Why ANNIE KI AYEGI BARAAT not aired on Geo tv

Annie Ki Aye Gi Barat makers have decided not to air the last four episodes during Ramzan as these contain a lot of songs and dances.These four episodes could be aired consecutively on four days starting from Chand Raat but not confirmed as yet.
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  • baacha


  • baacha

    jo maza azar, dolly, takkey ke barat ka tha wo annie k aye ge barat kanai, annie aur mekal achey nai lage, most imp drama ke days change hote rahe,kbe saturday to kabi thursday….

    • GSG

      inne cute lag rahe hen..kia hu gya hay…?

  • eman

    i think its gud that u people have decided not to show this drama till ramazan remains coz dance and songs are not supposed to be listen in ramazan.great thought by geo tv.

    • Tahseen


      But the rest of the time, watching song and dance is okay? This is silly just like people say that "I am so careful to eat Halaal food during Ramadan." Observe these things all the time or don't. Hypocrisy is strictly prohibited in Islam.

      I am disappointed in GEO's decision. For those who don't want to see it…don't watch it. GEO is being really prescriptive.

      • Misha

        you know what i disagree with you because it is not okay watching it because it breaks your fast kk so no!You have no right to say bad things about islam!It is good that they are doing it because they don't want us to get bad deeds and if you don't know anything don't talk!Gosh

        • Tahseen

          @Misha – By your statement, you should not talk on this forum at all, since you neither know anythign about Islam, grammar nor do you read what is written! Please follow your own advice.

          I am not saying anything bad about Islam. I am saying that it is hypocritical to watch songs and dances all year long but when Ramadan comes, we just all pretend to be holier than thou Muslims. If it is bad during Ramadan, it is bad year round. And everyone has their own relationship with Allah and is answerable for him/herself. GEO won't come to praise you on the last day neither will you be asked to speak for me.

    • baacha

      danceaur songs sirf ramzan mai he nai wese b nai daikhne aur sunney chaye,kya humaik mah ke lye musalman hain

      • aqsa

        hum sb dekhty hain

  • fatima

    i think its gud that u people have decided not to show this drama till ramazan remains coz dance and songs are not supposed to be listen in ramazan.great thought by geo tv.

    • Kala Bhoot

      Why some of you copy and paste other people's comments? If you really agree with someone's comment, just click "Like" under it instead of copying and pasting it.

  • mesum


    • rohma asad

      kisi bi cheez ko criticize kartay time insaan ko apni limits nai bhol jani chahiye mr or miss Mesum.ALLAH ko beech mein laanay ki or is tarah ki cheap baat kehnay ki koi sense nai hai :/

      • Yousra

        ASTAGHFIRULLAH! Think before talking about Allah(swt)

    • mrs. jawad

      nauzubillah !!! u must be shameful for saying such type of stuff if u r a MUSLIM …..

    • Sobia mirza

      Kuch ALLAH k khof b h???WO zaat hmara malik h,RAB h hmara.astaghfar kry.or us PAK ZAAT ka zikar dar,khof or izzat or ehteram se ly.ALLAH ka zikar hansi mazaq k ley nai h.ALLAH HM SB KO MAAF FARMAY.AMEN

    • Afia Qazi

      exactly my thoughts…

    • kaleem

      control your self

  • anam ammar

    annie ki ayegi baraat b acha tha,par from all of them,doli ki ayegi baraat is the best,and its a gud decision of last four episodes.

  • Iqra

    i heard that the last 4 epsidoes of annie ki ayegi baraat will not be coming on until ramadan because of the dancing and songs in it

  • m mahmood

    annie ke ayegi barat is silsile(barat) ka sub se kamzoor program hai

  • Hnne

    only 4 episodes r left?? :(

  • Pari

    Should have been aired. After iftar. I agree that compared to other sequels this one is the least interesting,nonetheless still better than all other plays on TV channels.

  • dss

    actually its a good idea.

    But i don´t understand why pak dramas have so much singing and dancing all the time. especially thsese bollywood songs.

    don´t pakistan has its own identity?

    the quality of pak dramas and shows ist constantly shrinking.

    everyone who is upset about iut can watch star plus!!!

    • Muhammad


    • http://[email protected] Ni Daa


    • Common Sense

      Thats actually not true, Pakistani Drama's have their own theme songs which are MUCH better then bollywood songs, and 1 out of a 100 drama's might have an indian song in them!!!!!

      • dss

        i´m not talking about the theme songs!

        drama kam dramabaazi zaida hai. aur overacting ki to had hai.

        ramazan special drame bhi mazakh banke rehgey hai.

        baat namaz, roze ki lekin harkatein chechori!

        kuch sal pehle aisa nahi hota tha

  • 29 cumberland road

    jistra ye cheezein ramzan mein mana hain waisay e aam dino or maheeno mein b mana hain

  • nayaab

    although I really want to watch the last episodes I respect the decision of the makers for the drama because instead of entetainment we should all gather as much Barakat as possible from the Holy Month Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon us.

    As far as people hating on the series.. well you obviously watch it and thus comment on it right? :)

    everyone in the drama does a spontaneous job ESPECIALLY Bushra Ansari jee. The whole series is full of entertainment and comedy. A relief from the problems and tensions we all get through everyday life. Treat the drama as a drama no need to make it an issue about your lives.

  • http://[email protected] Ni Daa

    oh :(

  • Afia Qazi

    What a bummer! Is enjoying a fun show against the spirit of Islam, do people not laugh during ramzan? If our faith is in jepordy by seeing a happy show, then I guess that faith was not very strong to begin with!

    Shame on Geo….spoilt the whole flow of the show!

    • Aysha

      So happy to see your comments Afia. There are still people left in pakistan with some brains and common sense.

      • Alia

        so u call it common sense?????? ….. ahh :@ use ur brain Miss Ayesha

        • Filza Shaikh

          u use ur brain miss alia

      • Afia Qazi

        I know…it's a sad situation…they might label me unislamic or whatever but only I know how strong my faith is.

        • maryam khan

          and Allah knows

    • Alia

      excuse me miss afia….. the problem is not tht in islam u cant laugh in Ramazan…. they hv clearly mentioned u tht bcoz of dances n songs Geo will not air this drama….. so shame on ur thought not on geo's act

      • anila imran

        sorry i click on dislike by mistake. u r absolutly right

        • Afia Qazi


      • Afia Qazi

        @ Alia So you're telling me you've never sung a song during Ramzan? People never dance? I have kept all my fasts since I was 10 and now my daughter is doing the same mashallah. But we do have fun too, we pray, we swim, we do sing , and if the opportunity arises we might dance as well (horrors ofcourse you think)…

      • Filza Shaikh

        anila imran u r wrong……

  • superpower

    i think the website has done a mistake by displaying this page because there is a hot issue over here and a great test of ur faith it better be unrevealed

  • Alia


  • alina ali

    good decision…………..

  • alina ali

    good decision……..

  • https://www.facebook.com/aabi.khaan aabi

    shukkar hai kisi ko to Ramadan k maheenay ka ehteram hua :)

    good decision!!

  • arslan

    good but miss bushra ansari acting :(

  • laiba habib nagan wa

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nahi a raha tu kia kar saktay hain gawab do kia karen rozain rakhhain ya aftari karen ya sehri karen ya so jayen ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • sobia

    Thankx 2 them chalo shukar kuch to sharam baki hai kisi main warna log tu aaj kal ramzan main indian movies bhi dekhny lage hain

  • shazia

    ainnie ki ayegi baraat ramzan mai band kia hai dances aur songs ki waja say boht achi baat hai lakin muharam ka bhi phir isi tara ihtiram karna chahiye sirf 10muharam ko sab tv par band hota hai us k baad sab chalta hai dances songs sab khuch kam az kam muharram k poore month mai to sab tv par band hona chahiye

    • HJ

      is tarha tu Rabi ul awal aur baqi saal hee ihtaram kerna chaiye kiunk har mahinay apni importance hai aur actually musalmanon klu tu nach gana kerna he nahi chaiye.

      I dont think yr point is valid. Ramadan holds its own importance above all the rest of the months.

      • shazia

        i agree k ramadan ki apni importance hai lakin muharramm mai to naach gana hona hi nahi chahiye kyonki har muslim ko pata hai k muharram mai kitni shadaten hui hai

        • Yousra

          I think shahadatein hona is a good thing, soug tu wo log manayein jinho ne mara hai. hum zindo ki shahadat pe afsos nahi karte :-)

  • Sweetu Rk

    Oh Okay :)

  • dss

    drama kam dramabaazi zaida hai. aur overacting ki to had hai.

    ramazan special drame bhi mazakh banke rehgey hai.

    baat namaz, roze ki lekin harkatein chechori!

    kuch sal pehle aisa nahi hota tha

    • Huma

      i agree

  • hina

    fazul dramay bazi aur shoka pan!!

    • Angel

      khair ab aisi baat bhi nhi hai..ronay dhonay dramon se hat kr hai ye show..aur iss main dialogues bht mazay k hain jo kisi aur drame main nhi..secondly dances aur songs ko chorr k dkha jaye to ye itna over drama nhi hai jitne aur drame hain..

  • shah

    geo jo kuch promote kerta hey sub jantey hain. Geo se bara dramay baaz koi nahee. Jitna geo ne indian culture especially hindu culture promote kiya kisi main himat nahee. Ya allah hamain geo ke shar se bacha.

  • Mahnoor

    to phir chand raat ko bhi on air na karen..us raat hamari naikion ka hisaab hota hai..aur logon ko bhi chahiye k Ramzan main at least larayi jhagre,qatal o gharat aur chori daakon se parhez kren..It is shameful to know that still people in our country are robbing,bribing and killing each other in this Holy month..

    • Angel

      well said..:)

  • Sam

    Hello guys

    I am writing from UK , been following this drama and was wondering why new episode is not aired yet. Unfortunately, after reading all the comments i can conclude only one thing that we Pakistani nation can never be happy bout anything and in a habit of criticising whether its bad or good. Please try to be more patient, and before making any negative point just try to fix yourself first. Decision appreciated.

  • http://gg Saba

    am writing from Swedan yar but know is ramazan so its ok :( coz ramazan ki izat karna humara farz ha coz we are muslim :)

    • Marry

      hey saba m from sweden too nice to c u where do u live in sweden..?

      m alos waiting for dis episode but its ok beocz of ramazan…:)

  • Maryam Khan

    Pakistani media is so hypocritical for four weeks of Ramadan Geo is not going to show Annie Kee Aye gee Barat because it has a lot of songs and dances however after Ramadan GEE BHAR KAR NACHO GAO OR PUREE QUOM KO NACHAO. Thanks GEO for making us the nation of Hippocrates.

    • Khurram

      Media is showing all this because people wanna see it, It is a positive thing they have atleast respected for the holy month of Ramzan..

    • Maryam Khan

      GEO Paka Indian agent hay ici liye to Khabron mayn aik indian filim say mutaliq segment zarooree hay aik Khabar aatee hay kay Abbotabad or Malakand may hazaroon log zalzalay mayn jan bahiq ho gaye to foran heee khabar parhee jatee hay kay Karishma Kapoor flan film mayn Salamn Khan Kay satth jawagar hon gee Geo khoob brain wash kar kar Indian culture ko na sirf promot kar raha hay bulaky hum par thop raha hay Ham khabrayn sirf Khabar kay liye dekhtay han Indian film industry ka promotion dekhnay kay liye naheyn. "AMAN KI ASHA" India mayn Koi nahyn dikhata GEO ko ghalebun Indian government say bohot Mall mil raha hay.

      • Angel

        I agree with u maryam n khurram also..media is showing what we want to see.But it is a fact too that we want to watch good news, like after every few weeks we come to know abt our brilliant students who r inventing n progressing in technology.But these are added to our knowledge by SOCIAL media, not such channels.Secondly we should have to raise our all industries especially film industry so that not only Pakistani media but whole world would be able to show news about our artists n films.!!

    • kaleem

      sary ramzan ki naikian chand raat ko zaya kro

  • umair


  • zoha

    y dnt u guys make sme new episodes eidi waghara dena n all

  • baacha

    ajeb bat hai k hum bus aik mah k lye musalman hain aur baqi k 11 mah nach gana sab chalta hai,,ye kesa islam hum bana rahe hain , ab to tv se dupatta he khatam ho gya hai its v funny k ramzan me duppata sir pe a jata hai aur eid k din pher wohe shaitan,aur humare media ke so called modern women a jayen ge bina dupattey k males ke sath haste muskarate, ab to ye b common hai ke jab ate hain male se hand shake r hug b karte hain, shame on us

    • maryam khan

      100% agree with you BAACHA

    • kaleem

      i agree sara saal dupatta gly pr or ramzan main sr pr sara saal dramos or films main kaam or ramzan main ramzan shows kya bt hai

  • Wardah

    Good Job. They are trying to respect the holy month of Ramadan let them do it. And someone said ke Geo walay dramay kertay hain Ramadan main aur baqi saal kuch nahi to kam se kam they play a good role in Ramadan. Its a good thing ke woh acha mahool banatay hain deen ki batoon se naikiyaan barthi hain. Whoever wants to see nach gana can do it on their own time. =).

    • Saba

      I agree with u

  • rozy

    ahh annie ki aayegi baraat ke sirf chaar episodes baqi hain…? so sad.:( hope they have a new drama like tht

  • Subhann

    aj hum Imaan ky Kitny Choty darjy per hain ky Sb hmary samny ho raha hai Musalmano ka Qatl-e-aam Lekin hum chup hain or Aj ager ek drama Sirf ramdan ki wajha sy nahi lag raha to humain kitni takleef mehsus hoti hai :( :( :(

    • maryam khan


      • baacha

        ekek lafz thek kaha,agree

      • kaleem

        very good

  • Filza Shaikh

    Heyy ……………………………………..sirf 4 episoes baqi hain……………??

  • iqra

    good job…………

  • wafa khalid

    I think it is good because there is ramazan and they wats to pray so good job

  • http://Nowebsite Shiza

    So sad that just 4 episodes of Annie ki aye gi barat are left you should make more episodes.

  • GSG

    ache bat hay

  • shah

    dosto ye baat dramay ki nahee. Geo ke dramaybazi ki hay. Sara saal bollywood or un key actress ki baat kerta hey. Geo ki badmashi ki b inteha hey. Her channel ki burai ye kerta hey. Logon mein inteshaar ye philata hey. Jhooti khabrain ye chalata hey. Maghrabiyat ko ye promote kerta hay. Or akhir main sub ko islam ka sabq parata hey.

    Geo sirf sher philata hey. Jis mulk or quom ka culture khatum ker diya jaey wo quom taba or barbaad ho jati hai. Or geo behtreen tabahi ka markaz hey.

    • http://www.facebook.com javeria rahman

      ek tou geo tv acha kaam kar raha ha tou es mai bhi masla ha ap ko mr or miss shah.

      • Shahid shery

        madam javeria kia acha kam hy logon man mayosi phelana acha kam hy??kis mulk man burai nai hoti ???? jis amreca ko rol model qrar dety hotm log us man kia nai hota ??? example k lia "mukhtar mai" wala msla ly lo dunia man kia kch nai hota bt hmary apny channel walon ny hmary mulk ko bdnam kia… choti choti bat ko jst ranking brhany k liay uchalna achi bat hy ???? mafi chahta hn bt agr ap k ghr ki koi bat bhr uchaly to ap usy acha kahen gi ????????????

        • kaleem

          good answer

    • Shahid shery

      agree wid u

    • baacha


  • http://www.facebook.com javeria rahman

    inne aur mekal best ha Muuuccchhhhhhhhhh.:)

  • http://vidpk asmara

    goood veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooood

  • M Shah

    what a hypocrisy Geo kitna naik ha yeh sb he janty hain indian programmes ki promotion ka resbonsible hamesha Geo he raha ha chalo is cheze ko side per bhi rakh diya jay to jo har saal Ramzan main "message" aur "ten commandments" jaise films jin main Allah k Nabi aur bary bary Sahaba Akram k characters Kafir kerty nazar aty hain geo tv per he dikhai jati hain kiya wo jaiz ha tb in ka Ramzan kahan jata ha…

    Aur jahan tk in k baqi dino k programmings ki baat ha to geo ki to policy he shaid india ki projection ha aur last year Eid per to kisi aik channel per bhi koi Pakistani programme nazer nahi aya 3 3 ,4 4 saal purany cheap indian award functions purani 3rd class indian films aur bs humari Eid guzer gai Eid k teen din to yeh loge apny viewers ko koi apna banaya programme nahi dikha sakty jo tehwar sirf Musalmano ka ha us per bhi hum hinduon ki manhoos shaqalain daikhty hain Ager ghalti sy tv laga lain

    • http://facebook.com ayi sha

      men samjhi k koi larki ne cmnt kia ……itti zaheen aik larki e o skti ae

    • Marry

      100% agreed with u M shah i hate dat policy too

      • jeya

        em agree too……….

        n wesy last tyn b to songs thy bt tub to nae band hova tha darama………….

    • baacha

      totlly agreed with you,hum tv,ary, geo sab indian films,award shows kohe promote karte hain itna to indian apne programe nai prmote karte jitna humare hannel karte hain hum india ke ghulame se nikle he nai, ap news he sun lain har news pe aik indian song lagta hai,news kam r entertainment show ziada lagta hai news channels

    • kaleem

      zbrdast lkn yai behayaai hai kya isy hameesha ky lye bnd nahin hona chahye

  • Sohail Waqar

    Hi Next drama will be "Bobby D ki ayegi barat"…..

    • sparky

      No, this is the last one. Bushra ansari ji said that this is the last one. there will be no other season :(

  • http://facebook.com ayi sha

    men tym waste karrae te itti dair se :(

    • Huma

      i agree mere time bee :)

  • jeya

    hmmmmmmmmmm em w8ing fot last episodes ov this bt they r not on air :( :(

    but its good that it would b after eid or on eid:)

    • Huma

      it will start during chand raat n on eid then 2 more days cuz its gonna be four days

      4rm huma

  • Misha

    i love this show so awesome and the funniest is Bushra Ansari i like ahsan khan (Azar) he is cute and his acting is awesome!!!!!!!!!Keep up with the good work Bushra Ansari, Hina Dilpazeer, Vasay Choudary, Samina Ahmed, Manzoor Qureshi, Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed, Naveen waqar, Shehzad sheikh, Ahsan Khan, Ali safina, Alishba Yousuf, Sana Askari, Uroosa Siddiqi, Natasha Ali, Raheel Butt, Asad siddiqi, Laila Zuberi, Bindya and others.Love all your acting and i hope there is another one after this!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent Work!

  • Umer


    Bohat Saray comment perhay phir socha Isi liye ab likh raha hn.ek bat yad rekho k RAMZAN hI ek aisa month hy jis mein Shetan Ko Bandha (jakra) hats hy Baqii 11 month Woh Azad hy isi liye ab Shetan nhi hy aur drama b band hy.aur Dosri bat agar geo walay acha kam ker rehy hy to kernay do sirf kuch episode nhi aye to ap sub log issue bana ker bethy hoo. Aur agar Woh next episode lagay to bad mein ap login nhi hi comment kerny they k RAMZAN mein shadi aur Ganday bananas wali episode lagai hy kissi ek side per to ruk jao agar ap acha kam nhi ker sakty ho to jo ker raha hy us Ko kam say kam eppriciate to kero.

    • Umer

      Yeh words ganay bajany Waly they wrong type ho Gaya sorry

  • Minahil

    Bohat Intazar tha episode ka chalo koi bat nahi:( :( :( :(

    • ummara akhter

      chalo atleast they care about ramazan :) these things feel proud to be a muslim and living in a muslim state :)

  • http://laiba.abduljabbar Laiba AbdulJabbar

    HmmmmMmmmmmMmm Ap Log Bohot Acha kere reahi hai

  • http://laiba.abduljabbar Laiba AbdulJabbar

    HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BoooooooooooooooOooooooooohooooooooooooot AcccccccCcccHaaaaaa KeeeeeeEeeeeRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ReaHiiiiiiiii hAiiiiiiiiii………….!!!!

    • Huma


  • http://www.facebook.com/laiba.abduljabbar Laiba AbdulJabbar

    hmmmm bohot acha kere reahi hai ap log

  • Huma

    wow is ent this suppose to be a ramzan special i mean the drama "mahi ayega" on hum tv will contain dances and songs well thats a ramzan special! ;( so confused

  • sarah

    nicee!! huh!

    chand raat se karayngay on aired,jub koi dekh hi na sakay..:S

    itna sub alomost bxy hotay hain,eid n all..:( datz bad:((

  • Hafsa

    Ap log Ramzan ka khyaal kar rahe hain, bohot achi baat hai :) Happy to know this :) Ji ji hum apne favourite drame ka intazaar kar sakte hain :) <3 :)

  • nnh

    Thts gr8 ….. Shukar hai yahan media ma kuch log ab bhi musalman baki hai

  • ayesha

    gud…..khushi hui sun k

  • parsa

    m shock 2 read it….i thnk it happend 1st time bt feel happy

    • Noori

      yupie that's a gud decisiom regarding Holy month of Ramzan…A humble request to all channels to postpone all such dramas n shows which contain songs n dances…at least for this month..Even so called RAMZAN SPECIAL dramas are not capable of being on-aired in Ramzan..

  • f.bukhsh

    sahee hay ji saheeh kyun k ramadhan kareem me kahan koi shadi hotti hay… time kahan hotta hya ramadhan kareem me dramas dekhnay kaa es month me bas achay achay religious programme dekhaya karain quran ki tilawat aur taraweeh wagheraa

    • pakistani girl

      u r right

  • Rabia Zahid

    gud….. buht acha kiya…lekin we will miss this drama……ok im w8ng 4 this drama…..thanks

  • saze

    hey guysssssssss ye debatable topic hai……….ap sirf geo ko ni saray channels ko kaho….negative role tou har channel play karaha hai……bt somehow wo log jo achay dramas banate hain unko appreciate bi krna chahiye hamain……phele bi dramas bante thay hit bi hote thay…..un me tameez bi hoti ti aur dekhne k qabil bi hote thay…….bt jo dramas ya programs aj kal on air horahe hain wo bi hm sb hi pasand krwa rahe hain naaa? YES OR NO?……..hmare mashray ki sb se bari burai ye hi tou hai k har ghalat baat me se positivity nikal kar usko promote krte hain……dramas ki stories achi…..bt still the dressing is nt gud, programs ko hum like is liye karahe hain qk hum personal lete hain un actors ya actresses ko jo kahin na kahin hmain pasand hote hain…….here the question arises kya hm apne festivals, shadi functions, eid, ramadan, ya koi bi esi story jo reality pe base ho wo agar hmara media sahi se, tameez ki dressing, sahi lafzon par mabni ho to hamare dramas aj bi bht bht bht high standard rakhte hain qk no doubt talent bht hai bt usko usay sahi use krna humare upar hai……………..SO GUYS i thnk hum log agar ik positive soch ke sath agr agay barhte hain tou hum apne media ko bi thik kar skte hain…..

  • kaleem

    kya hamain is manhoos drama ky bjay burma ky muslims ky bary main nahin sochna chahye jahan muslims intehai musibat zada zindagi guzar rhy hain jahan muslims apni janon pr khatra mahsoos kr rhy hain jahan muslims ki kye hazaar masjids bnd kr dy gai hain yai wo mulk hai js ny pak ko 1947 main khana muhya kya tha jb pak main khany ki qlit thi agr geo main thuri si bhi gharat hai tu wo is bt ko agy tk pounchy ga ya iqdamaat utay ga

    • momo

      its not really a manhoos drama…like u shudnt be calling the drama manhoos

  • http://hotmail mahmadmirza

    very very bad i am not happy of this news

  • snow

    isse achi baat kya ho sakti hai allah tallah ne duniye me ache log to hamare liye rakhay hain allah ne ak bar kan me ja kar kaha ke ye ramzan me na karo unhoon ne allah ki baat maan li i am proud of pakistanis

    pakistan zindaabad

  • pakistani girl

    thats too good because RAMADAN KAREEM is not for watching tvs.it is for collecting blessings of ALLAH:)

  • Haleema

    Its a good decision

  • Fajr Naseer Chaudhry

    Its a very good decesion…… :D

    • Fajr Naseer Chaudhry

      :) <3

      • Fajr Naseer Chaudhry


        • Fajr Naseer Chaudhry


  • abu zar

    it's a very good decision……..

  • http://dramasonline saba

    it is so so so so so good and excellent decission.

  • aimun


  • aimun


  • ali

    timings plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ali


    EID MUBARAK =)))))))))))

  • fadas

    whenis being aired

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