Tarang Telefilm: Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri on Geo Tv – 3rd May 2013

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Anusha

    Its awesome!! <3 All actors did a great job! and the music is superb as well..

  • javeria

    nyce film….ahsan khan and sarwat done great job n sanam aswell…….

    • Qaiser

      Sweety! try to be reasonable. the film is garbage only. Nothing serious except a bit better acting. It cannot be called as film at any cost. It needs to be something equal to big screen i.e. background music, singer quality, action standards, dialogue delivering with stable and strong voice throw.

      J was my friend therefore replying your comment :-)

      good day!

  • Sara


  • bansuri

    hahaaha hilarious, beenish urf kashaf urf sanam k actor parents remind me of my marriage….at the dining table…. good good depiction of reality

  • Sabrar

    Phle wali zeyada achi thi

  • bansuri

    this movie is drag and cliched…….. nothing new except new faces fresh faces on film , unique cast, amazing makeup and hairstyles ! exotic

    • anny

      i second you

  • razla

    Hate Ahsan khan,hate sarwat….but sanam saeed was spot-on…her acting in this movie was awesome just love her…she can do every role perfectly..<3 <3

  • ina

    first one was better with mona lisa and imran abbas this one is boring more like a drama …..

  • Hafsah Kanwal

    bakwaaas acting by ahsan khan :/

  • Adeel Ch

    bakwas movie tu lagti nhi thi derama lag reahi thi wo b boring……..1st wali bout fit thi…ya tu awin chawal mari hia

  • josh

    this was an amazing telefilm especially ahsan khan’s actind was phnomenal

  • bili

    sanam says : i will make some CHAE in the meantime :p

  • Aruba Abdullah

    sham k wqt baraat hahaha

    • Faiq Farooq

      and they showed how much traffic is there in karachi…Pyar tu hona hi tha type ending wud end up on traffic jams…:D

    • bili

      q? sham k barat nahi ati kia ?

  • HaNi

    Its awesome!! <3 All actors did a great job! and the music is superb ♥♥

  • fairy88

    fazoooooooooooooool I wasted my time

    • Faiq Farooq

      same here..:P

  • loveleen


  • ABCD

    Akheer hi koi bakwas hai! Surprised with Mehreen Jabbar’s direction.

  • danial

    aur ending kese the yeh…

  • amna

    yeh larkian itna makeup dalkay samajtihein pretty bangi hein haha…

    • bili

      makeup pani nahi hai jo mu per ‘daal’ dya
      makeup ‘kerte’ hain baji ji :p

  • ghazal bhutt

    sanam sari movie m elegancy to tm n dali h .veryyyy goooddd

  • alina

    bakhwas acting hai ahsan khan

  • Hammad Hameed

    nice drama

  • mehakkhan

    boht alaa zabardast acting

  • yasir


  • isha


  • misha ilyas

    lovely <3

  • ali

    yasir tera damag theak hy?

  • Iqsah

    Patheticcc,,, sucha waste of tym… :/

  • Brown Eyes

    It is not what it supposed to be, waste of time.

  • usa

    The original one was much better than this inspite of being in Black and White, There is no match for Wahid Murad.

  • asim


    • zuni

      ap khud bakwas ho gy

  • hina

    toooooooooooo disopinting…mahreen jabbar na prove kiya that she iz not n experienced director so boring last telefillm ANJUMAN was owsome

  • mehakkhan

    boht hi zabardast teleflim h i love it

  • icekruz

    It wasn’t so good! waste of time.

  • Guest

    bs theah e hy

  • ali

    bs theak e hy

  • aaa

    arman kab lagy ge

  • hurriya

    abhi tou m jawan hoon n anjuman bht achi ti
    this one was really disappinting :/

  • Ayesha

    so so……….

  • satti

    such a waste of time… ((

  • احمد

    بکواس ڈرامہ

  • Jawaid Islam

    I think credit must be given to this new approach to a classic. I*enjoyed it, it was a bit hard recalling the story from the original, but then it all came back…okay Rani played this negative character, but wasn’t sure the character married Waheed’s character aka Tarang’s DMDT. Needless to say, I loved it. Shan did a suoer rendition of Kiya hai jo pyar….

    I loved Sanam Saeed’s acting. really her dialogue delivery is superb. As a negative person, she excelled. Her Kashaf, she does superbly, another face but done again brilliantly, so was the character in Talkhiyan. Where are all these super breed of new young actors coming from.

  • usma

    bohot slow or bakwaas drama hi kahoon gi film to nahin mehreen jabbar dissapointment…

  • Mahmood Saeed

    ENDing barii fazool thi baki achi thiii…yee kya phele saira shadi kay leye man na rahii thi aur akhar meinn man gaii……haha





    • Noman

      aa k khud movie ko bana leti tanqeed karna lazmi hai kya??

    • syed asad ali saeed

      jb tk hai jaan ne in ki cheating ki hai story change nai krty ye log aur ye movie around 1970s mai release hoi thii

    • Eme Mimi

      jab tak hai jaan aj ki movie hai.. ar yeh kayi saal purani movie hai.. guyz why u r mixing things.. get out of indian movies plzzz

  • nadia

    casting wasnt good, ahsan khan looks old for boyish roles, sarwat is also not appealing..

  • Daisy

    What a weak production….is it Mehreen Jabbar’s work…doesnt look like it….very disappointing

  • alena

    ktni ajeeb si h 2sri lerki,,,means kashaffff,,,,,,bht ajeeb si h,,,dramas m safariish s ai h

    • Sheema

      Yeah sure ! Her work and Chaand did the Sifarish !!! Ha ha ha …

  • mahnoor

    i really hate binish urff kashaffff

  • imtinan butt

    sb bkwas bs sanam ki acting ache the r bar ki tarah jo bura lgy us ko sifarshi ni kehty ilzam lagany ki koi zarurt ni

  • ennie

    fazool bakwas waste of time

  • rizwana

    no match of scenes……….
    and it doesn’t create sympathy for hero or heroin

  • syra

    Sanam Saeed was awesome!!!

  • syra

    The best thing in the movie was SANAM SAEED!!!! brilliant actress!

  • syra

    overall it was a good movie!!! nothing too special!

  • syra

    Anjuman was better!!

    • asma shah

      anjuman is till nw da best of tarang housefull

  • Sheema

    Can’t believe I watched this !!! Only for Sanam and Sarwat as I am going to ignore it that MJ directed it … Noooooo way it’s near even 10% of what she is capable of doing . I don’t like seeing Sanam in negative crapy roles like in Daam .. Same kind of role as in Daam ! MJ just borrowed Sanam to do the same thing here … Must say apart from her last scene she looked stunning and so did Sarwat … No comments about the hero sahab as I find his depiction of characters as copy and paste like all his other roles … As my friend uses this phrase “Thuss Phataak”

    • asma shah

      liked ur review :)

  • sara

    ahsan khan should not wear brown lenses,itni pyari ankhein hain iski, lenses laga ke bilkul daddoo lag raha hai. uff. miss his green beautiful eyes!

  • Faiza Awais

    best film

  • asma shah

    it ws a tele film dats a surprise to me coz it liked like a long dragging drama…MJ what has happend to u….all in all flop show…if she wouldnt hav taken sarwat n sanam in main leads i wonder any one would hav wasted his/her time on dis project of tarang…..till nw Anjuman has been da best one.

  • mabroor mukhtar

    Its realy realy nice movies

  • abc

    Aik aur BAKWAAS tareen remake. Miss Mehreen Jabbar…commercial movies banana aap kay bas ki baat nahin hai….Aap sirf dramay hi bana sakti hain….Sarwat Gilani aur Sanam Saeed tv ki haad tak to theek hain lekin heroin kahin se bhi nahin lagti….Raani aur Shamim Ara in dono nayee larkiyn se kahin zyada khoobsurat theen. Ahsan Khan ne bhi intehaee beekar acting ki hai khaas tor per gano mein…..Classic song “Kiya hao jo pyar” ka satiyanaas ker diya…naa singing kisi kaam ki hai naa acting…..2 hit gano (Jhoom aye dil – Ab to aja) ko shaamil hi nahi kiya…..aik achi khaasi classic commercial movie ko bekaar dramay mein convert kerdiya….. Worst production by Mehreen Jabbar!!!!

  • jaani

    jab tak hai jaan ki tarhan ki hai ye telifilm

  • Eme Mimi

    hooo haye yeh kya bakwas hui.. sara k dad ka kya bana.. wo kesay mane ga..huh

    • Eme Mimi

      wilan ta dad sara ka..agr sara ny end pe hi mana ta tu pahle nakhray kun kiye :(

    • Xenxetive Gal

      un ki death hogae

  • Miss Paracha

    idiots …. thora or copy kr lete indians ko apni tu koi story hi nai hai :/

    • zariya

      What a joke! hahaha jo log khud cheaters hotay hain wo dosron ko b cheater hi samajtay hain .ya old pakistani movies ko renew kr ky dikha rahy hain and ya ninetees ki movie hy ar jab tak hy jan ab ki . stupids….daikhny say baz nae aty.

  • ayesha

    loved character of sanam saeed

  • Ain

    shukar sanam saeed bhi thori qubool surat lagai kisi role mai :P

  • anika

    fazool tareen ….hooo

    • Zoya ch.

      hehehe lik u :/

  • zubair

    ahsan khan is my favorite actor

  • saba

    awesome mannnn!!!!!!!!

  • princess

    Sanam is so cheap ……….. she does not care for his husband . ahsan super acting

  • princess

    good drama

  • princess

    best film in my whole life . love ittttttttttttttttttt

  • mona

    wow awesome ,,,,,,,,,,

  • aqeelanjum


  • Xenxetive Gal

    amzinG end

    • Life Beautiful

      i agree

  • Life Beautiful

    sanam and all acters very nice job ;';;;;;;;;;;;nice darma

  • usama

    awesome movie………………………..

  • kaliya

    first time sanam saeed is looking stunning . Every thing is fine in movie except ahsan khan

  • rams

    bakwas….. arman and aina are far betr

  • Lady

    great drama.. great acting by all… jin logon ko ye dramas achay nhi lgte wo plz na daikhain.. ar jin ko ye indian movies ki naqal lagti hai wo plz jakr indian movies he dekhain..

  • abcd

    sarwat gilani <3

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