Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 3 in High Quality – 14th December 2012 on Hum Tv

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Pakistani Drama Reviews
  • ABS

    great drama….

    • laila


      • danish


    • sheraz

      nice drama

    • ainy

      fawad khan is best actar this year
      kashak ki jaga aysha khan hoti to bt he alag hoti dramy ki

      • Arsal

        shukr hai sanam hai drama dekhny k qabil to hai:p
        shez gvng her best n she lukz so sweet….. thnks god mahira ya ayesha nhi hn

        • m_s

          yeahh really…agr is drama mei bhi mahira ko gusa dete to drama ka kuch bachna hi nai tha…hum tv walon ne weekend dramaa ke liye bas kuch actors rakhe hain bus main actors chnge kar dete hain……

      • shayanahmed

        aysha ka itne karak awaz me baat nahe ker sakti

  • Sherry

    Slow episode :( Kuch nahi houa. And Kashaf's dad and Zaroon's mom are too black….

    • Sherry

      *as characters, I mean

      • tye

        thx for clarification! Apperitiated.. and kashaf's step mother also..

  • nadeem

    superb serial

    • Shoaib Kundi

      G8 Drama …….But the Novel is change from the Drama……Although the theme of Novel is same…………The writer of this Novel "Umera Ahmed" is Superb

  • Mian WAkeel

    kashaf^s role nd acting z admirable

    • wish

      nice drama…

    • rubia

      acting ya i agree buh role i dun thnk so!….. itz diff nt admirable

  • ferry sheikh

    very very very nice drama….UUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUAH>>>>>>>>>>>

    • ali

      yeh buffer itna hooraha

  • Maria

    each expression of fawad is superb…

  • imran

    One The Best Drama !! Fawad Khan Is one luckiest Actor . humtv giving him such blockbuster dramas ..like dastaan, humsafar & now zindagi gulzar hai . he is only actor his popularity above them all senior actor .. like faysal qureshi , humayun saeed aijazz aslam & many others… & also love this person not because he a star but is owsome person also .. he never giving his fans to atitiude like other actors.

    • Khadija Naqvi

      what do you mean Fawad is luckiest?? hum tv should be proud to have such an awesome actor

      • Talha

        Yeah he is Luckiest , Luck is really important that helps you in doing great things.

        • imran

          ya i agree & . he proud it to performances !!

          • Ibad Rao

            He is lucky, because he has been acting since several years and after Khuda kay liay he has done dozens of plays but It is Hum TV which gave him real breakthrough.

          • jenabi

            fawad ki waja sa drama hit huya drama tu ur bhi bohat haan woh naheen hit huya agar fawad na huta 100p etna hit na huta jitna abhi haa fawad is lucky for hum tv ; love u fawad

    • iroon

      well fawads popularity is not higher thn humayon saeed nor he is a better actor thn HS. though he is growing as an actor and gaining much popularity but he still has to do more….

    • IRFAN


  • Zimal

    Sir Abrar ke hath men Everyday wala cup ;) :-p



    • Ibad Rao

      I agree with you. I searched for Saat Pardoon Main at 8:30 but could be able to find it on another website after search of 30 minutes.

  • hareem adil

    fawad khan is the best actor

  • razla

    Really nice drama….LovinG Khashaf and Zaroon….<3

  • hum

    i can't see the video:(

  • sana ayan

    zbr10 episode like zaroon thoght acting of all sperb

  • Sherry

    I'm loving Zaroon's character! Flirtatious on the outside, conservative on the inside… True to life! And too cute *Fangirling*
    Fawad really nailed the student thing with that C grade scene. Comparing Kashaf to a dengue machar. Lol.

    • Maheen

      typical of most guys. They like to play around with the liberal girls but marry a conservative girl. They have no problem flirting, but if they find their wife doing the same, watch out! What hypocrites.

  • waqas

    v nice drama n acting of all actors superb…………..
    especially kashaf n her mom n zaroon

  • ayesha

    video awaz he nahe a rahe pata nahe yahe pay har time kuch na kuch problem he rahti hy

    • hira

      i've also watched the drama.there is no problem in the volume

  • guest

    Thank you for uploading this episode so promptly.

  • hareem adil

    fawad khan is the best actor

  • Talha

    Allah nee hi betiyan di hain or wohi un ki zamedari puri krne ki istataat de de ga …Such a nice words

  • Badtameez

    At least Zaroon's dad' head is at the right place even though his wife is pretty much a moron .She seems to have a complex of some sort that if she didn't do xy and z she will not be respected in her circle or something…

  • aisha

    Kashaf is too much…she is so rude …in pre-cap she shouldnt be so rude..

  • uneza

    shehryar was looking too cute when he was staring at kashaf when she was sitting on the stairs

  • Simra Munaf

    "Zindagi gulzar hai"……. awesome drama!!!!!!!!!!!! great work by actors especially fawad afzal and sanam saeed. Its start is so great then think about how the drama will be. HATS OFF to Great Novel Writer Umera Ahmed and Great Producer Momina Duraid…

  • sanam shahid

    us ko thokrain kis ne khai hain ak mard ne mard kitni asani sy bat kr daty hain nice jvb dia samina ne

  • Mumu

    Loved it. Very nice episode

  • fairy

    ausam reality..

  • esha

    C grade scene of fawad was awesome !!

  • Aqsa khan

    Zaroon and kashaf acting is mindblowing……… take the lesson of the drama.

    • Ishaq

      ye larkian drama itne kyun dkti hain

  • ZGH Fan

    In next week's preview, where does Kashaf say she'd go and tell everyone how her dad treats his daughters? Did she say "Hammad ke school jaonge?" If so, then, who's Hammad?

    • bia

      hammad is her step bro. her father's son from 2nd wife.

      • ZGH Fan

        Ahaan, the guy on the bike. :) Thanks!

  • Jia

    ufffffffffffffff……!!! Fawad Fawad Fawad kia cheez hai yaar..!! luk at his face and all he is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute….!! LUV HIM SOOOO MUCH..!! LUv u FaWaD…!! muaxxxx..!!! <3 <3 <3 im ur no.1 fan

    • Sannia

      okay yaar itna b cute nahi hai.. Sami Khan, Ali Zafar, Imran Abbas are way better!

      • Pisces


      • http://dramasonline zain

        yeah he looks like mr bean as his nose resemblnce

        • nadia

          he is suitable for bit mature roles like he was in drama with khirad, bas so so hey koi itna khas nahien .

    • pakhana

      My Gori friend was watching this drama with me on my laptop, and she also said Fawad is very handsome…He is good looking, but he should start exercising(strength training) …his arms look really skinny and funny!

      • Syed

        gorey dost if you don't mind me asking why did you choose this username?

      • Syed

        mr."pakhana"……..hairat is baat pe nahi k gori ko urdu kabsesamajh aane lagi, balke is baat pe hai k aaj kal gorion ka maiyaar kitna gir gaya hai k aap jaise logon se marasim rakhney shru kardiye hain

    • sami

      Jia control urself jia jia take a glass of water. cool down jia. take a deeeep breath. lolxxx :p

    • hamza

      yr bus kro, itna b cute ni ni he,lgta he tm n larkay dekhay ni he, ha ha ha

  • quba

    standup drama……..


    love this drama v.v.very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Aryaan

      Very nice play..

  • Dazzling waqas

    yar khtm bohat jaldi ho jata hay ab phir pora week w8 kro :(

    • Arsal

      hahahhahahaahha true v true:p

    • m_s

      yeahhhhh.pehle intzar hota tha k kab friday ae ga to do chotyan aen gi…but ab intzar hota hai k kab friday ae ga aur ZGH ki episode ae gi……..

    • katpi mhgty!

      nahi if u want u can not w8….how..???thnking…….

      just watch the previous ep again and again….:P

  • afshan

    i love this darama .fawad is looking sooooooo cute and his acting superb.sanam attitude awasome..fawad thinking about women very good bcoz women have to live in their limits and not come back late nite and if they have important work then they must inform to their family..

  • Abdullah iqbal

    Buth khoob…

  • aheela

    loved todays episode! as usual.
    but at the same time i felt kashaf's attitude with osama (in the coming up) was way too rude.i mean in last episode too, her interaction with zaroon was inappropriate. :/ they didnt misbehave with her or something!

  • adil

    its a story more on family issues, i don't understand how we building our mod families base, broad mindedness doesn't mean to forget your boundries rather broad ur thinking. it's a very comon upcoming disaster, no family values only society matters. In oposit, kashaf's family problems makes her rude, trustless, narrow minded. Oh God,,,, plz think!
    Both families r performing very well, alot apriciations

  • jenabi

    love u fawad

  • ayesha

    sab kasy on kar rahy hy ya video may to thak ga e ho kar kar k awaz he nahe a rahe hy i am so depressed because this is my favrat drama

    • Anah

      Using alternative video.. try to switch to some other browser

    • kapti haaad

      chill aashi…b calm yar!!!

  • princess

    superb dramma

  • Qurat

    iss dramay sy aik bat smj ai k kisi ko superiority complex hai n kisi ki inferiority complex!!!!!!!!!

  • meryum

    very nice story so far samina pirzada's acting is also pretty god aur fawad toh love hai hi :P

  • mashrum

    Osama will end up with whom ?

  • ryte

    Fawad khan is lucky to be Fawad khan.. MA :-)

  • tina

    Is it me or when Kashaf smiles is so natural! I like it…
    Asmara's mom is very pretty…

  • Sana

    aj k episode ka repeat telecast timing batayenge plz….On HUM Tv…

  • alishba

    Wasim Abbas was my actor in Family Front.. what kind of roles she started to taken after wards

  • Anah

    This drama is going to break all previous records IA .. Fact: The respect / appericiation which Ayesha Omer has earned in 1st episode is lost in second episode…Indeed Grace and Disgrace is in the hand of Lord.. May Allah put His fear in every 1 heart..

  • noor

    LOVED IT!!!! and i feel so sorry for usama, he is so adorable with his beautiful eyes! i hope they got someone to pair him up with in the story.

  • Sami


  • hira

    awsum drama.i think its gonna break the records of humsafar.fawad afzal superb acting.love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh fawad

    • lubna khalid

      i like very much this drama
      fawad cha gye ho
      keep it up………….

    • iqra

      kbi maa bap se b love kia ha jo fwad ka nasha chra ha tm lrkio ko duffers

  • sohaib


  • noor

    nice drama

  • Atia_Malik

    Sooper Dooper drama &lt;3
    Zaroon,Kashaf, Superb Job n Best of luck :)
    Asmarah hate u jal-kukri :D
    Samina Peerzada's Acting awesome :)
    Zaroon's sister and mom yukhhhh :/ :P
    Gr8 Job ZGH Group :)
    Many many best wishes for next episode :)

  • MeMyself

    Ajeeb family hai. Zaroon's mom was so rude to him – he was asking her where she is going out of love, not because of male authority…step mom tou nahin?

  • Meh


  • brit

    awsme epi

  • Aysha

    No mother is like zaroons mother that if son asked where is she going she replied rudly. No one does that. Both husabnd and wife should let each other and family know where they are going. Becuase people who love you will be cocerened and worried about you where u are. However, I dont agree with taking permission before stepping out of the hosue.

  • Aysha

    why is kashaf's mom serving her husabnd and his brother tea and snacks? laat maar kar bahir nikalay aisay baap ko. There is no requirment in islam to take permission from a father like Kashaf's father.

    • kapti haaad

      yeah u r right!!!but remember it's just a DRAMA!

  • love you zaroon

    OMG.. i m loving zaroon's character, blend of eastern and western cultures!! kashaf'f character is so closed to reality…love her self talks !!

  • KalaBhoot

    Nice Episode.

    • Aysha

      kalay bhoot, aap nay pic to baray goray chittay aadmi kee lagai hoi hay :)

    • moona

      sukar ha ap ko kuch nice tu laga

    • kAkA

      ayesha and moonaaaaaaaaaaa………….
      bichary tu etna smart aur masSuUum lag raha h……

  • maliha

    dengue toh abhi 1,2 saal se aya hai,at present zaroon is 22,for those who have read this novel, toh jab yeh isse iss drame mein 30 ka show karenge toh humein future dikhaenge yeh?

    • Hasan Umar

      Dengue 2006 mai start hua tha as far as I remember.And dramas mai kabhi era ko define nahi kia jata hai k kis era ki baat horahi hai.

      • maliha

        i don't have an issue par wakie era nahin dekha jaata par woh past mein kabhi start ho k present tak aate hain,future mein nahin chale jaate and dengue itna notice mein 2011 se aya hai esp in pakistan,india mein tha iss se pehle…

  • Amber

    Superb drama the only thing i hated about it that it ended so soon :(…… i wanted more of it .In the whole episode i was looking for an interesting interaction between zarooon and kashaf but it didn't happen. Cant wait for the next episode . Evryone acted so well all the scenes were so captivating I didn't get bored for even a single second =)

  • A Baloch

    wese novel se kafi alag ha … novel bht h zaiyada intrestng ha lakn drama thora kacha hay lolz :p

    • shayanahmed

      drama bhe intersting hai abhe sirf 3 episode he hoi hain yar itne jaldi mat karo waitng

  • razia

    hats off to hum tv for showing such a classy drama. this truely represents our drama culture. n thanks to hum tv that we have gotten rid of cheap indian dramas. plzz guys do somethng for film industry as well. i hate indian movies n wanna c some good Pak stuff.

  • sehr

    its ended so soon … :( now i am loving the song !

  • Jahan

    Lannat hai bhai aise logon pay beti ko bojh tauba muslim lagtay hi nahi humaray muashray k log naam say baap or baap k faraz pooray kartay jan nikalti hai khandan tab kahan hota hai kab bachay cheeson ko tarastay hain parh likh jao to chalay atay hain moon utha k rishtay mangnay achi bat hai aj k waqatain betiyon main achi taleem dilwani chahiye ta k kissi say mang kar yah haram kam kar k khanay say acha hai job kar k halal ki kamai khaye jaye

    • shayanahmed

      your nice thought

  • uzma

    awww Love this Drama .Why not any Class scenes in university?? . I was waiting conversation/arguments between Kashaf and Zaroon in the Class. it would be intresting to watch .

    • shayanahmed

      yes i am waiting for this sceance

  • zaraar

    i really dont understand some girls….ooo my Godddd he is sooo cute…ooo my Goddd soooo handsome…ooo my Goood kia lagta hey. :/
    shows pe call karain gi too… hey Allah aap itni achi hein mein to aap ka haar programm dekhti houn…aap muje aapna number dedain…hey Allah mujey to yakeen he nahin aaraha ke mera number lag gia..HAAD HEY YAAR .. DO THE EVEN KNOW HOW CHEEP THEY LOOK AND SOUND.

    • fatima

      Hahahaha very well said.

    • roha khan

      i agree with u.thats why khashf is different who is not impresssed by zaroons personality as others are……………..agree

  • Ahmar

    I love Kashaf What A Girl! . I think in reality she is such type of girl love you baby beacuse you are so intelligent love you .

  • Faizul Maab

    very nice serial very annoying dad these three girls got i think he shouldn't do this to his wife..

  • Farzana Iqbal

    wonderful and realistic acting by Sanam and Fawad.Keep up the good work!!! we enjoy your performances here in US.

  • jamayma

    Watch on 24:32 oh my God….peechay banday ka saya nazar aya..afterall good drama

    • shayanahmed

      ap drama dekhain is k story aur acting per ghor karain itne se batao ko issue mat banain

  • ashi

    nice drama or sanam ko bilkul waysa hi dikhaya gya hay jysa umera nay apny novel main likha.or shukar hay k is dramay hi heroine chang hay or zarori nahi k har heroine khubsurat bhi ho …….right

  • Aamir

    Superb !!!!i love it ….

  • vjaffri

    look at the apple in zaroon's hand…dagh laga huwa naram apple rakha huwa he itni rich family me lolzzzz itni bburi quality ka apple match nahe kar raha is life style me.

  • Atif

    First day of college and she remembers the name of Zaroon, Asmara and Osama. That nice

    • Zaeem

      Very loving character of Kashaf's sister.
      i just reminisce my own sweet sister.

    • abcdes


  • roha khan

    u ppl dnt think it seems incomplte as something is missing.no class scene no introduction.i think director is more intrested in the development of character rather than story which is well written by the writter……………agree or not

    • haniya ahmad

      i agreed
      roha khan

  • imran

    what Bohat Alla…..
    Amazing darama…what a script and direction…
    humsafar say upar jaiee gaa…
    humsafar may koi message nahi thaa for ppls….
    but is may message b hay and romance b…

    • sagar

      its not ppls its ppl k

      • imran

        ok sorry

  • zain mazhar

    Universuty se Ghar jate jate Sanam(Kashaf) ke Kapre Tabdeel hogaye


      kbi kbi jo nazar nahe aata usy b hmen man lena chahye

  • roha khan

    a part from this k sir ibrar k zraoon ki family sy relition hy being a student zaroons should well behave with him.its really unsuitable for a good student…………..

  • roha khan

    ufffffffffffffffffff i am sick of asmara's over acting and her exprassions……………..dnt u pppllll????????????????

    • zeezee

      yeah Thats So true!! agar Woh Yehi acting Thorey Natural way mein karleti tou zada Suit karta!

      • roha khan

        i agree

  • Zukhruf

    Love This Drama So Wht If Im Only 12 I Still Luv This Drama!!! <3

  • Rafia

    Leave her dear,, All she needs is to spend a night in bed with Fawad.
    These type of girls and women are common these days.
    All they want to satisfy their lower drives.

    • roha khan

      its shameful…….ur words are abusive

  • razee

    Drama mein Kashaf logon ko bohat he gareeb dekhaya gea hei, even k first epsode mein Kashaf ki walida ka jota tot jata hei to un k pas jota murammat (repair) karwaney k paisey tak ni hotey, dosri trf Kashaf uni mein apni frnd ko btati hei k us ki mother aik Govt. school ki principal hei, 1st episode mein ye b btaya gea k unhon ne M.Sc(Chemistry) kia hei.
    Mein b aik Govt school mein science teacher hn aor wahid kamaney wala hn, aor is k ilawa koi source b ni hei income ka, bt Allah pak ka lakh lakh shuker hei k hmara bohat acha na sirf guzara ho rha hei blkey financial position b kafi had tk strong hei, ye to hein aik Govt science teacher k halat, jb k Kashaf ki walida to Govt School ki principal hei, jis ka grade b 17 se kam ni hota, to un ka halat aisey q dekhaeye gae hein, khudara drama mein un ko itni gurbat na dekhaein ya phr un ko Govt school Principal show na kia jaye.

    • wali

      ji thk kha he

    • graceful,canada

      razee, drama to drama hota hai, haqeeqat se is ka koi taa'luq nahin hota.toh aap ise drama hi samajh kar dekho.

    • hamza

      strongly agreed, plus kashaf halat s ziada paisay k lie roti dikhai deti he

    • Madee

      os 17 th grade orat ki teen batian bi hain larkay. un ko pala ha, phr ghar bi chalana ha, aur larkio ka karchay larko sa ziada hotay hain. so keep that factor in mind also……….

    • sadaf

      hmm drama hai g!1st episode mei jo dehkaya wo kaha say yad rahkay gay

    • sumaira

      actually she is lying at that time i guess u didnt notice coz she dont want to disclose her family situation in front of the rich student of uni…u can see at the end of conversaton she is thinking to her self that her father is married to other women and in the previous episodes we have seen he doesnt support kashaf and family.

    • Sadu

      Exactlty. 17th grade walong ki salary 50,000 se above ha. mere phupho b school teacher hain 17th grade ki, un k pas tu buhat khulla paisa ha. Drmay mein writer se kafi mistake ho gaye hai. n kashf was not lying. she told the truth to her friend bus she was thinking she cud not tel the behaviour of her father etc etc

    • ali

      hhahahhahhaha sir ap na ya drama ab dhka hai asl me ya ek novel hai jo bhut phala likha gya th or os time school techers ke pay itney nhi hoti th

      • Razee

        i know ye novel umera ne 1999 mein likha tha aor ye khawateen digest mein shaya hova tha, aor mein ne tb se parha hei, ap ko shaed pta ni k novel ko jab dramaized shakal di jati hei to us ko current period k mutabiq dhala jata hei na k jis doar mein novel likha gea tha, aor umera ko b pta hei k us ne ye 2012 k halat dekhaeye hein/

    • FrenchVanilla

      You should go and watch the episode once again because you are giving out wrong information!

    • mani

      sir is drame ka writr koi bht fool insan ha aj kal k zmane me gov teachr r wo b senior achi bhali pay lti ah is k ilwa tutions wgra b r is ki to 3 3 betia b ha wo b prha skti ha.i agree with u ye story strt se e bkwas ha r wse b kn c asi uni ha jo itni sasti ho k greeb ko admin mil jae r us uni ki value b itni ho k sab ameer log wha aen,

    • sid ics

      hehehe,,strong observations,,i've also noted the same point,,dunya mein ghurbat bohat hai but govt teachers k liye tow dunya he jannat hai as compared to private teachers,m also a govt teacher and i admit that govt has given much more facilities to govt servants.her mother must be a chemitry based principal in a private school:)

  • razee


    • Bangash

      primary school ki be principal ho sakti hain. Ya .Pakistan hain. koyi ameerika nahi key. ziyda melay. Darma deekh. or chupp kaar lolx

  • Zeezee


    • coool boy

      i can't see any shadow

      dear zeezee


    • m_s

      yeah i'd also noticed

    • hmmm

      yap someone was standing there….

    • noor

      yah i noticed

    • roha khan

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it shows k hmari audience ktny ghor sy drama dykhti hy….

    • Sherry

      JIN BHOOOOOOOT! :@@@@@

  • mahnoor

    i love this drama.i like usama in this drama.
    kashaf acting is ver good.

  • sonu

    Fawad i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soo much …bht kamal ki acting kerty hain ap…

  • mishal


  • mamoona

    fawaad <3

  • maha

    lovely episode. love u all kashaf , zaroon and osama

    • sabir babar

      ap b achi hy

  • fake fun

    aaaalla yaaar
    mA na IS kA novEl paRha hAI AND i aM lOvng It
    . . . . .
    MUCH loving iT :):):)=0=)

    • Menahil

      Why the hell do u need to write like that!?

  • kashhaf

    it was good but overall nothing much in the episode. sirf ads or rating ke chakron mein achi bhali story drag karna shuru kar dete hain. agar lamba na karein to boht zabardst drama ban sakta hai.

    • tabassum

      sahi kaha

  • SARA

    u ppl have chosen fantastic subject, i love that because i m one among them n i admire that story which is based on the girl who's fighting agaist all odds she have taken right path rather picking any wrong way and the messege of that drama is clear n sound……..AND ITS REALITY OF OUR LIFE N SOCIETY.

  • noorjatt26

    fawad very nice ,good job in zindagi guzaar hai

  • zobia

    zaroon ka kia mtlb ha.please koi muja btaya ga.

    • kashhaf

      matlab to mujhe bhi nahi pata but actually zobia aj kal ravaj hogaya hai kisi bhi old naam ka 1st letter change kar ke naya nam bananay ka. jaise haroon se zaroon, asim se jasim, alina se shalina etc etc sirf kashaf different nam hai hehehe

      • Faizan

        Galat Umera ahmed ka ye novel 3 saal purana ha or tab bhi us main larki ka nam zaroon hi ha…

        • Anum_Emran

          larki ka ya larke ka :P

    • Fatima

      Zaroon means Visitor:)

  • Abby

    welll…. drama acha hai…lekin kuch baatein iss mein point out karne wali hai… if a son is asking his mom whr is she going then she shd answer properly….aisa nahi jaise iss mein bataya hai…iss sey kiaa msg jaata hai ke aurat jo chahey woh karey koi ussey kuch naa kahey aisa tou kam as kam hamare culture mein nahi hota…. aur zaroon and his dad are nt narrow minded men jitna ke uss kee maa aur behn pretend kar rahe hain…

    • Menahil

      Drma mein maa aur beti ko ghalath dikhaya hai

  • irshad solihani

    excellent acting by all actors & actresses. Kudos to sultana siddiqui and momina duraid for the direction & production

  • nida

    nice one

  • purple sparrow

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