Woh Episode 1 in High Quality 2nd September 2013

Woh Episode 1 in High Quality 2nd September 2013 [start name='Dailymotion'] video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy [/start] [start name='Tune'] video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy video_flash_player copy [/start] [end]
Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • Ahmad

    Dear dramaonline,
    PLease upload single link video daily motions for all dramas.
    Thank you

  • momo

    i really like it they should make more horror dramas !!!!! and please upload your dramas on youtube too!

    • Aayta

      ap ko horror darma pasnad hay …boht big dill hay ap k pass

      • RiEA

        what? lol so random! How do you have a big heart if u like horror? ur funny! xD

        • Muhammad Basil Quraishi

          she means…that bohot bara dill hai in other way…. like some people cant watch horror as they are scared…unka chota dil hota hai so woh bardasht ni kar patay… Bohot bara dil…was a wrong sentence although…;)

          • RiEA

            yea I noticed. It was a cute mistake and it just made me laugh. I wasn’t trying to be mean.

          • Smile Plz

            okay …….but is may mistake wali kiya bat hai .big haert means ,,strong dill
            is may kiya wrong hai g …..ager hai bhi to my dear insaan hai mistake ho ge ……bar bar wahi bat ……and okay i expect my mistake…fine…
            ye mera comment hai

          • RiEA

            ur taking it too seriously. I wasn’t trying to be mean. I pointed it out because it was a cute mistake and I found it funny. No harm in pointing it out. A big heart is different from a strong heart. You just used the wrong word. That’s all I was trying trying to point out.

          • Smile Plz

            no .main serious the ,,,,mn bus bat ki the ,i know k meri mistake hai .but ak word hi tha ni ,,,,,,,ak hi word per bar bar bat .i don’t think that’s right

          • haniya

            sab chalta ha yar

          • Bunny

            u r right ….par shayed wo hurt ho ge

          • RiEA

            Ur seriously taking this too seriously. Instead of being cool with it and letting it go, u feel offended! I don’t understand why. I understand it’s a mistake but pointing out a mistake isn’t a crime and neither is it bad! I am an American born Pakistani and in our school growing up we were told that you learn from mistakes. So when someone points out ur mistake, it shouldn’t be taken in a negative way but a learning experience. I don’t think that you should be offended by it.

          • tania


        • haniya

          is main funny wali kon si bat ha jo horror movies ya drame dekhte hain wo bohat bara dil rakhte hain jab ke kamzoor dil wale chiriya ki tarha kanpna shuru kar dete hain

          • RiEA

            I said that because that person was supposed to say he/she has a mazboot heart to watch horror like this, not a big heart. Big heart ppl are the ones that are really considerate and caring. I said its funny b/c it was a cute mistake that made me laugh. Don’t need to take it so seriously.

          • RiEA

            That person was supposed to say mazboot dil (strong heart) because big heart is used for ppl who are really kind and considerate. Her/His cute mistake made me laugh. Dont take it so seriously.

      • kaim

        pa ji ithe ”angrezi k mutasreen” angreezi ki gltyan nikalne bethe hen is lie angrezi ka lfz hi lia kro,, ;) ,, smjne wale smj to gae hun ge, m not attaking anyone wid wrds,, lolz

  • Aish

    keep it up zabardast :)

  • Saimah

    That was awesome! Scared the living day lights out of me!!

  • waqas ali

    awesome! drama

  • Jawad Ali Azeemi

    Its the new history in Media like this drama. The most narrated like novel “Mastani” by Monas Khan Azeemi.

  • Brown Eyes

    It seems good..

  • haniya

    very intrusting shukar ha is tarhha ka koi drama aya ha

  • Mona299

    Zabardast! English horror movies se zyda interesting hai Jin mein almost same story hoti ha….Larkion or larko ka group jungle mein ya kissi haunted house mein jata ha, phir sab ko ek k baad ek koi marna start kar deta ha.

  • Raheel Ajmal


  • Fatima

    wow!! finally a good and interesting horror drama!! so fed up of the typical dramas these days! this was much needed…! good job (Y)

  • Usman

    Eventually a worth watching drama…!!! <3 loving it

  • alvi

    kya drqmq hqi zaberdst….


    Aaallllaa darama

  • bansuri

    Admin mera comment kahan hai ?

  • Syed

    very impressive…the opening scene was bit cliched but then the kitchen scene won me over…a very good effort…horror genre is rare for Pakistani TV…wish there were more horror dramas…

  • Bunny

    nice darma ,,……..p

  • Arif

    Dear Admin,
    I have been following this website since long but the way you change the appearance of web pages, litteraly it is iritating. Can you please let us know why you change the pages as the last scheme was very good.
    Please revert back and opt last strategy.

    • Arif

      Any reply Admin

  • Fari Tahir

    ab shamoon ki kher nahi

  • Australian

    Aik to her dramaey main Rubina ashraf ko sanas charra hotta hay, dialogue delivery kay waqt

    • Khadija Ameen



    nyc drama

  • Kazim

    This drama proves that pakistani dramas are much much much better than indi dramas. superb direction, superb story starts, and top of that superb acting of that girl.
    thumbs up.

    • naina


  • Hamid Ali

    coolllllllllllllllllllll ha pak

  • Hamid Ali

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll frndsssssssssssssssssss hhhh rrrrrrrrrrrr alllllll offfffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ??????????????????????????

  • naina


  • Smart Pari

    ohhhh my god jan nikal gai bht owsum nd music to allllla tha yrrrr keep it pak

  • Amaara Ahmed


  • Stay Awayy

    hmm..nyc entertaining……..

  • Stay Awayy

    waisy itni cute lerki mein jin nae hna chayia tha :D

  • Hamid Ali

    aalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ufffffffffffffffffff aazo aazooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • sundas shah

    too gud at last koi to horror drama b dekhne ko milega yar

  • roshni

    the boy prayed on grave that was seriously very wrong . it made me really upset .

  • kaim

    i hav not started watchng yet,, but really happy to see the comments,, cz i love horrer dramas,, n i hope k ye drama muje dra ske,, coz me nai drta,, abi b mene full andhera kar k dekh rha hun, dekhte hen darr lgta hai k nhi,, :p

  • usmam

    i love it

  • usmam

    very goo…………………..dram

    • usmam


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