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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • wisechap

    I request the admin please give the option of every video to be run as separate popup. Because the page of every video is filled with so many other things like ads comments and other parts of video which lessen the speed of video. The result is that all the video runs too slow on even such a fast connection of 2 and 4 mbps. And please also upload low quality videos for slow connections. I know the admin won't consider a bit of my request.

    • Sara

      How about watching the video directly on the portal that it is uploaded at? All you need to do is right click and select the appropriate option…your streaming is lagging because there is some issues with your internet connection/speed. Admins will totally consider your request if they have 48 hours in a day than 24, as uploading humongous number of videos on different portals does take some time and they don't do this for a living

  • MeMyself

    mehak college graudate hai tou assistant ki job kiyoun kar rahi hai?

  • MeMyself

    mard kabhi bhi ghar-daari ka bojh aur zimaindaarian nahin samajh sakta kiyounkay woh khud ghar ka koi kaam nahin karta! woh wife ki efforts ko appreciate hi nahin karta.

    • Ahmad

      Mard ke zimmay Allah ne Rozi ka hasool rakha ha , or orat ko ghar or olaad ki parwarish ka kaam dya ha. Donoon ki job importance ha , hamray maashre main , khas to par orat ko ye realize karwaya jata ha ke ghar chalana ik backward or gira hoa kaam ha , jab ke aesa bilkul nai ha , orat ke kaam ko dekhe to ye bilkul wahi kuch ha jo khalik e hakiki ke kam hote han yani palna or ghiza ka intezam karna.

      Mard ko yakenan orat ke kaam ko appreciate or Orat ko mard ki job ko appreciate karna chai , this is the balanced way of living a life.

      • wisechap

        Mr. Ahmad don't bring religion in your arguments if you have no knowledge about Islamic teaching. The Holy Prophet says if a woman demands a maid her husband should provide a one. At one time there were nine wives of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and he was the master of a vast kingdom but he swept his Hujra himself, he stitches his clothes himself. Is now-a-days' men has more rights than him and a self-esteem higher than the greatest peronality of ages . Islam never puts burden on any one's shoulders more than one's capacity. It is Hinduism which treats woman as Baandi and puts the burden of all house-hold chores on the shoulders of newly wed women. One thing you should remember is that the basic purpose of marriage in Islam is to save specially men from commintting Zina. If his wife does not fulfill this need of him then he will definitely turn to other women ignoring all the works done by her and all the responsibility shared by her. That is the theme of this play..

        • Ahmad

          Allah muge or app ko deen ko samghany or apne se related loggon ke hakook ko ada karnay ki taufeek ata farmay ! amin

          Asslam o Alakum

  • midhat


  • Nina khan

    nice moves on time by both the couples…..

  • sehr

    LOL in the end :P

  • uzma

    ghar mn maasi hai tou sahi phir kyn itne kaam?????

    • asma

      aap married ho or agar ho kitnay bachay hain ?

  • Aysha

    can they show a drama where a woman gets involved with another man because she doesnt get what she needs from her husband???There should be a drama to give MEN a lesson too…should there be?

    Ager mard doosri aurat main involve ho jaay to wo bhee aurat ka kasoor hay???
    well, a flirt is ALWAYS a flirt, regardless of what kind of wife he has.

    Aslo, pakistan drama writers need to understand that world does not revolve around what MEN want. There are things which WOMEN want as well…make a drama which shows WOMEN needs as well

    • wisechap

      Ayesha there was a great PTV classic long play written by Bano Qudsia…Sanwal Mor Muhaar… In that play husband takes interest in another woman and then another man comes in the life of wife UZMA GILANI. Once she decided to leave her husband but then she returns for her childern's sake. This play is available on youtube. I don't know when was this play aired first time. I watched it on PTV GLOBAL or perhaps PTV HOME.

  • nadia

    bakwas , yeh harkat agar aurat karey tu wih slut agar mard karey tu he needs attention, fazool loog fazool khyalat. sahi naam hey baandi,.

  • irha

    well done .. nice ending and nice drama ………………….. tooooooooooooo good

  • abeera kiran

    end bohat acha howa he hona bhi cahiye tha ya achi telefilm he but ''bakht bary'' zyada acha tha
    i like telefilms but pakistan ki na ky india ka

  • Eiba

    It looks an old drama ….Sawera Neadeem is so young in it…..

  • Guest


    • bob

      Fasoowl sa drama ye hai

  • Huma

    kia kia kuch krti hy aurat apna ghar bechany k liye aur mrd phir b na khush hi rehta hy realy touching yar

  • attia

    good one

  • Mehreennaz07

    nyce drama . frnd ny sahi time py in4rm kr dia .wrna kch b ho skta tha.thnks GOD ghr totny sy bch gyaa…

  • Asif

    nice drama and story…Superb cast…nice acting by Sawera…

  • Yushwa Khan

    i like this drama

  • Yushwa Khan

    again i ;ike this drama

  • bondoo

    savera ki jawani ka drama hai …itni patli savera

  • honey

    itni gandi sari pehni thi savaira ne

  • Tazeen

    Very true to life ..woman has the courage to endure and also controle and take time in her hand to make the difference ..there is a lot depth in telefilm ..message for all times ..!!

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