Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 8 in High Quality – 15 December 2012

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 8 in High Quality - 15 December 2012 Read Review of This Episode
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  • s.y


    • Cinderalla

      Extremely excellent drama

  • Zarmeen

    OMG!!Amazing episode!Tears literally streamed down my face during the last scene!

    • isfhan javed


  • Fan Forever

    Behroze Sabzwari seems not to have aged at all. He is still brillant. 27 years later his son has also jioned me in the play. The two girls have acted well. Marina, Asif Raza Mir, Durdana Butt, Badr Kalil and Qazi Wajid are legends and so one expects nothing but the best. Asif Raza Mir's character should be given more exposure.

    • Ashfaq Zafar

      I am in USA and following it very closely.I love this play and it reminds me of my childhood when I watched the original play,people have mixed opinion about the play,but I am thoroughly enjoying it.I hope that it goes on and ends with a good impact.


  • KalaBhoot

    Very nice episode!

  • bazinga

    yousaf sisters k part k ilava sb boring hy…

  • Abdullah

    buth alla is drama ko awrd milna chaya …the last scene was so sanity….:/

    • Aiman

      Yes, it definitely was… when Kabacha cried his eyes out :((( May Allah give both of them long life ameen – they are the true legends !!!

  • jia

    owsummmmmmmmmm dramaaaa these two sister are really lovely

  • Uneza_j

    shehroze n syra`s scene was too cute, i watched it 4 times :)

    • Fans

      Wow! I forwarded it!

    • mohsin Ai

      hmmmmm <3

  • Uneza_j

    ajj ki episode waqe m achee thi, tooooo good

  • Faraz

    Hats off to you Marina for providing us such a powerful house of performance and enactment. You have done a great job..I must say your team. Every fine details of this drama is worth-appraising. I hope that the level of enjoyment will flourish with every forthcoming episode. Faraz

  • Uneza_j

    its good k is play m book culture ko promote kia hai, youth centre(agarcha us m romance n shadian zyada dkhae jari han) and har room me bool shelves

  • midhat


  • Aisha

    aswummmm dramaaaa…

  • Sobia Aman

    as good as the original

  • CFF

    love it

  • Saima

    nothing could be better than this version of new tanhaiyaan….hats off to the team & Marina Khan….May ALLAH bless u all for giving us a whole new bunch of memories to cherish all life long along…ameen

  • Amina khan

    Thumbs UP ….. Love all the characters in it !

  • Saba

    I love pakistani dramas n the new tanhaiyan naye silsilay is too good the new character r very nice . I request plz telecast this drama weekly twice can't wait for the whole week to see the next episode…plz plz plz plz miss marina khan hats off to u am a very very very big fan of u n all the pakistani dramas thy all r too good n u r the best…….god bless u

  • Syeda

    This episode was very much better then last few! I start to like it now.

    Zarak Barak or Sarina ka Coffee wala scene thora awkward tha "appse milti ho tou kuch mukamal hojata hai" wow such intimate dialogue woh bhi first date main :P

    I cant Beleve Syra Yousuf has a tattoo on her Shoulder Blade.

  • usman

    i love pakistani dramas but tanhaya is my favourite

  • cutieamy

    awsome dama it is guyz

  • Love Pakistan

    boht fit hy kasam se.shehroz or syra bht cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hen.bra maze maze ka drama hy.love it.

    • maira

      hmmmmmmmmmm i lluv them

  • Saima

    Gr8……great acting by
    Behroz …..last scene was heart touching ….meri ankhoon Mai aansoon aa gai.
    Someone in my close family did cheating with my father in our business,I still remember the pain in my father eyes,I was very young at that time and now I have everything but my father died.i dont understand why people cheat with those relatives who want to help to change their quality of life.we should learn to make paperwork legally with everyone even in family.

    • Sid

      its called life….. just we should respect to those ppl who are loyal and sincere wid us. After long time i can say this serial is based on the message of love, care , values of family , loyalty and sincerity. If everyone would be nice and sincere then this world could be Heaven which is not possible because actual Heaven is somewhere else. GOD bless u….

      • huma

        bas,,,, emotional scene start na kar

        • sania

          how disgusting. tasali nai de skti to atleast dil-azari to mat kro

    • atif

      kisi par had sai ziada bhoros nuksan daita hai

      • memo

        true :(

  • Ali Ladhani

    Out Class Performance by Qazi Wajid and Behroze…. :)

    • 562


      • sania


        • sania

          -ve cmnt to de dia. lekin myne to 6366 ka mtlb pucha tha

  • pak

    lash episode

  • maira

    superb drama ever i luv it,,,,,,,,,, realy shehroz and syra are soooooooooooo squeteeeee……….. or ma to har episode 2,3 bar se kam ni dkhti or fav scene hazar dafa dkhti ho………. im so crazy 4 dis drama………

    • atif

      lagta hai aapki ghar ki cast hai

  • Sara

    lovelyyyyyyyy last scene was just fantblous <3 <3

  • atia

    <3 it

  • Osajah

    iss dramay ko dekh k apna bachpan yaad aa jata hai.. or aise lagta hai jese ye apni he koi kahani hai jo 30 saal baad waheen say shru hui hai jahan ruki thi..

    hats off!!!

  • Ali

    Bohat he aala yaar this is really the orignal pak drama the flovour of love care apna pan hats off to you Marina

  • Adil

    the coffee shop scene looks relatively too fast considering their first date (aap s mil k zindagi mukamal c lagti ha)…other than that this whole of the episode was superb, i really liked the acting of all the people in here specially Sarena, the way she acts is truly like old tanhaiyan Sanya. Last scene ufff…..marvelous, Mr. Qazi Wajid hardly said any word but his acting showed every thing. Behroz Rocks…
    Hats off to all the people in the drama. Love u all

  • sanaya

    pathetic,senseless,meaningless…..nothing makes bloody sense….sathya naas kerdia itne classic dramay ka….:@

    • Khurram

      You know it's always a gamble to re-create a Classic,, only foolish or very brave can do this… Even the original writer haseena Moin seemed to have avoided this as she didn't right this sequel But this drama has pulled off and has kept the grace of original intact…

    • Ayan ahmad,

      pehly school me 2,2 =4 ka pahara sekaya jata hay ,aj calculter say ,or computer say counting sekaye jate hay ,pehlay ek drama kaley ghanton or dino reharsal ke jate the,aj kal ke compitition dour mein time he bhala kaha,,,,to zahire baat hay ,zaror drame ka zaiqa peeka he ho ga,jub ap ek dhekchi me sab kuch ek saath dal ke dhakan band kar lengy,,,,,,,phir be ,,,haseena mueen ke likney me kamaal bahot hay , shayad,sub thora thora over acting kar rahy hen

    • sania

      stupid o bilkul. apriciate nai kr skti to u burai b mat kro. tumhy kon kahta hy k drama dekho.

    • Zara

      yes sanaya i agree, they screwed our memories

    • SRA


  • Khurram

    Zenia's dressing is pathetic…..

    • Fan

      Agree. Even girls in America don't dress like that.

    • ishhhhhhhhh

      waqeye he bht he bkwas hay uljhen hony lagtee hy

  • Jazzy

    Plez dont compare da old drama with da new
    Wat da hell u people think that there should b no change in 30 years
    Everything should b change thats y da character of the drama also change

  • aish

    great drama

  • madiha

    yar khush kea ha :D awsmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee drama ma continous smile krte ho drama dakhte :).. love marina khan

  • noor

    beautiful drama & betiful cast……i like it sooooooooooomuch.

  • aiman

    suuper & beautiful family drama.i like it very much


    I don't know about the feelings of younger generation who is watching this drama along with many other dramas at the same time but I still remember when old Tanhaiyan was on air and we used to wait for the whole week for the next episode. Traffic used to be less on roads when Tanhaiyan was on air at that time. I feel like the same drama has started again but I still miss Shehnaz Sheikh and Jamsheed Ansari's character in new Tanhaiyan. Anyway, it's awesome watching the similar story with the same pace again. Every actor is justifying with his/her character but somehow I feel Chandni's character is extra.

  • aoun azhar

    i m surprised to see that how people OBJECT this drama TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it can not be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erum

    emergency mangaiter… hahaha

  • Tanhayan Fan

    just when i thought this drama could not get any worse, it proved me wrong. so it means kabacha turns into a normal person while in a get up but is actually a weird person? hats off to the cast for completely screwing up the original. cant believe they thought they will pull this one off. and all those who like it, pls have some taste of class.

    • replying

      why r u watching this then:) dont watch – simple….your Blood pressure is more important that the number of views for this drama….

      • Tanhayan Fan

        I will watch it till the end, just want to see how pathetic it would get by the time it ends

        • sania

          o nai tmhy bilkul zarurat nai hai. q time waste krna hy bilawja. wo drama tumhary liye nai hai

      • sania

        u r 100% r8

  • UAg

    Superb episode best episode of TNS so far. I laughed through out and cried in the end.

  • Lubnarashid

    Qabacha is amaaaazziinngggggg,Qazi wajid is out class esp in the last scene,somehow drama is totally entertaining

  • Syed

    awww….feeling bad for Kabacha…phir reh gaye :(

  • Shehnaz Sheikh Zara

    aur banao sequel … hahaha

  • rizwan

    can sm1 plz tell me wht's the song name in the background whn zarak nd zeenya r sittng in the coffee shop

    • Jawad

      u fill up my senses

    • Ahsan

      U Fill Uo My Senses Singer John Denver

    • uzma

      its a John Denver song "you fill up my senses

  • ayesha muhammadi

    buhat great

  • ayesha muhammadi

    last scene pe to rona agaya tha

  • hehe

    cant wait for the last episode!! hope it ends soon :D

  • Mrs q

    Great acting by behroz sabszwari & syra yousaf. The rest of the cast not so much. I wish this drama had a better story

  • k fatima

    very good darma

  • Fans

    The drama is dragging toooo much! They need to get to a point!

  • Abbasis

    i want to see old Tanhaiyan, want to compare it

  • amna

    i love sahroz syra and alishba shehyar scenes.. <3 loved it!

  • ayesha

    bore tareeeeeeeeeeeeennnn !!!

    • MisterT

      l0l :D

  • sohail akhtar

    lajawab acting and expression of qazi wajd and qbacha.

  • Really

    It should be called "Toon"hayan .. no story, no acting .. should have re-aired the original instead. Seriously

    • anormous

      they are dead man!!!!

  • asma

    beautiful drama much more better than other stupid ghatiyaa dramas

  • Memo

    I haven't seen the old "Tanhaiya", but considering all the comments, I am sure it was a classic !
    However, bearing in mind the kind of drama series out there these days, it is worthwhile to give credit to this series.
    So far, though a bit slow and with some minor mistakes, the drama is a blend of different emotions beautifully portrayed.
    The cast has some of the finest experienced actors, and the new comers look pretty promising as well.
    Over all: So far its very good.
    Looking forward to the upcoming episodes! :)

  • talat


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002952101714 Muhammad Abdullah


  • trbiya

    bohot bura drama hai

  • taniah gul


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