhe bulke azmaish hai, ALLAH apne bando ko aazmata hai k dekhon es bande ka muj pe emaan kitna pukhta hai, me aksar ye sochti hn k aj k dor me her shaks masael me gira hua hai, agar ksi k sath kch galat hota hai to hum bare asani se keh dete hen k mukafat e amal hai, mgr ksi ese shaks k sath bura ho jis ne kbi ksi ka bura b na socha ho to???? ye sawal me ne ami se pocha jbi unho ne kaha k "AZMAISH" Allah apne naik bando ko azmata hai,

      kehne ka maqsad ye hai k jise ap saza keh rhe hn ho skta hai wo ap ki azmaish ho, ALLah ap ko es azmaish me sukhroo kre, ameen

      • Mrs Asim

        u r right afia.and as wasif ali wasif said that the difference b/w saza and azmaish is that the problems and pains that take u away from Allah are saza and problems that bring u near Allah are azmaish.

    • nayyab

      screw him or handle him tight

      keep playing a dummy or stand up fo ur sweet self

      and frankly, i thnk its time too..

      • fifi

        Yeah nayab you are right , its what it should be done BUT i have 2 souls attached with me other wise i would have done this very early. You know how things are for the kids of broken home.its not easy for them. Whenever i do anything for his against my will i Pray Allah i m doing this becuase u asked me to do that as a wife , otherwise i would have killed him and his mom .

        • nayyab

          stopping to live a lie is never easy its difficult nightmarish difficult and has its consequences too but what you r doing now is living a lie and nothing could be changed for good if you remain determined on that.

    • Ayesha

      Jis shadi shuda couple main pyar nahi hai un Mo chahiey kay who surat jummah parhey friday ko kabhi bhhi its help plz try our namaz parho our dua mango our phir dekho :)

    • fifi

      U know guys the funny thing is i even had character like Mohib in my real life , during my college days but i didnt chose him just becuase i wanted to marry a/c to the wishes of my family and since he was not stable at the time of my marriage my family chose my hubby over him:( .My Luck. some times i think its beccuase i hurt somebody's feelings, he was so passinaote about me and i didnt respet his feelings as i should have.

      Allah bless everyne,Ameen.

      • Bcool

        u gave preference to ur parentz choice …i dun think dat u r being punished coz u havent chose him coz being children , itz our duty to obey our parentz … ALLAH ll award u for dis one day …if not in dis world may be in d next 1 dear ..

    • Muslimah

      Tried and tested:

      Recite YA-WUDUDO 1000 times and YA-KABEERO 1000 times while imagining love between u and ur husband with a strong faith that ur taking ALLAH'S Name so He'll definitely Help. Then make dua to ALLAH for Help and His Rehmat to increase love between u and ur husband.

      (seriously with a strong faith that yes HE IS THE SUPREME LORD AND THE ULTIMATE HELPER it actually works like magic BUT this isnt magic :P it's the barkat of reciting ALLAH's 2 Beautiful names and His Rehmat because it is all in His Control Alone)

      Really hope this would help all those wives out there! Remember me in ur duas too =)

      • Muslimah

        oh btw forgot to mention, you have to do that daily. It's a wazifa so you keep doing it until u achieve what you wanted =) and then make it part of ur routine if u want to in order to maintain ur relationship with ur husband and increase barkat in it. Also if u dont need it or ur not making it a routine, u can just recite it at times like when u guys have some quarrel, argument etc and InshaAllah it will all settle down

    • me

      MY DEAR sister, mulimah is right, u just pray to him only HE can mould hearts, you submitted to your parents will, its your obedience to them, ALLAh loves us more than our parents, and our parents try their cent percent best for their kids, you are a mother you can imagine that aswell, its azmaiish, and only dua can make you pass through it, no one else, head high, happened to me same, though my husband is not equal to me , but we look good, but for my susral they are "ypunani devtas" lol, anyways, no one can pray with will n desire as you can for yourself, whenever pray, recite alhamd, or ayatul kursi, with darood shareef awwal akhir and with a FIRM BELIEF, that ALLAH IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU, ITS ONLY WE HUMANS, WHO GO APART FROM HIM, make your connection strong through Quran, when you read like ALLAH is talking to you, then you ll realise, how lovely our LORD is with us, knows every bit of our hearts movement and HEALS them, plus recite surah YOUSAf and dum it on water, , recite "manzil" as well, if you have, its really realy does helps alot ,, may ALLAH keep you safe and happy with all the best of Deen and dunya , ameen

    • Saima butt

      Im really pissed at the attitude of the people in our society, i mean if her husband is a jerk like salman he doesnt deserve her, you cant spent your whole life hoping that he wud. Change and things wud b better , only way thTs gonna happen is if you kick that scumbag and make something of your life , your a person not only a wife why do you hav to depend on him to make you happy , find your own happiness and build a life of your own rather than wasting it on someone whos never gonna change his becoz he is always gonna b the same person who he really is if he has not realized it for so long. So stop hoping that he ll change and make a change for youself in your life

    • Marya

      Dear sister your story hurt my heart.I will keep praying for you.May ALLAH make things easy for you. Blessings.

  • boby

    i dun't lyke mahira n her acting………rotay howay aor hairan hotay howay kitnay buray moun banati hai yekhhhhhh…….

  • Sara

    Now Falak will know what kind of person Salman is like he said: 'Mere saath rehna asaan nahi ha'. ;]

  • shuma

    its a nice drama and i think everyone is doing justice to their character falak looks odd may be because the character is odd but i think she is doing it nicely. Falak as a a character itself is silly girl and really immature. i can relate her character to lots of the ppl i know .

    jin logoun nay zindagi mein asanian hi asanina dekhien houn aur jis tarhaan kay mahool ki grown up larki hay woh i think ziada tr aisi hi hoti hian

  • Sofia

    Hamza ku phr sa ghyb kr dya

  • Rida

    What rubbish , dramy ku itna lamba ku khanch rahy hy

  • from UK(oxford)

    How Cheap She is waiting for surprise bhala koi surprise ka bhi wait karta hay lol

    • hana

      Uhmm excuse me… its not about the surprise. she was hoping he would remember simply because she thinks he loves her. she wanted to be with him on their special day. if.ypur special someone forgot your birthday or anniversary then you wod be upset too i bet.

  • marvi

    wow bext novel ever nd after read this novel i realized one thing nooo body 's life iz perfect kahin na kain koi kami reh jaty h………….

    • Saima butt

      Life is anything but perfect. Same goes for relationships , there's no happy everafter! Thats the hard reality

  • Funky Daisy

    Kindly stop criticizing actors and drama. try to take lesson from the story.

    • IT

      yah agree with you agar har episode mein drama ya actors/actresses ki ghaltian nikalte rahenge to drama dekhne ka kya faida. aese to drama ka lesson bi nahin samaj ayega.

    • Mahaaaa

      Jinho ne koi LESSON lena ho wo Khuda ki tarf rajoo kerain ge.. is drama ko dehk ker pihr Lesson haasil kerne ki kiya zaroorat he

  • WesAL kHaN

    Fazo0ol episODe … HaMza ko gHaiB kaR Dia : (

  • Afia Qazi

    I find it very distasteful when people comment purely on looks- that too in a crude manner…. Most people find Mahira v pretty- so what if some people think she doesn't look good crying? How many of you look good crying for crying out loud? plz grow up!

    Comment on their acting etc, but not on a God given 'shakal'.

    • Faraz

      Afia its a play yahan shakal or aqal dono dekhi jati hain

      • Afia Qazi

        true that but a lot of the times, people get too venomous.

    • Miss Me

      Well she is pretty but she is not acting or don'r know how to act, just reading dialogue without any impressive expressions.Love it or hate it but it is the truth.

  • Faraz

    sometime Falak looks pretty and sometime vice verse, specially when crying, she makes me scary.

  • arslan

    hilarious "wedding anniversary scene ".I personally feel most of wives demand such type of things from husband and i find couple of time that mostly husband forget this.But salman was rite that its duty of falak to remind him becz he is already in many commitment of practical life.But i love to c the falak misunderstanding about salman and she consistently rehotoriaclly explaining salman,s sense in front of everyone.Still this drama is far from the dawn of spirituality.i m waiting to c those part.

    • ainie

      it is not about forgeting as some people who are in habbit of forgetting things do forget… Salman here as mentioned remembers everything except this how come? and if he has sharp memory how did he forget about Falak before marriage

      • Saima butt

        Its clear that he doesnt remember or pretends not to remembr becoz ge doesnt care abt her , he was never really interstd in her she was the chipko one now she realizes that she was running after a mirage , a figment of her own imagination , she was in love wid him but hes a selfish person who doesnt care abt anyone besides him , and there are a lot of men like him in our society, who just take their wives for granted and dont really care

  • Hammu

    What a meaningful dialogue "Allah ko na bata kay mushkil kitni bari hai,Muskhil ko bata kay Allah kitna bara hai" Hats off Umera Ahmed.She has never written a novel without moral lesson in it.If our nation should be proud of something,it's our writers.

    • sami

      ya i had goosebumps when i heard that dialogue.

  • Jave

    Good episode good acting but pace of the story is a bit slow

  • Samosa Pakora khajoo

    U guys never noticed tht Falak is always biting her giant lips??

    so Falak dont eat your LIPS, Eat Samosa Pakore Khajoor FRuitchaat!! :D lol

    • Aysha

      leave her lips but this samosa pakora khajoor fruitchat is awesome! bro u made me remember ramzan :)

    • Bushra

      hahaha .. luv ur comment :)

  • sohaib

    humesha piyar us say karo jo tum say karta ho falak agar hamza say shadi kar leti tu aaj bhut khush rehti :)

  • Ayesha

    Jis shadi shuda couple main pyar nahi hai un Mo chahiey kay who surat jummah parhey friday ko kabhi bhhi its help plz try our namaz parho our dua mango our phir dekho

    • Aysha

      i have also heard about this

    • fifi

      Thanks i will try that inshAllah.

  • anaya

    u knw, i m also like falak,i see this drama cz i feel it my own….. i have broken many herats to have one now i have in my life but he iz not mine…… he dont carez about me…i love him sooooo much but he dont ithnk abt allthose whom i have rejected……. god iz taking my exam…..there iz no day or night 4 me which i dont cry for him . but he evn dont care for that he dont listens me…… i have became a phsychological patient …..i have tried 2 succite 3 times but every time… life iz like a hell… i just wana get rid of allll these i just wana pray allah n bbbbbb her……

    • noor

      are u married or not n do u hv kids?

      • anaya

        just nikah…. not married properly……

        • me

          ask , seek and pray to ALLAH, only he can mould hearts, change them, alter them , else, what ever you do, how much you cry….nothing would happen, just cry before ALLAH ,, no oneelse deserves your tears, ask for forgiveness and repent before HIM my sister, only HE can heal the wounds, read QUran the only SHIFA for us, believe me, today for whom you are crying, one day they will long for you and then you ll not care about their longings, just make your relation revived with your creator through Quran..its EXPERIENCE!!!!

        • Rubab

          then get rid of this relationship wont give u anything in the future

      • Tanya

        Are you Anaya Khoro from mera saaein2 ?? … lolzzz ;)

    • A

      i reely dont believe u. So your life is exactly like this drama? R u trying to sound like falak?

      • A

        but in whatever situation you are in, you should not lose faith, my friend.

      • Hifza

        R u out of u min she is telling her problem and u r making fun of hom

    • Bcool

      succide !!!!

      u are rejecting d orderz of ALLAh for a person who dont lov u …. u knw GOD lovz u more dan 70 motherz …. n who are u to kill urself ??..hav u created urself ?? NO , itz ALLAh who hav created u n only he has d power n authority to take ur lyf ….Live according to ALLAHz will not for dat 1 who even dun care for u …

      em sorry if i hurt u ….

    • sami

      u shud think in a positive way. May be he was not suitable for u. just believe that Allah is a better planner than u. just wait n watch may be Allah will give u a much better life without him.

    • ainie

      If you think that this is happening to you because you hurted so many people you should apologise to them first of all secondly pray to Allah he is a healer and our best support in hardships…. lastly giving a sincere advice although it will be hard for you but try to leave him before its to late because with some courage you can make your life much better and reduce your sufferings may Allah help you and grant you that what is in your best interest ameen.

  • mahnoor

    badi jaldiii seeedhii hogii ab falak,,hum kyun bhool jatay hain k humray paas jo kuch b hai wo sirf khuda ki di huwi naymat hai,,,aur khuda ko proud pasand nahi,,,,doosri baat salman is nt dng good too,,,but falakk ne munn ki b tou khaani thi wo b aise he lol mayb esi lia kehtay hain blind trust nahi karna chaye kisi b insaan pe,bechari ab farig ho jaye gee

    Allah hum sabko salman jese insaan se bachaye shaadi karne se jis mein koot koot k proud bhara huwa hai :D

    wese falak bohat bongii lagi roti huwi lolzz make up k bagair shz nthing!

  • isra

    good episode. the acting and script in this episode was a lot better. I love Nani's dialogues. very apt. actually Falak is one very fortunate girl if u really think about it. And she has a good heart. Sometimes u need giant bumps in life to guide you to the right way.

  • Syeda

    Falak kay 14 tabaq roshan hogaye. Aqal Theekany aagaye! Ghoror ka Anjaam Neecha!

    • sami

      ya thats why all thse thingz happening 2 falaq. Allah ko gharoor bilkul pasand nahi chahay wo kisi maamlay mein ho.

      • Syeda

        Or Salman ka Anjaam bhi dekhna hai. Woh bhi kam nahi ghoro kernay main :)

  • zameera ch

    nice one

  • http://no M.Awais

    this daram is verey good

  • EmEn

    I think it's a nice drama, and I am waiting for the turning point to spirituality. Hope it is well executed.

  • sumayya

    ghuroor ka sr neechey hotha hai

    • ainie

      its not about being proud its about ability to see things which we ignore its about relationship with Allah…..warna salman ziada proud hai

  • MS

    Nyc drama… with the great lesson…

  • Amra

    Loveeeeee it

  • Amna

    sorry falak u r wrong bcoz urdu america main logo ko ati hai. :p

    • umm e afnan

      barak obama ki taqreer suni urdu mein boht achchi lagi.mustansar hussain tarar ny likhi thi.

  • Fighter

    Best characters in this drama are:



    The Begger

    They both are wise.And that keeps me watching this drama.

    • sami


      • Ana

        Well said. BTW, It's Nani..

  • jannat tashu

    i think its a nice darama. and i am waiting a turning point.i like mahira khan in this role.mahira khan falak ka rol bht ba khubi se nibha rahi hain .and salman ansar is also too good not otherwise only in this darama

  • Uneza





    • ak

      yea i heard its nice

  • amna

    Esa hi hota hy….

    falak ny b true love ko nai pehchana, usy rejct kea to sirf uska proposal rejct nai kea kisi ka dil dukhaya kisi ki true ,,, pure feelings ko hurt kea or sirf khoobsoorti k peechy bhaagti rhi bhala kbi esa hua hy k koi insan ksi ko dukh pohncha k khud khush reh sky….or ab os maqaam py pohnch gai jahan us ny khud apny apko haqeer bna dia hy wo b sirf aik insan k liye…. Wo Allah ko astaghfaar keh k maafi nai maang skti…

    Pr sorry kr leti hy apny husband k saamny chahy ghalti usi ki ho

    tbi phr esa to hona hi hyna…

  • Aroosha

    It's good drama. but what's wrong with falak (Mahira) itna slow q bolti he, it's like she is forgetting her dialogs.

    Good acting by Salmaan and Dadi.

    Salmaan (Mikaal) playing his character very well.

    But i must say novel was better than drama.

    • mona

      i think drama is better than novel :)

      • Momo

        Don't know about novel, but i the writer was not very good with writing dialogues.

    • sami

      obviously coz its dramatization is not gud. otherwise writer is same.

      • Aroosha

        yes you are right but, it's boring sometimes.

  • aila

    i feel sad after watching this…i dont know why… :/

  • kshaf

    hamsha aaurat ko he suffer karna parhta hai her kissi halaat main,,aur blame be aurat ko he kiya jata hai….

  • dua

    i think falak ko ye pochna chahiye tha k us ko dekh k salman ne fone kyun rakh diya ..bajai is k k to phr tum urdu mein bat kyoun kr rahe the .. !!!!

    • Abdul

      DUA mam, if u dont know its based on a novel by umaira ahmed..!!! so plz dnt take ur on saguation spcialy on dilogs… i thnk u got it. hmmm…

  • rabiyah

    jo shirt falak ne apne or apni friend k scene main pehni thi shocking pink front?? wohi phoolon wale scene main ulta k pehan li ….. lol…. note karain sb…

    • Saima butt

      Wadrobe shortage. ! Haha, waisay who designed all these clothes its like "malang's shirts ", har scene mein wohi be dhange kapre , change ur designer or ask him to design sumthng else besides these capes

    • Hira

      abay haan qasam khuda ki yar hahahahahahahaha





    • kalim

      note kara hai

  • sami

    Bad thingz in this episode… dragged story, loose direction, non-professional acting by mahira. Good thingz… NAANI.

  • umm e afnan

    its a good effort but i noticed one thing u may agree or may not agree that falak says things about Allah that a muslim wether he is practicing or naam ka musalmaan wouldnt say like in the episode when she is arguing with the faqeer she says"mujhy kisi ki mohabbat ki zaroorat nhy mein jo chahti thi mujhy mil gaya"

    or in 2days episode she says"mein q tauba astaghfar karun mein ny kia kia hy?"

    every muslim man and woman respect islam wether he or she is practicxing or not practicing i mean wether he or she is a good muslim or just "labelled"

    thats my one cent what do u say?

    • ainie

      No there are some people who are just to arrogant or ignorant… and Falak is so far away from islam she hardly believes in it not only reluctant to practice it

      • mahwish

        yeeaa u rite atleast a muslim cant say like dis whether practicin or not.

        • Momo

          mistake of writer to write such dialogues !!

        • maha


    • sahar

      i think whatever the answers she gives are quiet near to the young generations mental approach , sp called muslim larky laekiyan…. thry think everything is happening because they are something special to Allah. they do not realise their ethical duties towards Allah because it has been presented to them from their parents. These high class muslims are only busy in living int his world wel and best baqi inko kisi sy koi matlab ni.

    • Hira

      You are right…. every Muslim knows the significance of Astaghfar…. shez an extreme case…

  • Sana ayan

    Is episode me kuch behtr lgi he mahira apne character k mutabik agree?


    ‘”Happiness in marriage is

    Like a Butterfly”

    You run

    after it,

    It keeps

    flying away. ….

  • nafeesa

    nani is the best in drama:)

  • Elizabeth

    Marriage is a three ring circus

    Engagement ring

    Wedding ring


  • Sajid

    expectations , expectations…. too much expectations.. neither Falak is good character nor Salman…

    at least not for now

    • shazzy

      true…if dont expect so much then we wont be disappointed either :)

      • saba

        yes you r right fiki n salman both r not doing gd job………..they dnt treat each other in a gd way…..

  • fah~style

    really heat touching

  • asif khan

    Really it is the emosanal show that is a heart touching show falak is do well good acting

  • zarqa

    Ab falak sochti hogi k q salman se shadi ki,yehi anjam hota zaberdasti ki mohabat ka.

  • Marya

    ALLAH e Jane Falak ki mother in Law jaisi Mothers in Law kahan pai jati hain… :P -_-

    • MANI


      • Rumana

        Let me complete the answer,"filmon our dramon main."

        • Hassan

          Chalain, ibtada aap log karain our achi mother-in-laws ban kay dekhaian. :)

    • Israr Ahmed

      agree with hassan………….

    • nadi

      marya .. Aisee nother in laws dramo kahaniyon mai hoti hain… humaray mulk mai Mother Jab Mother In law banti hai tu MAA KAALI ka roop dharan kar laiti hai. Our MIL just cant share thier Sons with thier wives and agar Bahu ghar mai apni marzi kar lay tu … they are afraid they might take over. And kabhi itni zaida zayatiyaan kar daiti hain.. K Khuda ko bhi bhool jati hain aur yeh bhi kay Inka Hisaab hoga.. aur jab Apna kiya samnay ata hai tu apni Mazloomiyat ka rona roti hain duniya K samnay.. Instaed of Realizing or remembering what they did with some1 else's daughters.

      AND HASSAN … I Pray b4 I become an Inhuman Monster Mother in law.. i would rather want to DIE 1st..

  • sobia

    falak ko ab ehsas ho ga ky us ny sachi mohubbat ko thukra kar acha nahi kia salman jesy log selfish hoty hain un ko sivai apny kuch nahi dikhta

  • Batool

    What is wrong with u. Falak ye Jumla itna ziada q kehti hain.

    • Me

      Thats how the dialogues are written . Actors just follow the dialogues

      • M.Shumaila

        exactly – writer could not find any other sentence to communicate !! lol

  • anee

    boht arsay baad achi story dehknay ko mili hai.

    • Ali

      Plz See the Drama wid open eyes…nt in a sleeping mode that a achi story …? what is the interesting in that …?

      • Israr Ahmed

        @ ali …. dear its nice story ……….its upto our thnking………..

  • waqar

    kindly who is watching this drama serial please guys dont take a seriace we should learn us dont forget to allah and maria you are doing great job in that drama i hope you will keep it up ,best of luck maria,

    • Aroosha

      it's not maria it's mahira.

    • maha


      • sohaibsindhu

        MAHA Waqar just want to tell you about the main theme of this DRAMA

        asal main hum loog ALLAH ke batae hoe baton se otna door hotay ja rahay hain ke esa ho raha hai hum logo ke sath aur yahe is dramay ka main theme hai par hum loog yeh theme bhool ke is dramay main falak aur suleman ke behave aur un ke payar muhabat ke batain discuss karin gay ap mostly comment daikh lo is main esa he hai

  • anoshia

    acha drama hai pr falak sulman ko boht irritate krti hai

  • saba

    love marriage hmesha aisy he destroy hoti haen phly khushi khushi shadi kerty haen or phr beth k roty haen bandy ko pehly hi soch lyna chahye k jis sy wo shadi kerny ja raha hae wo as a lyf patner thk b hae k nae……..

    • Ana

      Everything in this world is temporary. If we run after them, they will run away from us. Even if we get them, they will be taken from us one day. The only thing that is for our benefit is our deeds and action.

      We should never hurt feelings of anyone by our words and actions.

      Because Allah might forgive His right, but He will never forgive the right of Mankind's until and unless they forgive.

    • sohaibsindhu

      is dramay main sara kasoor to phr larki ka he howa na janab.

      jab us ko us ke best friends samghatay rahay hain tab us ko akal nahe aye to ab he ane the..

  • http://facebook ayesha khalid

    this drama is really awesome and lovely because mahira khan is in this drama soooooooo………., it is too much lovelyyyyyy i lovt

  • Hassan

    Yaar yeah dupatay kahan chalay gai Pakistan saayyy :(

    • Me

      Bahi … These are the characters shown Modern … Falak is a modern girl in jeans living in the world with new era . Thats the real message of this drama … later u would see how everything changes … try to think about things in a way they are being shown positively . Otherwise Nani is also shown in drama … u can see her . Later Falak would change n get closer to Allah almighty . Stay blessed n Start learning from this drama instead of making sad faces .

      • Ana

        Not just in this drama, but in general we rarely get to see duppata's in Pakistan. Even if you wear duppata you can still project modernism in your style. I think the real beauty comes with duppata..

        • Hassan

          I agree with you Ana. Its not just this drama or the modern characters in there. All the talk show hosts, guests, presenters …. everyone I see on TV are wearing long shirts and no dupata. Chalo at least its long shirts with full sleeves and colar necks. Last time I visited Pakistan more than two years ago, it was long body fitted shirts with side slits almost upto the armpits, high trouser shalwar with ankles showing, and no sleeves at all. Girls looked wiered and desperate in them. Pehlay jo log burqa kartay thay, ab woh chaddar kartay hain, jo lambi safaid chaddar kartay thay, woh matching short chaddar (jisay easily dupata kaha ja sakta hai) kartay hain, jo choti chaddar laytay thay abh dupata laytay hain our jo dupata laytay thay, woh faragh ho gai hain.

          Maine hamesha eik cheeze ko mehsoos kia hai. Khandani log bhi modern hotay hain lekin apni soch kay saath, meaning they adopt good things about new age, mostly progression in their thoughts, education, outlook towards life. Lekin jab nau doltiyay modern hotay hain tu un ka sirf outlook change ho jata hai, chahay un kay andar ki progression bilkul hoi he na ho. Woh westrenisation ko hi modernism samajh laytay hain.

        • sohaibsindhu

          Good Thinking ANA……

          i like your thought…

  • Saima butt

    Waise falak deserved what she got for her stupidity , warna jitna zalil usko salman ne shadi se pehlay kya tha hairat hai k she swallowed all that and still married that idiot , she cud hav done far better than him. Sahi kehtay hain love is blind, akal ka andha in this case . Hw can she get married to such a person who doesnt even respect her love tau doore ki baat . Have some selfrespect girl . She shud leave him and empower herself rather than being clingi!!

  • Nazish

    its a great drama ……. its a story f ma personal life…..:(

  • Anum

    interesting drama…..:)


      Strongly disagree

  • Anum

    interesting drama..:)

  • Ana

    Never judge book by its cover! That's the lesson from the drama, that's the lesson from life.

    • Ana

      Everything in this world is temporary. If we run after them, they will run away from us. Even if we get them, they will be taken from us one day. The only thing that is for our benefit is our deeds and action.

      We should never hurt feelings of anyone by our words and actions.

      Because Allah might forgive His right, but He will never forgive the right of Mankind’s until and unless they forgive.

  • arshad

    ALLAH jab kise ko pakharta hai na to aisa hota hai allah map kare ayse kamo sa ameen

    • maha


  • M.Shumaila

    The story of this drama is an average story. Her ache (Pakistani) drama mai me Koi Lesson zaroor hota he. Meine novel nahi padha, but I think the writer could write on this topic better than this. Yeh aisa topic he jis per aik Larki ke character se ziada aik Larke ka character ziada suit hota.

    Aik larka jab BLIND hoker ker kisi ko haasil kerne ki khawahish kerta he… tab us larke ko koi lesson milta to pihr bih koi sense banta. I do not feel koi bih larki FALAK ki tarah is Had tak girti hogi… apni hi Nazrou me… apni insult kerwaane me koi had nahi chodhti…! Anyways is topic per pehle bih Bohat ache ache writers bohat ACHA likh chuke hain… ager drama bane to un NOVELS ke bane… jis mai koi sense bih ho.

    • jiya

      agar aapko itna bura lag raha hai tu nahi dekhey aap, aur jaha tak baat hai izzat ki tu madam love is blind for men and women. jab koi bhi schaks girne pe aata hai tu bahur gir jata hai.. I think your are fully understanding the concept of this drama, its not about love, its love beyond a human being… it will take a lot of time for you to understand this.

      • M.Shumaila

        mashware ke shukriya… mai dehko ya na dehkoo yeh to meri marzi he.. aur apni Raye ( Opinion ) dena bih mera right hai… Ok

        Love is blind — lekin blind ke yeh matlab nahi ke apni be-izati kerwaate chale jaao…

        anyways… dialogues between Falaq and Salman are too weak …. … " Salman What's wrong with you ! " is ke ilawaa koi air sentence bola falaq ne kabih Salma ya Hamza ko ???

        … I think there are so many good and talented writers in Pakistan who write on spiritual… but for this story I do not feel it has any extra ordinary ability .. !!! sorry for fans of Shehr e Zaat!

        • Aroosha

          Actually M.Shumaila novel tu bohat acha he drame se kahain berh ker us main aik tasalsul he ba maini guftogu he in short words sikhne k lie aik achi story he.

          but muje afsos se kehna per rha he k sermad ne ess novel ko dramatization dete dete uska naas mar dia he, be mani guftago na koi rabta na tasalsul.

          rahi sahi kaser Mahira ne puri ker di, Esse bolti he jese awaz phans rhi ho. Uska kaam tu abi tak drame main bus kapre badel badel k logon ko khrab kerna he.

          Aik had tak tu theek he q k uska role esa he mager her thori dair baad kapre change kerne ka kia maqsad?

          sorry to say but mostly viewers drama sirf mahira ki khubsorti se mutasir ho k daikhte hain. or uske khilaf tanqeed b berdasht nai ker sakte.

          ess miss app drama dekh k badil na hon app novel perh lain.

        • sohaibsindhu

          OOOOOOOOh Good SHUMILA

          ap ke baat theek hai akhir kaar hum aik azadd mulik ke azaad sahre han yaar

        • kalim

          jb andha hota hai to kya zilat kya ezat?

    • guest

      Sorry, but if this drama had been about Salman's struggles with remaining faithful and somehow being punished for being unfaithful and thus getting a "lesson" from it, it would have been trite and too simple a story. The truth is the ones who do wrong rarely achieve any transformation. It's always the ones who are wronged who are changed and transformed and elevated forever. This story is about Falak's transformation from a life of materialism to a life lived for bigger things. It's not about her love life. It's about HER. Anyone who thinks this is just a girl obsessed with a guy who doesn't deserve her is not looking deeply enough. Ultimately Salman is only an incidental blip in Falak's life journey. As it should be. No one human can be everything to any other human. We enter this world alone and we go out alone. It's what we do with our time here that's of significance. THAT is the story here.

  • M.Shumaila

    old story concept , nothing new to explore or to learn…… Although every Pakistani drama have Good lessons to learn. But the direction of this drama is very very poor…. dialogues are too week …(expect Nani’s are some solid)

    • Zain

      Hey. Wait Shumaila Watch it till End. you will find it. is se pehle is topic pe kabhi Drama Nahi bana. i have Read the Novel. this is Owsam.aur rahi Dailouge ki baat to ham sab apni zindagi me urdu LUGHAT ke mushkil mushkil Dailouge nahi bolte . balke practical qism ke jumle yani buhat sada urdu bolte hain jis me baat baat pe english ke words bhi shamil hote hain. so is yhis. i Would say this Drama is Simply awesome .

  • Sabeen

    Waoh! really do men do this also(like salman) or usey kia chahye??yet cheating on someone who made you your everything

    • Ana

      Most of the time you met people with unbelievable nature. They pretended to be very nice and honest, but in reality they are just opposite. When you got to know about there true nature, then you realized now it's too late.

  • stunned

    #1000000000 "What's wrong with you Salman?!!"

  • Ayza jawwad

    Falak was not in her character, she has to work really hard. Salman did an outstanding performance in episode 13.Since the start of the drama there are only 3 characters who have been playing part of their role; Naani,Hamza and Salman.

  • Samiya Hussain

    This drama has really good moral for the youth of today (and people who have lost their way). You need to have an open mind and understanding to understand what the author and director are trying to show because it is really confusing sometimes. I would recommend that all teenage people should watch this and understand that Allah is everything and you should not forget him for useless losers like Salman or any human being. Allah should come first!

    Ps. I am young person saying this.

  • kat khan

    yar wo bhool gya to so what ???? gents aise he hoty hn ye hum girls hain jinhe sb yad rehta hai

    • REEM

      ya u rite kat khan….

    • sajid

      kat khan sab gents aik jaisy nai hoty and sab ladies bhi aik jaisi nai hotin

  • Mishu

    Wow i luv falak's dresses superb really <3

  • rafia

    hats off to Mahira her acting is simply spectacular :)

    I'm very curious that what will happen in the end?

  • sakeena

    does any1 knows who is mahira khan's dress designer ( in this drama)

  • darakshan

    shehre zaat is a different story ilike that very much……

  • Ali Sheikh

    y they made this drama ?? Novel ka image kharab kar diya hy ….. sab se bari prob ye k kisi ko Acting nai ati nd 2nd thing k Direction buhat bakwas hy ,, really … Novel me wo Faqeer wala scene jinta strong tha is Drama me wo buhat he fazool direct kiya giya hy . lagta hy Director ne is Drama me just pak k ameer tabqy k life styl or un k Fashion karny k shooq ko dekhana chaha hy ……

  • Ali Sheikh

    Novel ka Theme jitna strong ths drama ko direct karty waqt us ka kuch khiyal nai rakha giya ,,,, matlab Falak jab rony ki acting karti hy to sach me us ki shakal dekh kr hansi ati hy k itna bura style hy us ka rony ka…… or jo Novel ka real msg tha wo m sorry to say but Drama me kahi nazar he nai arha ye sirf ek love story chal rahi hy nd nothng else ….. or Love story to beshumar dafa direct ho chuki hy …..

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