Telefilm: Home on Hum Tv – 15th January 2013

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • DMDM

    kinda frightening!!!

  • tulip

    stupid drama

    • maida shafiq

      tu na dakha karo

  • aman

    ye tou mjhe b nafsiyati kr de ge….leave it yar.

  • …..B………

    kya maqsad tha is story ka………….bakwas

  • Mady

    wow! what a theme!! great work.. i guess very few people will understand this.. but i guess there is some kind of fear hidden in everyone.. some people are more expressive though.. accepting a big change in life is very troublesome for some people who are very successful, they are more sensitive to changes in their personal life because they don't know how to handle it.. in some cases people cannot handle a complete happy life as well.. they have a doubt in mind that how can everything just go so perfectly, in this confusion they create problems for those whom they love the most and epect them to understand and handle their crazy behavior.. its just about how your life has been in the past, but i guess their are a lot more things to worry about in Pakistan and that's why people don't care about such psychological issues that they have and that's the reason most people couldn't understand this topic..

    • Aman

      Wah g bara time hai ap k pas Itna tafseel se comment dene kA….!

    • zephyr

      goood maddy…yet i didnt watch this tele bcz o ur coment i realize this will be the best one…only sensitive people and deep thinking and friendly nature people realize the the minute detail of changing life…

    • waqas

      yes dear esly hamary religion ny Namaz n Quran ka hukam dia ha dat es dunya ky pechay na pagal ho jao…yahan sab kuch mil kr bhi sakonn ni ,,,,, es ko issue sirf Allah sy door hna ha….

  • kanwal ashiq

    bht mushkil bt bht acha drama tha

  • Ainee

    Bokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssss :@

  • waqas

    well dear i tell u all the problem of this man…
    es ky pas paisa n wife n olad n sab kch ha but wo religion sy bht door ha, aj ye Namazin parhy n 5 times masjid main jay…Quran parhy n kisi poor k help kry es ky dil n dimag ko sakoon ay….
    es ko kisi doctor k zaroorat ni Allah sy rishta bnany k zarorat ha…..

  • MeMyself

    So he was imagining Dr. Shazia the whole time? no wonder she had so much make up on =D

  • Hassaan Javaid

    Betuka sa drama tha! Ajeeb sa:-)

  • parsa

    be tuka end!

  • shahroz alvi

    fasyal rahman is good actor but end ws very bore

  • jz.fairy

    thats y m not watching after reading comments

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