Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 11 in High Quality – 8th February 2013

Watch Latest Online Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 11 in High Quality - 8th February 2013 Dailymotion Read Review of this Episode by Fatima Awan
Read Review of this Episode by Fatima Awan
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  • awieen

    finally agaya .. dramasonline refresh kr kr k thak gai thi :$

    • Faadi

      haha… to thakna nai tha, 2 hrs bad hi aati aram sukoon se :P

  • atty

    haye i was waiting so anxiously… dunno why !!!!

  • waqas

    best drama zindgi gulzar hy

  • kinza

    yEah . .! first :D

  • waiz mohiuddin khan

    i love zindagi gulzar ha

    • owais

      wo q???????????????????????????????????????????????

      • sadaf

        asalmein Owais log jo kehna chatey hein woh already post dekh ker like ker dete hein

    • owais

      bila wja hi like kr daitay hain is main like krnay wala point likho ya na likho

  • pinky

    nice drama i like zarooon very much

  • dssfd

    great serial

  • Amazing

    Kashaf k abba jee .. kasam se apko shoot krne ka dil krta hai :/

    • sana

      mil k marty han ok blky mera to khyal hy bomb blast kr den dono k bech mnkaisa??????????????????

      • badtameez

        ye bara aatantwadi ( spellings?))) type style hai apka…lol
        buron k sath khud bura nahi bana ja sakta …. leave them alone apni akhirat kiun kharab karain by killing them? ;)

        • meno

          See i always thought Pakis are terrorists !

          • rija

            Pakistanis are not terriosts… People like you make it a terriost country… Pakistanis are the best people on this universe ever seen… It is you and people of your nature who think, make and portrayes image of pakistan in eyes of others as terriosts…

          • pinky

            agree … cent percent agree … but no use of convincing them …let them say what so ever they want to … they will never ever fell for us and i guess we also dont want them to do so either …who cares .. and yes THOSE WHO SAY FOUL THINGS ABOUT MY COUNTRY … ONE SENTENCE FOR THEM …

            “”” THEY ARE BORN WITH A PATHETIC TASTE … CAN T HELP THEM … “”””‘ lol…no offence buddies … lol

      • kiran

        jo chaiye isye pilati hai larkian usy mein zehar dal k de dete hain :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/abdul.wahid786 Abdul Wahid

          pr aesa ho nhi sakta agar novel main aesa likha hota to maza aa jata

      • ash

        sana g us k ABBA ko apny kia marna hy us ka zameer pehly hi usko maar chukka hy jis ki waja sy who shadi mein nhi ja saka.. usko usk haal per chor doo aur who already mar chukka hy dekho next kia hota hy usk sath.ok

      • pinky

        no terrrooorrr talks …lol… people who are not from pakistan will take it the other way …lol.. just kidding …

      • pinky

        lo gi …myny neechy waly comments parhy n i was like ….hahahahaahaha,,,, daikha myny kaha tha na k … they ll seriously think we are planning a bomb blast …. lol… they think pakistani s are a monstrous nation …lol…the least they know about us …but better let them think what they want .. huh…

    • ayan

      heheh, qasam se… ab to sub ayen ge e phal khane keliye…

    • Nazish

      Tekh kaha ap ne/

  • pearl

    very inspiring drama

  • pinky

    aj kal k larkon ko zaroon jaise he soch rakhni chaiye agr sab larke aisi sochne rakhne lage apni magetar or apni sistrs k lye tu larkiyan kabhi kharab nahi hungi apne bhai or father k control mai hungi mahool agr kharab hota hai tu larkiyun ki wajha se larkiyun ko larko se free nahi hona chaiye

    • geene

      sirf apni magetar or sister k lye aisi soch ni rkhni chye bl k sb k lye i mean sb lrkyon k lye phr he kuch bdly ka ghar ma kuch or bahir kuch aisy kuch ni bdlay ga):

      • pinky

        yeah dear right

      • sana

        right i agree geene

    • snk

      wrong pinky.kuch larkay b karab hotay hay or kuch larkiya.

      • pinky

        agr larke kharab hote hain tu wo unki parwarish ki wajha se dear

        • sana

          yes q k lrki ghr rhti hy lrky ka man skty han k mahool ny khrab kr dia bt lrki ka nai

        • snk

          galt.may jtnay larko say mili ho wo ezat karna jantay hay girls ki.may nay nahi dheka aisa.parwarish ki bat nahi nature ki bat hoti hay.

      • pinky

        aaj agr mahool kharab hai tu just becouse of girls

      • Nida

        I agree

    • lozinah

      galat behno nd mangetar ko samjhane sai phelai khud ko sudharain

      • sana

        u r abslutily right dosron ko nasehat khud miyyan fasehat

    • coco

      seriously???you don’t think zaroon is contradicting himself,if he respects women he should think the same about girls whom he flirts with!!I think we have enough of people like zaroon.
      and the father like that i cant even think that could exit i mean if a person is mean he is mean but this father loves his other family so he is worse.

      • ashy

        what goes around comes around, thats what men often forget. The way the are, thats the type of girl they will also get. Even the Qu’ran states in Surah An-Nur- ‘“Vile women are for vile men, and vile men are for vile women;
        and good women are for good men, and good men are for good women”
        (24:26). People shouldn’t expect to get a perfect partner if they themselves aren’t what they are looking for in a spouse.

        • pinky

          sooo true … may ALLAH (subhan wa taala ) make us flawless and our society too

          • ashy


      • Sooch

        I agree with u….!

    • Nida

      Ab aisa bhi nahi larky bhi to kharabi paida karty hain sirf larkiyan nahi

    • mehmaan


    • http://www.facebook.com/abdul.wahid786 Abdul Wahid

      Allah pak sb ko hidayat dy…..

      • faaiq

        R-PATZ ko bhi hahaha

    • Muhammad Usman

      Ap ny last line of comment main mery dl ki bat kahe………………….! I like your comment

    • pinky

      oye there z another pinky …. awwwww…. nooo… hihi…hen i read your comment …i was like … what …when did i say that … lol… then i relized its someone else …lol

  • Uswaa Khan

    Guys !! Do you think that its fantasy / over exaggeration of someone’s problems or have you seen such cases in real life ? Believe me I’ve seen same case , in the same way Father dont care that what are the achievements of his daughter or to whom she is married? Acting like a like a father when there is opportunity to ruin the daughter or son’s life and acting like strangers when there is a time when they need him the most. The most awesome drama I’ve ever watched based on the real problems.

    • Waqar Paracha

      this is an awesome drama……all things are based on reality

    • Aimen Zahra

      Yes .. really awesome

    • Umayya

      Yes.. Really great

    • Kainaat Mughal

      Great drama.. your comments are awesome always :)

    • Hiba

      I agree wid u Uswaa its not over exaggerated at all i can say this cos i have lived this life, through out my life there has been no involvement from my father what so ever not in my wedding,education he doensn’ even know the name’s of my little ones so i totally agree wid u and the behavior Kashaf has for her father is justified!!!!
      And yes your a hit every where , i luvvvvvvvv ur commments.

      • Uswaa Khan

        Still you should be thankful to Allah. you dont know someone else may be suffering more than you. sigh*……. I can pray for you :)

      • libraljust

        hiba, you hang in there girl! these guys don’t realize that they r not fulfilling their religious responsibility. just like 5 times prayers its their farz, and may Allah give u even better than what u missed. Aameen!

        • Rana

          even more than 5 times prayers.

      • Muhammad Usman

        sluite YOU………………………………………!

      • ash

        u have very brave heart after all of this u suffered n u shared every thing here..thnx

      • bilal

        Hiba .. i my self have witnessed such problem in my 18 years life so far…. with my paren ts even present.. but it was just becoz of the harsh time in which i was strangled…. i pray for u. i have a sole heart for all those people encountering these difficulties……. may Allah help u…. to ease ur problems… AAMMEEn. thanks

      • ammara

        may Allah bless u hiba! u are a very brave girl mashaaAllahhh

      • Hiba

        Awwwwww…u guy’s are so nice, i thank u from the bottom of my heart Uswa,liberaljust,rana,bilal,ash,ammara,muhhamad usman u dnt know what ur support and dua’s mean to me….its not easy to put ur personal stuff on a forum where everyone can read but if our ALLAH knows this then why can’t i share this with all my brothers and sisters and in return i have got so many well wishes.thanx again and…..luv u all….:)

        • Uswaa Khan

          No thanks :) We’ll pray for you. I said naa, that someone may have suffered more than you, but I am speechless, I cant say anything about that someone, But that someone’s life has been more harsh than the life of kashaf. Because here the mother is the earner, but in that case the mother is illiterate, but still she has grown up many kashafs (daughters) and sons like it. The most educated and renowned. Its really awesome to become great and talented being a victim of such problems.. Sometimes I feel proud of such people. you’re one of them… mun mai sonay ka chamcha lai kar paida honay walay tareekh nai banatay, tareekh vo banatay hain jinhune zindagi mai paisay ki kami daikhi ho, in most cases

          • http://www.facebook.com/mirza.ayub1 Ayub Amjad Mirza

            Agree with you Uswa dear………This is totally an awsome drama serial………I am a journalist and used to see these kind of characters in daily routine and university life……Kashaf did very well in this role and zaroon(Fawad Khan) also di well….A story based on real life more likely of these modern age……..
            We people should try to learn some good things from these stories not only for entertainment……..

        • pinky

          may ALLAH bless you with every happpineesssss in the world sister …

          may you get more than what you have missed ..more than what you deserve … stay blessed …

      • Imran Ali Zaib

        Hiba…..u r the real example of this drama. u will be thinking it urs own story. May God Help u in ur all difficulties. ameen

        • Hiba

          Ameen ,Yes this is exactly how i feel,tears well up in my eyes whilst watching this drama it feels as if someone has opened the chapters of my life, can’t forget the time i have spent without my father,i am crying whilst writing this cos despite having a father ive lived a life of a yateem nd u knw what the life of a yateem is. still i’m grateful to ALLAH i know that there are so many people who are suffering more than me ,,,,, ;)

          • pinky

            i have tears in eyes reading your cmnts …seriously sister …feel for you from bottom of my heart … may ALLAH bless you …

          • Hiba

            Awwwwwww….u guy’s ave really Touched my heart main bi aap sab ke lye dil ki gehroyon se dua karun gi ke aap par kabi bi koi bura waqt na aye aur ALLAH aap sab ki mushkilen asan farmayen pinky,ahsan,waqar paracha n all the rest of you ALLAH aap ko ta qayamat salamat raken ameeeeeeeen.

          • http://www.facebook.com/mirza.ayub1 Ayub Amjad Mirza

            Respected Hiba sister no doubt u have faced alot of problems ……….A life without father or mother is not a life …..but try to give all those happiness and love to your little ones what and which ever you missed in your life…..plzzzzz don’t be sad…….i wish from deep of my heart that ALLAH may bless you with alot of happiness and a more satisfied life………ALLAH ap ki her mushkil assaan farmaye ameen.

            Lots of love to you dear sister…….

          • Hiba

            Thank you Ayub bhai…..that is exactly what i am doing n intend to do but there’s always a fear that what if the history repeats its self like my mother was not at fault when my father divorced my mother at her young age and my mom never remarried….i never ever want to give my little ones the life i had to live without my father but anyway i know that there are many others who are/have been suffering more than me……aap sab ne mere lye kitni dua’en ki hain ALLAH aap sab ki bhi mushkilen asaan farmaye ameen sum .
            Lots of love to all my brothers n sister out there…..:)

          • ahsan

            i realyy feel sad for ur story..and beleive me that time does not remain same every time and it has to be change…..silute u sis

      • Waqar Paracha

        i salute you :)

      • bilawallali

        ye darama hai haqeeqat nahi esah kabi nahi hota reall life mein

        • bilawallali

          uswaa an hiba

        • jamshed

          ths is a real story based drama.. i think u r fom zaroon category thtz y u take it as fake story..

      • Muneer

        Allah ap ko boht khushyan dai. Ameen

    • badtameez

      i have seen plenty of such cases in real life …what can you do about it .nothing really? they realize what they did wrong when its very late…when it cant be undone …..its not always men who do it though , plenty of women are doing the same thing because western cultures encourages such behavior in the name of rights at times.now our society is trying to blindly follow the gora culture we will be seeing more of this…in Pakistan too…may Allah (swt) hum sabko aqal e saleem ata farmaye… :)

      • noori

        Ameen sum ameen , i to have seen women marrying another man and abandoning their own children but what hurts me is that how can a mother leave behind her children and start a new life without her children? like you have said that its the western culture that is influencing us!!!

      • rija

        very true said… But inma inka kasoor nae hota ku k in bara logon ki tarbiat he aise hoti ha…

      • pinky


    • wahid

      Uswaa i agree with u this drama based on the real problems……

      • Uswaa Khan


        • Khuzaima


    • libraljust

      totally agree! it touches your heart cuz its so close to reality

      • http://www.facebook.com/junaid.a.wahid Junaid Abdul Wahid

        It’s reality!

    • ash

      i totally agree with u.. drama shows reality of society…

    • abc

      Bari behen Kashaf jo kay parhaee mein bhi tez hai, khoobsurat bhi hai, uss ko chor ker chooti badsoorat behen Siidra ko kyun aur keasy pasand ker liya gaya? Sidra kay susral walay andhay aur bewaqoof log hain.

      • RabeeaX

        L0l… Sidra is so good… :O

      • adie

        my observation is that, as this weding is in relatives of afia’s friend, so obviously they know the fact that afia and kafhaf are the main part in creating wealth for the whole family livings….thats y, its justifies the means.

      • pinky

        sidra was prettier …and kashaf ko agr wo pasand krty tou zaroon sahab ka kya hota … lol

      • Sooch

        Dear abc, according to novel ye proposal kashaf ke liye ata hai likin wo apni maa ko kehti hai ke pehlay choti behn bhayion ki shaddi kar dain mein abhi shaddi nhi karon gi…….and u said tht kashaf sidra se ziyadah pretty hai…i will say no i think sidra is more pretty…… :)

    • Nazish

      I agree with u

    • soni

      bloody bitch

      • nazish


    • http://www.facebook.com/muhammadazeem.akhlaq Muhammad Azeem Akhlaq

      I Agree With your words but it happens in special cases not in all cases….

    • Imran Ali Zaib

      yeh true

    • dcntprncz

      same with me uswaa ,i’ve also seen the same case……and loved this drama…..

    • faqir nawaz

      wao wao wao……… i have no words to write for ZGH, amazing amazing……. Sanam saeed is awsome, her expression is extra ordinary, she is real winer of 2012 and 2013, Umera ahmad is greate, she is role model for other writer,

    • Invisible

      Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!….come on girl make the century

      • Uswaa Khan

        Hahahah !! I just logged in and in notifications got your comment.. Laughters :D :D

    • awan

      with sympathies for all the stories and responses shared here, I see so commonalities of mine (being a male). with this novel and drama. A troubled childhood ‘cos of family infighting and repeated child molestation victim, I recovered from it in my adulthood by denial and not thinking of it ever again, I grew in confidence and character. My real resemblance with Kashaf’s story starts with my university life, where the same way i had to respond very negatively to my beloved (she had extreme crush on me) but due to family financial conditions and problems, I had to keep her away through the same attitude. It lasted 4 or more years of my undergrad/postgrad education, finally parting ways without even saying a good bye. I now have a fairly successful career but I still miss the loss of her in my life.

      • faaiq

        oooo, but you can still find her if you are true on your part

    • MOhib

      I have come too. through such case.

    • Invisible

      Yes yes yes you’ve made the century,good on ya girl proud of ya

      • Uswaa Khan

        Pleasures :) :) Loving the way you are clinging your wishes..

      • Uswaa Khan

        please dont send me notifications.
        Onaira Khattak
        MS Env-Engg
        SCEE -NUST

  • noori

    Arey wah abhi drama ko load hue adha ghanta bhi nahin hua aur aap sab ne comment bhi kar dia!!!! bahut taiz ho aap sab….maine tu abhi nahin dekha socha kai pehle comments phar loun……:))

    • meow

      same here :D :))

    • Hiba

      Hahahahaha!!!!l ithe thai daur laghi hui aih kai kaun pehle andha eh….alol!!!!!!!

    • sana

      adha ghnta nai boht time o chuka hy g

      • noori

        Ab tu bahut time ho ghai hai lekin jab maine yeh comment likha tha thab adha ghanta nahin hua tha!!!! ……:)))

    • kiran

      i m doing same



  • Uzair Abbassi


  • Uzair Abbassi

    with compromising, persuading, sacrificing ; having emotions ,strength, bitterness & selfishness … it is the todays epi of zindagi gulzar hy…just adorable

  • zoye

    fawad khan is my hero

  • rafia

    zabardast drama

  • rafia

    good drama

  • Sara

    Perfecto Episode! :D

  • Haider

    css wa g wa (css mean char soli sonya)

  • robyn

    Kashaf ke abba or tayya to bohat he behis hain, in ke saath is b bura salook hona chahye jo kashaf ne next episode me kia

    • sana

      apny kahan dykha next episode????????????????

  • aamir


    • sana

      jab bkwas lga to aay q?????????????????????????

  • aisha

    they hav jux made css a cup of tea…real main krna pary to pata lgy..:0

  • sana sethar

    zindagi gulzar hai veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeee drama

    • faysal

      sorry 2 say dont u think nice a smaller word 4 this lozin

  • qurratulain zaima

    cant wait till next episode……………………..aye KuHuDa ye week jaldi guzarna……..

  • Unknown

    ThanX Dramas Online for keeping respect of my Request of Providing U-Tube links…. Because the country in which I’m doesn’t support “Daily Motion” so actively, then of U-Tube….. So thanx’s again…

    • Sidra Hasan

      same here. i also want youtube for the same reason.

  • afsar

    i lik bhot hi acha tha i laik zaron to day

  • http://www.facebook.com/rania.ali.5686322 Rania Ali

    Plz kia full episode tune pk pe nai aa skti???? dailymotion ka print acha ai hta

    • sana

      nai g mjhy b yhi object hy;[

  • sana

    Allah g sb sy ziada raheem han byshak dunia mn b aisy mojzy oty han i love this episode

  • sehr

    omg next episode…… i want to see more of kashaf n zaroon un ka tu koi link he nahi abhee tuk :/

  • sehr

    zaroon typical line : plz try to understand !! hu

  • Annie

    I’m not the best with urdu numbers; what position did Kashraf get? Great episode!

    • farhan

      18th position.

  • abc

    Bari behen Kashaf jo kay parhaiee mein bhi tez hai, khoobsurat bhi hai, uss ko chor ker chooti badsoorat behen Siidra ko kyun aur keasy pasand ker liya gaya? Sidra kay susral walay andhay aur bewaqoof hain.

    • sana

      nai g sidra b pyari hy bai bdsurt to nai ghlat bat hy annie

  • **k**

    nice episode

  • sana

    greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt bt emotional episode bap na aay lanat ki bat hy

  • jsa

    woooowww woooowww woooowww yar koi agli episode aaj he laga day…

  • ajabbarwadalawala

    ever best drama

  • nasir

    out claas episode out standing acting kashaf her father and mother samina peer zaada superb acting

  • Sidra

    oh thank you so much admin for listening to me and uploading my favorite drama from youtube….i just love youtube and i can’t have fun without it.other servers are not good :( plz plz admin upload every drama from youtube. when you don’t upload from youtube i have to watch it from other sites….so please it is my humble request to upload from youtube because other servers do not work on my computer.
    Thank You

  • faryaal

    best drama but thoray galat sentence kam honay chahiye

  • Diya rani

    zaroon was tooooo much handsome in this epi but overall today’s episode was a bit drag……..we want to see zaroon/kashaf scenes as soon as possible

    • Faadi

      Patience :p

    • Sagittarian Fire

      Diya ..ye sirf ek Love Story nahi he…….wo society k baz kharabyion ko highlight kr rahey hain…aap ne kabi is serial ka Tital deka he..d slogan iz..Na SHUKRI Se SHUKER Tak Ka Safar …ep me kuch b drag nahi he itbased on wat u wanna watch

      • Diya rani

        oh acha thanks for informing me….mjhy to pata he nae tha :o

  • Sabz

    Finally finally this drama is makin sense ….can’t wait till the next episode…..I believe sabar ka pal meeta hota hai….and will it seems like it will all work out for kashaf and her family….and the father will realize what mistake he made…..and to someone comment about is this tru….yes this is…I have seen my self…..and yes ppl do u have these issues in life…I hope this drama stays on this path and stays good…

  • saba

    ager itni easily css ho jae jitna is dramay mein show kia hai tu her koi CSP officer ho…:D

    • wahid

      yeh bhi thek hai

  • ayesha

    kashaf ki eyes kitni piari hain real mai… masha Allah :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/abdul.wahid786 Abdul Wahid

      Ma sha Allah

  • User

    Tune .pk is faster then daily motion and youtube….
    I am impressed … :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/abdul.wahid786 Abdul Wahid

      ya right

  • kiran

    novel was very short …i know they will dragggggggg this drama

  • 0 my life

    i think comment is coming more from oversease pkistni.
    this episode has good massage to those
    fathers..in our socity
    who pray 5 time
    go to tableghe
    go to perfome the hajj
    but when it comes to daughter rights..paricularly
    women dont get any share in any property.

  • Nasreen

    I love the way Sir is becoming a “father” figure in Kashaf’s life….not taking the place of a father, but showing her that there are positive male role models as well–not just men like her own father.

  • kiran

    i m soooo happy for kashaf :) well done….friday kab aye gaaaaaaa

  • Nasreen

    I love the way Sir is becoming a father figure to Kashaf. No one can take the place of her own father, but Sir is a great example of a positive male role model in this world-and it is this type of a bond Kashaf is missing from her life.

  • sara

    award winning drama ! ….based on true facts….majority of us belong
    to this kashaf’s class…no matter dad cares or not….every one goes
    through such phases of financial crises at least once in their life time! do u ppl agree?

  • http://www.facebook.com/123Amber123 Amber Ali

    I love this drama serial just one thing I don’t like about it and that is that it ends so quickly and then I have to wait for one more week to watch next episode .awesome script , superbly acted and great direction <3 kashaf

  • zif

    ya darama dekh kr ahsas hova k how lucky i am,responsible fatherloving husband and caring brothers,or ab cute bayta,sab kuda ki bohat bari blessings hain jo allah nay mujay de hain ,Khuda sab girls ko b in naymtoon say nawaz day AMEEN

  • sarmad

    kashaf k aba…… u ffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • ech

    does anyone know which drama’s add are they showing in part 1 end of tune,pk link

  • alveena

    this drama is owsum and all comments are also owsum,keshef acting is best or ma na ya novle perha hua ha jab keshef or zaroon ki shadi ho gee to drama or bhee acha ho jae ga gys jst w8 n watch,gys i agree with your all comments or allah sub ki zindgi ko asan bnae aaammmeeeennnn the drama’s writter is bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssttttttttttttt

  • sohail

    this is not only drama this is reeal part of life

  • Aryaan

    Thanks for the single link Admin…

  • Guest

    Today’s Episode was Awesome!! Finally Story is moving in a Fast Pace! Esay Baap ko tou Kari ker dena chahiye!

  • Syeda

    Today’s Episode was Awesome!! Finally Story is moving in a Fast Pace! Esay Baap ko tou Kari ker dena chahiye!

  • Ayesha

    Kashaf ka baap ko ahsas ho ta lakin phir uski 2nd wife ne usko aag laga dia ta

  • http://twitter.com/rizasiddiqi Ahmad Riza siddiqi

    This story is close to reality. Many a times, when fathers dont care, mothers play both the roles. It can be vice versa as well but in rare cases. Very well dramatised.

  • Eman

    I like this drama.This all is real its happining every where.Fathers dont even care.this drama rock. I like kashafs attitute.

  • shah

    luv ths drama, absolutey flawless! sanam saeeds acting is out of this world, especially the scene when she hears her father complaining about wedding expenses with her mother… samina peerzada and sanam saeed are a delight to watch. these r the gems of pakistan

  • nida

    next episode will be fantastic very good zgh

  • http://www.facebook.com/junaid.a.wahid Junaid Abdul Wahid

    Jab bry bry laparwahiyan society se ho jati hain! Tu phr society ko kyun choti choti baaton pe taanay dainay aatay hain……………. Women should give empowerment in our country!

  • http://www.facebook.com/junaid.a.wahid Junaid Abdul Wahid

    Attitude check kro zara asmara ka! Zaaroon us pa pabandiyan nai laga rha usko ehsas dila rha tha k wo uski honay wali wife hai…

  • Razi ba Raza

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