Telefilm: Gidh On Hum Tv – 4th Augusut 2012

Watch Latest Telefilm: Gidh On Hum Tv - 4th Augusut 2012
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Noone

    That's good they didnt give the house………….

  • Aryaan

    Looks Good :)

  • Sarah

    Where is the remaing part Admin??

  • Billy


    • vannie

      Billy…the story is ended :)

      amjad's mum and dad decided not to give the house, as nasreen is not genuine, she will take the house but makes them like beggars and kick them out of the house, so tearfully when their son get buried they will leave quietly too before nasreen and her family in front of everyone ask for the property……

      but the sad part is they will have to give up their grand child :(

      • HIbah

        yeah thats the saddest part of not being able to see their son's kid. but as his mom said'Jo amjad k hotay hamari na ho saki wo ab kia hala karaygi hamara". I wonder why we girls can't respect n accept our husbands' parent?? I am married,have been nice to my husband's parents so far.

        And I have plan to be nice and kind to them and Insha Allah in return my parents will find some good bahoo who will be kind to them and will take care of them.Insha Allah.

        Life is too short to hate anyone.I heard so many of friends saying"pata nai ye kab marein gey" How do u know they will die before you?

        Aaj jo bo gey wo kal kato gey. ye sab hona ha.

        Zindagi ki dunya tu bas aik dhoka ha aur asal zindagi Allah k pass ha hamesha rehnay wali. InshaAllah..

        • Noone

          Ur right Hibah……. I think the same and do the same…….

      • HIbah

        Kia mila nasreen ko yaa uss k parents ko. Khudh tu kisi k palay huway bachay ka paisa khaa sakty hein lekin kehty hein ye budha budhi apnay bety ka paisa kiu khaa ray hein.


        I hate women like nasreen. One of our sister in law is kinda like her. her family thinks my parents are using my brother's money even when my father works 10 hours a day.STUPID JAAHIL LOG. Sab logo ko Allah zarur ye din dehkata hai JO dosro k saath aisa karty hein.

  • shahana waseem

    bohat hi sabaq amuz play hay, khas tour par betoun k liay, maabaap say barh kar apni oulad ka koi sacha doust nahi hota,jo larkay apnay maabaap say nafarmani or badtameezi kartay hayn in ka bohat bura hashar hota hay. aisi bahowo ko jootay maar maar kar ghar say nikal detna chahiye jo shuru hi say fasaad phelanay may rhati hayn, WELL DWON DARAMA. MAA BAAP

  • HIbah

    O God ye beviyaan shohar ki kamai ko sirf apna haq he kiu samjhti hein?? Jino ney pala bara kia unka koi haq nai????

    Aaj her ghar ki yehi story hai,Paisa Paisa Paisa.. Beviya husbands ko le kar doour jati hein k kahein MERA ,MERE SHOHAR ka paisa uss k ghar walay naa khaaien.

  • sana

    this drama is very sons respect a lot their wives's maika but they take their own parents as burden and unwanted interference.

  • Jia

    First part is not running

  • Khadija

    Sach baat hai k Paison ki lalach insan ko kahin ka nahi rehne deti!!

  • iqra ali

    pehli baat yeh k paisa hi ab sab kuch reh gya hai bechara ghareeb chori na kry to kya kary even including me kitny ghareebon ki madad kar lety hein hum n doosri baat biwiya buri niklein ya na niklein jub saas buri ho to biwiyan esi baatein sochny py majboor ho jati hein insecurity a jati hai nafrat hoti hai magr yeh sab theek nhin bss yehi dua hai k har lardki achi biwi bany or usko pyar karny wala ghar naseeb ho n obviously log bhi

  • GSG

    asa nei huna chy,… bura kerne walon ka end bhi bura huna chy..its nt a proper endng..

  • Nyla

    Urdu is National language of Pak., a compulsory subject at school and college level. I'm surprised that our dialogue 'writers' in most Dramas pick expressions from Indian Films and TV like "Taaney Maarna, Faislaa leynaa,Jazbaton, Haalaton" I'm sorry these are only some examples. India movies are made for viewers who don't study Urdu, and speak different regional languages. To tell you the truth Urdu is considered in India a language of Tehzeeb and culture among people, Singers like Lata Mangeshkar (marathi speaking) and all Ghazal singers learn urdu and actors learn Urdu diction. At University level reaserch students of Mugal History learn Persian If you don't mind I'll bring to your notice some common mistakes " Bura Manaana is wrong" it is Bura Maan-na, Jazbaat and Haalaat is Plural (Jama) Taney deynaa (maarna is wrong), Faislaa kiya jaata hai liya nahee. Sorry writers I hope you'll remember next time. Thank you all for your time, who are reading it.

    • shazzy

      yo chill out with the urdu lecture

      • Dyashankarpanday

        You are mean and rude. Nyla is saying the right thing. Again the peoples are uneducated and they don't wanna listen right thing.

        • ALI

          bhai apko they dnt want to kehna chaiyay tha aap wanna kehna ki zehmat q kr rye hai?

    • Dyashankarpanday

      You are right. I like your descriptions. You are good at it. I study Urdu at Aligarh Muslim University and I speak good Urdu better than Hindi or Sanskrit. But sorry to say that a lot of peoples in Pakistan they don't really speaks Urdu or they are not educated enough. Now in slung language the youngsters loves to use Mumbai Bhai type language. Shame on those peoples they actually using wrong track.

    • Tahseen

      @Nyla I agree that these dramas have a melange of Urdu and Engligh and Hindi but the writers represent the actual langage spoken by people. It is a slice of life scenario. Very few people speak pure Urdu anymore. Actually this is true for all languages now.

  • kitty

    in last part,yu were the two girls sleeping???

  • parsa

    yr ye kia end huwa :(…….mje kuch smajh ni ai

  • quro

    uski to apni maa ne bete ke jane pe itni chik chik ki k beta hi mar gaya, bv to thi hi.

  • asad maaz

    by the way is this is pakistani drama in pakistani language urdu or it was hindi drama

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