Telefilm: Yakeen on Hum Tv – 28th July 2012

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • GSG

    very nice story

  • Khadija

    Very touching story!!

  • nomi

    Awesome Script Please make these kind of tele film Thanks.

  • Shon paun taun

    chawali hee mari hai. itni abrupt change aati nahi hai usually. aur ek mujrim ko panah de dee. ager wo itna hee islami ho gaya tha to ja k apna jurm qabool kerta aur saza leta. sala.

    • parsa

      change ata hai itna hi abrupt change infact m ne hd dekha ha….Allah jisko hadayt daina chahe usey aik lamhay mai apne rastey pe le ata ha…aik khaas lamha ata ha kisi khush naseeb ki xindagi maijo us k rastey uski preferences aur uski life hii totally change kr daita ha….i wish mri xindagi mai b aisa lamha aye…ameen

      • ayesha

        i agreee wd parsa

  • Razak

    hairan hee reh gaya itna kamzor script aur storyline dekh k. wo abuse kernay room me aaya aur wo sahiba jhoot bol ker ussey protect ker rahi hein. ye aaib poshi nahi hoti bewaqoofi hoti hai. abusers get encourage by these things.

    • parsa

      actually wo apne dada ko koi shock ya stress nai daina chahti thi so she did it

  • sam

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice drama

  • Aryaan

    Thanks Admin..

  • shizee

    awsomm in dis holy month nice story

  • Imran

    Gr8 gr8 .. I shod tell this writer and the film maker who brought this shod make same serials for the people's of this generation from which they can get good lessons .. Keep it up dear .. V.very Appriciated …

  • Madiha

    wow what a nice drama

    but i actually felt bad for her friend brother :(

    but well i like the drama nice

    • farhan khan

      if u were maida u go for the friend brother

      u naughty fellow

  • heer

    so so so beautifull thought must b a guide line for others

  • Muhammad

    its very nice based on truth

    • Seema

      Really are you saying that if you live in Pakistan than your kids will turn out well and if you bring your kids up abroad they will all be lke this?

  • maham

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pppppp story i like this

  • fari


  • jenifer

    bohat bura end hai :( ;(

  • aliya

    masha allah toooooo gud..hats off 4 writer director and cast…masha allah…i cnt praise dz drama in words…congratss to team who made such a nice play..jazak allah

  • Suroor Zehra

    What a waste of time. There is no storyline, the plot is weak and the acting is overrated. It just shows that no matter how good a man is the bad guy gets the girl. I felt like strangling the girl for suppressing her own voice.

    • me

      no, the bad guy did not get the girl. The guy who changed himself for the better got the girl.

  • Marry

    nice story i like it hope u guys like it also…bura lagne wali to koi cheez dekhyee nhe de mujhe good msg for all of us n sweet cute characters too :) n i like the end too :)

  • Seema

    Such a stupid drama showing that kids who live abroad are bad and kids in Pakistan good. Yeah right.

    • Fawad

      they r just showed that the persons who are true and believe on Allah, Allah truely hepls them dun take the point out view on another way.

    • IT

      the drama ia very good ans it has a good message for everyone but yes they showed a wrong immage of boys living abroad.

      only a very little percentage of boys are like Qasim.

  • Umar

    Great drama…

    excellent plot…

  • http://facebook dua

    vEry nyCe owsun;)

  • me

    zabardast story. Qasim didn't change just to marry Maida but he had a true change of heart! Usually the guys falls in love and changes himself for the love of the girl, and not because he truly wants to change. I really enjoyed it! Joray asman par bantay hain, ho sakta hai kay aagay chal kar Qasim eik misali musalman ban kar dikhae.

  • rana tauseef

    bht he acha drama ha me ne fist time dakha to me is ka dewana ho gia bht he ala story ha

  • Paarsa shweeet they are..MashALLAH out standing play

  • rubykhan

    OMG….MshAllah….such an amazing drama….very nicely showed n acted….!!:D i hav read the comments i think people are not getting wat they tried to show…before watching this play even i thought that he will change coz of the girl…but it wasnt that…n that's wat made it different…!! in this they hav shown that no matter how bad u are there is always a chance to turn to Allah…n He is always there to forgive us….Alhumdulilla…n also that all the guys who look bad arent always bad frm the inside….!!!! really loved the concept of the drama….verry verry nice..!!! keep it up….:D they should show more shows like these….:D

  • Mehwish.

    awesOme drama just love it …i wishhh…….:|

  • zoya

    really nice story…

    • farhan khan

      maida tyte ha ya nahee tell me ;)

  • zoya

    yup change hnay k lia ek lamha he kafi hota hA

  • fari

    Im in love with this telefilm however the only thing i didnt like is the biased portrayal of foreign kids,… I live abroad but my family is pure muslim and Pakistani strongly tied to our values even better than most people we know in Islamic countries

    • IT


    • farhan khan


    • Gulnaz

      there are families. living in abroad they are like this and there are also families who are fine and pure muslim. so you cant just say that they showed wrong things.

  • khadijah

    bohat pyari story hai..loved it,,characters are awsome nd cute

    btw felt just little bad for her frend's brother,,per ending achi ki,,end mei nice decision liya maida nai,..Gooood message

  • farhan khan

    bachi tyte haaa ;)

    • Sabia

      yaar apni behan ko hi "tyte" boldiya^^

  • Me

    Qasim is a mixture of Shoaib Malik and Saeed Ajmal

  • Gulnaz

    what is Qasim's real name? anymore???

  • Sara

    outstanding story <3

  • amidala

    kaash aisa yaqeen hum sab ko bhi Allah ki zaat per ho jaye to shayad Zardari se jaan choot jaye,Allah hamare haal per bhi karam kar dee…..Ameen

  • hana


  • sheerani

    so interesting drama . i like this


    Awesome Moral lesson in three respects.
    1…. Obeying our older and parents. wrong things become Right
    2…..Trusting GOD impossible becomes Possible.
    3…..Good moral characters can change the time..
    Thanks a lot Dramas online

  • zaina

    bohat bohat bohat sweet story hai mashallah se

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